Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ralph is wondering if there is anyone interesting in hunting anymore of the fall season??? There has been reports, of some geese, moving along the river.

He is running the pump to keep a hole and I understand there is some goose tracks in the snow around the hole, but with no one there, we don’t know if it was a large group or was it a small group there for a long time OR several groups, just moving through????? Any way if you are interested Please let us know, because if not we want to close pits and shut down the water. We especially, need to know about this coming week end. We know it is going to be a muddy hunt, but sometime that is great hunting.

I also need to take a trip back East to my daughter’s, as well as I want to make a little side hunting trip, and shoot some more holes in the blue sky.

Have no other news, other than the football game and that takes me to many pages for me to type. I think that also needs to be written in red and I am not sure just how to get that done on this site.

Say a prayer for all the troops, and check back, keep us posted ETC.

See Ya Carl