Saturday, January 01, 2011

There is a spring hunt planned

Happy New Year, to EVERYBODY.

Received a couple of E-Mail in regards to, if we were planning on a spring Snow and Blue hunt. Yes we are. The reports I posted this past fall were all so gloomy, some felt, we may not setup for a spring hunt. That is not the case at all. I talked to the boss this morning, wishing him and Dorothy a happy New Year, he commented, that he was getting some reservations. I know that there was much planning for a spring Snow and Blue hunt this past spring, when the pits were moved. So if you are planning for a hunt give R K a call. Sure you all know the Number but I will give that again. His house number is 402-374-2747.

Dorothy is still improving quite well, and getting stronger, as time passes. They are getting out and I understand she is handling the trips, well. I am sure she is enjoying these outing. Especially, since she was confined to one room for most of the fall. Before we quit hunting she has started to making her way to the kitchen and doing some cooking. Knowing just how much she enjoyed cooking, that had to be one great, sprit lifting event, when she done that for the first time, in weeks.

For you that are interested, on the 6th of January, will be Ralph’s 93rd birthday. So regardless when you call to make reservations, remember to wish him a Happy Birthday.

Keep the troops in your daily prayers and check back for spring hunt, updates.

See Ya Carl