Monday, November 29, 2010

The ducks were moving today

Today was a day of watching again. When I say watching , I mean we were watching a fly over today. The Mallards flew over us almost all day. They were up in the MUCK, Low hanging clouds, all day long. These Mallards we have been saying for the past 3-5 years did not exists. They have not migrated this far south, or did not come this early, but we are seeing them this year. They flew today on large flocks of several hundred. What a great sight, truly did not think I would ever see it again. We did not decoy any but at least we got to see there is ducks.

As for today’s action; I think we had about 4 go-a-rounds on Canada’s. They were all in little flocks. Don’t think there was over 4 that escaped our iron curtain, we threw up. But totaled only 10 Can’s and a hand full of ducks. All the action was in the morning, but have the feeling it was the weather doings. Was one raw day, once the wind got up. Know my face is chapped. Also made the blinds a little cool, too.

Got an E-mail asking me to point out a party coming up this Fri night here in T-town. I am going to paste the info from his note to me

Burt/Washington County DU Chairman, and we are having a Waterfowler Hunter Party this Friday at the Tekamah Auditorium, Could you put a tidbit in your next blog and pass the word on to your members. It starts at 5:30 dinner at 7. $25.00 gets you a membership, BBQ Dinner and free beer. Register on the DU web page or call me 402-968-8932.

Sounds like some fun to me. Will see if I can make it.

Please say a prayer for all the guys and gals, that are protecting us, tonight in your bed time prayers

Also please check back

See Ya

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Was a strange day

Yes it was a strange day. We got into the Sky Carp two times. Now days, that makes it a strange day. We never had the best shot on either flock, but when you have a shot at them in the fall you best take it. Took a total of 11 of them. Was a sight to behold too. The thing I found interesting, was we shot only a couple juveniles, and rest of them were adult birds.

The rest of the day was not the worst either, was into Mallards one time and
Canada’s once too. The bag had 22 birds tonight. Was not the top day, but was a good day for as few hunter we had. Also had a couple of High School freshmen, shooting, and they are wanting, to have a return trip.

The Mallards was another big flock, boy is that exciting to see that too. Had a dozen or so, drop in quick, so that was our shot. Have not seen big flock of Mallards for a long time and do they ever respond to the call good too. Had the feeling last fall I would never see that again. You just don’t know how great it is to be wrong.

See a fair number of Canada flock today, all were low so sure they are some birds that are staying in the area.

Remember the troops, with a prayer tonight.

Check back and we’ll See Ya Carl

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just Ducks

I have to finish with yesterdays report before I go to today’s.

How could I forget to say something about the Visitors we had yesterday in the lake. As I had pointed out I had my one grandson with me, and he is quite the spotter. Well he said there was a bunch of Snows coming at us from the southeast very low. Well we found them and soon realized there were not Snows at all. It was a family of Swans. Two adult birds and 6 juvies. What a magnificent bird!! On their final swing before landing they passed over the pits not over 15 yards high. I could even hear the wind passing through their winds. Ralph estimated that the biggest bird was 3 ft tall or taller, my guess it was nearer to 4 ft. His head was had to be about 24 inches above the Big Foot Canada’s decoys. They have to stand over 20 inches high. They got a drink and rested for about a half an hour, then took off on their journey. How could I forget such a story. I took some pictures but with out a telephoto lens, what I got, is not much of a picture.

Now to today. No geese, just a limit or two of ducks. They are still raking them over the coals north of us a few miles, but not many getting down in our area. We did have a big flock decoy in on us today. There was 100 plus birds in this flock. Have not had a flock like that come in to our spread in a couple years. Also seen a couple flocks today that were feeding in the area, with big numbers like 1-200 birds per flock. We have not seen that for over 2 years either. Give you the feeling that there may be a few ducks left after all.

Getting late so must hit the hay. So remember the troops again tonight and please check back

See ya Carl

Friday, November 26, 2010

Finely had a somewhat good day

The day got it start with one great sunrise, which I am planning to share with you. Shortly there after we got into the first birds, of the day. Had a small flock of Mallards come in on us and the crew made short work of them placing them all into the pond.

Had a grandson in the pits with me today and his gun was not functioning right, so I told him I had an extra with me today and if he would just go back to the van and get it, it should work. Well, before he got back we got a nice flock of Canada’s in and he missed out on the shot. That is the last thing a Grandpa ever wants. About a couple hours latter I was not feeling the best so went home for a couple of hours and while I was gone they got into 2 more flocks of Canada’s. The highlight of the day was there was one flock of 13 Canada’s and the crew took 12 of the 13. Way to go guys, some good shooting. Three go-a-rounds on Canada’s and flock of Mallards. The best day of the season.

We are hearing that all the setups up north thinning out the Duck population and getting there share of Can’s too. So we have some birds in the area, so maybe we can get this season into the harvest mode. Sure hope so because it has been so boring, so far.

Have some work to do before morning, so best get with it and get this posted.

So say a prayer for the troops and please check back.

See Ya Carl

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another day with spookie birds

Was not an event full day, unless you were Mindy Thomas. The lake had some geese when they went down and open the blinds this morning. Most left when they seen people working on the blinds. Had three that decided they could hang around with our decoys. We all got into the pits and they stayed. After it was legal an extermination crew was formed to go get them up and hopefully get them in the bag. Well Mindy, was on this wrecking crew, She had never been on one before today. She has been hanging around out there for a couple of years but the opportunity, has never arisen before, where she could go. This job has it draw backs, because it you are not successful, there is some razzing directed your way. Of course there are several sets of eye watching as you make every step. It was obvious they were with in range of these birds before the birds got nervous, and started walking out of the decoys. Well the bird Mindy was stalking took off and with a couple of flaps of his wings was above her head, with lighting speed she took careful aim and pulled the trigger, and the goose come crashing down!! D.I.P. (That means Dead In Pond) Robert, her husband , is going to have it mounted for her. I think she had to pose at all pits for a picture. I wanted to post a picture, of the proud lady and her prey, but the quality of my picture, would not allow me to do that.

I did not say before, but they got all three birds. We had a couple more come in, and brought home a bag of 5 for the day.

Had quite a few bird still on the move today, but there are still to smart to decoy. There was not to much activity on the duck front today. Beginning to wonder if there will be a day that is close to what we feel is a normal day.

Well keep checking back and always remember the troop in your bed time prayers.

Thanks for all you who sent B’Day greetings, was not necessary, but I did appreciate your kindness.

See Ya Carl

Monday, November 22, 2010


Well the migration is underway, or may even be over. There was more than an abundance of waterfowl today. They flew most of the day. When I say THEY, I mean the ducks, the snows and blues, and the Canada’s. There was even plenty of Gulls, Eagles, and Hawks. Was not much of the day, when you would look up and not see a flock of something in the air. But to get them to decoy was another story. I don’t think, I would be lying if I said we had 35 flock of Canada give us better than a good look. To get them to finish was another story. Ralph has never in his life called such, borderline shots, long shots, but if you was going to get a shot he had to call such shots. Not the most productive shots. We did end us with 6 big Canada’s and one go-a-round on ducks. One of the Canada’s was a huge bird. If I remember right it was over 13 lbs.

Ralph said today that today is a day that just has to be in his next book. At least it was a day, he will never forget. As most of you know I am trying to put a book together too, on my experiences of hunting with Ralph. One of my chapters is titled “Birthday Hunts”. Well today was my B’Day and this day is going to be remembered, in that chapter.

That is the reason this report is so late, we had to eat out and then met with some of the kids and grandkids, for some ice cream.

Hope that one of these days I can post a report that is all positive, about the days hunt. Sure hope that there is one day where some of the younger ones burn up a couple boxes of shells. Would be fun to carry a sack to the burn barrel that was loaded with empties and had some shell boxes in it. More aluminum, pans, cans, and foil making the barrel than plastic and brass. And that is just not right to have that happen.

Best get this posted so please say a prayer for the young men and ladies, that serve our country, to night and every night.

See Ya and please check back Carl

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Plenty of sky action

Well we shot a Canada, today. It has to be close to 3 week since the last time I could report this. WE KILLED A CANADA TODAY!! However, we did have some great movement on Canada’s today. Just could not get them to decoy. Had many groups check in today and it was about the same on all reports, THEY JUST WILL NOT DECOY. Did hear that one spread Northwest of us, did get into a big flock and got 6 to 8 out of it.

We did have a couple go-a-rounds on ducks and took a few. We passed on one flock of Long Bills. Sure glad of that cause the die easy, and I get credit for all that die.

Need to get in tub and get ready to go feed and water, mother. Have to be home, before the game comes on. Sure hope I can keep her off the tables tonight, and get in early. GO HUSKERS

Say a little prayer for the troops tonight and I hope I have a good report tomorrow

See Ya Carl

Friday, November 19, 2010

Just a little action

Got something to write about tonight. Today was a slow day as far as geese is concerned, but what’s new about that. There was plenty of ducks in the skies, but they were real high, and near undecoyable. My computer says that is not a word, but sure you get the point. We did get a few in, and had I think 4 go-a-rounds. Most were Mallards but not all.

Yesterday was a morning filled with geese, but we feel they were all local geese. There was just flock after flock. We did have a flock of about 50 decoy to us and was doing everything just right. So pretty, with feet down and coming in against the South East wind. With in a few seconds we would have been into action on them, but as the fall goes, along come a airplane and had to fly right over the lake. Now let me tell you this guy was low, and right over the lake and drove the geese right out of the country.

There are reports saying, there is some cold weather and snow building in the north land so maybe that will drive some birds down. Also understand we are also going to have some pretty cold weather in the next week or so. So Maybe, Just Maybe, the hunting will get back to normal

Please say a little prayer for the troops tonight. Also please check back.

See Ya Carl

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Another Duck Day

This is going to be short. Two reasons Reason No.1 Sat, nite and I have to feed and water the old lady!!!! Reason No. 2 Have to have that done before the football game.

Was another day without a shot at a Canada. Ducks shots were fewer , but each go-a-round was more deadly. Daily total was about the same as last nights. I got more shots off. Duck decoying was so pretty, and shots were easier. Most of the ducks today were Mallards. Did see on flock of about 10 that was all Pintails. What a messed up year. Tomorrow is going to be another good day, and I wouldn’t miss it for nuttin.

I reported the other night that we had reports from Cheyenne Bottoms, that it was full of the Specks, so we were thinking they were all gone south. Well RK fielded a Phone call from a man that hunts there, and he told Ralph he had not seen them. So maybe there are all north yet. Sure are not seeing any geese at all, except for what we seen on Thursday.

Well I have to post this and get moving. So don’t forget the troops tonight in your prayer.

See Ya and check back, please Carl

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Powder Burning Day

A better report today, but must tell about Thursday. Having a report that the Cheyenne Bottoms in Kansas was full of Specks, reinforced my feeling, that all the Specks had already gone South. Well yesterday, Veterans day, proved that was not the real story. We seen around a dozen, large flocks of Speck going South. So we are not sure they have all gone yet. Usually there is 3 to 4 days of the Speck migration. We have had day one!! Is there a couple more days, coming????? I’m not guessing. We also had a few flocks of Cacklers, and about a half dozen flocks of ducks. We did not get a shot all day long. When we had birds there was no wind, when we had wind, there was no birds.

Today was a different story. First off it was just a little wet but we kept the panels on all we could. My blinds faired pretty good, as far as mud and water. We had several flocks of Snow and Blues over us this morning early. Did not have much action in the way of decoying. Seen a few Specks, less than 20 birds through out the day, No Big Canada’s, but we seen Ducks like we have not in a couple, three years. Lots of Mallards. Some great decoying, but tough shooting. With this wind all shots were out the back of the blind so many shots, few ducks. Had some reports of other hunter limiting out, but we did not get so lucky. We did harvest 20 or 25 ducks, most Mallards. The old and slow, like me, got off 3 to 5 shots. The young and agile, may have shot up a box of ammo. Tomorrow with a North West wind should have shots out the front of the blind. Looking for a two box day.

About all the info I have for today, so please check back and say a prayer for our soldiers tonight.

See Ya Carl

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A Very Happy Report

Everyone in the pit today should have had “SEARS” printed or maybe even tattooed on their, forehead, because we were all diehard hunters. With nothing in the shies it is hard to get many hunters. We do our best to entertain them, but they want to at least see some birds, while hunting. Well the past few days that was a tough order to fill. However today was another story. We had some activity. First there was a flock of 8 to 10 big ducks, give us a couple of fly over’s. Then there was two big flocks of small ducks, that we think either got out of a field or off the west lake. Makes no different as where they got off of, they went straight to the river and dropped in. Then there was a Cormorant that scared us to death, as he come sailing in. Then the excitement really got under way. There was 4 snows and a blue come floating down from the NW and decoyed in on the first round. Was not the greatest shooting or the greatest shot, but with it being so slow, any shot is a great shot. We took Three of the Five. Yes we should have taken all five but we didn’t. Think is was “total shock” of having a bird in range, was making our aim a little fuzzy.

The next paragraph is a true thrill for me to report. Sunday evening I walked to my computer, to check just how Nebraska had faired in the new football polls. As my computer come to life it showed I had an new E-Mail. When I open the Mail file there was a familiar name, “Edward Ward” and in the subject line was the familiar statement “Tomorrow” which by the way had not been there all season. I open that E-Mail as fast as my computer would go and checked the message. The contents of the message was one we had prayed for and was so happy to receive . “I’ll be there Tomorrow” They found some Meds that work and he is feeling and doing great. So happy to have him back in the pits.

Best be making some plans for a hunt, because this could be a short, but hot, migration this year. I have to admit that I would not miss tomorrow for nuttin.

Please say a pray for the Troops tonight and please check back

See Ya Carl

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Just Info tonight

This posting is mainly just information, that may be of interest to you.

The first tidbit of info is the fact that Dorothy got home on Monday. How I neglected to report that last night, is a mystery to me. She is doing pretty good, and getting stronger everyday. They have a trio ladies come in and sit with her while Ralph is at the blinds.

The next most important story is that DST ends Sunday morning at before shooting time. I am going to give you times to follow. You set the clock back so we are showing up one hour earlier. The Café opens (Monday through Saturday) at 4:30 and we will be leaving there lets say Monday the 8th at 6:00 sharp. Now that is going to hurry us just a little, but if we hurry it should work OK. That would be like us leaving there at 7:00 today. Again if you are going to eat Breakfast please give the cooks and waitress some time to cook and serve your food. Drinking an extra cup of coffee is better than leaving you breakfast, so early is better than late.

Next, I received an E-Mail reporting to me that there is another site (of course I say COPYCATS) for you to collect some hunting info along the Mighty Mo. This group is setup in the Springfield Nebraska area. Another group of young, Computer Savvy Guys, who want to make my “Plain Jane blog” look SOOOO bad. They have movies, pictures all over the place, well organized, completely void of misspelled words ETC. They even have a section on followers, if you want to sign up. They will post your picture too, I think. Anyway they have a picture of this young Chick and she owns a restaurant. With the look in her eye I think she is trying to get me to send her the recipe to my world famous “Dead Cow Stew”. She just as well forget that.

Check them out At:

Enough of that stuff, back to today’s hunting. Has Snows and Blues over us before legal this morning, as well as a few big ducks. They all moved out before legal. Must have set up camp , and kept all birds out of the area. With a hunter dream for a wind all day and no birds in the skies. We pulled up camp about 15 minutes early to our earlier deadline. Nothing in the skies and made our way back down road to the outhouse and turned around to look back at the decoys and what was over the pits. 18 Canada’s. Never had but two ducks close to the pits all day, and we don’t even get off the lake property and there they are.

Check out this blog and say a prayer for the troops, to night and every night.

Check back, Please. We’ll see ya Carl

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The feeling is "the migration has begun"

Need to up date you on the activities , at the blinds. Since I last posted a story we have had some luck. We did harvest a couple of Canada’s, over the week end. I have no excuse for not telling about them, other than I was just to lazy.

Today was just a little different from the norm, for this year. There were birds in the skies. We seen some Specks, Canada’s , Snow’s and Blues, Ducks, including a couple flock of Mallards. Hawks, all south bound. So we feel that maybe the migration has begun. Some of the birds like the Snow and Blues and the Specks were before the wind come up too. We decoyed the S&B’s in and got one young Snow. First for the year. We really messed up on Four Big Boys. See Dorothy has got home and RK went in early to be with her. I was listening to the radio, and we had geese decoying in on us. Lyle had spotted them and they were to close for him to make enough noise for me the turn the radio down, and help with the birds. During at that time was the only pass that they were in range, so they got out unmolested. Did get a couple of ducks after the boss left. The mallards had made up their mind they wanted in and we could not get them into range so they got to use our water , without paying any debt.

Tomorrow we are to have a favorable wind again, so expecting a good day,. I guess I also should mention, that we had reports from several spreads, all we re reporting about what we are saying (Birds on the move). Early this morning, we were hearing some shooting in the area to the northwest, so expecting to have some reports tomorrow of others hunters in the county having some luck too.

Best, get this posted.

Please as always, keep the troops in your prayers and please check back

See Ya Carl