Saturday, May 05, 2007


For those of you that missed the Kohler Banquet last evening, you missed one great evening. We had a hic-up or two along the way, but was a very enjoyable evening.

The meal was just about as good as you could expect. Of course us real country folk, get the feed bag on just a little earlier, than city folk do. And as I have said many times, “skinny folk can eat any time, but you have to feed us fat folk on time”. By the time the food made it to the table, I was worried that I just may pass out, because of malnutrition. I lucked out and they got it there just in a nick of time. Wow, was it worth waiting for. I had the Prime Rib, and it was just perfect.

Had of around 50 people, some of the guys didn’t bring there wives, but those wives that did show up, I am sure, had a great time.

We had a Video, that is to hit your TV screen some time later this summer. This was recorded and produced, by Gary Howey. It took you through a day of hunting, starting in the café early in the morning, trip to the pits, as well as some shot, on birds. He also worked in a great interview with Ralph, giving you a story of his life, as a waterfowl guide. This covered, from River days to present day, Decoy manufacturing, lake building, blind building ETC. He even had some questions on the Hall of Fame.

I will try to keep you informed as to when it is to be played on TV. I thought it was a very good film. We had a another Film we were to show, and this was Ralph acceptance speech that he made in Nashville. But we had some problems with that, and could not get it to play. Now this a promise, we will resolve these problems and show it next year. I am so sorry that this did not work, because this is what made us ask for a copy of Gary Howey’s show, was the fact, we had all the equipment there so why not have a bonus and show Gary’s show too.

We had a laugh or two, over some great stories, and of course it was good to see everyone again. Not much else to report, other than the fact Ralph is making just one great recovery. I think it is safe to say, the Dr. has turned him loose. And has given him the OK to start to do some work again. So he is very up beat over this. I think the man looks younger, since his attack, and I am sure he is feeling much better.

Remember the Kids that are protecting all our rights, tonight and every night in your prayers

See Ya Carl