Monday, October 31, 2011

The new era

Well, we are entering into an new era on this blog. I have received my iPad and will, try writing the blog from the blind. This is new for me, so go easy on me for a few days. I know there has been a couple days lately that I have not posted when I should have. No geese killed but a few ducks have. See I have had my head into this new machine, and put you off.

As, I said, we had harvested a few unreported ducks, but I am not saying, there has been any big movement of ducks. There has been a few Specks moving, so guessing that migration is getting close to it's end. However we did hear a couple of flocks yesterday morning.

Mid morning, we got into a nice bunch of gadwall, harvested 5, not bad for being short on gunners today. Earlier we got into another pair. I know the totals are not that good for almost November, but today was looking much better than the past few has

The next challenge is to be able to post this so best get on that. So remember the troops in your bed time prayers, tonight

Also please check back, it just has to get better.

See ya Carl

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Things are looking up, at the ol’ pond. No wind early, but hope began to “filter in” when the wind come up, and then the most amazing thing happened. This old man, with his new artificial ears, heard Specks before anyone else did. Now it has been years since I heard birds in the distance, so this was exciting for me. Well I got everyone alerted to the fact, there were Specks in the area and then we had four split off. Soon we had them decoying into the lake. Took some time to get them all picked up but we manages to find them all, even though one fell in the standing corn. Great job, on the part of Lyle , Keith, and Lyle’s dog. Specks are such a Trophy to us, that it is a shame to have one down and not find it, so this was the icing on the cake to get them all picked up.

Were seeing just a few ducks. So many reports of the big number of them this fall and here it is almost November, and we have not seen any number of any kind, of ducks. We have a promising weather change, starting tomorrow, so we are excited about tomorrow. Why I would not miss tomorrow for nuttin.

I should have reported that we seen 4 nice flocks of Specks yesterday, so seeing some today was not a surprise. We anticipated, we would be seeing some today and was hoping we would have wind when they showed up. As I pointed out above, things worked out in our favor.

I am trying to find a I-Pad to do the report on in the blind, so have to cut this short and start to study Craig’s list again.

So remember all the troops in your bed time prayer tonight and please check back and hope it is a even more exciting report, than this one.

See ya Carl

Saturday, October 22, 2011

It is warm and slow

Needing to update you. Nothing is to exciting going on. The weather has been just to warm for a migration to get under way. Almost the first of Nov. and we have not had a real killing frost as of yet. Temp. are forecast to be in the 70 in a couple of days, again.

I have been a little lazy or depressed and have not posted, all of the activity I should have posted. A few days ago we did kill a couple of loaners and today we killed another. Boy it is hard to get excited over a loaner, but this morning we had not seen a goose for a couple of days, and one come flying over. He almost acted like he was lonesome , when our choir, went to work. He turned around on a dime and floated towards the decoys. We stopped him a little short, of his destination. We have also harvested a few ducks, but nothing to be excited about.

We did see another flock of geese, high. Did not get a good ID on them but think they were Specks. Was also a few ducks around early this morning, which is also a little different , than it has been. We did not get any of them to give us a good look.

Have to get my head back in the football game, so please keep the troops in your prayers, tonight and every night.

Please check in again and we will see ya


Thursday, October 13, 2011

An exciting day

Was a good day to set in the blinds at the South Lake. Before legal shooting time, through most of the morning we were seeing cormorants, in huge flocks. Some of the flocks were into several hundreds, maybe over a thousand. Early it was not uncommon to be able, to see, maybe 8-12 flocks at the same time, making their way down the river. At that time we had no wind, and the lake was glass smooth. We just have to wonder how many we seen. Along with the cormorants, were a few ducks. We did harvest a few ducks with very little wind.

But the real beauty came, after we got some wind. Some one said “Canada’s” and I pass the word on to the boss, and then checked out the sky. Just as I picked up the bird, I seen a sight, that I am sure I will remember the rest of my life. To see Canada’s, come in with their feet down, has always got to me. Well this time I was looking at this lone old boy, just as he brought his feet from the fly position to the land position, What a sight.

We were into Canada’s three times today, and they all decoyed in just as the boss had lead me to believe they would. That sounds like we had a big day, but it was a big day for this season. Not many birds around but we harvested 4 big boys and 9 ducks, and for what the start of the season for the past few years, that is a great day. Also we had two bands on the legs of two of these birds.

Forecast is for wind from the North West again tomorrow, so I would not miss it for nuttin.

Have some work to get done before morning so have to close. Remember the troops tonight, as always, and please check back, the reports are going to be good.

Keep forgetting to tell you we are leaving the cafe at 6:15, now for a while

See Ya


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cooler air is moving in

It is midweek and have not up dated this for a couple of days. We have been getting something almost everyday but nothing big so I just don’t get in the mood to write.

Neither the geese or ducks, are moving into Burt County, like you would think they would. I know we been having days and night more like summer than fall so why would, the migration start?? As for what we are seeing. Some teal and some of them are green wing, a few pintails, a few flocks of Specks, hardly any Canada’s, and really way less flocks of Cormorant’s, than you would think we should. Tomorrow the forecast is for much cooler air temp. and this season first North West wind. We are ready for it.

Today we did kill the first Canada’s for the season. Had 3 come in and got two. Lack of a crew, aging eyes, and early season jitters, allowed one to escape with no wounds inflicted. As for the ducks, I think we did pass the 20 bird number for the season, today. A few years ago that mark was hit, before the first hour passed for the year. We are hearing that just a few miles north of us, they are seeing way more birds than we are. Guessing they are staying on some of the bodies of water left by the flood. R K received a call from a hunter that is hunting in Canada, today. They are seeing tons and tons of birds and having one fantastic year. So we know they are on the way, because this guy lead us to believe they are just getting in the area where he is hunting and that is late, for there too.

Best close this, so remember the troops in your bed time prayers, and please check back.

See Ya


Sunday, October 09, 2011

The fun begins

After a sleepless night, because of the late football game with a GREAT finish, I found my self not wanting, to get up and face a slow day in the duck blind. Believe me I would not want to change a thing about the day. No the garbage bag was not full of hulls, but again it was just a fun day. The morning skies had only a few birds in it, but it was just one of those days, you just don’t want to miss. We had several flocks of ducks that worked our decoys, and I think we had 3 go-a-rounds on them. Also we seen 3 or 4 flocks of whitefronts. One, of which give us a good look. My shotgun get so nervous when they are around. They even make it difficult, for me to blow my call. Then the worst part is, they leave just laughing, at us. Would not be surprise to find the lake occupied with several flocks of them in the morning. Another odd thing happened today. We could not see if they were getting up off the river or were, just coming out of the East very low. But we had 2-4 thousand pelicans, right out of the east float over us, north of us, south of us, we had pelicans coming and going for at least 30, maybe 45 minutes. Not all in one flock but dozens of flocks.

The boss is still pleased with the set on the blinds. At times he don’t want to do any calling and he just watches how the birds work the decoys. That was today. I know we should have had a couple more go-a-rounds but, was enjoying the flight path of the birds. Can’t wait till those “big boy” are the ones making the trip, down that runway, and some not making the trip because of our airborne Iron Curtain. WOW it will be fun. No sunrise to talk about, but they are coming, I am confident, that before the season ends, I am going to be reporting some big harvest days. So keep checking back

Also remember to take a minute to say a little prayer for all the super kids that are protecting our country.

Please check back and we’ll see ya