Friday, April 13, 2007

Updates and Announcements

Sorry I haven’t got around to an update before today. But I been just a little to busy, and some if the info in this report, has not been finalized until this morning.

Ralph has been in therapy, and everything is going as expected. He is over heating the treadmill, and the therapist is scratching his head and wondering just why this 45 year old man is claming he is 89. He still is complaining about his new diet, and pills. Dorothy says she feels like a new bride, because the girls cleaned her cabinets (and if they thought Dad shouldn’t have it, it is gone) she said, she has to learn to cook all over again. I would guess she hasn’t looked at a cook book in years and now she has all new receipt she has to follow. I feel she has done a pretty good job, if it took 71 years to plug an artery. Ralph told me the other day that he had another truck load of pill showing up again, at the end of the month. He has not lost his sense of humor.

We have, picked up the decoys. I guess it is better to say it this way. Since it got cold and the lake was froze hard enough, that I could walk in it with my tennie-waders, I contacted Dax (because he had some decoys, there too). So that job is done and Ralph can quit worrying about them.

The next update is on the Kohler Annual Dinner. Now remember if you want to come you are invited. Just because you didn’t get a formal invite, that is no sign you can’t come and party with us. There is a couple of rules you have to obey. No.1 is: No waders or Cammo, are allowed.

No. 2 Your hunting dog is not part of the party.

Time, date, and location is:

I put them down backward.

Locations is at: Anthony’s Steakhouse @ 72 and F street, in Omaha.

That is just one block off the Interstate, so that is handy for everyone

The date is: May 4th.

The time is: Refreshments at 6:00

Dinner is at 6:45.

Now if that is not enough incentive, to show up, I think the program will be great this year. This is not written in stone, but it has been discussed, that we should show, Ralph speech, he made in Nashville, when he accepted his induction into the hall of fame. Also, there has been, two hunting show that was shot at the blinds this past fall, One of these hunts, the one shot by Gary Howie, which will be shown on National TV later on this year, may also be shown there. In Hollywood this referred to a premier showing, right?? This will not be a rerun. So with all this exciting news, mark your calendar, and reserve the evening of May 4th, and show up at Anthony’s for a great evening with a true Legend of the Outdoors.

Ralph will, most likely bring us up to date on the past season, may even brag on the quality of the shooting his guides turned in and I am sure he will have some other humorous jabs, to pass on about the events of the past hunting season.

Now also Remember the real reason for this Dinner, is to say thank you to your significant other. See, she allowed you to go hunting, now it is time for you, to say Thank You for all those day. You reward her with a nice evening out on the town. Bring her along. She will enjoy the evening. Remember, She can’t ware cammo or waders.