Sunday, December 04, 2011

After the storm, we are beginning to see birds

Well at least, we were seeing birds, today. Seen a few ducks early. I say a few but there were a hand full of huge flocks. But the exciting thing is, we are seeing many flocks, big and small flocks, of Canada's. Would have a hard time of guessing the number of flocks of these, the boss has logged into his book. Some have given us a look and some have not. Had one bunch that broke up into smaller bunches. Most of them we thought had settled into a field North of us and we were working on a couple smaller flocks, still in our area. Well we had a group of about 5 or 6, which we were going into action on, and when we went up, there was the big flock, bearing down on us. Action shut down after a couple of shots, but was too late. Put one DIP. The afternoon was filled with flock after flock, of all kinds of geese. Some give us a look, and some a serious look, but with no luck. We are guessing it is the snow, even though we have open water, there is a lot of snow.

The sun never come out as the weatherman had promised, but when some of the clouds thinned and the blue shown through, we were seeing Snows and Blues by the hundreds floating south. They must have been at least 10-15,000 feet up. They were just little shining dots.

Not much activity, but beat the hell out of yesterday. We didn't get any rain but had to have at least 6.5 inches of wet snow.

Remember the troops in your nightly prayers.

Hope is will be a shorter time before the next report, but please keep checking back

See ya Carl

Saturday, November 26, 2011

No 2 box day but a powder burning day never the less

We had wind, and strong when we loaded the pits this morning. We had, a pair of carp circle early, but no cigar.

At about 9:15 our action got underway. Had a flock, we had followed for several minutes as they pumped up against the strong, northwest wind for several minutes. They were all over this lake, but finely got in front of us, then sliding back right in front, low. Offering us a memorable 15-20 yd. shot. There had to be about 55 of them when the boss call the shot. When the smoke cleared there was 14 laying in the lake for sure. Still sure there could be a couple more in the fields. We will be looking for them. One great shot BOSS!!

Should have run some of them over the scales, but this is one of those days when you just don't spend time doing things like, weighing birds.

Another flock from the south. Should have harvested more but got at least 3 anyway. Plenty of geese on the move, but not getting as many to decoy as we should.

There are stories to be told but there was to much activity, to type. Total now is 26. Kill is down with the couple of shots out back of blind.

Wind is still up over 30MPH, but that leads to some picturesque decoying. Have to hurry your shooting when the birds are down wind of you, much better than no shooting.

I think I can classify this as a POWDER BURNING DAY. I don't think anyone has burnt up a box yet but I am sure there several very close.

We now have 30 of the big boys in the old game bag, plus a couple of Mallards.

No frowns when we closed up shop. Was a very exciting day. I can will also assure you that if we would have had a couple of the latter shots out in front instead of behind, the bag would have been much heavier. We had them down and in, but just behind the blinds and them they get away so fast rolling out with the wind. The first shot of the day spoiled us, because that flock had to escape right over the blinds, so they spent a couple of seconds getting closer to us before really escaping.

Say a prayer for the troops tonight, as always and also please check back.

See Ya Carl

Friday, November 25, 2011

Slim bag but a fun day

We are making another time adjustment, we will be departing the cafe at 6:00.

For once this season we had ducks in on us early. This season has been strange for us here, in that way, we have had so few early morning ducks. I am sure if we would had early morning duck, the boss would be saying ducks just don't like what we have to offer. What we have seen have showed up later in the day. We had a pair of mallards that provided us one, excellent shot.

Also early, before it was legal we had two passes, by a flock of snow & blues. Before they got out of the area there were three flock, overhead. They know how to avoid getting shot, so as usual they moved on just before we could have shot. Guessing that is why there is to many of them, today. See, that one bunch was right on top of us at about 20 yards, on one pass. Would be fun to hammer a few of them again in the fall.

Shortly after 1:00 had a flock of about 35-45 big CAN's locked up way north and guided in all the way. Maybe a half mile. Was one great site in this wind. They wanted to land on the bar, out front. Had to call hard to keep them off the bar and they were rolling out in the 15 MPH southwest wind, making it a pretty challenging shot. Had 4 on the lake and one sailor to the east end of the west lake. This decoying has to be one of the highlights of the season. Miss America is below average looking in comparison, of this site. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.

Great wind for tomorrow predicted.

Please say a prayer for all the troops, and check back.

See ya Carl

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Have a happy Thanksgiving

Shortly after the clouds thinned up enough, to have just a little sunshine to filer through, we started to see birds, then at about an half hour later we had five Canadas come from the north. They didn't get in for a good shot, but we took two out of the flock. One sailed out of our area. For awhile we were seeing and hearing birds. They were not decoy able, but at least we were seeing something.

The 12:08 flight was a loaned that come in from the west low. Made two rounds and then tried to set with our decoys. He was DIP.

So the total for the day was 3 big boys. We had one that we should of hung on the scales. It was a real big bird. RK guessed it at 13 LBS.

Remember the troops tonight in your prayers and check back when ever you can.

See Ya Carl

Monday, November 21, 2011

Fighting ice

We were still fighting the pump this morning. Have the Pump Shop working on it as I type. Sure they will have it back on line within the hour. Water is on at 10:30, thanks guys

Seen the first bunch of Mallards, of the day, that look like they would decoy. Could not get them to decoy into our ice patch.

While I was with the tech working on the pump, the hunters opened up three times. One Cackler, one Canada, and a long shot on a Blue, that left wounded. We're seeing a few bunches of Snows and Blues moving. We have got reports, stating the Sky Carp, was moving south in South Dakota, so guessing that is why we are seeing some flocks here today. Hope a few drop in here.

Including a picture, that is not a sunrise, but worthy anyway. The gentlemans son, found these decoys on line and bought them. They were three K&W decoys that Ralph and Monty West manufactured, back in the 50s. These three still had the original paint job. Quite the find.

As always say a little prayer for the safety of the troops that serve us tonight.

Also please check back, cause one of these days there is going to be a report about one great powder burning day.

See ya Carl

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tons in the sky but few in the pond

Was, one cold day this morning. This the first cold day, we have had some uncomfortable day before, but this day it is really cold, and then we find out the little pump went down and we have no open water. Going to have to gets some parts to get her back on line. Not an exciting thing, to happen at this time of year. But things never break down when you are not using them.

Have been into some Mallards an wiped out the whole flock of seven, followed up by a lone Canada. I think we got two Canadas, I spent to much time on the pump to remember just what happened there.

Do know it was one of the biggest migration of Big Canadas we have ever seen. Were also quite a few ducks moving too. With my new ears and I turn them up so I can enjoy it when the birds are calling, and it seamed like there were birds close most of the time.

Best get this posted and keep mama happy by not, setting at the computer.

So say a prayer for the troops and check back tomorrow and we will see ya


Saturday, November 19, 2011

A funny thing happened today

The weather was a little different than forecast this morning. Our Northwest wind was a Northeast wind. We also had a little water falling out of the heavy clouds that covered the sun.

The group of hunters I had setting in my blind was a little anxious, because there was two brand new smoke poles, and was wanting to test out these guns. Both were formerly Clickity Clack owners and sporting brand new auto loaders. Bet before the day is over one or both, the owner will be shorted on a go-a-round, because he cannot pump it.

As the morning progressed, the wind got moving a little more into the Northwest. We are now seeing, more birds moving. There just has to be one of these flocks, that are interested in our spread.

At about 11:00, we had a flock of about 30 big boys, that like what we had to offer. They were low over the decoys out front when we went into action. In this wind they just kept getting closer. I was out of shells, way to soon. Wow was there some great shots late. Had 7 DIP. Have a couple of Biguns. Almost 13 pounds on a couple of them.

Bingo, I was wrong on the Clickit-Clack owners. He didn’t try to pump it BUT one of them was petting his new Smoke pole, and in the process he flip the magazine cut off lever, and got only one shot on the Canada’s. No tears but plenty of ribbing.

Sorry but you will have to put up with one of my Sunrise pictures to night. This was taken yesterday and I just have to post it.

Remember the people that lay their lives on the line for us tonight and every night.

Check back and we will see ya


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Has the migration started????

Well maybe it is going to happen. Had reports of geese moving late yesterday. When they come down and open the pits this morning, they kicked out birds. At about 20 minutes, before legal, we had a flock of Hutch and some little Clackers give us a few swings. The north blind may not be dry for days because they were so low over them, they could almost grab them. After it was legal, about ten minutes, they give us another chance. After the smoke cleared we had 6 DIP. Then just a few minutes later we had a single that tempted us, and he failed. All of this was followed by a huge flock of over 200 Canada's that come down the river. They give us a little look, but no cigar there.

We had, ice this morning, about an half inch thick, stuck with us till the wind come.

Wind started blowing at about 12:30. Took, only a few short minutes to go from no wind to a great hunting wind. If only we would of had it early this morning when the skies were full of birds. We keep seeing birds but instead of minutes between flocks it is over an hour. We have seen our share of them today, but wished we could of had a few more shots at them. The bag is not to big, but better than it has been. Never a bad day when you have some dark geese in the bag. Also we have a big fat old Mallard.

The picture was not of today, but I like it, so you get it today.

Please to say a little prayer for the troops tonight.

Check back and lets see if we can have another report tomorrow

See ya Carl

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cold and Slow

Had both ice and geese on the pond when we arrived this morning. After another decoy adjustment, we settled in, and let a couple Canada's slip through.

The ducks flocks are in small bunches today. The Canada's come in pairs, and the ducks, were not making an easy shot for us either.

One of the highlights of the day was we had about, 75 Cacklers come darting and diving down thought the bottom. Took a notion to give us a look. Well after missing us for the sixth or seventh time heading on their merry way. They drive you nuts. One time I thought the boss was going to get to call a down wind shot on them. They evaded that shot too. They were in play for over five minutes. They are almost as good at breaking your heart as the Speck are.

About 3:30,, we had about 20 big Canadas float over the lake, but had food on their minds and chose a field north of us, for their feast. We will see them in the morning.

Today's bag was three big boys and one was really a big one and less than a hand full of Mallards. At least they were mallards.

As always remember the troops in your prayers.

Please check back

See ya. Carl

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

A day with great conditions, BUT

Early morning shooting, was confined to just ducks. Had a couple go-a-rounds on ducks. Had one flock that was hurrying a little, at about 99 MPH, a small crew took 9 out of it. Seen a couple flocks of Cacklers, that give us a good look, but no tamale. Am hoping to work over of their friends yet this season before it ends.

We had a major migration of snows today. All were about two miles high, and could not hear. Also seen several flocks of pelicans. Believe it, there are still pelicans around yet today. This is November 9th and we are still. seeing birds that should have moved south in September or early October.

Afternoon proved to be limited to several near misses on ducks. Can't help but wonder if we are ever going to have one of the powder burning days, us water-fowlers, love so much. Guess I am saying "I NEED A TWO BOX DAY"!!

We have been getting the feeling that we are Snake Bit proof of that is, I will take today for an example. We decided that we were not going to kill anything, so was packing to go to the house. Blind flaps were up, dog running around, people walking around, and talking, Blind bags, trash bags, gun in cases and laying out, when some one says a few non reportable words. There was a Canada goose hanging about broom killing range of one of our hunters. I wonder if the movement brought him in??? Or maybe it was, he was fact we had every weed laying in the right place. Well he is still flying unless he was laughing so hard that he run into a tree, and broke his neck.

The summery for the day is around 20 ducks.

Let you go, so please say a little prayer for the troops and also please check back.

See Ya Carl

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Quite the aerial show today

As legal time arrived we had birds over us nonstop. Both ducks and geese. We had not set the decoys just right and could not get them in for a good shot. For once this year we had a fair number of guns, so the boss was wanting a good shot. After a small adjustment the flight pattern was some better.

Before 9:00, we were into some geese. Early season jitters lead to a light kill. The sad thing was there was both Cacklers and the big ones. Well only little ones fell. The crew got a serious talking to about that. Decoys got rearranged.

The rest of the day was birds a plenty and then nothing for some time. Going to say it was a pretty good migration.

Got report that there are birds stopping and using Desoto Bend, so lets hope some of the movement we seen today stopped also.

Total bag today was around 15 ducks and the Cacklers.

Know this report is short today, but we had too much to talk about in the blind, to write a good report.

As I reread this I see I did not point out that we had a small movement of Snows and Blues, also today. Had a big flock early this morning. My guess was they were in the lake but heard us come out and was airborne before anyone knew. I am guessing there was in excess of 500 in that bunch. There was a number of other flocks of them today too.

For got to say that departure time from the Café is now 5:45.

Will let you go, but please include the troops in your evening prayers

See Ya Carl

Monday, November 07, 2011

The sky was very interesting today

Well it has been a week since an update, so here goes again. Been waiting for more than an hand full of duck, to make a report.

As legal time come we were seeing a few ducks , then some cormorant and now we are seeing some high flying Snows and Blue's. Have had two rounds on small bunches of ducks. So maybe we will have a bag limit big enough to report, tonight.

Just spotted a flock (35 ish.) of Whitefronts. Something is brewing weather wise, best be packing the lunch kit and grabbing a seat, here in the pits. Hearing shooting through out, the old valley This morning.

Flash!!! Something we don't see in the fall. A flock of about 35 little, Ross Geese. Almost got them in. There is weather brewing. We are in need of some guns.

Before 9:00 we have seen Cacklers, Canada's, Specks, Sky Carp, Ross's, Crows, several species of, ducks, including Gadwall, Wigeon, Mallards, and Pintails. WOW, a bird watchers delight and a hunters dream. Already four go-a-rounds on ducks, however no mallards as of yet.

About noon we got the midday thrill, when up over the west lake we spotted what first was a flock of 15 ducks, that turned into about 125 Whitefronts. They give us a hap-hazard swing then got back on their way to the south. The last posting, I said that we were to the end of the Speck migration, but as usual, I guessed wrong. Has been a much more fun day than it has been for sometime. Not seeing anything, makes, for a long boring day. Could really stand some more shooting, but seeing is so encouraging. Totaled out with 5 flocks of specks, giving us a pretty good look. A flock of about 75 at about 1:30, that had 4 that got the heart rate up pretty good, the whole flock look good but the 4 was really acting good. They would lock up and sail on every round. The main flock finely pulled them out.

We are thinking, that we have seen as much game today, as we have the rest of the season, total. Was a very entertaining day. I am sorry but I put this together as it happened today, sorry that it reads a little funny, I will try a different approach tomorrow.

Just before we pulled out of the blinds there was a huge flock of Specks that went down west of us. Had to be pushing 200 birds. Ended up with no geese but a couple short limits of ducks

Please say a bedtime prayer for all our hero's, and please check back. Maybe we have this season migration underway. I sure hope so.

See ya. Carl

Monday, October 31, 2011

The new era

Well, we are entering into an new era on this blog. I have received my iPad and will, try writing the blog from the blind. This is new for me, so go easy on me for a few days. I know there has been a couple days lately that I have not posted when I should have. No geese killed but a few ducks have. See I have had my head into this new machine, and put you off.

As, I said, we had harvested a few unreported ducks, but I am not saying, there has been any big movement of ducks. There has been a few Specks moving, so guessing that migration is getting close to it's end. However we did hear a couple of flocks yesterday morning.

Mid morning, we got into a nice bunch of gadwall, harvested 5, not bad for being short on gunners today. Earlier we got into another pair. I know the totals are not that good for almost November, but today was looking much better than the past few has

The next challenge is to be able to post this so best get on that. So remember the troops in your bed time prayers, tonight

Also please check back, it just has to get better.

See ya Carl

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Things are looking up, at the ol’ pond. No wind early, but hope began to “filter in” when the wind come up, and then the most amazing thing happened. This old man, with his new artificial ears, heard Specks before anyone else did. Now it has been years since I heard birds in the distance, so this was exciting for me. Well I got everyone alerted to the fact, there were Specks in the area and then we had four split off. Soon we had them decoying into the lake. Took some time to get them all picked up but we manages to find them all, even though one fell in the standing corn. Great job, on the part of Lyle , Keith, and Lyle’s dog. Specks are such a Trophy to us, that it is a shame to have one down and not find it, so this was the icing on the cake to get them all picked up.

Were seeing just a few ducks. So many reports of the big number of them this fall and here it is almost November, and we have not seen any number of any kind, of ducks. We have a promising weather change, starting tomorrow, so we are excited about tomorrow. Why I would not miss tomorrow for nuttin.

I should have reported that we seen 4 nice flocks of Specks yesterday, so seeing some today was not a surprise. We anticipated, we would be seeing some today and was hoping we would have wind when they showed up. As I pointed out above, things worked out in our favor.

I am trying to find a I-Pad to do the report on in the blind, so have to cut this short and start to study Craig’s list again.

So remember all the troops in your bed time prayer tonight and please check back and hope it is a even more exciting report, than this one.

See ya Carl

Saturday, October 22, 2011

It is warm and slow

Needing to update you. Nothing is to exciting going on. The weather has been just to warm for a migration to get under way. Almost the first of Nov. and we have not had a real killing frost as of yet. Temp. are forecast to be in the 70 in a couple of days, again.

I have been a little lazy or depressed and have not posted, all of the activity I should have posted. A few days ago we did kill a couple of loaners and today we killed another. Boy it is hard to get excited over a loaner, but this morning we had not seen a goose for a couple of days, and one come flying over. He almost acted like he was lonesome , when our choir, went to work. He turned around on a dime and floated towards the decoys. We stopped him a little short, of his destination. We have also harvested a few ducks, but nothing to be excited about.

We did see another flock of geese, high. Did not get a good ID on them but think they were Specks. Was also a few ducks around early this morning, which is also a little different , than it has been. We did not get any of them to give us a good look.

Have to get my head back in the football game, so please keep the troops in your prayers, tonight and every night.

Please check in again and we will see ya


Thursday, October 13, 2011

An exciting day

Was a good day to set in the blinds at the South Lake. Before legal shooting time, through most of the morning we were seeing cormorants, in huge flocks. Some of the flocks were into several hundreds, maybe over a thousand. Early it was not uncommon to be able, to see, maybe 8-12 flocks at the same time, making their way down the river. At that time we had no wind, and the lake was glass smooth. We just have to wonder how many we seen. Along with the cormorants, were a few ducks. We did harvest a few ducks with very little wind.

But the real beauty came, after we got some wind. Some one said “Canada’s” and I pass the word on to the boss, and then checked out the sky. Just as I picked up the bird, I seen a sight, that I am sure I will remember the rest of my life. To see Canada’s, come in with their feet down, has always got to me. Well this time I was looking at this lone old boy, just as he brought his feet from the fly position to the land position, What a sight.

We were into Canada’s three times today, and they all decoyed in just as the boss had lead me to believe they would. That sounds like we had a big day, but it was a big day for this season. Not many birds around but we harvested 4 big boys and 9 ducks, and for what the start of the season for the past few years, that is a great day. Also we had two bands on the legs of two of these birds.

Forecast is for wind from the North West again tomorrow, so I would not miss it for nuttin.

Have some work to get done before morning so have to close. Remember the troops tonight, as always, and please check back, the reports are going to be good.

Keep forgetting to tell you we are leaving the cafe at 6:15, now for a while

See Ya


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cooler air is moving in

It is midweek and have not up dated this for a couple of days. We have been getting something almost everyday but nothing big so I just don’t get in the mood to write.

Neither the geese or ducks, are moving into Burt County, like you would think they would. I know we been having days and night more like summer than fall so why would, the migration start?? As for what we are seeing. Some teal and some of them are green wing, a few pintails, a few flocks of Specks, hardly any Canada’s, and really way less flocks of Cormorant’s, than you would think we should. Tomorrow the forecast is for much cooler air temp. and this season first North West wind. We are ready for it.

Today we did kill the first Canada’s for the season. Had 3 come in and got two. Lack of a crew, aging eyes, and early season jitters, allowed one to escape with no wounds inflicted. As for the ducks, I think we did pass the 20 bird number for the season, today. A few years ago that mark was hit, before the first hour passed for the year. We are hearing that just a few miles north of us, they are seeing way more birds than we are. Guessing they are staying on some of the bodies of water left by the flood. R K received a call from a hunter that is hunting in Canada, today. They are seeing tons and tons of birds and having one fantastic year. So we know they are on the way, because this guy lead us to believe they are just getting in the area where he is hunting and that is late, for there too.

Best close this, so remember the troops in your bed time prayers, and please check back.

See Ya


Sunday, October 09, 2011

The fun begins

After a sleepless night, because of the late football game with a GREAT finish, I found my self not wanting, to get up and face a slow day in the duck blind. Believe me I would not want to change a thing about the day. No the garbage bag was not full of hulls, but again it was just a fun day. The morning skies had only a few birds in it, but it was just one of those days, you just don’t want to miss. We had several flocks of ducks that worked our decoys, and I think we had 3 go-a-rounds on them. Also we seen 3 or 4 flocks of whitefronts. One, of which give us a good look. My shotgun get so nervous when they are around. They even make it difficult, for me to blow my call. Then the worst part is, they leave just laughing, at us. Would not be surprise to find the lake occupied with several flocks of them in the morning. Another odd thing happened today. We could not see if they were getting up off the river or were, just coming out of the East very low. But we had 2-4 thousand pelicans, right out of the east float over us, north of us, south of us, we had pelicans coming and going for at least 30, maybe 45 minutes. Not all in one flock but dozens of flocks.

The boss is still pleased with the set on the blinds. At times he don’t want to do any calling and he just watches how the birds work the decoys. That was today. I know we should have had a couple more go-a-rounds but, was enjoying the flight path of the birds. Can’t wait till those “big boy” are the ones making the trip, down that runway, and some not making the trip because of our airborne Iron Curtain. WOW it will be fun. No sunrise to talk about, but they are coming, I am confident, that before the season ends, I am going to be reporting some big harvest days. So keep checking back

Also remember to take a minute to say a little prayer for all the super kids that are protecting our country.

Please check back and we’ll see ya


Sunday, September 25, 2011

To answer some of your questions

Have had so many, comment on the picture of Ralph, I had my daughter post on this site. After setting in the blind next to him, for the last few years, I feel this is a sight I see several times, every day, he constantly is scanning the skies for birds. Several have asked just when it was taken. I have the feeling they think it is an older picture. He just don’t show the 90 plus years as most people do. Don’t take this as criticizing of him, but I don’t see this as much on colder day. Used to be it just did not make any different, how cold it was he still setup like this, only falling moisture, made him take cover. He dose get cold anymore, but if the wind is not to cold you see this site.

As much I would love to think I was the photographer, but I was not. This picture was taken by Garry Mason, and sent to me just last year. For you that don’t recognize the name, Garry is the head of the hall of fame that Ralph was inducted into, back in 2006. Garry tries to come and hunt a couple of days every year with us. Well after his hunt last fall he sent me a couple of pictures he had taken, and I thought it should be posted. I worked hard trying to get the job done, only to give up and ask, one of my daughters to do it for me. So the data to all the questions; Garry Mason took the picture, in October of 2010, Ralph was 92 that day, he turned 93, in January of 2011, and it was just to good a picture, to pass up posting.

Now to the other questions I ham getting E-Mail on.

Our season open, for both duck & geese, on October 8, at 6:51 AM. We are meeting again this year at Tailgater’s Café on Main Street of Tekamah. That makes us leave there about 5:30 that morning. If eating, please allow enough time for them to, take order, cook, serve, and you to eat.

The lake is pumped and it looks so good.

As always, please say a prayer every night for our troops

See Ya Carl

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Preseason report, very late

I know this is late, but there has been so much uncertainty, then work, I just have not found the time to do it. As all of you know we have had a big flood here in eastern Nebraska. The water is just now exposing the damage it has done in this area. When it was brought to our attention there was going to be a flood, and the Corp of Engineers, and posted it’s prediction’s as to how high it was going to get, it was forecast that we would have water flowing through the lake. We pulled the blinds and moved them to high ground , just west of the blue shed. I don’t remember the date, but I had to be some where around August 20th, it got dry enough in the lake, that we could set them again. Knowing very well the water table was high, we dug the trench only 20 inches deep to set them in. Usually it is 24 inches deep. Well before we got the trench dug there was water seeping into the trench. Before we got the last blind set they were walking in water 2-3 inches deep. Before we got dirt up to the top of the blinds we had water in the propane tank well 16” deep. Well with the river dropping and the grace of god they stayed in the ground.

Since then we (Lyle, Kevin, and I) have work almost daily out there helping the boss get the place ready. I think except for a few small detains, we are ready to hunt. He started the pump last evening, September 16. It as been and exhausting Month as far as this old man is concerned.

As for the location of the pits, I feel we have a good set up. We are still out on the bar in the middle of the lake. Now we are looking almost straight West, just a little to the North. The boss extended the bar, North/East from the old bar, just enough to set the blinds on, with it wrapping around to the East. This should give us a wind break for slick water, behind the blinds. I want to call it a HONEY HOLE. Plenty of open water around us for the Canada’s to decoy into and plenty of places to set the decoys.

All reports are saying, is there is not much crop (corn) to the North in the Dakota’s. They had so much rain, and all the pot hole are full so the birds spread out and not much predator problem, of raiding nest so an above average hatch, for all species of ducks. Had friends that had been fishing North saying they had talked with farmers saying the geese have moved into what few acres of beans, they got planted and were eating up their crop. Making me believe if they are wanting to eat corm they best plan on coming to Nebraska. What do we have to offer here? Well once they mover out of the flooded area near the river we have a bumper crop of corn, and plenty of new sand bars for them to lounge around on, Along with some new lake for then to check out. Most of them new lakes don’t have decoys on either. Now to the Snows and Blues. I am going out on the limb and say we are going to have one of our best year on them, we’ve had in several years. Now with this info from me, and a dollar, you can still buy a cup of coffee here in Tekamah.

On what we are seeing, for birds here???? We have been seeing plenty of ducks, all summer. I made more trips down near the river to see the flood. On most of these trips you would see ducks flying around. I know I was out more this year, but I am sure there were more birds than usual. Canada’s also , there are plenty of them too. The local Canada’s have never done us much good, in the past, but with these new lake here from the flooding that may change their habits. Right North of us about 2-2.5 miles, I understand there is a pretty good size pond and acres of white sand around it, that has to attract something. So maybe our local geese will setup house keeping there.

Again I am sorry this so late but, When I should have been posting, I was busy or just didn’t know what to say. I can’t say the flood is over and things are normal here in Burt County, because it is going to take years to get this area back to normal. Mother nature changed a lot of things where and when she was rampaging. There is farm ground here that may never be farmed again.

Will let you go, so say a little prayer for all the troops and please check back, in a week or so for another posting

See Ya Carl

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Annual Spring Appreation Kohler Dinner

Just open an E-Mail saying, that they had not seen anything on my blog about the Kohler Dinner. Our Server has been up dating their equipment and there has been some problems, and I had not checked after I posted, so it has not got there.

So there is a Kohler Dinner this coming May 5th a Thursday evening at Antony’s again this year.

Cocktails are at 6:00 Dinner 6:45.


Anthony’s Top Sirloin

Anthony’s Prime Rib

Salmon Chicken Cordon Bleu

Prices are about the same as in the past

Sorry this is so late, and I have no excuse as to why I didn’t check to see if it posted.

Hope if you didn’t get an invitation I got this to you in time.

Hope to see ya there, and again I am sorry this is so late

Monday, March 21, 2011

Was fast, early but ended early

We have got through the big crews and today we had just 4 guns. All the action was early and they were not what I would call a “chocolate shot”. But we made the best of it and took 6 out of one flock and 5 out of the next two flocks. We had a flock of 7 I think. There was 2 low birds and the rest was high, and they stayed that way. The boss called the shot on the two but they were on the way out but we downed them. I think is was pretty much “good luck” that we got those two down. Then the heavy clouds moved in and the birds were scarce and high from then on. Most were young birds today again. We wanted some little Ross geese today, but could not get any of them to get into range. Had a hunter that wanted to stuff some of them, so you would bet we would see but not shoot a one. That was the case to.

Going to see if I can get my home work done and get a little extra rest. Sure don’t know just how the boss handles, these hours, like he does.

Say a prayer for the troops tonight and please check back too.

See Ya Carl