Sunday, March 31, 2013


We have people, that reward the boss, with chocolate, on shots.  Since this is Sunday morning and we meet at the mini mart, and my Grandson, Kyle  was wanting in, on the fun, picked up a  large Kit Kat bar.  Come to my table and laid it down and then asked me, to guess what time, this bar would get in Ralph hands. I had checked the weather before I left the house, and it had said, we were to have a North West wind so my thought was we would shoot pretty early.   So my guess was, before sunrise.  When we arrive at the pits there was no wind at all.  Wind plays such an important part in hunting, I put all thoughts of an early shot out of my mind.  Not long after legal, we had a small flock come in, and we worked them over, and in less than a half hour latter we went into action again.  Soon I heard Kyle and Ralph talking, and Kyle was delivering this chocolate, his reward, for two very good shots.
Shortly after 1:00, after several huge high flocks that broke our hearts, by decoying then pulling out. We had a small group along with some specks that dropped in on us.  We got these two flocks separated, then quickly went to work.  We shucked about ten out of them.  Only abou 18 in the flock to start with.  What a harvest job for a real slim crew.  Had one, sailor that we could not find, but enough eyes seen it go in, that we counted it anyway.  That made three quality, above average go-a-round, for the day.  Another day, with just about 20 in the bag.  Been burning the powder the past few days.
Have a meal with family here in a few minutes so best post this.
Remember all our service personal that were separated from their families on this Holy Week end, and remember all of them in your bedtime prayers. 
Check back and we will see ya

Saturday, March 30, 2013

another fun day

Saturday.  Had rain over night so that usually has a tendency to  slow the hunting down some.  After about an hour we have seen one snow goose and a couple a flocks of dark geese. 
I know the FEDs will never let us harvest any of those dark birds in the spring, but it is something that need to happen.  The way I see the whitefronts, they have a different migration south than they take when coming back north.  For every one, we see in the fall we have to see 20 plus in the spring.  If you use the decoying, as a yardstick. For every one we decoy in the fall we decoy a hundred in the spring.  Sometime you feel the dark one are just pest, to us in the spring.  Example we just had a small flock of Juvies, maybe 20, that were in dam good, but the boss could not call the shot because we had two Canada's in on us at the same time.  Well the carp made another round.  Not as good a shot but we raked them pretty good, anyway. Never had a big flock in on us the whole day long, just flocks of around a dozen or smaller, except we had a group of three in, one time.  Think we ended up with 5 go-a-rounds today.  Enough that we had another of them, just short of twenty, but everyone had a fun day.   
This is the night that I have to feed and water the wife.  So we pulled the plug at 3:00 and come to the house.  The birds were not showing themselves, and we are so used to the cold weather that we could not undress enough to be comfortable, in the heat.  Boy what a nice day.  Why did I ware a coat with a hood, two shirts. Was to many clothes.  My hunting bag was heavier coming in that it was going out this morning.
Remember the troops tonight in your prayers, as always, and please check back.
See ya.    Carl

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Juvies are around

Friday, I had problem with my home refrigerator, so I boogie home early and work on that and did not get around to posting anything.  It was a day where there was a posting really necessary.  Couple of exciting thing that you should know. 
I know a few years ago that harvesting 200 birds was not anything to rave about, but once, the Sky Carp, figured out the spring hunt, reaching that number has got much harder to reach.  Well yesterday we went over that mark, and we reached it with out one outstanding day.  But we have just been chugging along with a modest count and they add up.  We did have a good percentage of juvies yesterday, and when that happens the hunting or decoying is a little easier.
Now, to today.  All flocks today were small flocks, but we had several go-A-rounds, but the total does not add up the fastest, that way. Had some great decoying when the wind got up.  It always amazes me that they can just look into the wind and just stand there.  One time we had a flock of about a dozen birds, decoying.  Well as luck would have it, first there was an Eagle hunting the lake at a lower level that the geese were.  So they would not drop down so we set and watch a standoff for a couple minutes then if that was not enough, we had a plane then come grinding into our area.  Just in case you don't know, geese don't like small prop type airplanes, so the geese forgot the eagle and we tried to forget the plane and geese.  Again, there were several juvies in the bag this afternoon. 
Don't forget, our heroes, tonight in you bedtime prayers, and please take a little time to check back.  Thanks and we will see ya

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hard to decoy but we got a few

The day got off to an early shot on a pair.  These two decoyed in so nice.  From that we were anticipating a great day.  Flock after flock totally ignored us for a few hours.  As we come up on the 12 o'clock hour,  things changed again.  This bunched we got into, had decoying and played with us for awhile, then come in for a great shot.  Our third shot we took, was a challenging shot.  Was a small flock that decoyed for a circle or two.  Then come in, giving us a long shot, but the boys were up to the task harvesting, half the flock. 
The bag had 10 S&B,s and a pair of Ross.  We did have 3-4 juvies, so the decoying, should get a little easier. 
Getting late so best get this posted.  Hope you enjoy the new format on the blog, so far it has been, pretty positive, feedback. 
Well the format may have changed but the plea for you to say a prayer for the troops has not.  So say that little prayer tonight, please.  Also check back because we should be post some great reports
See ya

Monday, March 25, 2013

Short on hunters but long on the fun

Monday,  for all of you guys,  "I won't go hunting, unless I can shoot a box of shells", you messed up again.  We were in need of help so bad this morning.  We should have 50-60 birds laying in front of us right now.  Have had flocks from 3-1500 in on us.  With this wind, they have been sporting shots, but it has been fun.   This storm has provided a push south like no other we have ever had.  Every kind of goose that flies in this country as passed over us this morning.  Coming out of the northeast about 70-100 yards high, flying right over our lake.  Some we could turn, some we could not phase.  If we could turn them, we would get them in for some type a shot.  We have had some great shots and some fair shot, but with a "blind me" and only Lyle the bag is not filling to fast.  We got a walkin on the last flock.  Hope  there are more to come. 
With this change, for the better forecast, in the weather, this week, we should be in for some memory making days, if we can get some guns here. 
The boss and Lyle left, leaving just my self and Robert there.  We had four big flocks down in there but passed on two thinking we would get a better shot, but got into the other two. The two of us harvested 6.  Bringing our total to 12, for the day.
Guys, this season is winding down. This is also the closing of an era, and a very memorable era.  There are many of you, that should be making a trip up here for one more hunt with the legend.  This week is shaping up to be one great shoot, with the weather turning much warmer and sunshine, and tons of birds trap in between two snow lines.  Lets send the boss out, with one more memorable week.
As always say a prayer for all our hero's that serve us everyday.  Also check back for what I believe will be a great week of shooting
See ya.   Carl

Monday, March 18, 2013

Windy, Cold, but Great sights

Monday the 18th.  Come out, this morning and there was a wind roaring out of the northwest.  The air temp was not to bad but with this wind it is bone chilling to me.  My game plan, to keep most of the panels on, that I can possible keep on.  Always a different hunt when we do that.  But rain and a cold wind dictate to me, cover time, especially this past two seasons. 
The birds were tough, today, and when we got a shot, you had to be quick, because how fast they can move in the wind. 
At the time, I was writing this, we have been into birds two times.  And our bag has a dozen birds, in it.  But to be honest, they have just begin to move good as I write this.   
If it had not been for the air show that we had today with all the ducks, Specks, and the Canada's, one would have to say it was just a cold day, where we shot at, few carp.  But their air show kept the blood warm, as we sat and marveled as these birds, showed us, just why man has always wanted to fly.  WHAT A SHOW, and without the ticket booth. 
All the client. Needed to leave sometime near 2:30 so we pulled up stakes, and headed to the house.  Into the S&B's just the two times. 
Please check back and say a prayer for all our heroes that serve our country
See ya.    Carl

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Had ice early, but it was a fun day

The day got off to a pretty slow day.  The lake froze up, over night.  we thought the wind was to blow all night, but it must not have.  The whole lake was ice.  Then the wind picked up and started cutting the ice out.  About midday, thing picked up some.  Everything was in huge flocks.  Decoyed a couple of those flock but with no luck.  Then we got a flock in for a reasonable good shot.  The crew done a pretty good job for what we had to work with.  Then just before noon we had a couple of big flocks join together, and wound themselves down and down, but with a big problem.  We had several hundred ducks and a  couple dozen, Canada's, and Whitefronts trying to get into the lake too.   This large group of S&B's down low enough to be in gun range and bearing down on us.  Again with our problem of the ducks and Canada's.  I kept telling my hunter we were not going to be able to shoot because of these other birds.  Just as lead edge was pulling up in front of the blind, it was as if the boss was Moses and parted the sky, so only Snows and Blues were in the shooting alley.  The crew did well, was a site to behold.  Even the non shooters enjoyed that sight.  
We are, for the weekend, over 100, real easy.  This is fun hunting, when you harvest birds everyday.  
This old man come in early, in hops of getting some much needed rest.  Hope it works.
Be sure to include the troops in your bed time prayer tonight.  And check back if ya can

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Second good day in a row.

Saturday morning, and we got the day off to a great start.  Someone spotted a pair of snows and, the next thing we knew, we had about 150 bucking, the strong northwest wind coming over the back side of the blind.  Everybody was checking their clock to see if it was legal.  Well it was, by at least two minutes.  The boss let them get out in front, just a little before he turned the troops loose.  What a start to the day.  Just a few minutes later we had another seven try the same stunt.  Well, there is none of them going, to see South Dakota again. 
They got a little harder to decoy as the day went.  Have had several flocks decoy but not finishing.  At different time we had, a single decoy, but could not even get them to finish. 
Did find corn in what we shot today.  I see that as encouraging, I read that, as birds  are staying in this area, and not birds that traveling through.  We heard the other day that there was 15,000 at Desoto Bend.  Seem like a long time since we have heard that waterfowl, was staying in that refuge.  
Ralph has been receiving call from other hunters.  Some have had great days and others are having, bad days.  Had one hunter report of having an exceptional day yesterday and can get one to look at then today.  Another reported he could not get a shot either yesterday or today.  We have not had a great day either days, but they classified as  "good days" for both days.  I think we had, a seven go-a-round day yesterday and I think it was a five timer today.  You just have to love that.   
Had one of the all time best decoying flock.  Had to be well over a thousand S&B's several hundred dark geese, and thousands of ducks, all here at the same time.  Had birds (S&B's) on several levels and birds going every direction at the same time.  Got plenty in range and the boss give the command to go into action.  This OSFF just set and watched as the crew blazed away.  When the smoke cleared hunters and dog charged the lake and the down wind area of this hunting lake.  We are still counting the kill.  Had to put the count for the day up over yesterday's count.  No one should complain about this outing.
This old man is hurting. Still not back to full strength from my surgery, and the long hard days are making me drag a bunch.
Please say a prayer for the troops tonight, and find time to check back
See ya.  Carl

Friday, March 15, 2013

Birds a Plenty

Been a morning with birds, birds, and more birds.  With a handicap of some then no wind.  Started with a great wind out of the southeast, but it diminished pretty early in the morning.  Down to not a breath of air.  Regardless  we have really, had a great shoot, this morning.  I am thinking we had four good go-a-rounds, plus a round, where had two young men, that worked the decoys, and come back with four.  The last go around we had what we estimated between a thousand to twelve hundred birds, down and pretty, in range when we went into action.  What a sight, birds flying in every direction.  Hope everyone knife is sharp.  Go-a-round number 5.  Nice flock of about 500 birds.  Is tough getting them into a good gun range, with this, no wind situation.  I just have to wonder just how many birds that we seen today.  The ducks is almost unbelievable today.  I just ask Kohler if I would be lying, if I said we have seen three times more duck today than we did all last fall.  He had to agree that we had.  We seen more pintails today, in here decoying, than we seen total ducks last fall.  When ever, you look up we have had birds since about 9:00 this morning.  Almost constantly over us today.   
I cant guess, just how many snow and blues we have seen today.  They have been landing in a field west of us, and we get them started and they get down to a range where we get excited, then they see the geese west of us and pull over there.  Should not complain because we have had at least seven go a rounds.  Everyone has shot at least a box of shells.
So pooped that can't think what else to say so going to shut up.  So as always remember to say a little prayer for the troops tonight and also check back. 
Let ya go.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

After the Blizzard

It was really nice out here on Saturday but pending snow was forecast.  Weather forecasts said 1-2 inches.  Well the forecasters got it right for once if you take the - out.  Yes we got 12 inches of the wet heavy (was wet and heavy) snow, with winds up to 40 MPH gusts. The roads were drifted the decoys were a mess, blinds with snow in them.  Well we met out here Monday and done some cleaning up, and back in the blinds again on Tuesday.  Cold north west wind today, but with the understanding that we are to have sunshine latter today.  Not to get out of the thirty's but with a nice warmup through out the week.  Seen and had reports that all the birds that had braved the warmup last week and ventured on north of us, all come back, yesterday.  Those snows and blues are really not like a Canada and can handle the ground covered with snow and dig for food.  They want their food visible, so south for a few days, then another push or try at getting to their breeding grounds, on warmer days.
I left the last report with hunter still in the blinds, with a promise  I would update.
They harvested one more bird, and then on Saturday we took two more.  Not the most for a spring hunt.  Sunday was a day to set by the heater in a warm house as the snow fell and then Monday, was just a clean up.  Tuesday, we enjoying a very cold wind from the northwest, with our eyes studying the skies for birds.  To cold to hunt long, so went to the house before noon.
The bird traffic is pretty slow.  Seen three Canada's, then 8 Canada's, a pair of ducks, and then a flock of 50-60 whitefronts that were heading to warmer places.  Starting to be a long day.  Were getting a little sunshine.  If we could get more sunshine, I think some of this snow would disappear.  But no sunshine and the wind makes it feel like it is COLD.  
Thursday:  the above was wrote on Wednesday, but was some good info, so I decided to include with today's report.
9:30 Thursday, we have received several phone reports of the Snow and Blues on the move north.  These reports come from the Desoto Bend area as well as from Omaha.  So expecting to have data to finish off this report.
First birds at 9:45 no shot. First shot at 11:50. Have had several huge groups,  not much wind, so rough to get a shot.    Second go around at 12:10, at this point in the day, we had visions of a great day.  After our second round, we had another flock that appeared to be promising but they pulled out and the birds  shut off.  I was concerned we were not going to have time to cook lunch.  The bird traffic just died, was a slow boring afternoon.
Departure time is being moved up.  Crews are a little bigger and the sun is coming up earlier.  So be ready the depart town at 6:15 now.  Remember to meet at the mini mart on Sunday.
The picture was taken this morning, at the pits.  You know me and sunrises, so it gets posted
Also remember a prayer for all that are serving our country, in your bed time prayer. 
Also remember to check back
See ya.   Carl.