Tuesday, February 28, 2012

An on line address for you to check out

Hope I can get all this to work, but I have an on line address for you out of the area readers to check out. The Omaha paper done a article on the boss. That article is on line with a video that you can watch. The guy done a pretty good job and some great video. The address is.


It is worth your time, I don't know just how long they keep something that up on line. My suggestion is to check it out quick. Hope you can copy and paste this address

Guessing when we have a forecast with some sunshine in it, we will be in the pits.

Remember the troops and check back

See ya. Carl

Monday, February 27, 2012

Waiting for you phone calls

We are ready for hunters. Was out this morning and finished the blaster. RK was helping me. Anyway there were birds in the area Sunday and some of the local hunters were hunting. So I asked just when he was wanting to hit the blinds. His answer was as soon as someone says they are wanting to hunt. I know the forecast says we could have some snow here tonight, and I am a firm believer that those birds know more about the weather than we do. What I am saying with the reports I am hearing with well over a million birds setting at Squaw Creek area, why are they not moving. I believe it is we are due another storm. Is this the trigger, when this storm is done it will be CADDY BAR THE DOOR. We will see, but my feeling is, best be ready, cause it is going to happen that way!

Also asked when he wanted us to hit the road for the pits. He thought around 5:50 would work. The cafe opens open regularly at 5:30 so I will be talking to her about opening a little earlier, when we get to going. I will let you know when she opens earlier.

I think Rockie said he was traveling on the first of March. He thought he was going to be late, but sure he is right on time.

I forgot to tell you to remember the troops in my last posting, and have got a couple of E Mail's telling me so. Thanks for getting on my case, about that, because that is very important. So as always, please remember the troops in your bedtime prayers tonight and every night.

Also please check back, hope this a fruitful season

See ya. Carl

Sunday, February 26, 2012

We are getting very close

Got some reports, of some snows flying over the area, today. I seen some Canada's this morning but no snows, but I was not outside, just watching. I do not know, just when we will be manning the pits but am sure we will be there no later that the upcoming weekend.

Also I had made a call to a hunter in the Lincoln area and, they were seeing birds for the first time, today.

We are meeting still at Tailgators restaurant, yet this spring. I will give you the departure time in the next report. I am not organized, like I should be. But sunrise, is now around 7:00 so that puts us on the road around 5:30. Now, remember it gets earlier every morning, not later as in the fall.

Will let you go, but just wanted to let you know, we are getting reports of some birds being spotted in our area. So hunting is very near.

See ya. Carl

Monday, February 20, 2012

We are about ready to man the pits

I know I should have posted something here long ago. I would like you to think I have tried real hard to post something, but I have no excuse except I have wrote several, but they just did not sound good. I can not even say I have been under the weather. For you, that don't know, we have had a very mild winter here in Nebraska. Was just a few weeks ago that we got a foot of snow, and we have still got some of it yet.

Of course the boss has kept himself busy. He had the decoys set before the snow, and I understand the ground was not even froze, and he just pushed them in the ground. As you can tell with that statement I did not help set them. That is different than in years past, when we had to drill holes, in order to set them.

As for when we will be setting up shop and being ready to hunt, I am guessing we will be out there by this weekend. Now that is not official but the timing is about right and there is plenty of geese at Squaw Creek, and has been for a long time. There is something telling them not to venture on, as of yet. The last report I got, I think they said there was over 750,000 there. That is a bunch of birds. I need to take time and check the web and see if there was any action, in the Lincoln area this past weekend.

But keep checking and I will try to post when we start.

As always, say a little prayer for the troops, and please check back.

See ya. Carl