Monday, December 16, 2013


Ralph has shutdown for at least until after, this week.  Here is the plan, if the birds move back into this area and start feeding in our area, be will open back up.  He has pulled the plug on the lake allowing the water to drain.  Of course the ice will remain and pumping, to have a water, hunting hole is just a matter of hours.  If we see this is going to happen I will be alerting you, as far in advance as I can. All we were doing was burning up electricity, and propane, with no rewards.
It is so hard to believe, after all the years of those geese feeling in the area of this new lake that they will not feed there in the year 2013.  The season runs into the latter part of January so it could be a working plan.  Let's hope it works. 
Until then keep the gun free of dirt and rust and lets hope, for some great shooting days in January, if not before.
Have a great holiday, I mean have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS, till them.
See ya.    Carl   

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Seen some migration, and some sad news

The day got off about like almost everyday this fall.  Just a loner or two teasing us.  At about 11:30 I get an Migration alert, on my I Pad, from Ducks Unlimited, stating that there was an  migration alert on the Missouri River bottom, saying there was 840,000 mallards on the Missouri River.  Did we get a laugh at the report, yep, but about ten minutes later here was about 20 mallards coming into the lake.  Now this was different than any flock of ducks I have ever seen decoy in, before.  Out of the twenty there may have been Five that got into gun range, but never more that one at any one time.  They lit all over the lake.  Many yards apart, very unlike duck do.  We were discussing this as these birds swam and walked on the ice to get all together.  I just had to ask, where the other, 839,980 were.  Then about a half hour latter we did begin to see ducks.  There were many flocks, and some as big as 3-400.  And to be honest with the type of sky we had today with the heavy clouds, what percent of the flock were we spotting?  It was not possible to see more than a quarter a mile in any one direction, well enough to see ducks.  Also did see a flock of Canada's, that appeared, that they were migrators.  But most of the Canada's we did see, were the ones that, are staging at the little lake just north of town.  They were feeding out in the fields both south east and east of us.  Guess what I am saying, today has been one of the most interesting of the season for us even tho the bag has just a couple hands full of ducks and no geese.  I neglected to tell, we also seen around the ten o'clock hour, a little flock of Snows and Blues.  They showed no interest in decoying.    
Now a bit of sad news, but Ralph received word this morning, an old friend, also long time guide, for Ralph, Chuck Doral, passed way, some time this morning.  Chuck had contracted lung cancer, and has battled it for I am guessing, nearly a year and a half.  We and I, have had our fun, with Chuck.  There are days of hunting with Chuck that I will never forget.  Chuck had his fun, and Chuck left some fond, memories. He will be missed.  RIP Chuck.
Tomorrow is supposed to be just a little fresh.  So if you have the time, layer a few clothes on and join us here in the blind.  With the snow storm and the cold, that is moving in on us may be the recipe, for a great hunt on December 5th.  I know I wouldn't miss tomorrow for nuttin.
Please remember the troops tonight and every night in your prayers.  Also if possible, please check back.
We will see ya.     Carl 

Sunday, December 01, 2013

We are seeing more birds

Thanksgiving day,
There was a small group of us, that ventured out on, thanksgiving morning.  I had some family with me the included a grandson, two granddaughters and two son in laws.  There was also four hunter from Wichita, Kansas area.   After several hours discussing different subjects, including the bird less skies.  Which is almost unbelievable since starting with a great hunters wind, from the northwest, causing a biting wind chill, that put us on the seats and in the comforts of the blinds heaters.  As I say we had discussed about every subject there is, and consumed a huge breakfast.  One of my granddaughters, has spent time in the blind, so is aware of how and what we are hunting.  The granddaughter that had never been in the blind before, looked into the skies and said there are some birds.  Yes there was, there was about 35 mallards, giving our decoys a look.  We got the boss on the birds and with a few quacks on his call, he had them on a pattern that brought them with in range of our smoke poles.  He gave the command and our guns blazed away, thinning the flock some.  Within a few minutes we had another mallard that thought he liked the drainage ditch, for his resting place, but could not resist the sweet sound of my grandsons call, and made the fatal mistake, of checking it out.  Everyone left the blind before 12:00 noon, with a feast waiting at a family table.           

Early this morning was the first morning that we have seen ducks, like we have see ducks back a few years ago.  Even tho we did not get shots, we had flocks with large number of birds, in it.  The past few years we have had flocks with 6-30, but this morning we had flocks that had 30 up to 125, and if you want to throw in high flyers that didn't decoy, a couple hundred in a flock.  All mallards and how refreshing it was to see this.  There were decoy adjustments because we had not allowed enough room for the larger flocks.  Is a little depressing that the larger flocks, we didn't get a shot from, but so refreshing to see mallards in large number again.  By the time we got the decoys right, they quit flying.  We got into just one flock and harvested a few.  Also got into a small flock of Canada's that was about the total activity for today.
Again tonight I am asking for prayers for the troops that are serving and protecting us here at home.   Also if you can find the time please check back. 
See ya      Carl