Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Strange visitors today

Day Two, with high winds. We seen migrating birds this morning and they were in big flocks. But --- they were Sandhill Cranes. It is rare, to see these birds in the skies over Burt County Nebr. I remember many years ago there was a flock that had settled down in a field north of the lake. About mid morning they took off and I spotted them and hollered “Geese” and very soon RK I D them as Sandhill Cranes. A few day latter I seen our local Game Warden and told him about them, and he told me he had never seen a Sandhill Crane in Burt County. I knew he was not believing me so I said “well just check with Ralph” He then said if Ralph would tell me he had seen some I would believe him. We only see then when there has been a strong west wind, when they are on the move, and they get blown over to this end of the state. We had several flocks, pass over the lake today. Took some pictures but they just don’t show up that good, to post the picture.

There was very little to report there were just a few Canada’s and a few ducks. We did get into a flock of Pintails and took out a few of them. One was a pretty good specimen. A big drake with about a long a tail as you will see in the fall. With the cold air moving in tonight you just have to wonder if everything starts tomorrow. We have the feeling, we have paid our dues for this year and they just have to begin the move.

Please check back and also keep the troops in your prayers.

See Ya Carl

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A great wind BUT

I got up this morning with great anticipation, just knowing it was going to be a gangbuster day. We had not taken the guns out of the hanger for over a week , much less harvest a bird. Well we had some rain over the night, a promise from the weatherman, that we were to have wind when we went to the blind, which we have not had, all fall. The wind was to keep building as the day progressed, reaching gust of 40 MPH Plus. And the wind did get blowing about as they predicted it would. The thought interred my mind that maybe I should carry another box of ammo to the blinds with me., so I loaded my self down just a little more. I have always given my kids the advice, While driving if you see a wild animal on the side of the road, God has given them the instinct to keep from you hitting them. So do not confuse them by honking your horn, flashing your lights, slowing down or speeding up, trying to out dodge them, just keep your speed and stay in your lane. Well with that lesson in mind, there was a Raccoon on the road, and I did as I have preached and I ran over him. Now when he went under my wheels he felt as big as a oil barrel under both the front and rear wheels. He was still on the side of the road as I come home this evening and he was not near that big. I passed incident off as a good omen that this was going to be one of the best killing days of all time. The rain drops were still pelting us as we made to walk up to the pits, and there was a great wind, out of the west. The rain was done before it was legal shooting time. Well this time before the legal shooting time is usually the time when you get the idea as to just what is going to happen for the day. If there are birds then, there is a good chance the day will a fruitful day. (Hint, the skies were empty) We had just one go-a-round on ducks. Seen one flock of Canada’s and two other flocks of very high geese, think they were Specks.

There is some weather in the Dakota’s so maybe the migration will begin. Wind is to blow again tomorrow, so I’m not missing it for nuttin

So the bag for the day was 5 ducks (mixed species) one Coon. Quite a season when you get both a Coon and a Skunk. Over 40 years and both are a first.

Remember the troops in your prayers tonight and please check back, cause it just has to happen soon

See Ya Carl

Saturday, October 16, 2010

We warmed up the barrels, some today

Good morning in the blind and a bad afternoon for Nebraska football.

I will cover the morning in the blind first. We had 3 or 4 flocks of whitefronts flying around before it was legal shooting time. Had one flock that gave us a couple of swings. Never got close to getting into range, even thou it was to early to shoot. We had several different of types of ducks in the area. Coots, Spoonies, Gadwalls, Weagon, Pintails Blue and Green wing, and Cinnamon Teal. Well we harvested most all except the Coots and Spoonies. Think we were in ducks 3 times and Canada’s two times. The Canada, decoying has been some of the prettiest you could ever see. The last two Canada’s, we took had their feet down before they got line up for the decent into the decoys. They had their wings cupped about as much of any birds I have seen, before.. At the time there was a nice breeze out of the NNW, lets say near 20MPH, and they took advantage of it. Had maybe a 35 yd shot. We had only 7 guns and we took 24 or 25 birds this morning. Great morning of shooting.

We come in early so we could watch TV. There was only one program on and it was a bad show. Four dropped touchdown passes and never scored on anyone one of those drives. We (Nebraska) owed them a butt whippin. Well I guess we were not ment to play for the National Championship, this year.

Dorothy got out of the hospital today. She was moved to our local nursing home for a couple of weeks. The pain is down considerable, and the Dr. thought it was time for her to get a little closer to home.

Please remember the troops in your prayers to night.

Please check back and
we’ll see ya Carl

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blind and Dorothy Update

There is so much news to share with you tonight, but going to make it short

They found the problem with Dorothy and she is now on the mend. In the fall, Dorothy she has cracked three of the tailbone, bones. Now that sounds like double talk, but I can not say it any other way. Today she was taken to Emmanuel Hospital , in Omaha and they done some procedure, to repair this. Relief, was promised, to be almost immediate . Have not got the word that, that is the case, but did hear she was resting comfortably, when
Ralph and Jeanie left her in Blair this afternoon. I know the Boss sounded less stressed out on the phone, so much better than he has for the past few days. Ralph has got down at least one good meal today, so that has to help him some too. Not sure when Dorothy will be coming home, or if she will be going to some assisted living center. Thank God they have got a handle on the pain problem. Will give updates, when I hear more.

Now to the hunting. As I said in the last post, that us amateurs were in charge at the pits. We have been doing well enough, that I should have had a posting last evening, but I just could not get one that sound right. Yesterday we took one big Canada and two ducks. But the interesting thing was we seen and or heard, 7 or 8 small flocks of Whitefronts. All were high, but we could hear them. Well not me but the guys that have good hearing could hear them. We also was seeing a few Canada’s, moving around.

Today was a different story. We killed three ducks out of four that got in range. That is about all we seen. Did have a small flock, of Loons, that slipped in on us, and was just north of the lake before we seen them and done a quick hide job. Coming right straight in on us, most of them gliding. We had to laugh at ourselves, but it happens several times every season.

Well remember everyone in your prayers tonight, the troops and our sick friends.

See Ya Carl

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Less odor and better product

Today’s harvest was just a little more familiar “product” than what we took yesterday. We had a couple go-rounds on tall ducks with no success, but when we had 5 can’s land out on us today the results was just a little more successful. They got into the decoys and Kevin and Rob-Bob thought they could harvest a couple. It was a long shot on both birds but they put them back in the pond. Took a couple additional shot to be D I P, but who counts shells when working the Canada’s over. They did a good job. The boss was gone, so us amateurs, were all that was one duty, I have not talked to the boss yet, but sure he will be excited for us.

Again the Loons or Cormorants dominated the skies, but as we say “That is a good sign” because the good birds are not far behind them. They always have us hiding as they come sailing down the river. When they are flying straight on you, and you are always wanting them to be geese, they can make you feel foolish, but it is better to be safe than sorry. We know that Canada’s would not be in big flocks like we are seeing, right now but the Whitefronts do, and we sure would not want to miss out on a flock of those, birds. Would love to have a good day on those, this year.

All the ducks we seen today, were Pintails. But had great report from Canada on the number of ducks up there. Now if they would just move in to Nebraska, and not linger in the Dakota’s to long, and give us a good duck year.

Well we have some weather moving in on us tomorrow so looking forward to posting another report, then. Why I would miss tomorrow for nuttin

So as always remember, the troops in your bedtime prayers. Also include Dorothy, Fred and Ed, too.

See Ya Carl

Monday, October 11, 2010

We were SKUNKED today

What an interesting morning. I have to start with my good Friend Robert Thomas II Alias Rob-Bob. Robert bought a new Shotgun, before the season open and had never shot it until today. See if I would buy a new shotgun, the only reason it would not be shot before I got it home is because I had no shell with me. He had bought a new Browning Maxus, last fall for his wife and loved it so much he just had to have one for himself. I just have to say right now, I agree with him it is one great gun and do not criticize him for wanting one. When you hear a gun company saying that their shotgun ,”Has the lightest recoil of any gun on the market”, it is a lie unless it is Browning, and they are talking about the Maxus. Roberts wife, shot a 3.5” shell through her’s last fall, and she does not weigh 100 lbs. To see this lady you have to believe she would be shooting a 20 ga., but not Mindy, she shoots 3” 12 ga, through her Maxus Back to Robert and his new gun, he don’t bring it out ,because he has not cleaned it as yet. This morning at the breakfast table I found out this fine machine was accompanying us to the pits, today. I was even excited over the thought Robert getting a shot with this new gun.

We walked up the road up to the pits and just as we get to the pits we are greeted with the aroma of Skunk. We believe we had pushed this animal up the road up to the blinds and it felt it was trapped and it give us a warning as it had escaped back down the bar, to freedom. Soon it become light and then we noticed it wandering around on the end of the bar, just feet off the end of the pit #1. He would go get a drink then wander around and them go lay down in the wide open spaces in front of blind No 1. We tried to heard him down the bar away from us but he look like he was more interested in attacking, us than going off to freedom. Took us just a little time to figure out this old boy was sick, and we had on other alternative, but to put this animal out of his misery.

Then the question became just how to do that with out causing a BIG STINK, and we have set with in a few feet of where he is and hunt, with customers. We don’t need a big stink. So our good old buddy with the Maxus, Rob-Bob goes into action. He lets the skunk, go lay down and go asleep again and then sneaks up with in about 20 feet of him, with the Maxus and gives him a load, (A 3”#2 Winchester Expert load). This Skunk is D I A. That means Dead In Air. Mud and Skunk were both flying 3 feet in the air. NO ODOR, just a very successful kill. Then “Bless his heart” Robert took the skunk on a shovel and took him across the lake and buried him. We owe you Robert, big time.

So then we discussed just how this report was to be titled to night. Like we did, or maybe “The Maxus will never be Skunked”, another suggestion was “Pepe La Pew”. Forty years of going out there and never had anything like this before.

Now to what was in the sky. Seen plenty of Cormorants today, just few Pintails, and one Canada. When will it get started???

I have some bad news I must post. Ralph’s wife, Dorothy, fell the other day and is in the Hospital in Blair. She broke no bones, but is bruised up very bad, and is in a lot of pain. She is not eating good and the pain pills they are giving her, is making her sick. So it is slow going right now. Ralph is not feeling right about going hunting, with her in the hospital. He has been going out everyday but he heads back pretty early, to go to the Hospital

So your bed time prayers need to include Dorothy tonight, as well as the troops.

See Ya Carl

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Skies had some birds today

Well I have finely have something to write about. As you know only the duck season is open. So with just one bird legal to harvest the interest in hunting is down. The phone don’t even ring much. Until this morning we had harvest only one bird. Now for the critic, out there, “The Boss” will not shoot in any flock where there is a Woodies or a Spoonie,. Well this time a year that almost rules out all shots. Those Spoonie’s die easy and I get credit for all that fall and I refuse to try to change his mind. Well today there was evidence of new birds moving into the area. Seen 5 or 6 flocks of just Pintails, and we seen a few other flocks of bigger ducks. We had only two shooters this morning and we had 3 go-a-rounds. Doubled the season harvest in nothing flat. Was very exciting between legal shooting time and about 8:00. I think I used up about 4 shells. I have been trying to shoot with both eyes open, due to the suggestions of my eye surgeon. So there is big efforts put into this new task. You know the old phrase you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and I fit into that bracket. On one go-a-round I felt good on my shots but I checked with the other shooter and he said he was shooting the same area I was so not sure if there was success or not. Know that my ability of claiming has not fell off, since last season. Got my share this morning.

Also was an increase in the Canada’s sightings today. That is an important note with that season opening this Saturday. The Boss is excited about the prospects of harvesting a few more of those old dudes this fall. He has opened the lake up some and thinks they are going to be flying by in the “Kill Zone” Low and Slow. Well let that happen and the “Grinders” that hang around out there, will put the hurt on them, big time. As we walked in this morning there was a flock that got up off the pond.

Shot some pictures of a great sunrise this morning too. Will not bore you with that pictures but just have to let you know we had a great one, today.

As usual, I ask you for a prayer for our troops. Today I am asking you to expand that just a little. Two of our fellow hunters, are having a tough time of it, as I write this. Ed Ward from Omaha, wrote me a note telling he has been having some problems since July, and may not make it out this fall. Ed was always a joy to have in the pits. A couple three years ago we had an shot where we never killed a bird out of a small flock of Canada’s and I properly referred to Ed in that nights report as, THE CRUSTY OL’ DUDE WITH THE CLICKTY CLACK. Ed, Get them Dr. working on finding the right meds and get back out there. We will get you to the pits and out, no worry about that. The other one is Fred, Fred is from Wisconsin. He too made the day fun. Fred come out with BIG TOM, so I know that will make many of you readers, know who I am talking about. Tom Called and said Fred is suffering with an advanced case of cancer. So along with the troops please include these two in your prayers every day.

Check back

See Ya Carl