Thursday, April 09, 2009

Inportant information

Well it is about time, I update you on the season. I have been waiting on more info on the Kohler Dinner, so I could get that info to all of you, too.

The Dinner info comes first

Address for those of you that don’t know is.
Anthony’s Steak house
72 and F street
This is just one block off I 80 on the south side.

Time is 6:00 P M for Conversation and Refreshments
Dinner is at 6:45

The Menu: you have a choice of:
Anthony’s Top Sirloin
Anthony’s Prime Rib
Salmon Wedge
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Dinners cost are between $20.00--$27.00
They take no credit cards, but do Cash or Checks

OK now remember there is no dress code, and if you read this and want to come, Please do. I don’t know what is on the program, but there will be something of interest.

Now back to the Spring season. We shut down hunting on the 28 of March. We killed one bird that day. The exciting thing about this season was, WE NEVER GOT SKUNKED. The real icy day we did not hunt, if we had we may have not had such a record. As for the total for the spring you are going to have to come to the dinner, for Ralph’s report. I do know it was better than last year’s shoot.

Remember the troops in your prayers till we talk again.

I will update if I have some news, so till then take care, and check back

See Ya Carl