Sunday, October 13, 2013

The action has picked up just a little

After a couple boring days we had early morning action this Sunday morning.  Plenty of teal flying around to warm up the smoke poles on.  Think the got 3 go-a-rounds and then we had a big Canada sneak in on us from behind.  He lit in the lake and with a short crew was impossible to send a  message down through the pits.  Well he swam out of range, and got up when they shot on some teal.  Then later we heard anotherCanada, and he gave us a shot.  They harvested him, with a volley of steel.
Late day hunter took a whitefront. 
Unreported bag was fri 2 ducks, sat 1 duck. Today's bag was 6 ducks, I Canada, 1 whitefront.  Things are looking up. 
Pray for the protesters, and our military heroes, tonight, in your prayers.
Check back when possible
See ya.  Carl. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013


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Received another E Mail on the hawks.  There is a possibility that it could be another hawk, other than the Swainson's Hawk.  The other Hawk is a "Broad-Winged Hawk".  I was so sure I had the answer when I learned of the Swainson's hawk.  Will have to say that the Swainson's Hawk would still be in his migration route, where as the Broad-Winged Hawk is west of his migration path by about 50-100 miles.  But that is no reason to say that it could not be, that hawk.  I remember a few years back I was talking to our game warden, about Sandhills-Cranes.  He told me he had never seen a Sandhills crane in Burt County.  While hunting at Kohlers, there was 9 that got up just north of the South lake and flew right over the blinds. Just a few years back, there was a very strong west wind, and there was thousands of them flying down the Tekamah bottom, that day and the next day.  So birds do get blown off their route. I guess we will just have to say that there was something different going on when we and others seen all these birds, doing in our eyes strange things, which, we had never seen it before.  But I know how Ralph studies the skies, and for him to say that he had never witness this site before, says something to me.  A sincere, "thanks boss" for pointing it out to us youngens that this was an unusual site going on, above our heads.
Back to hunting today.  Again, plenty of duck on the pond, this morning, but no hunters and home duties to handle, made us close up and come home.  Again this morning we chased some geese off the water, but the skies were void of them after that. 
Our maker provided us with a great sunrise, again this morning.  The last two mornings they have been, great.  This is from this morning. 

Well, say a prayer for all our young people that are protecting our country, tonight, and every night.
Check back, I hoping I will have a nice harvest to report on soon.  Maybe they will be Specks. 
See ya.   Carl   

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

More on our Mystery Hawk

I think it was Sunday, I reported that we were seeing this strange migration going on that Ralph in all his years hunting, had never seen before.  Now that covers many years.  This morning when I checked my E-Mail I had a E-Mail with some enlightening news.  I have not checked but I think his E-Mail to me, will be posted in the comments of the Sundays Kohler Report.  His comment sent me to goggle and I am sure he is absolutely right.  I forwarded his note to a friend that is a former teacher and studies, strange things, in the bird world, like this.  He sent me back an E-Mail saying he also was sure that this guy is on target.  He said we were seeing, the Swainson's Hawk.  With the wonderful tool, the I Pad, I have, and I put to uses on this, by taking pictures of my screen, with the different stories I found in goggling, about this hawk.  Then I spent my morning reading these stories.  What an interesting bird.  But how could Ralph spend all these years out there in their flyway and never seen them before.  My guess the reason is, they are late this season.  They may pass through here, before the waterfowl season, in mid September.  But these birds were high, and unless taking time to study them, anyone could have passed them off as gulls, or other birds.  But once we got studying the profile of this bird, did we get curious, as what it was. Then when there are flock after flock, we really got us curious.  Now this bird is a very interesting bird.  It migrates from northern Canada to southern Argentina.  Well that is the extremes range.  There are some that hatch in the U S, but most are north of the Canadian border, and some even in Alaska.  I think my data, I was reading, was saying they migrate 10-14,000 miles. They ride the thermals to gain altitude, then dive to the next thermals, where the again rise, without using energy.  
Enough of that, and back to today's hunting.  Today as every morning we had Canada's in the lake.  There was plenty of ducks flying this morning.  But the hunters we had were wanting geese.  We did have a pair geese come in, but our shooting was bad.  Ralph said if we would had a crew, we could of had 40 ducks and a couple Canada's.  What is wrong with a day like that??  Hope we have some hunters, when the Whitefronts, come through.  We are expecting them any day now.  They seam to enjoy the wind from the south. 
Tonight as always. Remember our hero that protect us, and check back if possible. 
See Ya    Carl

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

One pretty day to hunt!!!

Tue, was just a little better than Monday was.  Monday we had a few blue wing Teal, bright and early, buzzing the lake.  But as you know the boss just can not call a shot when he is not sure the airways are void of Canada's. Monday was one of those days where it was late before you could see any distance untill later in the morning.  When he felt he could see, the ducks were gone.  We ended the day with zero in the sack.  But we did see tons of Cormorants, and a few pelicans.  Today we seen a few Cormorants and tons of Pelicans. 
Today, again we had the teal, zipping around and the boss could see, with, today's crystal clear sky, so he turned the hunter loose on a couple bunches of them.  We also had a nice small flock of pintails.  With only a couple of hunters they got to go on them two.  With, your reflexes set up for teal zipping through, then to be turned loose on some pintail,I think they were out in front of the much slower, pintail.  The truth is, they looked bad.  Knocked down only one. That old boy is still hiding on the shore line someplace out there. 
Just have to reflect a little, on the new lake.  Every morning there has been good number of Canada's that we have kicked off the lake.  Yesterday morning we had three different flocks.  One down by the pump, that sounded like there had to be close to a hundred birds in that flock.  Boy was that something when they got up.  Plenty of talking from them.  Then right behind the blinds there was some that jumped up like we had snuck up on them.  We had got so close Ralph heard their winds, and did that ever excite him.  He has not heard the bird wings, for several years.   As I say there is not much in the line of geese that pass this lake up. 
Bact to today, what a pretty day, after all the gloomy days.  And a great wind to go with it.  Was so clear that it was apparent there was not going to be a sunrise picture, long before sunrise.  We stuck it out till about 2:00, because we were sure there was going to be a flock of Whitefronts, come barreling down today.  About the only goose we seen was a poor old loaner that settled in with no hesitation, the hunters made quick work of him. 
I think the game bag had that goose and 5 teal, one was a green wing.  Pretty light for such a great day, weather wise. Think the forecast is for a repeat of today, tomorrow. 
Will love it.  Hope the hunter pick up, before we get much of a migration, because, there is not much history of the geese passing this new lake.  And if we have just a handful of hunters and a push of birds, we will be back in town before our breakfast is digested.
Best close this up.  Please say a little prayer for all our service personnel, tonight before you hit the pillow. And please check back, when ever you have time.
See ya.    Carl    

Sunday, October 06, 2013


Day two.  Things  were much different today.  Had very few duck this morning.  As you know Ralph is a goose hunter so to call a shot on duck when there is as chance of a goose, out in a dark sky is not his game.  So after things lighten up some he did let the guys go on a couple flocks of teal.  Had about 50 big boys setting right on the north edge of the lake.  They jumped up and flew over to the lake on the north edge of town. 
Today we were seeing a sight, either we are not aware of, or a very strange occurrence. 
We have been seeing large numbers, of a members of the hawk family, circling like eagles and hawks, do while hunting.   There were 50-100 birds in each flock.  We are not sure just what we were seeing.  Now with us setting in a new location.  Is this something that happens in this flyway, that we have never seen before, or is this something that is just plain strange?  At first we thought they were eagles, but then decided they were to small for eagles, but bigger that a falcon.  They just have to be, a hawk of some type.   We had to see at least 4-6 huge mass, as I say 50-100 of them just circling as they passed by.  But with this wind, even if they were circling, they come and went pretty quick.  Other birds we seen migrating today were: cormorants, few pintails, gulls, and clouds.

Checking with other hunters we find out they were harvesting duck, in good numbers.  I understand both big and little ducks.  No one was seeing or harvesting any Canada's.  One flock of Pintails, gave us a good look, but stayed wide. A couple of flock is B W Teal did give us a couple of shots.  Don't look for me bragging on the kill on them. 

Late morning we had a big Canada dropped his tail while flying over when, we hit him with the call.  Made about a round and a half dropping so fast, his ears had to be popping, as he settled in to our spread.  A hunter tried the sneak attack, he was too smart to fall for that stuff and escaped with out drawing a shot.  At about one o'clock, Ralph had left the pits to drive a hunter back to his car, when either that goose or one of his friends, tried the same trick. Anyway this second goose didn't fare as well.  What would you expect, with no supervision, the crew opened up on him and dumped him into the pond. 
Then the best part of the day.  We could see another rain showerBearing down on us, so we figured we should close up and head to the house.  Hunters walking on the road and Ralph and I were closing our blind.  Some one said, I hear geese, and we looked and they were spotted east of the lake.  Grandson started calling them, Ralph and I kept working on our blinds.  Then there was the buzz that they are turning.  So I had to look.  Just about as far as you could see in the muck, I could see them, and as far as I could tell they were flying away, even it was hearing "you got them Kyle".  Well he worked, hard on them, then they just kept, coming back, and back.  Once they got to the south end of the lake, started "corn shucking" as we call it here, Maple Leafing other places.  Anyway,  they are dumping air, a gesture to show they are happy. All the time coming right up through the lake. It appeared, to me they were going to settle in the decoys, leaving us with only the vision, so I joined in on my call, and then to help.  There was about eight, that then pulled toward the pits, pulling the entire flock, right up over us.  A couple hunters had loaded shells, into there ol smoke poles and Ralph called the shot.  One down and two hurt.  At least we got one for the effort. And I got one excited grandson. His dog seen this bird fall and made a charge for this bird, for his first retrieve of the year.  Could be no better close, to a rainy day.

As always remember the troops with a prayer tonight, and please check back again.
See ya.   Carl

Saturday, October 05, 2013


Well the excitement was high, as we departed the cafe. Many knowing the location, had drove out and got here earlier.  You know it being opening day, and everything.  Good thing because I had never driven, this route, in the dark, and drove right by the first corner.  This is bad when the helps get lost on the way to the pits, but it happened. 
At about legal time we had six big ones drop in land, right in the decoys. Just a little to far to shoot.  After about a half hour, we had another, group of 5, pump in from the northeast.  They got a little to close, especially when there is a group of hunters with itchy trigger fingers, hiding in pits, Well these air borne were good for the hunters on the north end and the hunter hiding in the DAUBERT HILTON, had their eye, fixed on the floaters out front, in the decoys. When the boss gave the command, there was some steel sent airborne. Have to say the southern boys were more deadly that the northern boys on that group.  After a few barrels on the cripples, we had 4 of the floaters, kicking at the stars.  They were a long shot.
Later in the morning we had another 5-6 come in from the north east again.  They thought the new puddle was looking nice, and ventured in, just a little bit, to close.  Again the squad went into action.  This time, it was maybe a little more a equal shot for all.  Again they deposited four more, on the pond. So before 8:15 we were into three flocks of Cans and a total of 8, DIP.  Not the best percent, but how can you complain with what we had in the bag.  Sure these were all local birds. 
For several years I have asked for some deeper water, to help with the duck decoying.  Well we have some deep water this fall.  Used to have water where a dog could run for all retrieves.  This lake we have some deep water.  When you push up a road, and then room to set the blinds, it takes some dirt.  Had a couple guys and dogs venture into the deep water, this morning.  Well the dogs were swimming, and for awhile I thought, the guys were going to need to swim too.  The boss wanted plenty of water to start the season, and then we get additional two inches of rain, so we have water. 
Most of the hunters were wanting to watch the Nebraska game, so we abandon, the pits, after 11:00 and come to the house. 
Can not complain on this morning action.  Did hear of other hunters harvesting nice numbers of ducks.  We had our chances on ducks, but it was with geese in the decoys, and with Ralph, that ain't happening.  Did see some big ducks but most were little ducks.  Even though, we had a wind, that was out of the South East which, the lake and the decoys are not set up for, we just could not complain, with the quality of decoying.  They were never looking at anyplace to set down other than in our spread.  I have to think, Ralph feel that is what he was aiming for, when he laid out this lake. 
Best get this posted, so as always, remember the troops in your bedtime prayers. 
Also please check back,  
See ya.  Carl

Tuesday, October 01, 2013


This story has been written about a dozen times, supposed to have been posted 3-4 times, but it has been rewritten again for today. 
Well Saturday is the 5th, this is the day we have been working hard for, getting everything ready for.  Everything may not be done, but it is near enough done that we can hunt.  So the next business will be getting you there for the first morning.
Legal shooting time is 6:56 for us.  We will using Tekamah sunrise time.  We are west of the Tekamah airport.  I have talked to Ralph and we are leaving the Cafe at 6:00 Saturday morning.  To find departure time you can always use the old rule of thumb, of 1.5 hours before sunrise.  This gives us an hour, to drive to the parking lot, haul you to the blinds, make decoy adjustment if necessary, park the truck, and walk back to the pits.   Now remember we can shoot one half hour before sunrise.
There are allot of things new this year, for us.  So asking your patients and help, especially on Saturday morning. 
Again this year on Sunday morning, we will be meeting at Buddies Mini Mart.  They have a pretty complete breakfast menu. But otherwise at Tailgator's cafe, just north of the big white bank.  They are open by 5:00 in the morning.  As always if eating, allow time for them to cook, serve, and you eat it.  Also remember you are not the only meal, that is being served.  What I am saying don't walk in 10 minutes before our departure time and expect to have time for your breakfast.  They are pretty fast but there is a limit.
FYI, Buddies are not the fastest with their service.  Remember that on Sundays.
As I said not everything is not done, but we are so we can hunt.  The new blind, has got most everything done except for a couple of heaters, but don't feel that will be a problem for a few weeks yet.  This week Dax and his dad, have installed the kitchen.  Really adds to the place.  Pretty fancy blind.  I feel honored, to hunt it this fall. 
Would be so nice, if on Saturday, we could have a good hunters wind, and it sounds as if there is a great chance of this happening.  No rain in the forecast.  Maybe a few clouds.  A wind out of the north of above 15mph, would be so nice.  A blind cooked noon meal, life is good.  
Reminders, waterfowl stamp and HIP number.
Not the best posting but, I just can't fine the words I was wanting.  But I do have the word to remind you, to remember the troops, in your daily prayers, and check back for what I hope,  will be more interesting post.
See ya.  Carl