Friday, September 19, 2008

Preseason update

Received the weekly report as how many people were checking the "Kohler Report". So think I better update, it. I was trying to wait so I could say the lake was pumped. Well the boss has not started that, as of yet. It has been pretty wet, in this area and there is some growth in the lake he would like to take care of before he floods it. Other wise he is about ready to hunt.
I have some thing I need to get done, and am planning on doing that this weekend. I was out the other day, and as usual, Ralph has it looking , absolutely great.

As for time to meet. The formula is leave town, is 1½ hours before sunrise. The reason, for this time. By the time we leave the café and drive to the shed, and get ready to board the truck, it take about, ½ hour. It also takes about ½ hour to get you to the pit into yor seat, get the truck back to the trees, get back and be ready to hunt. It is legal, for us to shoot, is ½ hour before sunrise. Opening day the legal shooting time is about 7:30, so should leave town about 6:00. Now just in case you are interested. Do this: click on this: Click on the place where it says something about making a custom Calender and click on that. I think all the moves are in red or pink. Then, click on this Link. Then click on Nebraska. Then you pick out the city and I put in Blair, because Blair is south of the lake, and Tekamah is west. Every seven miles west, is a minute so Blair is nearer the right time, than Tekamah time is, and then select the month or months to print. You can choose the moon phases, moonrise-moonset, military time or 12 hour time.

Boy that got extended somewhat, but we should be in the café around 5:30 if you are planning on something to eat. Other wise be there at 6:00. We don’t change our clocks back until the 2nd of November this year, so we can put off, all of that until a latter date.
This has got long enough, so as always Please say a little prayer for all the Troops that are keeping us free, tonight and every night

See ya and God bless