Saturday, February 26, 2011


The weather has not made getting ready for this spring conversation hunt and easy job. First there was to much winter and then it was to much spring, and then it turned around to be to much winter again. But we have finely made it, and I think we are ready. The decoys are set, the blaster is working and the blinds have been cleaned for the hunters. Most of this work was finished this week, before this latest winter blast move in. We lucked out here in Tekamah, we did not get as much snow as either south or north of us. Omaha and Lincoln both got several inches and we maybe got an inch.

While we were setting the decoys we were seeing all species of geese including the beloved Sky Carp. Most of the S&B’s were moving south it appeared to me, so my thinking they were escaping this blast of snow we received . Was out there doing some touch up work this morning and we seen about 8 bunches of Canada’s all coming up the river from the south

Before I forget, You out of state hunters be sure to go on line and get your Nebraska License, and HIP number before you mosey our way. I will post the address at the bottom of this post. Everyone has to get there license this way. There is just a few places you can pick them up in stores and they go on line to do it too. So you just as well do it in the comfort of you home as come out here and try to find a place that will do it for you.

Now for the time we are leaving the Café. As you know we gain about a minute and a half each day so the departure time is going to change pretty fast. For now lets say 6:00. DST begins on March 13th so everything is going to change again. But for now we will leave at 6:00.

The address to the NGPC is : Remember to get your HIP number too.

Remember to say a little prayer for all the young Men and Women that are serving our country, tonight and every night

See Ya and please check back