Saturday, October 31, 2009

We had sunshine for the whole day.

Today was not as fruitful, as we had anticipated, but at least the guns come out of the rack. After all the birds we seen on the move yesterday we though the bottom would be full of birds today. Must be to muddy for them or maybe it is the fields, they are still full of standing crops. Now don’t think, we didn’t see birds today because we did. Most were on the mover and high. Did get into Canada’s, got into one flock of 6, ending up with 4 in the bag.

Were not so lucky on the ducks. We passed on a couple flocks, and had a couple more surprise flock that snuck in with out detection. I think the most disappointing thing today was the fact that there were no ducks in the dark. After all we seen yesterday I was sure that the morning sky would be full of ducks. I think that is the most fun of water fowling any more, is seeing the ducks dive in, before it is light enough to shoot. There is nothing and then the area if filled with ducks and before you could think of shooting they are out of site again. Some times you think you could catch your limit if you had a big dip net. How do they keep from running in to another duck or, some solid object??

Tomorrow is the 1st of November and we have not had a good picture quality sunrise, yet. That is another fall thrill, is to see Old Sol, light up the clouds in the Eastern sky. I do love the pictures, that our maker provides on those morning. It just don't get to cold to stand and watch as clouds gather and then lose those colors.

Must report, that we seen our first flocks of Cacklers today. Had reports that hunters on the Platte River, were getting into some of them.

Well I can’t think of anything else to tell you so will post this

So send out a prayer to the troops, tonight

Plaese check back and we’ll see ya


Friday, October 30, 2009

We seen some Waterfowl today

Things are starting to look up. Even though, the bag did not reflect it, there was some waterfowl activity on the Tekamah bottoms today. We seen dozens of flocks of ducks, several flock of Snow and Blues, along with a couple three flocks of Specks and a flock of the Big Ones. Did end up with a few ducks, but nothing to brag about.

Why I wouldn’t miss tomorrow for nuttin. I am very serious, about that statement too. With snow in the Dakota’s, Sunshine forecast, a favorable wind, just why would you set at home???

The flocks of duck we seen , most were a mixed bags, but there were allot of Mallards, Pintails, Gadwall, Wigeons, a few divers, Bluebills, but was no Green wing. But the ducks were on the move.

It was a treat to hunt today, since we got to see something, after so many days of not seeing any thing at all. Made the walk through the mud worth the trip. Gives you some hope for tomorrow. I am sure Ralph would go along with me saying we seen more Ducks and Geese today, than we have all the rest of the season. That may be stretching it just a little, but it was a fruitful day, for the eyes.

Most of the day we had a slight mist, but we did not get wet or had to put the covers on. There has been many a day when , hunting was more uncomfortable. The forecast, has promised a few days of sunshine, so lets pray they keep their word. Has been a gloomy, month of October.

Say a little prayer for out troops tonight and please check back, and let see if I don’t have more to write about in the coming days

See Ya Carl

Friday, October 23, 2009

We had sun shine

Well we didn’t drown, but it was close. We did a little hunting right through the monsoon, and it was a wet one. The rain raised the lake level several inches, so right now we have more water than the boss likes. Not sure if w are pulling the plug or going to live with it.Had some birds today, that done some funny things so that makes me think we may be dropping the lake level some.

Once the rain quit, and clouds parted just a little, we started seeing birds. We were hearing the spreads north and west of us blazing away about an hour before we were, seeing bird in our area. We did get into the ducks a couple of times and had other, near misses with both ducks and geese. Seen our first flock of migrating Snow and Blues today. But what we seen the most of, was Hawks. Are they ever on the move. That is not just exactly, right, because we seen many flocks of cormorants, but it was not unusual, to spot 8 to 12 Hawks, at a time, soaring there way south. Now don’t think they were always the same birds, because you could follow one group south and then in a few minutes there would be another group move in from the north.

Sure was nice to see the Sun again in the sky, was a little fearful of sunstroke for a while, but decided that maybe I should stand up and enjoy the treat. I think today was the third day we have seen the sun since we started hunting, and today was the 13th day of hunting. R K keeps saying he has never seen an October when he has seen fewer birds.

Best get this posted and see if, I can get some other thing done, this evening before bed time. So remember the troops with a little prayer tonight.

Please check back, and we will see ya


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Migration continues today, but was hampered by the fact of no sunshine again. The lake was full of pelican this morning when we went out. Boy if you think a hog confinement unit stinks; being down wind of those dudes is no picnic. After they flew out the odor was there for at least another, half hour. They were not too happy that we made then move, but you could not stand that.

Did not see any traveling ducks today, but they could have been above the low hanging clouds. Seen our first big Flocks of Cormorants, as well as many more flocks of Blackbirds, so the move is still on and building.

The guns come out of the rack, enough times that we got off about 6 to 7 rounds each today. There has been many days I have wished we got that many shot in a day.

I hope I have my posting problem fixed. I have moved my margins in WORD and that is what screwed thing up. So I moved them back so will see if that solves the problem. Sorry for the mess up. That don’t explain to my just why the font changes sizes, but that is what it was doing, so we will soon find out

Remember the troops, tonight in your prayers and check back to see if the font is fixed

See Ya Carl

Monday, October 19, 2009

The migration is in full swing

We have the feeling the Migration has begun. There was plenty of activity in the skies today. Seen several species of ducks including Mallards Pintails Gadwalls, Widgeon, and the list goes on. Also had several flocks of Canada’s decoy into us today, and several flocks of Specks all on the move. Most of the Specks were real high. The Canada’s were low but, not sure if they were local or migratory. They were spooky, but one flock we had a shot on two but thought we would get a shot on all so passes. Well surprise, surprise. They put on such a show on their way in, so we were just happy to watch that. We had lost our wind and the lake was glass at that minute, so think that was the problem. We hope so anyway. We harvest a couple of limits of ducks, primary Mallards, a couple of pintails and a gadwall.

Beside the Waterfowl activity, there was much more migration activity. Today there were plenty of Blackbirds, Cormorants, Snipe, Avocet, Spiders, the damn little Ladybug, and I know there was more that I missed than I named. There was always something to be watching in the sky today. We have not seen any blue sky until today so we just enjoyed seeing what was moving. I should also name the planes, but you can guess all of them and they don’t cook up to good.

The boss says this is the week to get there if you are wanting to shoot. Weather does not sound the best, but if the shooting is good who cares.

Sorry about yesterdays posting. I didn’t check it last night and this morning I had two E-Mails telling me the first paragraph is messed up. Well I can’t get it to change and there was not much info there. I will try to work on it a little later to see if I can fix it.

Have some research to do, on the computer, so must close this and get it posted.

Please remember the troops tonight in your prayers

Also please check back and I hope tomorrow, I have a great report

See Ya Carl

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The hunting is slow

Best that I try to up date you. I heard today that someone was passing the word that I had broke both index fingers so was un able to up date this blog. Well I have no broken fingers, but the brain has been on vacation as to what to write. Didn’t want to post that we got more rain and the sun did not shine again for the umpteenth time in the month of October. Also there has not been one time when we struggled to carry the birds out, when we left the pits. Reports are there is hundred of birds just a few miles north and west of our location and they are seeing birds but that is not the case at our place. However it sounds like they are not having the best luck either. Since I reported to you last we have not harvested more than two birds on any day and has been only one day when we harvested two and that was today.

Did have some sunshine today, but it is late enough in the season that we should have winds from the North or North West. Well today we had a great wind but if was from the South Southwest. However the wind did dry the ground some and I did see some of the farmers are back in the fields, trying to harvest. We really need for the farmers to get some of this crop out, or better yet ,all of it out.

Had some reports that the Dakota’s, are in worst shape than we are as far as harvest goes, and they are getting snow when we are getting the rain. So I guess it could be worst

Well let hope I have more to report this coming week than we did this past week.

In the mean time , when you are talking to our maker ask him to protect our troops, each and every day.

Please check back and well see ya


Monday, October 12, 2009

A fun day

What a day, one of the better days of hunting. We all must have a case of the EARLY SEASON JITTERS yet. I promised R K that I would say we had the twofers today. We were short on fire power and then none of us could shoot. See we had four small flocks of geese in today and any one of us should have harvested what the group did. There was 3 to 4 guns, and all we could manage was 8 birds total. Two small flocks of Specks and two small flocks of Canada’s, and just two birds out of each and ever one of those flocks. To be fair the third flock is the only time, we had 4 guns, and the other three go-a-rounds we had only 3 guns. Numbers not to brag about.

I am unsure just what is in store, but in last night report I said I really want to be in on the harvesting of Specks again before I go to the Happy Hunting Grounds. Well we done it today, so I am hoping the Big Guy does not have plans for me.

Now I just have to comment on the Birds we did get down. The Specks were marked, with big black bars. They were defiantly trophy birds. The Canada’s were trophy birds too. They were huge birds, had to be over the 12 pound numbers. Should have put them on a scales, I had an electronic scales, left there last night to do just that. Also had a camera, and didn’t take a picture, but I am blaming that on the depression that set in because of the shooting. Would have been a good picture with BIG BARS and BIG BIRDS together

Guys, It is looking like we are having a early Winter. So if you plan on waiting until the last week in November or December, to show up, you may just be to late. Had a hunter report in, he had just come back from No. Dakota, Said he has never had such a great hunt up there. Said the country is full of Mallards. He lives in So Dakota and there were plenty of birds there also. With the Whitefronts, moving and this is a few days early for them and with a week of snow in the forecast, it is shaping up, and making us believe we will have a early migration. You might as well come and enjoy missing birds with us.

Our friend, the Sand Bar hunter, was commenting on how good Breakfast is in the Blinds. Would some one please name one food, that tastes bad in the blind. I don’t care if it is over or under seasoned Ray Charles Chili, or, Dolly Pardon Chicken on a bed of rice, Cold Sausage and warm, over cooked eggs. They are good when your eating in the pits. I always say that my meals are so good that a Chihuahua could bust an anchor chain, off an oil tanker, just to get to a plate of it. There is no bad grub at any lake, no bad coffee. Can’t stand tap water at home, because it is not cold enough, well it is good right off the shelf in the pits, and may be above 70 degrees, but it is still good, in the blinds. Better close this and plan a meal for tomorrow, just may make up some Dead Cow Stew, These blind meals are the best. Thanks Sure Shot, you helped me out with this a paragraph tonight.

Say a little prayer for all our hero’s that are serving this country, tonight and ever night

See Ya ,and get you buns coming this way because there is room and we are needing the help shooting


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day two and no pictures

Well things were much slower today, at our pits. We walked away with heaver bag, but fewer birds in the bag. We got into the Canada’s. Was a very small bunch and it was less than great shooting, but we put 2/3 of the flock down. There was on reason for the other one not coming down. He was hit and will never see Kansas again, but limped out of our sight. Also was into ducks two times but that was just plain bad shooting, and I refuse to make excuses for me or any one else. So as tonnage goes we done better today than we did yesterday.

Spotted just a couple flocks of Specks on the move. Was so many yesterday so hoping that there were not more above the clouds, and there are some yet to come. Would be nice to say we got into a few of them. The boss says they have his number, and always get away. Not that I am complaining, but would love to see one on the ground again before I go the happy hunting grounds.

Understand North of us a few miles where all the habitat restoration work has been done, the ducks are staying in those areas and the hunters, are having a time of there life. Great to hear. One of these days they will be moving our way and we will be having the fun, if those guys don’t shoot them all.

Had several E-Mail saying they would never check back if I did not, let out the Cutting Edge Device I spoke of. Well I really suggest if you are one who wanders around in the dark, and especially so if you have a bad leg as your truly, you get one. But go to ( and check this unit out. It is a camo cap with 3 Led built in right in and under the bill. They are great. The one on the end of the bill is all you need for walking. The two under are right for going down steps, or reading something, and I have no idea just when you would ever use all three. I understand they are at sporting good stores in Omaha. But they are there when you need than and are not in the way when shooting. Now don’t worry I am not getting any money off this product, because I think I am to damn smart to invent something so simple but so great.

Well I must get this posted so must close

Please remember the troops tonight in your prayers ,and please check back

See Ya Carl

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A unusual opening day

Opening day is here and done with. Was the most unusual, opening day I have ever hunted. Have been in the pits on opening day most of the years that I have hunted with Pappa Goose. Starting in 1971. My first day of hunting out there was in 1970. I know that since 1975, I have, open the season in the pits. In those 34 years there has never been an opening day when we had snow, and a major Whitefront push, that day. Today we had both. Have had a major Snow and Blue push, on opening day, but never a Whitefront push. Of course I have never had to wait until October 10 for openday either. Back to the Specks, reports were this morning, they had flown most of the night (Oct 9), and were moving, pretty steady yet this morning. Some were low, but most were real high. When we got to the blinds this morning there was Specks, in the lake, we done our best to get in and out of sights, before they seen us but there are a pretty weary bird and when it got light enough for us to see, there was one lonely Canada, in the decoys. He vacated shortly after we open up on some ducks. The Specks dropped off to almost nothing around 1:00. Was a few flock that looked us over, but none got stupid enough that we shot, However we had near misses on both the Specks and Canada’s. There is tomorrow.

Did get report that some of the spreads got shots at Specks. Have not got any official reports, but rumor were flying that the “Sandbar Hunters you know those Hard working Ram Tough salesmen, got into the Specks good today. Best not get on them to hard cause they are making money, paying into SS, so I can have a couple of check every Month. But if they did I am happy for them. Those Specks, are one tough bird to fool. We ended up with just a few ducks.

We had a couple of suicidal long bill that got in the way of my shot today. I think they die if there is a shot pattern within 6 feet of them. The boss likes to get on me about them, but I feel “IF THEY FLY THEY DIE” so if they are in the way, clear a path, cause there could be a good one just pass him. Beside I had to check out these new eyes, on the birds. Speaking of the new eyes, I did not know I was so blind before. They didn’t have to point out flocks today, I could find them, on my own.

Well best close this. This is Saturday, the night I have to feed and water the old lady, so best hit the tub and do my Hubby thing.

Remember the troops tonight in your prayers, and see ya.

Killer Karl

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Less than a week to go

The lake is pumped, the blinds are ready, and the date is growing near. Ralph has been on bird watch most morning and is seeing birds every day. They are mostly Canada’s, but a few ducks too.

The youth hunts that was held in the area was successful at all places I have heard of. Ernie Glup had a big crowd at his lake, as well on his farm pond and they worked the Canada’s over pretty good. I am not sure of the exact number but is was over 20 for the two days. Also several other groups of youth, had a very successful shoot

All reports, lead you to believe the blue wing have all gone south, so the duck activity is a little slower. Sure Shot of Muck Bottoms reports that took some gadwall on their setup, on the youth week end shoot. So maybe there will be some action, there, when we finely get to go to the pits. I am not sure just why the game commission wanted to open so late. But in the past we would have been open by now.

Come the 10 of October, sunrise will occurs at the blinds at 7:30. So with the magic formula of 1 1/2 hours before sunrise, is when we depart from the cafĂ©, that means we are leaving Tailgator’s Bar and Grill at 6:00. That means if you are wanting them to feed you breakfast, you need to allow time for that. I try to be there one hour before time to leave.

Yesterday, I got called to the bosses house to pick up a piece of new gear, that had been sent from Calif, for me. Well I want you all to know this pieces of equipment is on the cutting edge, and soon all hunter will have it. This is so new that even the dudes at Muck Bottoms, do not have it or even aware, there is such a thing. I would give you more info, but I want every one to envy me, for having one and they not able to even order one. I will expand more on this tool after the season opens, cause you can order, off the internet. I really should show it to the UPS man, because they may have to get some more trucks, to handle the shipments to the area.

Well we are under a week before the action starts. I think, we are ready and I hope the birds are too. Should have went out and took a picture of the lake to post with is but, have a brunch to go to here in a few minutes, making time an issue

As always, remember, to say a little prayer for the troops.

See Ya Carl