Friday, August 31, 2007

Preseason Report

Need to up date you guys, on the happenings that are of interest to us hunters .

First off I am sure some of you know, but there could be many of you that don’t. Our old friend, and fellow hunter, Ed May, picked up his duck call and done some practicing. Got feeling pretty good about himself and entered the Nebraska Duck Calling Contest again. Took all the Marbles Again. Now this sport requires some wind and teenagers, and young guys have more wind, than people past 45 years old do. I forget the exact number of years older he was to the next oldest contestant, but everyone else was just a kid, compared to, our Ed. I am not saying that Ed is over the hill, but when you are competing in this sport you have a lot of competition that are teenagers and young adults. Well our old buddy showed them all up, and walked off with the big trophy. Way to go Ed. And congratulations.

Ralph has reworked the lake again this year. If you ever wanted to hunt, out in the middle of a lake, you are going to have the opportunity for that experience, this season. This set up, the Game and Parks may rule that we have an unfair advantage over the geese. Should be right in the middle of the action. The setup is not far from where we hunted last season, but you inter the lake down by the outhouse, and take a path up to the pits. Should be the first season where face mask, are required. Not camo face mask, so the birds don’t see you, but something to keep the muddy water out of your eyes, when they come splashing back, DIP.

I guess this paragraph should have been the first, but it is so far back in our mines, we don’t talk about it. How is Ralph doing ?? Ralph is doing great, he looks so good. He works like there is no tomorrow. I really believe he looks 15 years younger since his attack. There is no way to describe him other than to say it is unbelievable the way he has comeback. I told him I was keeping notes to eulogize him at his funeral, but had thrown them all away, because I won’t be there. I’m an Elm, and he is a Oak tree, is the only way, I know to describe him. I got bigger faster, but will fall and rot away, and he will still be growing.

Just found the season, for 2007. They set them today We open a little later than I thought we would, I was guessing Sept 29th.

Canada Goose.
Oct. 6 - Jan. 18
3 geese
Twice the daily bag.

Snow and Blue
Oct. 6 - Jan. 6 and Jan. 26 - Feb. 6
20 geese

White front
Oct. 6 - Dec. 16
2 geese
Twice the daily bag.

Low Plains Early
Oct. 6 - Dec. 16 and Dec. 22-23
Pintail duck season closes Nov 13th for us here in our zone

Better close this, Check back
We'll see ya, and remember the troops in your prayers, as always