Thursday, October 25, 2012


Would like to say, that the day started off with a bang, but that is not it.  At about 2 minutes before legal we had 3 nice Whitefronts right in here.  Well I am sure you all know by now, that the duck shooting goes on hold when something like that happens.  And to make it even worst the ducks were diving in and out of here from several directions.  If they lined up right on the runway, they were pulling right over the north pits head, very low, and that shot, is never a smart move.  With no shortage of duck, you can't even complain. 
We have had several flocks of Specks in the area, and some giving us a pretty good look.  Most of them are high, riding the wind.  Have got into one little bunch of three, knocking them all down, but still trying to find one of them.
We have. A much bigger crew today so we are working the duck a little harder. We had one huge flock of (250-400), we had one great shot on.  They were riding the wind and the turned right in front of the blinds, giving us a fun shot.  The kill was not what one would expect, but it was a fun shot anyway.
At about 11:30 we got into our first, big Mallards for the year.   Nice red legs on these dudes.  Decoyed in so pretty, but with this wind they vacate the area, so fast.  With overcast skies that keeps them hid so well, that they seem to appear out of nowhere.  Folded up, just dropping. Not giving the hunters the most time to ready for a fast shot.
The weather is just what the average person really believes is the perfect day to harvest waterfowl.  Heavy skies spitting rain.  That is not, usually how it pans out on a good hunting day, but it is working today.  We love the wind, but most of the time the moisture puts the halt to the birds moving. 
At 12:00 noon, had a mass of specks, that we thought were Snow & Blues.  Big V after  Big V.  As I write this we have to have 1-2,000 specks flying over us.  Guess the snow has everything on the move.  We have seen; cormorant, pelican, gulls, all kinds of ducks and geese, except the Canada's.  We just don't understand why we are not seeing any of those birds.  Last few years, the Canada is the the bird we harvest.  We still are in awe, of the number of specks we are seeing today.  Many many thousands
I asked the Boss, if he had kept track of the number of go-a-rounds we have had on ducks, today.  He laughed and implied it has to be 15-18 go-a-round.  I am hearing rumors of the need for restocking the shell supply.  But what fun. 
A closing thought.  Boss said he has never seen that many Whitefronts in one day before.  And that statement, covers a lot of years.  We see a lot of Specks, in the spring, but nothing like we seen today.  Heard from platte river hunters and they had the same report.  Thousands and thousands of Specks.  Someplace is really getting shorted on them birds this year, because "population explosion" just can't be the answer, to what we seen, in this movement, today.  
remember the troops tonight Please
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and we will see ya    Carl              

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


We have had a great aerial duck show this morning.  Both big and little ducks.  Have see even some mallards. Will have all the limits we can have here in a couple minutes.would not be stretching it if I said we had 25 shootable flock between legal and 7:30.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday should be days to remember.  Best be making arrangements for, a hunt. 
We just had a flock in tight enough that one gun just took 4 out of a flock by him self.  
Lacking one duck and we are limited out on ducks for the crew.   We are done on ducks, at 8:02. I agree we are short on hunters, but i can never remember of that ever happening before.  The boss said we could have polished off a box and a half of shell before 8:15.  He is not to far off on that statement.  Just need some people.  I have not shot, because I have all the ducks in my freezer that I want.
Had help walk in, so have another limit to fill  he is going to fill his own limit. 
We needed one more duck and stuck around for a long time trying for it.  Just think, call up just to check, get talked into hurrying to the pits.  Told you have to kill your own limit, and leave a couple hours latter with 5 birds.  Years ago that happened to me with whitefronts, but the limit was one bird.  I was there about 20 minutes. 
Did see one nice flock of about 30 whitefronts, that give is a good look, went south about 2-3 miles, then come back, only to break our heart again.  They just love to do that.  I really believe that is why God invented them.  You know, to humble hunters.  In the fall they won't get within 300 yards of a shotgun, in the spring they cuttle right up to your blind. 
If tomorrow is better, it will be a fun day.  I know I wouldn't miss tomorrow for NUTTIN.
We headed home at about 2:00.  But one great day.  To bad we didn't have a few more hunters.  The boss thinks, we could of shot up about 2 1/2- 3 boxes apiece if we had wanted to today.  Was some great sights, great shots, and some lasting memories of a day that might have been.  Of course I can hear wings again, with these new ears, and we had some flocks of teal, that I think I could of heard without hearing aids.  50 birds at 3 feet over your head, make a loud noise, as they dive the lake. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Empty Pit Alert

We come home early from the pits today. But the boss just called me asking me to alert everyone that he has had a couple call stating. 
That since around 1:00 there are birds in the air.  Big push of Pintails and some Whitefronts, on the move
We were spotting some duck, moving down the river high, just before we abandon the pits. Guess, we had starred into the clear skies with no success for several hours, and though there were better things to do, so come home. 
Maybe you should think of coming to the pits, Monday if nothing better to do. Since this is so short and have not reported it, here is a picture of the Speck we shot a few days back.  This picture was taken by Bub Walters. 
Remember to say a little prayer for the troops tonight.
Keep checking back please.  Some how we are going to get this season underway one of these

Friday, October 19, 2012

Our Migration Has Started

Well we found out just why we are out in the pits!  We actually took the guns out of the racks and shouldered them, a few times today.  Still have the opening day jitters, and not connecting to well.  But at least there are a few empties in the trash cans.
We still had strong winds and heavy clouds, today,  just like the two preceding day, but there were birds in them clouds, today.  Early this morning we heard some Specks, and then we seen a flock or two.  The Canada's were absent, but we were getting some shots at ducks.  Green-wing teal then some Gadwall, Wigeon, and last but not the least, a couple flocks of Pintails.  We knocked down some very pretty Pintail drakes. 
The birds are doing just what the boss said they would do.  The shots have been right out in front, great shots.  The decoying has been better than the shooting, but we are having fun, none the less.
Shortly after 1:00 we started seeing the whitefronts, moving.  They were riding the wind and were high.  Did turn a few out of one bunch, but that was it.  Also seen a flock of Canada's.   So we had ducks in the morning and geese in the afternoon.
Remember the troops in your bed time prayers, and please check back. 
Just a reminder:  I wouldn't miss tomorrow fro nuttin.
See ya.   Carl   

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Started slow, but ended in fun

Need to up date you on the events of today.  Most of the early morning we could hear the rumblings from up north.  Later in the morning we began to get reports of the northern spreads, killing there limits of ducks.  We were seeing, just a very few ducks.  Then the reports were they were closing up and heading to the house.  Also there were reports, that the, "North land hunters" were seeing whitefronts.  We were seeing none of this action.  We did have a little action on real small flocks small ducks.  I think we jumped up a couple times on them.  Then we heard some specks, and then seen a couple more flocks of them.  They were all high birds but at least we were getting to see some birds.
Then, just before noon, I stood up and had the broom corn knock the battery door off one of my bionic ears.  So in the process of me trying to find that door and battery I had both front and rear flap up, when I heard we had a goose sneaking in on us.  So we dumped a few loads at him.  Then we had a group of four sneak in on us from the east, and again I was searching for a battery door.  We had a great shot at them, but no one was ready to shoot, so we had to call them off the water, for a less than great shot. 
So I am saying we are at least seeing some birds.  The reports of the last couple of days, are indicating that our Speck push is very near and duck in the area.  We even seen a couple big mallards today too. 
As always please say a little prayer for the troops tonight, at your bedtime. 
Please check back and hoping I have a more exciting report tomorrow.  As I said the signs are it is building for a good days in the near future.
See ya. Carl

Saturday, October 06, 2012

weather condition were great, shootins was slow

The day started off with excitement, but hammering was not that great.  The first thing we kicked some Canada's off the pond.  Right after legal time we had about 8 big mallards, almost made the fatal mistake.  But some how they escaped with out any harm.  Then about 7:30 we had around a dozen big ones come low and slow from the north.  We are sure, they were the ones we had kicked off the pond early.  They hooked up so nice and we where making plans on how we were going to cook them.  They were just over the road, when they got scared.  We tried hard on the horns, but they were to shook up to give us a chance.  Then about 8:00 we had a little flock of blue wing that hit the water right in front of the pits, out about 30 yards.  The boss was on the horn so I called the shot.  I guessed I surprised everyone, that I was calling the shot, so a very disorganized shot.  Then is when I found out, I was so busy organizing my pit I had not put shells, in the smoke pole.  They did down 2.  Boy, did they ever get talked to, cause how am to claim birds if they don't shoot, better than that.
We have had some of the most perfect shooting conditions today.  And have seen several flocks of birds, but most were pelicans and some loons.  Have seen a few ducks, but nothing like you would think you would see, with such great weather conditions.  I think we have had three go-a-rounds on ducks.  All were teal.
We closed up and headed to the house at about 2:00.  Had a great wind all day long, but just not the birds you would expect to have, this time of year and with the weather change, we have just gone through.
Remember the troops in your bedtime prayers, tonight and every night.      
Check back and we will see ya.   Carl

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

We are ready to go


Have to get you updated on the fall season.  But the first order of business, is to say a big thank you, for all the help we had with the anniversary.   The card shower didn't get to what I wanted but it got so close.  I wanted them to get over 100 cards.  Got so close, the last I heard they had received 96, nice cards.  We still could reach that mark, because Ralph told me that they are still getting a few.  Thanks for your support.  Then the dinner we had.  Have had so many positive reports.  There was over 50 there that night.  I know the Kohlers were so happy of the turn out.   THANK YOU  THANK YOU

Now to the season.  Bird spotting at the lake has been slow, but that could be changing, with this cold front moving in, between today and the weekend.  Sounds like we may even see a flake or two of snow fall, on opening day.

All the corps have been harvested around the lake.  That is a first, not to have crop standing some place, as you scan the shore line.  One of the most different thing, of all.  The bean field that lies east of the lake, they have worked up and the planted winter wheat.  Just think of a 60 acre decoy, once we get some rain.  The geese love that wheat when it pop up, out of the ground.  Then if it is muddy they like to wash their feet too.  Could lead to a sore shoulder on a migrating day.

Departure time from the cafe is at 6:15 Saturday.  I should say again that we are meeting again at Tailgaters, except for Sundays.  Then we will be meeting at Buddies Mini Mart.  That is the first mini mart you come to when coming from the south.  They have a full breakfast, as well as what most mini marts have in the way of breakfast sandwiches.  Also some pastry, that I pretty tasty too. 

As usual, Ralph has worked his butt off in the lake.  I am going to say at least 60% of the lake is food.  Millet, Milo, and Buckwheat.  The lake looks great.  He also has pushed the bar that was in front of the pits, last year, out in the lake about another 40 yards.   We also have a little deeper water in front of the blinds.   

Hoping to see you during the season sometime.  As you know this is the Bosses last year of hunting. and as always; tonight in your bedtime prayers say one for the troops, that are protecting our freedom.  
See Ya   Carl