Saturday, November 29, 2008


Everyday there are highlights ,and on some days there are HIGHLIGHTS. Today we had HIGHLIGHTS. It all started early with 6 ducks decoying in so fast, they landed in the decoys just off the end blind. Ralph said over the speaker "you guys, in end blind, take them ducks". Well they did not get up fast enough and did not shoot fast, and all ducks escaped. The Boss gave lessons, When you get up on birds go fast and shoot fast because that may scare them so bad that they don’t get organized and we may all get a shot. Later in the day the same thing happened with a goose. So the command was given, and the end pit sprang to life. Steel, wads, water spraying high, and plenty of smoke. When the smoke cleared, there it lay D I P------a decoy, but some one noticed, there was a band on this decoy, and depression quickly changed to glee, we got a banded decoy, in the bag.

They tried to explain it is tough to figure out, just how much shot drift and lead, you have to figure in, with a sitting goose, with a tough wind we had today of about .003 MPH, at your back. They are supposed to send pictures of shooters and battered decoys, but have not arrived at time of this posting. Maybe tomorrow!!!!

Later today we had another single duck, Boss called shot long, so no chance of bird landing in decoys. Was total of warm bodes, in game bag for the day.

Would not miss tomorrow for nuttin. Should have some good wind.

Remember the men and women tonight in your prayers.

Please check back and See Ya Carl

Friday, November 28, 2008

Slow hunt, But a great game

The first thing, I need to do is correct yesterdays report. I made a mistake on the number of birds taken. I have corrected it but if you arte not going to read it again you will never know. We took 6 ducks not 7 and we had 7 Canada’s not 4. For the life of me I have no idea just what I was thinking, when I put down them numbers.

Now for today’s action. No wind what so ever, for as long as we were out there. The worst thing, we had very little water and if you try to open it up with no wind, there is all the little chips of ice that the boss does not like. We had one flocks of Canada’s, that could see that the ice was thin and would not hold them, and we just could not get them down. That hurt because, there was not many birds flying around, so to miss out on this flock, really hurt. Earlier, we did get into a pair that was flying up the river and we got them to come look at us, and we took both of them. The ducks were not to be found today.

Give up the hunt and come to the house to watch Bo’s Boys, bump heads with the Colorado Buff. Had to wait till this thriller was over to complete and post this. What a KICK. Bo’s Boys are on the way

Say a prayer for the troops and maybe say a little thanks for the great kick.
See ya Carl

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Nontraditional Traditional Thanksgiving Hunt

The traditional Thanksgiving hunt, was not the traditional hunt, as in the past, 6 to 8 years. Usually it is me, my grandson’s and a few close friends. My oldest Grandson has advanced on to collage in South Dakota, and I was sure he was not planning on purchasing a license for a one day hunt, so had spaced it off. Well late in the day yesterday RK thought I was hunting and told a couple of other members that if they wanted to show up he would just join the group. So I made a phone call to the collage kid and he said he was planning on the hunt, but would not shoot. With that info, I knew his, not so little brother, would join us too. Made another call to another grandson’s house and He and his Dad would join us. A couple more friends and we had the group together. So we all met at the shed at the proper time and made our venture to the pits. Eleven warm bodies snuggled into the pits. We made our breakfast of Hashbrown’s, Sausage, and eggs. And figured we were in for the traditional hunt for Thanksgiving. Just a few ducks, teasing us and some excitement over some geese, that refused to decoy. (One year we had a big flock that come into the lake and was landing, without calling, and that was the only shot ever on geese). Well today we had the Boss I his seat, so things went just a little different. We got into ducks two times and geese two times. Every other year we have had ice covering the lake so, retriving was a job that could be done in tennie waders.

We seen several bunches of geese and I want to say, not to many ducks, fewer than in the past. But we put more in the bag this year than ever before. We ended up with 6 nice Mallards and 7 Big Canada’s. Now before you take the shoes off and start to count, 11 hunters, 4 go-a-rounds 11 birds??????? The Boss don’t take a gun, just 2 kids shooting, I was not shooting, one Dad that don’t hunt Waterfowl, And on a couple of go-a-rounds we had lost ½ of the total crew. We did good.

Was a fun day, SureShot had got all the pictures he wanted, therefore no planes, bird that decoyed, no IDIOT shooting to scare birds, just a fun day.

Have to cleanup for Thanksgiving supper, so remember all the members of the milatary, that are off protecting us, in your prayers tonight, and please check back

See Ya Carl

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A total Disaster

Today was a total disaster, from daylight on. Just before it was legal we had 3 geese that come in, in total silence and settle into the decoys. They escaped unharmed, next was a flock of 15-20 that decoyed in behind the pits and we thought they were going to make another round. The boss called the shot unexpectedly we took 2. Then it got really ugly. Had four nice flocks, ranging from 10 to about 50, all decoying in just great, only to be driven out by an airplane. We thought it was some Peta group. This plane we first spotted south about over Olson’s spread. It was circling and diving all the way up the valley, had reports, as far north as Decatur. Was in our area almost for an hour. We would have a flock coming in and here would come that plane a drive them out. It got so close to us that we got the ID numbers off the side and off the wing. So we called the Law and launched a complaint. We gave then the ID numbers and we also had someone to contact the G&P. We watched as it kept up the same pattern over all the spreads up through the bottom. The Sheriff even brought out the paper work so all could make statements and sign. The Sheriff as well as the Game and Parks were both investigating, and found out it was a plane doing some picture taking for some atlas or something like that, hired by the county. Well we had 14 customers, and that was not to pleasing to them to have their day of hunting destroyed. We should of put a minimum 15 more birds in the bag, and just maybe limited out on big Canada’s today. If that was not enough, we had another 75 right down in there with just seconds to go before shooting and the Idiot, that hunts Pettit’s Shot one shot, and spooked them out of there. We just may have to Call the law on him too. He is out of the City and thinks he owns 2/3 of Burt county, and is always doing something to upset some hunters in the area. We had been turning the other cheek for a couple of years and just maybe forced to take other action.

Well most of the guys got depressed and headed home, so we closed up shop and come to the house.

Well all of you have a great Thanksgiving and please say a prayer for all the hero’s that are not going to share a meal, with there love one, while protecting us, and our rights.

Check back and See ya Carl

Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh Can-a-da Oh Can-a-da

Have you ever wondered just why we hit the pits so early in the morning. It is always very dark and we just set there for 20-30 minutes. Well it was all explained this morning. We had got our butts and gear into the pits, lit the burners, poured the coffee, but all the time we had some geese circling the spread. Several times offering great shots, if only it was legal times. With about 20 minutes to go till legal this group started to settle into our spread. It was so neat (cool, as the kids would say) to hear the ones on the pond to talk to the one in air. There was a single that was, way out East of the blinds, that was what I would define as coo-ing and there was one on the pond calling back with the traditional honk, while all the rest were just chattering. We got them up but they turned the wrong way, and we managed to harvest only two of them. On another flock of about 75, that must have had us located and just managed to stay out of range, they got into the pond too. This flock got out of there unharmed. However we did have several go-a-round on them. I did not asked just how many times we went into action before we pulled up and come to the house, about a half hour early. We were a few birds short of a limit for all the hunters. We had 13 guns and we ended up with 27 Canada’s, we were so sure we could limit out, but they just quit flying to quick. I guess there is also a chance that we didn’t kill enough when we had the birds too.

The ducks is another story. We made the most of all the opportunities, on them. I think there was two singles and then a nice flock that we took a total of 11 mallards.

So there is no way other than to say that it was a top ten day, any way you cut it. The Canada's were all the big birds and they were all above average for size, too. We did not weigh all of them but they all were over 10 lbs, and some hitting near 13 lbs.

Best get posted. So remember all the troops, in your prayers tonight.

Check back and we will see ya Carl

Sunday, November 23, 2008

It is beginning to look better for hunting

Had what was a great big push of Snows and Blues. We just had to see over a 100,000 birds ourselves, and there had to be some both east and west of us, that we didn’t see.. It was almost a steady stream from early morning to about 3:00, when we got a wind change. RK received, a call from someone that, made a phone call to Sand Lake, and they confirmed the Snows and Blues were moving out of there, and we have the feeling that everyone of them moved out today. Makes you wonder if there isn’t some weather change coming soon. We will have to wait and see on that point.

There was also some ducks on the move to. Seen many large flock bucking the wind. We heard, all the hunting spreads north of us, was filling their limits early this morning. We did not see many decoy-able ducks in our area.

The Canada’s, was another story. First off this morning we had a flock of 50 Cacklers give us a great look. We thought that this was going to be the day on them, but that was the last flock of just Cacklers we seen. When the wind changed, (3:00) we started to see the big old boys. After a minor adjustment on the decoys we got them to respond. But still had hard luck on them. You know when you plan on wiping out a flock, most of the time over half fly out. Well it happened here today. We had lost most of the guns, and were down to just 3 guns. Each gun holds 3 shells. Each hunter can take three birds, right??? So 3X3 equals 9, and that was exactly the number of birds that was in this flock. Now they were coming in low and slow, kinda quartering with the wind. At extreme range, 25 yards, but turning right in front of the pits. The boss call the shot, shots flew, and so did 7 of them damn birds. I know there was one hurt, but I guess not to bad. There is still a big argument as which birds fell. I was not in any one’s lane, cause I took the left birds and I was the left gun. The biggest problem is with the Right hand gunner. See, Post-mortem on one he is claiming, proved he died from an red shell and not a gray shell. You don’t find gray shell in ol’War Eagle. That guy is a problem, at times like this. We did see several flocks after that, but again had some decoy problem. We moved them to another place on the lake and closed up shop. But before we left the area we had some settle into the pond, and we are hoping they freeze in tonight and maybe we can put a few in the bag in the morning.
Remember the young men and women that are serving this great country, with a prayer tonight

Check back and we’ll see ya Carl

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Was a good push of birds but not much looked

T’was slow again today, even though, it was a fun day. As you can see from the picture above, there were strange things going on at Kohler’s Pond today. The young lady (Mindy Olson, for those of you that don’t know her) baked this cake for me. You can’t read the writing on top, but it was because, I turned another year older today. Also had a young hunter that was hunting with us today, that turned another year old also, (think he turned 13) I am slightly older than that. We have celebrated, our B’Days the past four years together in the blind. So the crew pigged out on B’Cake. Thanks Mindy for your thoughtfulness, you are a jewel in my eyes.

As for the hunting, Had just one flock of ducks and one flock of four geese in on us today. They cleaned out the ducks, the geese, we placed two D I P.

Had a major movement of Sky Carp today. Not a one even as much give us a good look. Also seen pretty good movement on ducks and they were almost as stuck up as the S&B’s were. As for the Canada’s, we did see several flocks, some did give us a look, but not a good look. I guess you have to say that the group of 4 did give us a fair look, or we would not of had a shot at them.
As you know this is Saturday night and I have to take my bride out for a meal, and a Toddy, so best get this posted and go treat, Mommy.

As always say a prayer for all the troops tonight.

Please check back
See Ya Carl .

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shot like pro's today

Things went just a little better, today. First off the harvesting was so good that not one bird flew out on us today, that got in gun range, and that was legal. Early early this morning we had 3 loons, three ducks and one Canada all in the decoys. All left before it was legal to shoot.
We had a hard freeze as well and a heavy frost and geese don’t get up that early so the Boss had not cleaned the frost off. With the weather forecast, why would you?? Suppose to have some winds and clear skies, dark birds and sun and it should be done my Mamma Nature, and geese don’t move much before 9:00AM.

About an hour into the day we had a nice flock of Big Canada’s come from the Northwest and low. And I mean low. Well they didn’t like frosty decoys and got higher when they got to them and just out of range when they went over, the pits. Also didn’t have the best water hole for them either. So we talk this all over, and say it was a complete fluke that they showed up at that hour, and guess what?? Here comes 4 more. Same song, same verse, and they flew out. Then a little later we had 2 big Canada’s drop in and they stayed. A little latter we had a young Blue drop in and we took care of him too.
The picture was this morning sunrise. Have to confess it was better than the picture

Around noon with the wind and the warm weather the ice got to moving in the lake a was causing all kinds of decoy problem so Rob-Bob and Ralph, pulled all the decoys and they all are on the bank, now. Pulled the plug, and come to the house.
This about all the news from the pits today, so remember the troops tonight, and please check back.

See Ya Carl

Monday, November 17, 2008

Short but deadly crew

Well, today there is an amazing story to be told, about this hunt. The setting is of course the Kohlers Pits, loaded with just five experienced but deadly hunters. The bird activity was pretty slow but as we sat there with great confidence, that any thing that would come along, was in a world of hurt. This crew, will be given alias to protect the innocent. There was Stretch, Chief Sharp-Eye, Sugar Maker, killer karl, and Crusty ol’ Dude with a clicky clack. Now I have covered for Crusty ol’ Dude for years. The first activity was there were four Mallards Drakes that buzzed the decoys, so the boss got on the horn and made them circle for another chance at them. He called the shot and we jumped and there was about 5 shot and there were four green heads DIP, For you that don’t remember that means Dead In Pond. Needles to say everyone’s shirt shrunk a couple of sizes. I am sure you know it is tough to shoot with a tight shirt and all were to proud to loosen their shirt by unbuttoning. As luck would have it along came a small flock (7) geese. Decoyed in beautiful, I could hear Ralph telling Crusty ol’ Dude to be ready, because they were coming right over the top of the pit. Well, I just had to peek and looked for them so I could inform my crew, of their where about . I got out a little to far and could not move back. As six of these birds passed right over my head, but off to the side there was a straggler, that was a real long shot(60 yards) for me, but very close to Crusty ‘ol Dude. Since I have help him out most of the time, my plan was to knock this one down and, then turn and dump a couple more into the pond. Now remember, my shirt was so tight, I just plain missed on the first shot and took another shot, and then another, and he flew off. I must say, he was severely injured, and to the point that, him seeing Kansas is doubtful. I was very upset and hurt because, I am sure they are the first shots I have missed all fall, and all because I was to proud to unbutton a shirt. With the earlier history of this wrecking crew, and the number of shot that I had heard behind me, I was scared to turn and see all the feathers floating down. Then I heard some grumbling so I checked, and could not believe what I was seeing. I could not find one bird in the pond. This added to the depression I was feeling, and was really hurting, when Crusty ‘ol Dude, with the clicky clack, has the audacity, to claim that I scared that bird so bad, that it made it impossible for him or any hunter to hit it. He also was upset because I was shooting his lane. I was guilty of this, but I was doing my best to do a good deed, with him in mind, and here, he was cursing me. Well I asked where were the dead birds. Sugar Maker, said he just plain missed, but Chief Sharp-Eye, claimed that the blind was so warm and the barrel of his smoke pole warped. But the best excuse was, Stretch, said he was taking a nap and didn’t get a shot.

That was the total for the day, Should have had 7 Geese and 4 ducks but just got the mallards.

Say a prayer for the troops and please check back
See Ya Carl

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A day to Watch the birds.

Not to many birds on the move today, however the ones that were give us a better look than the birds we seen yesterday. The shot in the wind was more than sporting. Had two go-a-rounds on geese, and faired good only once. The ones we got down were trophy birds. The biggest one pushed my scales to just over 13 lbs. and the others were between the 10. and 11 lbs. With the wind we took only four. They escape so fast, and they are a tough bird too.

Again I just have to say, that God has blessed me, several times by providing the sight we had today on both bunches of geese. The first was ten big ones and the other was five small (Cacklers). With the wind in the northwest like it was today they decoyed in, in full view of us in the pits. What a sight it is to see those birds, with wings lock, feet down, and a squawk ever once in a while and settling into the spread. If that don’t get the old heart pumping, just as well tell them, to start shoveling the dirt.

On the Cacklers, we just missed. Seams like I am getting good at that any more. I was not ready to jump when the command was given, and if you don’t get a quick shot you don’t have much of a shot. We had another flock of seven Cacklers that was coming in and a plane took care of them. Almost got them back but didn’t.

May have been a short bag day but was a very good watching day, so have to say it was fun just the same.

Please remember the troops tonight, and please check back
See Ya Carl

Saturday, November 15, 2008

They were tough today

We had some sunshine today. Wasn’t for all day but at least there was some for a period of time. If nothing else it lifted our spirits some.

As for the bird action, our harvesting was slow again today. But the birds were not cooperating to good. They just did not let down today. From the phone calls, sounded as if everyone was having the same problem. This is so hard on the Boss. He just don’t like a goose to pass us by. He, thinks the customers are upset with him, because they got away and they didn’t get a shot. There is very few that ever complain. And it is not hard to see he works hard for a shot, regardless of the out come. Today was just a tough day for him.

I had to come in early, we have a family get together tonight, so if I make the appointment, I had to vacate early. When I left there was only two geese and two ducks in the bag.

Please remember to say a prayer for all the young hero who are fighting for us, in your bedtime prayer, tonight.

See Ya Carl

Friday, November 14, 2008

Wet but Fruitful

We had about a full gamut, of weather today. When I left the house this morning, at about 5:00 it look like a wonderful day of weather. The moon was out in all it’s splendor, almost overpowering the street lights, here on my street. There were a few clouds, but not looking to threatening. Hit the cafĂ© for my morning coffee and to meet the hunters, before we got out to the farm, to begin our mud trip to the pits, it had clouded over. After we settled into the pits, poured the first cup, waiting for it to get legal, we were scrambling for the fiberglass panels, to cover up with to hold off the rain drops. During the not so brief rain, guess at least ½ inch, there was duck everywhere. Not many really wanted to settle into the decoys, but they were there. When the rain quit, and the panels were back in storage there was, few ducks, and the ones left would not cooperate, with the calls or the decoys.

Also during morning the Sky Carp, were on the move. We had received report that there was 300,000, of them in the Sand lake area in South Dakota. We know we never seen every bird but we seen huge flock after huge flock below the clouds and are sure there had to be that many in and above. Later on in the day when there were a few holes in the clouds, you could see flock that must have been at least 40,000 feet up. If it had not been for the sun shining on their white bellies, you would have know they were there. So I am guessing that most of the 300,00 moved south today.

The picture was taken late in the afternoon when the sun found a hole in the clouds and lit up the river tree line as well as our decoys. I don’t think that at the pits we ever cast a shadow.

What action we got today, was all small flocks of geese. The way we shot, it was best, that way too. I am not for sure but I think we had 5 go-a-rounds and ended up with a whapping 14 Canada’s. It was just plain fun, even if we didn’t shoot good. Now I am not saying we never wiped out a small flock, because we did, but it took time and shells.

Best get this posted so remember the troops in your bedtime prayers, and please check back.
See Ya Carl

Monday, November 10, 2008

We escaped before the moisture settled in.

Had plenty of open water this morning and early we were seeing enough bird to give us hope of, a shooting day was in store for us, today. Got a shot before sunrise in a small flock of ducks. Also had a big Can, floating over head, along with a few we could see navigating the river. Well as the day progressed, fewer and fewer birds were seen. After noon we did drop a teal in the pond, out of a pair, and that was the total action for the day. We escaped, the pits, before the rain and sleet arrived.

Sounds like we have some weather coming in, for the next couple days, so we will see what that brings, us for birds.

Please check back and until then be sure to say a prayer for the troops and we will see ya

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Big Birds again

Well this is a little late, tonight but I had a meeting I had to attend before I could write.

We had ice this morning. It was about ½ inch thick. So the crew had to open a spot for the decoys. With the wind there was plenty of ice on the decoys too, that need cleaning off too. I am going to include a picture of big geese that we took, in the early morning shot. The boss going out to help bring in some of our trophy's. The third day in a row with Canada’s taken.

As to the happening today. We got into a few ducks, and one flock of Canada’s. The Canada shot was just exactly what the boss thought was a chocolate shot., but a our staff of gunners made the best of it and we downed 7, out of about 15 birds. Now I do not feel that is not to bad of shooting, because they were on the turn, but were just right out in front of us. They were some big birds. However we did not weight any of them. Again I have to comment about the number of Mallards we are seeing this fall. Almost like past season of yesteryear. They are not giving us all the shot we are wanting but we are seeing them, just the same. Also the percentage of drakes has backed off just a little of what it was a couple a weeks ago. But with a little slower day, than the past couple have been we still took around 10 today.

I was hurried last evening, and didn’t get to think of just what I wrote, and what I left out. I had completely forgot to say that the Snows and Blues were on the move yesterday. We also, seen a few flocks of them today but nothing like yesterday. One other thing about today’s birds, they were much lower than they were yesterday. Most of our birds were in the clouds when we seen them and today we had birds that were out looking for food, over finding a place to stop at, for a rest. I still get almost breathless to see then big boys, turn back into the wind and never move a wing as they descend into the spread. Sometimes talking all the way and the next time a little less vocal.

Well I best get my night time prep, for tomorrow. So till the next report keep the troops in your prayers

See Ya Carl

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Empty shell boxes in the trash tonight

Was a little slow in the morning with just a few ducks giving us a look. With the wind as high as it was, we had a problem getting the duck decoys set to where we could get a shot. Once they conquered that problem, the fun begun. Again only the fist and second shot may have hit it’s mark, but we had fun filling the sky with steel, anyway. Then shortly past noon the goose choir tuned up and the Canada’s, started to decoy. Again I just have to marvel at the sights, of these magnificent birds decoy into our spread. I have been blessed with viewing this sight several times in my life time and I know I am very lucky, to be granted this privilege. They just can hang there in that wind and sometimes they drop their feet way out off the lake, as the settle into your spread. We did have a few Cacklers, but the majority was the big birds. Also the bag had, about two geese for every duck and that is about the same ratio on harvest from each flock. Not for sure on either because they were out trying to pick up a couple of sailors, and am not sure of the final count. I can tell you that we had about 30 Canada’s and about 18 ducks. Now that may have changed some on their attempt on the ones that sailed out. I know they come in with some but I was involved in the picture taking, and farewell greeting, and missed out on what they brought in, on the four wheeler. Have to say was great day in the blind. Just have to tell about one shot on ducks. Pappa Goose called the shot, and we were just a little slow getting up, and the ducks were getting higher, so he decided we should not shoot and tried to stop the shot before anyone shot. Well just as he got "To Late" out of his mouth, a couple of shot rang out, and two birds got hit very hard. They were a couple of long shot and I think there were about the hardest hit birds all day.

A great shoot and the Huskers won, what more could a man asked for.

Well this is Saturday night and I need to close this, so I can go feed and water the Sweet One.

So say a prayer for all the brave soles that are protecting out rights, tonight and every night.
See Ya Carl

Friday, November 07, 2008

Was a powder burning day

They were not on time but they have moved in. Was afternoon before we started to see the migrators. From then until closing we were spotting plenty of game. Not only Canada’s, both big and small, but Snow and Blues and just about all spices of ducks. We got into 5 snows and put all of then in the bag and then we had a loaner come in and he ended up in the pond too. Had about 4 to 6 go-a-rounds on ducks. Not sure of the total on them, because we had some hunters, leave early and took birds, but had to be around 20 birds. Was a sporting shot, with the wind and one time the boss made it a little more sporting by calling a down wind shot. Used to be a shot I didn’t like but after years of practice missing them, now I am very confident, and just claim all that fall. I think the group done as well on that shot, as any shot we took today, on ducks. The group today did seam to be a little more conservative on shooting shells, than on most windy days.

It is hard for me not to start saying that tomorrow is going to be a barn burner, but I refuse to make any predictions. So all I am going to say, I wouldn't miss tomorrow for nuttin. Unless, they were flying over the clouds we had this morning, there just has to be more coming after the storm, they had north of us. We did see plenty of the S&B, but nothing like we should have. Since we are confused on the ducks, I have no idea what to expect on them. Received report, from a spread or two that they had limited out, and we seen enough duck that that could be possible.

Well, I have to get busy to give then he-- tomorrow so must get busy.

Say a prayer for the troops tonight, and check back

See Ya Carl

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

We have a weather change coming

Don’t get excited, we have not been hammering ourselves into the ground. Have received some report that the ducks are moving in our direction and in front of the pending storm. Sure hope they move far enough that we see some. Also have report that we have some that are bedding down, here in Burt County but must be moving in another direction to feed, cause we are not seeing them.

Sounds as if we are getting a weather change, starting tomorrow. They have had the gull to even mention the Snow word, for us, I think Fri. We do not need any of that, because we need to get this corn out so the birds will have a place of feed. We are needing something to get the juices running in the hunters veins. What I am saying, We are needing some hunters to help pass the time out at the pits. A few ducks would help that.

I for one am in favor of having some birds take up residents here in Burt County for a while. For at least the past two seasons we have not seen enough Mallards to talk about. I would like to just one more time, see a huge flock of Mallards. Lets say 2,000 circle our pits, and give us a thrill. Don’t even have to give us a shot, just circle.

All you guys that have been holding back for some birds, before you show up, may just miss it, if you do not get to the pits one of the next few days. We have the weather in our favor, for the last part of this week and the first part of next week.

Now you know I have not passed on or give up the ship. Sorry but there has not been any thing to write about. But please keep checking back in and remember to say a prayer for our troops tonight, and every night

See Ya Carl