Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Hot Times

The weather has got it's self in a downward spiral.  Very heavy clouds nice hunting wind, and very chilly.  What birds we were seeing were high and in a hurry.  But the flocks were showing up pretty regular.  There were high geese most of the morning, then there was nothing.  No geese and no ducks.  Have a big ice hole, for the birds to decoy to.
As many of you know that the boss kept records of all birds that both fly over and the flock we shoot into.  Ralph had logged the time of every shot, on every flock.  They took these books, and fed all this info, for many many years, into a computer, several years back, then asked the computer to print out, the top most popular time to harvest geese.  They are 9:23, 10:17, 12:08, 3:10.  Every year, these book are sent in and the data for that year, and updates the file and new pages are added to the BLUE BOOK.   Now remember this info was, first entered, when the goose we harvested, was the Snow and Blue.  As I understand these, HOT TIMES, still remain to this day.   Many of us, after every shot, checks their watch, to see if it is on one of the hot times.  Well it just come into play again today.  We have been watching, all of these high Canada's and Cacklers fly by at nosebleed altitudes, all morning.  The cutting wind had us on our seats.  Therefore anything approaching from the back of the blind, we were not seeing.  Suddenly there appeared, a lone old Canada, at shooting altitude, circling back behind the blinds.  Ralph applied, a well timed hoot, on his horn, and the goose, made a sharp, right hand turn and back out in front, and the crew polished him off. What time was it? 10:17 on the dot.  Hunting has to be slow, when one works that hard to make a story out of, harvesting a single bird.  But the time was so on, that I just had to point it out. 
It is scary as to the absent of duck, the sky was today. We are in a peak time of the Mallards push, and seen just three ducks, and they were, before sunrise. 
Enough, complaining for one day.  But please say a little prayer for the troops and their families tonight, if you would, please.
Also check back, if you can find time.
See ya.    Carl

Sunday, November 24, 2013


After a couple fruitless days at about 7:20, this morning,  the young eyes of the crew spotted birds north west over the hills, behind us.  With a lot of coaxing, we had them coming our way.  This was a flock of about three dozen.  The choir on their horns helping the boss when ask, talked these dudes into our "frozen pond".  At 7:30, right in front of my pit they were down to about twenty feet coming right at my pit.  Gaining altitude all the way, reaching the maximum height of maybe 20 yards.  As we shot, the shots got better.  Has to be the best shot this season, and a shot, that this crew deserved, too.  The boss call the shot and the fast guys were done, as the slower guns went, to work, with great shots, to be had.  Yes there was some ducking in my pit, you could say, we were experiencing an air raid alert, as victims were, crashed to the ground.  Think there was two that were in need of further un medical attention. Next we were surprised, with a nice flock of low flying Snow&Blues.  No shot.   Had another flock of 40-50 Can's that we almost had a shot on.  They decoyed in so nice but just seconds before a good shot decided it was unsafe to continue.  Again no shot
Was set up for ducks, but none decoyed.  Our water hole is so pretty, it is hard to think a bird could pass by with out dipping his feet into it.  But some flocks are pretty determined at times, and was able to avoid us. 
At about 1:30 the the hunters went home, leaving three amateurs, including me to protect the lake.  R K and crew was still at the parking lot just a cross the lake from the blinds, when we spotted a nice flock of the little SOBin Cacklers, approaching the lake,  so we decided we was not going to blow the horns, unless they were doing negative things.  It is hard for then to even fly and not do negative things, they are heart breakers in my mind.  Just let them do as they wish because you ain't directing them, anyplace.  Well the next thing we know, they all have their feet down and dropping in, toward the ice hole.  So with guns in hands we waited, for them to venture the last few yards, and we would go.  Well they gave us the old finger and flew off, as they always do.  I hate those little SOB'S and feel we should kill everyone of those little SOB's.  Again no shot! 
Will be hard sleeping tonight, because of the memory of the early morning shot.  Will be hard to have a shot, that will replace that one in the memory bank.
Well remember to say a prayer for the troops and their families, tonight and every night, this Holliday season
Please check back if you can find the time
See ya.     Carl             

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A plea from the Boss

Tonight's report is more of a message from the boss than a message from me.  With this weather front moving in from the north and a very drastic temperature change, should push some birds our way.  There was nothing to even look at today, but sure along with the moisture  falling from the sky, there should be some birds too. 
We did have a flock of big Canada's that gave us a swing, early today, but they were not in the mood to stick around.  There was one real big dude too.  Also had a few ducks.  One ventured to close to the spread, that warranted a shot, and he found himself, feet up in the lake   
Well again, if you can possibly find the time you should get in some blind tomorrow, because this weather should provide some excitement, for you. 
Let ya go.   See ya.   Carl

Monday, November 18, 2013

Only Amatures, Having Fun

Unfinished business of Sunday's hunt.  Everybody give up on the days hunt and headed to the house.  Three of us stuck it out.  We were rewarded with a nice flock of 7 Mallard's.  With a few toots on the ol' horn we had them in gun range harvesting two very nice drakes. 
The day started out with a great wind, but as the sun was breaking the horizon, and our wind dying out, we seen this lone Canada pumping toward our spread.  He was to close for us to let the boss know, so Robert and I had to call our shot.  With two well placed shots scaring the boss half to death, but placing the goose DIP right in front of the lead decoy.  Minutes later we call a flock of 40-50 mallards that was passing us by.  We gave them the old "highball call".  The next thing we knew we were witnessing the beauty, of a big flock of decoying birds right over our decoys.  We are not bragging on the kill on that flock, but the sight of a large flock of ducks is the memory we will live with.  Hunters with binoculars can see, a lot of game moving to our east (out over the river), leading us to believe the day maybe building to a fruitful day.
About Ten thirty, had a pair of snows that attack us, from the air.  The boss was gone grocery shopping, but we got one low enough to kill, and we done just that.  His buddy, would not get in  range, so he escaped.  Hind site says maybe, they would have come all the way in and we could harvested both.  But that is chancy with the decoys so far away, and the fact, they was not coming in together, and I am sure, we would never of had a shot on both.  I am sure we made the right decision.  We pulled him right over my pit.  
The afternoon we, was not seeing any birds.  Pulled the plug and headed in at about 2:00.
As always, say a prayer for the troops tonight and please remember that many of family will not be together over this Holliday season, because their love one are on guard, so ask for a special blessing for those families
Please check back.  Watch the weather, it has to be forcing something our way here real soon.  See ya.    Carl
Posting a picture taken by Don Archer the other day i love hope you enjoy

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Again it was slow.  I had two hunters from eastern Iowa today again.  A father 60 ish son 30 ish,   On the way out to the blinds the dad made it clear, if we had a decoy shot again today, that the son was to have that shot, he had the shot yesterday. We had this Green Wind Teal land in our spread, just before sunrise a few minutes  So I told him to kill that duck, well it took some prompting to get the son to get up and perform on this bird.  I am forced to tell, that the teal will never get to see Oklahoma, because his southern traveling day are over.  Some time later we had this lone, slow flying, old Canada come mousing down the flyway.  A couple of hoots on the horn, he was in full "set down mode".  The boss call the shot, at about 30 yards.  The kid beat us old folks to the shot.  Well after the smoke and feathers cleared we had one, big old boy, feet up DIP, floating in front of us.  Again, this bird, will never see southern Nebraska either.  Well latter, daddy, got into the action, and plastered a mallard, on a nice long shot.  There was a partner with this bird, but he eluded both father and son vision, and flew out with drawing and fire.      
About all the action for the day.  Remember the troops tonight and please check back
See ya.    Carl

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Still Slow

First off I have a short report on yesterday.  They killed one Mallard.  I had to leave the pit at mid morning because of my wife, had a health issue.  But the report was just the one mallard shot very early in the morning.
So now today.  We were greeted with an absolute beautiful ice hole.  Had a couple of loner ducks the gave us a shot.  Two hunters polished off one but the other one was flying slow so they didn't make contact, with that one.
Ralph decided around 8:00 that he needed to adjust the decoys.  As it would happen just after they got into the water two flocks mallards, wanted in.  The hunters didn't want to shoot with the help in the lake, so we passed on them.
Then, the next excitement, was at around 11:00, we spotted what I and other thought was a duck, setting out on the bar.  After closer investigation, it was I-D'ed as a Cacklers.  A quickly formed execution squad was formed, and sent out on this mission.  Well he took flight, but the lead executioner, put him down.   DIP.  The new lake has bagged it first "little SOB", of the season.  I think this completes the list of spices.  Ross, Snows, Blues,  big Canada's, Cacklers, and Specks.  I forgot about the big Hutch.  I think they call that, a short neck Canada, too. We need one of the yet.
That was all of it for the day. 
Getting close to the middle of November, you would think we would have more activity, than we are having. 
Remember the troops that are protecting our country.  Also please find time to check back.
See ya.    Carl

Monday, November 11, 2013


Armistice day shoot.
November 11 1940, there was a blizzard, that hit the Midwest where there were many hunter caught in that blizzard, and several perished.  We had visions of that today, as temp went from around the mid 30's to downright miserable.  No, I do not remember that day, but have heard about it almost all my life.  Well it never got to the blizzard conditions, today, but the snow was going horizontal, not falling to the ground, and at times looked very much like a blizzard.  This storm that was bearing down on us is not a storm that holds much moisture so they say, but is just a cold temp. storm.  All morning as the temps fell, we stared into the clouds and seen no birds, but around noon that all changes.  The snow began as the clouds got heavier and we begin to see, birds in the sky.  First it was ducks then it was ducks and geese.  One time we went into ducks, with geese right behind us.  For those, that know the boss, that is not good.  But this storm, certainly has some birds on the move.  For as cold as it was and as windy as it was, a day was not as productive, as you would think.  The geese seen so nervous.  We had several flocks of Canada's but they all got out of there with out being shot at.  We have not been seeing any Canada's, but that changed today.  So hoping, this trend continues.
Really not sure of the ducks, in the bag, but we got some shooting, for the hunters.  With the wind it was fast shooting.  After the first shot there was not much of a chance of hitting a duck.  They just don't stick around to long. 
Well I best get this posted.  Remember this is the day that is reserved for the veterans, of all ages so say a prayer of thanks for them all tonight. 
Well will see ya.   Carl

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Early-mid morning, we had a lone Canada drift over our pond.  He was called over the pits, and the boss called a shot on him.  The hunters went up on it, and I see it was hit, but the boss and Lyle didn't think he was hit hard.  I watched this goose fly out and then lockup and head downward in a glide.  I and my hunters marked him, in relation, to some tree along the road, east of the pits.  After awhile Lyle though he should go see if he could find this bird.  I was sure he went in dead, and if he could take a line off the trees and the blind, he may find him, because I am not good on how far out a bird was.  But Lyle got his dog on the four wheeler, and went huntin.  Not long after he hit the field I heard him on the radio, stating he had found the bird.  It was a bean field, and that was helpful, but it was very lucky, too.  It is much easier if you see it go in rather that listening to someone tell you where it went in.  But everything worked out.  We got the goose. 
Seen a few flock through out the day, but only one bird got close enough to harvest.  Had Snows & Blues, a nice flock of Cacklers, a small flock of Canada's, and a flock that come in from the south, that was a mixture of Canada's and Cacklers.  They all give us a look, but then pulled out.
Ducks were not even, an option today.
Tomorrow we are going to experience the beginning of our first cold snap, for the winter.  By Tuesday morning we are to have temps in the teens, and near zero, wind chill readings.  Hope this moves in some birds. 
This is veterans week, so remember all veterans, and their families in your bed time prayers.
Also please check back,.
See ya.  Carl   

Friday, November 08, 2013

Thursdays and Fridays Report

For some reason Thursday's report didn't post so I pasted it above today's report
This morning before legal, we had ducks a plenty and then we had a nice flock of 16 big boys.  Gave us a nice show, before guiding to the north end, setting down in the lake.  They stay there, until we had an organize safety check, on a flock of ducks.  Guess the noise bother them.  We also had a "suicidal snow" that was hanging around here.  Well we scared the hell out of him, and now he is gone too
We had a flock of 7 Redheads,  the crew took 5 of the seven. 
Before legal, we had two snows set down in the decoys.  But on one of the safety checks they got scared and flew out.  Then about noon there was a lone Blue that tried the same trick.  After several minutes of counseling from me. Two hunters went out and he is now in the game bag. 
For you guy waiting for the action to pick up  before coming out and hunting, you best check the weather that is predicted for us next week.  If that don't tell ya, to lube up the smoke pole and join us in the pits I don't know what to tell you.        

Today started off with very high hopes.  Was some ducks around, but at the same time we had a push of Snows&Blues.  With the stiff south east wind they were flying in, time of year, we were sure we were going to pleading with hunters to help us out.  Two to three head miss, prompting a decoy shift, then the shut off just as quick as they seam to start.  We laid off the duck, thinking we would mess up a goose shot. Got one flock in for a marginal shot.  Was exciting to have a fall shot on those birds.  They always offer an exciting show, for all, if the wind is right so their show is in view for all to see.  They can made an old hunter feel young again real quick.  Well these birds today were in range for about one second.  I can only speak for my self, but they were in range about as long as it took me to stand up.  I squeezed off three rounds, as fast as I could and I am sure rounds two and three they were out of range.  But just the boss called the shot they rolled back, and we all should have placed out guns, back in the rack, and hoped they would circle back for a better shot.  But you just can't un ring a bell, get words back that have been spoken.  We did knock one down out of that flock, and also took two out of the decoys.  Anymore if you get to harvest any of those birds in the fall, you have to feel you had a good day of hunting.
Say a prayer for the troops, tonight at bed time and check back
See ya.   Carl  

Wednesday, November 06, 2013


The lake was loaded with birds this morning when we arrived.  Both ducks and geese.  The activity, was pretty hot for awhile, on ducks.  We are on a strict harvest plan out there.  If you shoot you take birds.  You say you want a limit of ducks, and you shoot you are expected to take what you ordered.  This is on ducks, we want that to be the plan on the geese too.  Not sure just what we could have taken if we would have had a crew today.  Many many ducks, and they were good shots.  We stuck with just big ducks today, but there was several flocks of Green Wing Teal, that we did not bust into.  Quick reflexes saved a flock of long bill ducks, today.  Came right straight in on us and the boss, gave the command, but a keen eye and and a loud alert, save the crew.
Did see several flocks of geese high, but they did not like what we had to offer.  Specks, Carp, and some dark ones too.   Also had Canada's, a group of three and a pair that was low.  They had to be survivors, of an attack from another spread.  They would look so good, then fly out, and not look back.
Will get this posted so say a pray for our heroes tonight, and please check back.
See ya.   Carl  

Tuesday, November 05, 2013


Storms moving in, drizzle and predicted fowl weather for the day.  Hunting in the rain is not to popular, so we had no hunters.  The decision, was easy when the drizzle set in.  We headed to the house.  But before the moisture started we were seeing birds.  Even before it was light this morning, we were hearing geese flying over.  And there was all flavors of geese too.  We seen Specks, Snow&Blues, Ross, and even a flock of Hutch.  Several flocks of ducks, and there were different spices of those too.  Looking like the migration is underway.  It is about time. 
We need this storm to get moved out, but it sounds like it should be gone pretty early in the morning.  We have been saying that we were in need of some weather north, to drive them down.  As the boss, has said many times, "I wouldn't miss tomorrow for Nuttin".   My advice you should listen to the boss, and find a place for your Butt, in the pits.
Best get this posted so you can arrange to get tomorrow off. 
See ya.   Carl 

Monday, November 04, 2013


Monday morning. 
Had an early goose shot.  Boy is that ever a shock.  To have an early morning goose shot.  At just about legal we had 9 geese float over us.  We started calling them and we got a couple rounds out of them.  I am understanding they were whitefronts, now. Then later on we had another small flock, and the boss asked me to blow my whistle.  Well that means the whitefront call.  So I have to assume that we had two bunches of specks this morning.  Then at about 6:45 there was 6 snows and blues come.  And they wanted in bad.  After two maybe three passes that were just a little far, they pulled one of those back behind the blind, then right up over the top routes.  Two, Grave Yard Dead.  Can't say they were DIP, because they both laid on the ground between the blind and the lake.  We should of done better, but only two guns, so we best be, happy, happy, happy, as Phil R. says.  
I went in early yesterday, for a family deal, and they had a shot on about a dozen, Snows and Blues,  but no cigar. 
After the S&B shot, everything shut down.  Should report that the two birds we took this morning one was a Ross goose.  It was a big one, but it was definitely, was a Ross.  Also we had a couple shot on ducks today, and a near miss on about thirty GWT.  we were doing some work around the pits, and was surprised, but they, really did not buzz close enough for a shot. 
Remember to ask, our maker, to bless those, that are serving our country, tonight!  And check back, we are getting signs, that the birds are ready to head our way.  
See ya     Carl  

Friday, November 01, 2013


Well it has been awhile since I posted anything, but we have not been seeing anything worth reporting.  What we have shot is very meager.  Other than a snow goose that got shot out of the decoys, maybe a total so a half dozen ducks. 
However today, things are looking much better.  I have dumped two barrels on a flock of blue bills, crippling one very slightly.  But the exciting things, we have seen several big flocks of geese.  Think one may have been Canada's, but the rest was Snows&Blues, Specks, and one flock that just may have been Cacklers.  Had one bunch of Specks early, that we got to circle, about three circles, but no cigar.   Throughout the day we had to see around twenty flocks of geese.  All were very high, riding the wind south, but at least we seen geese today.  However, we are still baffled as to why we are not seeing Canada's. 
Now the ducks, we did bust into a small flock of ducks.  Our execution squad did a number on them.  NOTHING FLEW OUT. Will have to admit, there were more shot fired at them, after the dumbing volley, than the volley to put them in the lake.  I know one hunter shot 5 barrels at them.  Well at least the dog had an easier time picking them up, that way. 
If you have not heard, and I have not posted this, but the other day we had a big Cat in the lake.  The bar that was out there, most of it is gone.  Boy oh Boy, do we have big water now.   
Other news I have lights in my blind now.  Not all the wiring is done, but we now can see, in the morning, to get settled in.
It is now November, and this migration just has to increase, everyday. 
Just have to say during the big see-do-nothing period, that the master provided us with some great sunrises.  Will not post this morning, but it is one of the better ones, but think I will post a picture of the dirt work being done.  

So remember the troops in your bed time prayers, and check back  because it am sure there will be a more regular posting than has been, here of late. 
See ya.   Carl