Sunday, September 09, 2012

Inportant Date

The young couple pictured here are celebrating an amazing number of years of marriage on September 16th.  We are trying to make this event a memorable one for them.  First we are wanting a card shower for them.  I will include the address later.  Second we are having a Dutch treat meal at FAMOUS  DAVE'S  on Sunday evening September 16th at 5:00 P M. To celebrate 77 years of married life.  We will have a party room reserved, but we feel we should give this establishment an estimate number of bodies to expect.  So if you can possibly join us for the evening, PLEASE drop a line to either Lyle at or me at 
Also if you have an idea that someone you know that may want to join us in this celebration, by either sending a card, or joins us for the meal, again please, hit forward, and send this invite on, with our love and blessing. 

I know some, that are receiving this E-mail live so far away, or other issues that attending the meal is out, but please, send them a card, we all have great memories of this couple, and sure wanting to pass on, your blessings too.   

The Kohlers address is:           
820 Q street.
Tekamah Nebr.

Dinner address is:
Famous Dave's BB'Q
12020 Anne Street
Omaha, Nebr.
This is in the South West Corner of 120th & L Street.

Also, I have to report this is the final year that Ralph will be hunting.  So if you are wanting to hunt with " the legend " you will have to "Get R Done".  Ralph and Dorothy, are going to retire in California, after this years hunting is complete.  As I am sure most of you know Ralph will be turning 95 in January, so I feel he is old enough to make that decision.
 I am forced, to say he will be missed, but I also have to say, I have enough memories, from hunts there, that will fill out my life.  His insight into, how and where the decoys, will never be matched.  The memories of tough days, when birds would not look at you, and his talent, of making that little adjustment, that turned that day around, will always astonish me.  Both sets looked the same to me, but they didn't to the birds.  The great days, and yes some of the bad days too, I will remember.  Enough of that, I just can't go there, yet.
Remember, if you will please, grab a card, and get it in the mail for their anniversary.  I thank you.