Friday, November 30, 2007

Another brisk, cold day in the pits, with a northwest wind. The only thing different with this day, and the northwest wind, this time we harvested some birds. In another words we burnt some powder. I think we were into the big boys at least 6 times today. We never, did a great job of shooting, on any flock but just burning up the powder if what most get excited about. Also the bird were just a little different today, they appeared to be just a little nervous. There were flocks that were down into our spread that we didn’t get a shot at. Don’t know if they were unsure if the ice was thick enough to hold them or was it the fact there was some moisture in the air. Never the less, getting a great shot was not in the cards, for us today. As I said, we had some birds in on at least 6 times and we made the best of what we got. Finished off the day with 19 big ones, in the ol’game bag at days end.

There was not a shortage of birds either, except for the Mallards. There was plenty of Canada’s and the Snow and Blues was flock after flock, at times. Some were very, very high, and then there was some that would have been in the decoying height, in years past.

Sure would be fun, for this old man, to just one more time, to have a fair size flock, give us the look we have seen. I got started waterfowl hunting back in the early 70’s that was the bird you went to Kohler’s for. It was so much fun, to watch them turn back in the wind and just stand there, checking out every thing, before they would start to let down. Some time they would do their thing and tumble (corn shuck), sometimes they come in quiet, not saying anything and the next time they would all be talking. I know we get to see some of this stuff in the spring now, but it is not the same as it was back then, when you had to call them in and not a machine doing the calling, with that you can’t hear them talking back.

Thought I got a picture of Lyle’s dog on a retrieve, of a big Canada, but for some reason, I didn’t, so you have to look at another sunrise, from the pits.

Better get this posted So say a little prayer for the troops tonight

See Ya Carl

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Even though we shot poorly, we still had a great shoot this morning. Would have had more if, we would have had just a little wind so the ice hole would have stayed open. There was at least 4 flocks that give us more than a great look and we just could not get them to finish without some wind. Most of the action was before it was goose time, so we consider them bonus birds. I think all was before noon.

I guess we should not complain it was a better day than yesterday when we had a outdoor writer there, and we could not get a goose to look at us. There is a storm, brewing up north and this was most likely the reason for this mini push we had today. We seen several flocks of Snows and Blues late this after noon, and as you would expect they didn’t give us a look. Very few ducks were spotted and very few even prompted us, to call.

However the bag included 10 Canada’s, not a bad bag for a short crew. Everyone that wanted birds got them. Weather sounds good for tomorrow, but that has not always proved to be a good day this season, but you would think this storm, would shake something loose. We keep hearing that, the ground is covered with birds, north of us, so maybe, just maybe, they will be showing up in this blow.

Have to get this posted so say a prayer for the Men and Women that are serving our country, this evening when you hit the sack

See Ya Carl

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The picture is the first topic I will address this evening. This was taken a few days back, but I just have to send it on. Not the most beautiful sunrise you have ever seen, but there is so many vapor trails from airliners, that it made it so interesting. If memory serves me right there are 13 in the picture. I felt there was a need for a picture on this report, but not that much happening at the pits so this one come out of the files. Remember you can click on the picture and enlarge it for a better look..

We have been looking forward to this day for several days now. The crew consisted of some guest today that the boss was wanting, some action for. Hunters have been calling and wanting to have a seat saved for them, and we were almost as full, even spilled over into the old pits. The forecast has been saying that there was a strong Northwest wind and falling temp, coming today. Most of the time when we have a strong Northwest wind, we have a, action filled day. This year has been different, and today proved that again. We run the full gamut of weather. Sun, no sun, clouds, no clouds, high winds, light winds, lake freezing and lake opening up, and very slow action with all.

There was a few high geese, but very few were interested in stopping in for a short visit, and those that did decoy, did so just for a short pass or two over the spread, and never got in for a shot. And the ducks, were just as hard to decoy, too. We did have a few that made the mistake of trying to fly through the, no fly zone. “The bag” had only three big drakes in it tonight. We had only one small flock and we took two out of it, and a single come in, and we took him too.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The boss had a Dr. Appt. today and while he was gone we had amateur day again. In his absents, we has some great action, placing a few birds in the pond. There was a mini push of birds and we made the most of it. There was 18 to 20 flocks, of Canada’s and 4 to 5 flocks, of ducks and 2 S&B’s. Now I guess I should tell you that we were in Canada’s 3 times taking 7 of them, got into a little flock of Greenwing Teal taking one of them, I didn’t shoot. We had a blue goose come in and we harvested it and a snow that didn’t even slow down and look at us. So when the boss got back to the pits we had 9 birds in the game bag.

Once he got back we got into the Canada’s two more times One flock we wiped out and the other was a nice flock of Cacklers and they Jigged when we thought they were going to Jagged and only one was harvested. The bag total was 10,1,1,1. That translates to: Ten big boys, One Sky Carp, One Little Cackler, and the little Teal For a year where we have not been able to have two days in a row, where we had a game bag worth talking about, today was a real thrill. Just have to say I wouldn’t miss tomorrow for nuttin.

Got home very late because we had birds to dress and other blind related chores to tend to, after the hunt, and I have a Grandkid to go watch play a basketball game so to have to close this.

As always say a prayer for the Boy and Girls, that are in harms way.

See Ya Carl

Monday, November 26, 2007

Well the smoke flew, the powder burned, and the trash had more empty shell boxes in tonight. Another very exciting and memorable day on south lake. I know I do not have the ability to describe the sight from the skies we had today.

The Cacklers were on the move. There is a love hate situation between them and me. They have a ability to keep you from getting other birds in for a shot, especially the big Canada, but you just have to love to hear and watch them when they decoy into your spread. They are not to fawn of our lake, so we may have not harvested, as many as we wished we could, but that does not take away from the pure excitement, they radiate when you have a hundred of them little aggravating SOB’s Chirping right over your head. I know we had to see over 30 flocks, of them today. Had several flocks that decoy, to us, but you just don’t get into them to often. When they are decoying, they all get to hollering like a bunch of Guinea’s, and if that don’t get the excitement juices flowing, I don’t know just what does. One flock made the mistake and got to close and we took 5 out of it.

We also got into the big ones again today. If memory serves me right we was into the big boys three times, and the Cacklers one time today. Had 19 or 20 birds in the game bag at days end.

The picture at the top is three of the guests, which were in my pit today. The two young men were a treat to hunt with, and the young lady has graced our lake before and is a very serious hunter. The young man on the right has a little Cackler in his right hand. For the noise they make there is not much of a bird there. Remember you can enlarge the picture by clicking on it.

Well as always please say a prayer for all the troops, that are serving our nation, in your bed time prayer tonight.

Also please check back and we will be seeing ya Carl

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The pictures gives you an idea as to what today’s action was all about. I am finding there is many that are not aware, that you can click on the picture. This makes it fills your screen. Then you can scroll left and right as well as up and down, if you wish. This works on all picture that have or will be posted.

As you can expect there were a few empty shell boxes in the trash today. The ducks were we not to being seen, but the big boys gave us a wonderful and thrilling day.

We got a early start on them and they slowed down, shortly after noon but the time in between we a great time. Not sure just how many time we went into action, but am sure it was close to a half dozen times. Never was there a time when we shot as well as we did on Thanksgiving day, when we had nine guns and took 9 birds, but there was some good harvesting on flocks. There was no real big geese, but there was no little ones either. With the absents of ducks to be seen, the ‘water crew’ pulled all the ducks decoys. This was done partly because the direction of the wind. With the ducks decoys setting where they should be set, the Canada’s would not come up over us for a shot, so they took them out of the water. Then all the action, was all out in front or right up above the pits. Every go-a-round, was a great shot.

I just have to tell you of one flock. There was at least 30 birds in it, and were not getting down, for a good a shot. They were coming into the ‘no fly zone’ again, the boss was ‘talking his thoughts’ when he said “now get down” and like on command, they lowered their landing gear and cupped their wing, a little more and got down. After a couple of toots on his horn, then gave the command “take’em”. When the smoke cleared we had 11 down and 9 D I P. The two sailed, to the north end of the farm and Kevin and I, gathered them up with the golf cart. What memorable shot. When they dropped from about 50 yds. high to maybe 20 yds. in just a mater of seconds, was a great sight.

The game bag held over 30 of the big boys, not a bad, shoot. All The hunters left with big smiles on their faces and birds in their hands, again today.

Say a prayer for all of our hero’s, that serve this country tonight, in your prayers.

See ya Carl

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving, and I have thanksgiving story for you today. The picture is some of our bag. First I have to give you the low down on yesterday. Had a few chances on Canada’s but just could not get them to finish. Was like that on the ducks too. Later in the afternoon, some one spotted two Canada’s, folded up like a duck coming in and we harvested them. That was the total for Wed.

Now to today’s Thanksgiving day hunt. Ralph has not hunted on Thanksgiving for a number of years. Thanksgiving Day hunt, has always been a little private thing with me and some close friends as well as my Grandsons. Some how Ralph made a reservations for some hunters on the 22nd of November, not knowing it was Thanksgiving day. His Dear wife, said he didn’t have to call and cancel them, if he would come in early. So as time passed he book a few more hunters and when we open the pits this morning we had 4 pits full, 20 plus hunters

Now with the cooler weather we had this gorgeous ice hole right out in front of the pits. Nice north west wind. The big Canada’s decoys, out in front of a nice little raft of Mallards decoys, dressing up our focal point. It had to be just begging to the birds, with all it’s beauty. The morning passed with out getting anything in close enough to even say they really decoyed. People had to leave for their Thanksgiving dinner and the fire power was vanishing fast.

We have this one hunter, that will remain nameless, we call him Hawkeye. He has the habit of leaving just before we shoot Canada’s, so he packed his gear and left. My spirits were lifted, buy his departure. I was very confident the big boys were on their way. At about 1:20 someone spotted a nice flock of geese up over the west lake, a group of over 20 big birds. Then the cry went up “they are coming our way” so everyone ducked under the straw and the calls went into action. Well they took a circle and a half, around our spread before lowered their landing gear. Eight or nine were going to settle into our open water hole and the others were going for one more pass and were right up over the pits, when, Pappa Goose gave the command TAKE’EM. When the smoke cleared we had 7 D.I.P. And two sailors. Now the amazing thing is, we had just 9 guns, two of them were manned by young boys. Some great shooting by all. 9 guns and 9 geese, just don’t get much better than that.

We weighted two of the real big ones and they were both 14 LBS plus. The small ones were not far behind, on the scales. I don’t think there was any under 10.5 lbs.

We stuck around for just a few more minutes a then closed up for the day. Didn’t think it would get any better, than what we had set on our plate.

Please remember the troops on this Thanksgiving day, in you evening prayers, they are our HERO’S

See Ya Carl

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The sky was filled with low hanging clouds, and these clouds, had a very light mist falling from them, most of the morning. There was a 20 MPH North Northeast wind that felt like it was blowing off an iceberg. Along with all this discomfort there was chapped lips and faces, and maybe a sore shoulder or two, but many smiling faces, when we left the lake. The shots were on the sporting side, but we burnt some powder. If you haven’t heard, the ducks moved south today. The number that we placed in the pond today could not reflect the number that moved. We could not see over 200 yards most to the day so we seen only, what flew over us, but we can guess, as to how many thousands moved into the area. Today has to be one of the better shooting days we have had in a several years. Was very few minutes between flocks of ducks, and some of the flocks had 50 birds and up, in them.

The Canada’s were few, until later in the day, and then we started to see them, making us believe that we will be seeing them tomorrow. As we were closing up to come in we had three Canada’s that was all locked up and coming in. Calls and guns were packed, so we missed a great shot there.

I also must say we did see plenty of Snow’s and Blue’s too. Some of them we felt that came up from the south. We had reports of people hearing them in the night. Therefore, we just have to assume we had birds that moved in, and are staying someplace in the area. Wouldn’t that be fun if we had a few days of decoying them. We had some come in and land in the decoys early this morning before it was light enough to shoot. The time was right but you just could not see, because the clouds were so heavy. At the same time we had three Canada’s that flew into the decoys, again we just could not see them in time to get ready to shoot and call a shot. It was as dark as it is usually is when it is 2 hours before sunrise, on a very dark night.

As for the size of the bag, we know we missed so many in the weeds today, as you always do on windy day, but we had over 30 mallards when we closed. Again I must complain about just how hard it is, getting your shot to the birds, in this wind. They just don’t waste time getting out of range, when you start shooting.

It is always fun day, when we have a trash bag that has a few empty shell boxes in it, at days end. Since I back up my chamber load, with two 3.5 in shells on windy days, I emptied a couple of previous opened boxes.

Please say a prayer for the troops tonight, at bedtime

Also be sure to check back

See Ya Carl

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Had very little wind today. So there was hardly anytime the lake that was looking appealing to migrating birds. However, we had a few ducks early before sunrise that offered a fly by. We were scanning the skies and tuning goose call, when the cry went up “Geese over the West Lake”. Eyes went left as we watched four Big Boys fly over that lake and made a slight flight adjustment, to the North Lake. Now remember this was before 8:30, and you just don’t decoy geese at that time a day. So we were not surprised when the by passed that lake too. There was just something, about this flock, that set a sense of anticipation, that these geese were ours. After a few toots on the horn and we leaned back and watch. Their wings were locked and very little back talk from them, with their landing gear was down. Passing over the pits heading for a short hook behind the blinds. We heard the boss give the command they are coming in from behind and get ready. The next sound come from them and you knew they were very very close, I am sure if you had good ears, you could have heard, the wind whisling over their wings, just before the command was given “TAKE EM”.

When the smoke poles were lowered there were 4 geese D.I.P. High fives and claims were passed around, and various versions of just what bird fell and when, and who’s shot hit what bird. I’m sure that three were my shots, but I refused to say anything, suggesting that. After all it was not a long shot, at maybe 25 yards.

Times like this is just why you go hunting. Was to have a picture, but it has not been sent to me as promised. I don’t know why I didn’t take my own picture, but didn’t. Sure would be nice to post it here tonight.

This is Saturday so must close and take Mama out on the town. Please remember the troops tonight at prayer time

See Ya and please check back


Friday, November 16, 2007

Today was a very short day. Had one hunter and he had to leave before 10:00. Before he left we had just two flocks of Geese. One flock was a flock of about 25 Specks. Almost Thanksgiving and we have Specks in our area yet. There has been reports of big numbers of Specks, still in the Dakota’s, but not sure we believed we would see them. The second flock of about 20 Cacklers. They gave us a pretty good look but we just could not get them to finish. Our guest left and I am not sure he made it all the way to his truck before we had a little flock of big Canada’s sail into our “No Fly Zone”, and most of them did fly out. We took only 1. Should of taken all of them. I picked on the most right bird and he come down, but another guy said he was shooting at that one too, but why would he pick on that one. I can not argue with him, because I moved to another bird when that one fell and finished unloading on the next bird and he didn’t come down.

We picked up and headed to the house after that shot.

Please keep the troops in your prayers and please check back

See Ya Carl

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The day started with great promise, but just did not develop. We had 7 Canada’s in the decoys when we arrived in the decoys. They were about 75 yards out, so other plans were put in place. Kevin slithered out of the pit and went way out around them, with the idea of getting them up and the hunters in the pits could maybe harvest them. Well it ended up that Kevin was the only one to have a shot, and he opted not to shoot, in hopes we could call them over to us. Kevin, got to with in about 30-35 yards of them and was unselfish enough, to pass on a great shot. While he was gone on the long route around the lake, we passed on the only duck shot, we had all day. We did have another shot on a single later, but this was a flock of about 15.

The morning was exciting, as we had several flocks of geese and there was 3 or 4 flocks that did decoy. We had a major problem due to the fact, we were frozen up. Before sunrise we had a nice wind, but when the sun come up we lost all the wind, and it was cold enough, the lake froze over in just a few minutes. Thus the birds do not like thin ice. So all the Canada’s and ducks we had until the wind come back up did not look at us to long. We did have one goose that come in and tried to fly through our “No Fly Zone”. He didn’t make it. That was the total of our bag for the day.

Had several E-Mails asking for more sunrise, and a one asking if this is a hunting site why not picture of some game. Well if we start having some good shoots, I may have something to take a picture of. All reports are saying that South Dakota is loaded with waterfowl, and the weather map says we should be seeing them here this next week. Not sure of anything, anymore, so if they show up I will take pictures.

Again please say a prayer for all the guys and gals that are protecting us.

See Ya Carl

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I will first address the picture. It was taken yesterday the 13th. I have about 5 pictures of this sunrise and they are all very good. There hasn’t been very many this fall, but this has to be the best for this hunting season. Hope you enjoy.

For all of you that live some distance from Nebraska, do not know just what we had for weather here today. The forecast was calling for winds out of the Northwest 20 to 30 with gust as high as 40 MPH, and that is what we got. With winds like this we were expecting to have a shoulder bruising day. The skies were crystal clear, so making it very hard to see high flyers. We are sure we were not missing a 100 percent, but there just was not any birds up there. After noon we started to see some high clouds and along with them came some flocks of birds. Snows and Blues, Canada’s, as well as some ducks. There was not an over abundance of them but there were a few, and we did turn some. Had one flock of about 50 that we thought were gone and they come back in and we took them on the first pass. What a sight, as they dropped, from several hundreds yards high, and into harvesting range. If you don’t enjoy that sight, it is time to go ahead and close the lid.

Did have one flock of ten Canada’s, that decoyed into the west lake. There was no one there, but we just could not get there attention, so I am sure, they never seen our lake, and with the wind, could not hear us, either.

As for what we placed in our game bag today. There was six, big fat, red leg, green heads. Boy, they were all nice big ducks. They have been feeding well. I think we went into action 3 times, but remember they escape pretty darn fast, in high winds. If you are not young and fast, you are just making noise.

Well I better got this off to you all. Say a prayer for all our hero’s in your bed time prayers.

Check back and see Ya


Monday, November 12, 2007

Well the boss is getting his stamina back. Over our objections he got into the lake today. He just set a few decoys. He claimed he was feeling just fine, when he got back to the pits, he did have some, of that dry cough. The cough did pass very fast and he held up pretty good, until we bailed out of the pits, and come in.

The skies contained many flocks of game today. Most was high and was moving very fast, south. This was mostly ducks but there were some geese, but not many. We could not get many ducks to put on the breaks, and give us a look. So we got plenty of practice on the horn today. We had only 1 Mallard drake and one big Canada, in the bag when we pulled up stakes, this afternoon.

We just can’t get any weather that makes you think it is fall. Had winds from the North today and it was cool, but still warmer than it should be. Tomorrow we have the wind back in the South, and warmer, again. We thought we heard that there was to be some snow in South Dakota, but I don’t think it ever got cold enough for snow.

The reports of numbers of birds that are setting in Sand Lake, are mind boggling. There is over 330,000 Snow and Blues there and more coming in everyday, so they have to start moving out soon. I don’t remember how many Mallards, but the interesting thing about the ducks was that there are still 1000’s of Pintails, still up that way. They should have been south of us 3 weeks ago. It is almost Thanksgiving, and have had ice on the lake only 3 mornings. That was not thick enough to talk about. Looking forward to having about 4 inches of ice and a nice hole filled with water, and thirsty mallards every where.

Well I guess I best quit dreaming and get this posted.

Say a little prayer for the troops tonight and please check back.

See Ya Carl

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Was a great day in the pits today. Wasn’t the shooting, but the boss got back in his chair. He did violate the “No Boot Rule” but he did stay out of the water. I know the decoy setting was not as good as he said it was, but he did tolerate it for today. The wind is forecast to go to the North tomorrow, so lets see what happens then. He did get tired out, but wanted to stick it out until every one called it a day. You could see he was tired, when we called it quits. He says he feels well but with this weight loss is just weak. I know it was a good feeling for me, to look over there and see him back in his chair. Sure hope we didn’t over do it today.

Thought for a while we were going have a great welcoming back party for him. The movement has been very slow, but early morning we had about 15 Snows and Blues come off the river and sailed right over our lake. We had them sawing their tune, and was looking like we were about to go into action, when a truck went down the road and got them a little nervous and they flew out. However, they did come back a couple of times but never really setteled down and done a good decoy job again.

Did see another nice flock, of about 75-100 of Snows and Blues. They come in from the north and settled into a field just north west of us. That was just a little exciting, that there were some of them that was feeding in our area. Now if we could get a few of them that is up around the north-south Dakota state line to start drifting this way, before some storm pushes all of them out, in one big flock, we could have some good hunting.

The rest of the day’s action comprised, of a pintail drake, a Gadwall, and one Mallard. Not much of a bag for this time of year. There are so few ducks, but reports are there is plenty of them in the Dakota’s, so one of these days, they have to come through here, get to their wintering grounds.

Please remember all our hero’s in this evening prayer. They are in need of our support.

Please check back again

See Ya Carl

Friday, November 09, 2007

Well I need to update you on the progress here in Burt county Nebraska.

The first update has to be the boss. He is feeling better and is going to try coming to the pits tomorrow. He is supposed to show up without boots. And he better be obeying that order. I have to admit it will be very comforting to look over into the next pit and see him there. He has been missed,

There has been a shortage of birds for the past week, while Ralph has been sick. I have had some great help on most of the days, and I must say thank you to those guys, I really valued and appreciated your assistance. The days that I was without assistance, I have to say I’m Sorry I didn’t do better. I owe some people a few shell that they wasted, on a few impossible shots. They are trying to say I missed in a non-call today, but they have no proof, that the bird was close enough, so I still am saying, there wrong.

As for the action in the pits the past couple of days I think there has been just one duck taken since the last posting. That bird was a pintail and just think about that. Almost the middle of November and we still have pintails in the area. I hear there are good numbers of them, still in So Dakota.

One of there days we are going to have a push of birds, that is going to blow your mind. Sure hope we have the hunters so we can take advantage of the push.

Till I post another report, keep the troops in you prayers

See Ya Carl

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Not much to report this evening about the hunting. Had a nice North West wind, with the absents of birds. Seen quite a few in the morning and thought we were in for a great day of migrating birds. Now we are wondering if it was birds that was setting in some of the wetlands restorations projects north of us, that moved because, they froze up, with this cold snap we had today.

However we do have some good news. The Boss got released from the hospital this afternoon. Their only explanation is, the Lipitor. They feel he has a allergy to it. Boy it hit him hard and made his so sick. I don’t know just when he will be allowed back in the pits, but am sure he will push it, just as far as he can. As you know the title of his book is “Born to Hunt”, and it has been said many times, that it is a great fit. I know I will be happy to see him back in his seat.

Must get this posted and do a couple of other projects, before bedtime.

So keep the troops in your prayers and check back. And maybe say one for the Boss, too.

See Ya Carl

Monday, November 05, 2007

The boss is still under the weather, but the amateurs are still at work, and we are getting some shots. More about that later.

They are still running some test, on the boss and he is feeling much better. He is hoping to come home real soon, and as far as I am concerned, the sooner the better. We hunted till sunset so we didn’t get down tonight, to visit him. I know they kept him pretty busy with test today. But sure he would have enjoyed the visit, and maybe a little of Dorothy’s food. He is not in love with the food they have been serving him, so Mother Goose has been bring him, a snack or two in her purse, to boost his spirits.

Now to the hunting, had a couple of opportunities today on duck and geese. I should not do to much bragging as to the kill but we did do real good on one flock of ducks. Placed 80%, in the pond. For you that live out side of our area, there was a pretty stiff breeze, here today. Guessing 25 to 30 MPH, with some gust, much higher. So if you are just a little slow you should save your ammo, but that is not the case most of the time. We gave them all three barrels. However we did place 2 geese and 4 mallards in the bag. As I said they get out of range so fast when they can catch the wind, so in reality there is just one good shot, and the rest is just personal, entertainment, therapy, or something. We all do it and it is fun, never the less. Makes you feel good, and your burning powder.

Have some calling to do this evening so am forced to cut this short.

As always, say a little prayer for the troops and include the boss in your prayers also.

See Ya Carl


Saturday, November 03, 2007

The boss has been a little under the weather for the pass few days. We are having amateur day till he gets back. They are running a bunch of test on him at the Methodist Hospital, and are down to where they are thinking he has an infection of some type in his body. He has been running a temperature and chilling pretty bad so we band him from the pits for a few days.

As for the activity at the pits. Us amateur did harvest some ducks, but the exciting thing is we seen over 25 bunches of Snow and Blues today. They were not flying high but we could not talk any of them down. Now these bunches are not the type we have been seeing for the past few years, where there were hundreds in a flock. They were 15 to 150 birds in a flock, like in the old days. We turned a couple of flocks, but never got any to really decoy. Sure was exciting to see this type of flocks. A couple flocks of Canada’s and also was a few Specks in with the S&B’s.

Very few Mallards, a few blue bill, also a few Green wing. Harvest a couple of those green wing. We had a hen that we are counting as a harvested bird. See she lit out in the pond, and we talked her right over to the pits. Was just a few feet from waters edge, maybe 10 feet, we took a vote and gave her a full pardon. Took a Drake Mallard so calling it 4 ducks for the day.

As I said we are running Amateur day for a few days, but with this weather change north of us, you better be paying attention, and be ready to get here and take your limit, because it is going to get good.

Don’t forget the troops, when you say your bed time prayers tonight

Don’t forget to check back either, see ya.