Monday, September 07, 2009

The Count Down Has Begun

It has always my belief that Labor Day is the beginning day of the count down to OPENING DAY, of the hunting season. Well it has been postponed for a few days this season when we have to wait until OCTOBER 10, to place our butt on a plank and enjoy nature.

Every year my minds wanders back to days when “The Boss” first got into this sport, and just how rough it was in their blind. Especially, the late season hunting. Their blinds were just something that broke the outline of their body, and the climate was the same inside as it was outside the blind. Today we sit in comfortable, heated, sunken blinds. Their blinds were Willow branches stuck in the mud or they even took chunks of ice and built wall to hide behind. To hear those stories today you hear “they, the ice blinds, were the warm ones” . Sorry but I like the steel, that is wrapped around me as well over my head, along with gas fired burners in front of us, warming the pit, as well cooking my meal. Years back I seen some units they had build, that they put charcoal in they had built in an attempt to help warm themselves. They uses a piece to 10 or 12 inch thin wall pipe or maybe it was sheet metal they rolled it into the pipe, Ralph had the machine shop, and building some thing for hunting was always going on. Anyway the charcoal burner they welded in a cap on both ends, had draft controls so the could regulate the heat, (in my mind was to slow down the consumption of the charcoal supply). Also there was a about a 2”x3” chimney out the top , on one end. They had a piece of expanded metal that they would set on top of this opening and they warmed their food there. I often wonder, if they ever took advantage and cooked a steak, or some other meat. Well this is suppose to be about our upcoming season.

As you might have figured out the boss has everything about ready for the day, but as usual I am still behind, and have some things to get done. I have no excuse except I was wanting it to get dry enough so I could drive, to at least the turn around, but I just decided it is going to we a walking job and I need the exercise anyway so must get busy. If this moisture keeps up, I may have walked off this spare tire I carry now.

Since every paragraph ends up about food today, it is not out of place, especially for you that use the Cabins north of Tekamah, or South of Decatur. A couple of season back one of the best places to eat in this area burnt down. Well they have rebuilt it, and is now open for this hunting season The Green Lantern, in Decatur has been known for some great food, for your evening meal, for over 40 years before it burnt down. It is back and all reports are the food is as still top quality. So remember, you out of the country hunter, The Green Lantern Steak House, should be a place to test while you are here. You will not be sorry. I think you can find more by Googling “Green Lantern Steaks Decatur Ne.”

Also remember the other blog, that gives you a little insight into the hunting in this area. The writer has a way with words , and always writes a very interesting story every time, he sets at his computer. Read him you will enjoy.

As always say a little prayer for the troops, to night and every night please. That is all they want from us and it is so simple.

See Ya Carl