Thursday, February 28, 2013

The spring season is about to start

For the umpteenth time I will try to write a post and make it, make sense.  I know there has been silence here, and I am sorry.  But there has to be a good feeling in me, in order for me to write.  I have had some medical problems, and that translates into, writing problems, in my case. 
I know many are wanting to know, if we are hunting.  Yes, Ralph has things, almost ready.  Plans are for me to finish up my part tomorrow.  As of this writing,  plans are for us to start hunting on Monday.  I have not checked the computer, weather sites, for what the weather is past Sunday, but Sunday we are suppose to be, starting a warming cycle.  Lets hope is stays that way. 
Reports are that the Canada's are moving, in big numbers, north again.  The calendar is saying we should be hunting so, barring a another storm, hunting is on, come Monday.

As for just what time, am going to say, departure from the cafe will be at about 5:45.  Remember Monday through Saturday, we meet at tailgaters, but on Sunday we will be meeting at Buddies, the south mini mart.  They have a full breakfast there.  They are not fast, it is a good meal.  Also have what most mini marts, have for breakfast stuff, the on the go, crowd grab and go eat. 

Let ya go and hoping to see you in the blinds soon.   Carl