Friday, September 28, 2007

Preseason Report

With a week and a day or so, before the season open I guess I better, up date you.

Ralph has work almost everyday this past summer, on the lake. And the place shows it. It almost takes your breath away, when you see it for the first time, it is beautiful. I did, get out and helped him on the phone and intercom, but the rest he done all alone. He and Dorothy also painted all the decoys, so they are all ‘show room ready’ too.

This picture was take on the road we took into the pits last season. Looking North West, up towards the west lake. The point on the right to the point on the left is about 75 to 80 yards , The pits are located in the Milo on the left, and we are looking at Pettits lake. Now there is way more lake on past what you can see in this picture. So there is lake you better say all around us. The road leading to the pits is going to provide a wind break for the ducks, and we are hoping we can pull them up over the blind

Ralph has always spoke of being in the middle of the action, well he is there this year. Most of the decoying you will see and still have your BUTT on the seat. When they get down and are coming in for the squat, you may loose them behind you, on some winds, but will be visible again before the: “Take’em”,. command is given. The duck shot should be a straight up shot, and they may not be visible, before the shot, but the goose shot will be right in front or front left. Bring something to wipe off the blood with, because there could be some spatter, this year. For sure, in the spring, on the carp shoot.

I guess I can’t miss it any further than they did on the Nebraska football team, so I am going out on a limb and predict, over 350 dark geese, 4-600 ducks, and over 900 snows and blues in the spring. Does that excite you any??? It is all possible, and most likely happen.

The only work that I know, I have to get done yet is, get my blind loaded. I have most of that loaded in the Red Beast, and ready to go. The most important item, is to have plenty of gun oil, so I purchased a new bottle.

I think I am about ready with the exception I have some food items to purchase for my meals, but have that on the schedule for this coming week end.

I know some of you are wondering just what time we are leaving the Café. So here is a good rule to remember. We can shoot at one half hour before sunrise. So it takes about an hour to drive from town, load on the pickup and drive you to the pits, get everyone into the pits, then go park the pick up and walk back. So if we leave the Café about 1½ hours before sunrise, everything will work. So allow yourself some time to eat Breakfast, if your eating, and you will be on schedule. Flo is ready for us at the café and feeds you pretty quick, and her prices are good, so if you can, please give her some business. I just check the sunrise sunset chart and for October 6th sunrise is 7:25, therefore we should be leaving town about 6:00.

Well the time is getting close where some of you may have a problem with a good night sleep, with all the dreaming of a fruitful season. That is excepable, but, before you get in that bed please remember all the Men and Woman, that are serving our country in your prayers.

See Ya Carl