Friday, December 11, 2009

HAS SHE SANG?? We are going out to see Saturday

Need to up date you. Saturday 12-12-09 we will give it a try. Have been to the pits and it is possible to get there. Parking lot is not in the best of shape but, it will work. The drive to the blind is a little exciting, but the blinds are not full of snow. We have checked!! There is some water and if there is something that comes along, it will work. No word on the numbers of birds, North or in the area. Has the Fat Lady sang???? We will find out.

There is a possibility that we will hunt through the week end but if you are hunting Please call Ralph, to make sure he knows you are coming.

Was quite a blow, but almost every field has enough bare ground where the birds could feed if they would look. Did not see any tracks at the lake. But the snow is so hard that maybe a goose would not make a track, and there is less snow north so there could be some migrating activity too.

See Ya Carl

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

When is the Fat Lady going to sing???

Need to bring you up to date on our activity here in Burt County Ne. Have been a little lazy in posting. For instance, there was a big swan, come floating in the other day and took up residence in the Big Foot decoys. I took a couple of pictures, but I have just a cheap camera and it was so far away, and no telephoto so not worth posting. He had to stand at least 3’10” high. Maybe over 4 feet. He was big and I can’t spell the words that I should be using, to describe this bird. We had to get out for a bathroom break, and he got nervous and moved on. Sure makes me want to get a better camera.

On Sunday we had some geese slip in on us late in the day and we took 4 out of that flock. Was chilled to the bone when I come in, so after the trip to the tub I got in my chair, covered up with a couple of blankets and fell asleep, with out posting the news. Am having a little problem, keeping my legs warm this fall. Never had a problem staying warm, if I kept my neck and shoulders warm before. Today I put on some insulated bibbies I had while still employed with the gas company I wore a couple of times before. Was shocked as to how much they had shrunk, just hanging the closet.

Monday was a day with out any action. There was some movement, early in the morning but did not get a shot.

Today, we were out, till about 9:30. The snow was beginning to fall pretty heavy, before we called it quits. Had one big Canada drop in and we put an end to his south bound trip.

As for the next couple of days, I not sure how to advise. I know Wednesday we are not even going out, until the snow and wind go down. So I am saying if heading this way, Thursday, best give the boss a call. Sounds like by the reports, we may have a big mess to get cleared before hunting. With the snow blowing into, our open water , this will slush up the water and that has to be cleared before hunting can continue.

The question is “Is the Fat Lady tuning up”?? I am sure I can hear her, but there is a huge amount of birds still North. Reports are there is a million plus ducks and that is just in the Chamberlain area. Easy to see why they are there, because these storms are not hitting there. My question will they come our way or will they drop down through the Rain Water Basin area.

Well check back when I have a better idea as to what is going to happen. All I know is we will be assessing what to do early Thursday and getting back into the blinds.

I will see if anyone sends me a picture of the Swan, I will post if I get it.

Remember the troops in your bed time prayers, as always

See Ya Carl

Friday, December 04, 2009

And the string continues

It was cold but warm in the pits today. The outside temp was damn cold and kept the pits on the cool side today. However we got into the big boys today making our total for 11 days at an even 10, per day. Had one day when we did not take any, but with yesterday and a flock coming right up over the pits, offering us a belly shot, brought our total up to 110. That made the blinds, a lot warmer.

Was one odd sunrise this morning. Was after a bottle of propane, at the time so did not have my camera. a couple of guys took pictures at the blind and they have promised me a copy so may post it at a latter date. I can not describe, so you will have to wait on it.

Again, where are the ducks? You can see more ducks in the summer than we are seeing. Took two Mallards today. Almost passed on them, thinking they were fish ducks. A quick check of the book and realized they were worth the work to get them in and took them. Here on Dec 4 and the only flock of ducks you get close to is a big flock of two. There were not many ducks migrating today either. Was a report of over 1.2 Million in So. Dakota, but that has to be proved to me, before I believe it.

Have to answer some E-Mails so must close.

Keep the families of the service personnel in your prayers, tonight and all through the Holidays

See Ya and please check back


Thursday, December 03, 2009

Cold but a fun day

Was a cold blustery day in the pits today. Again I must say there are no ducks. We took two or three today. Boy, That is embarrassing, when that is all the ducks you could harvest on Dec. 3rd.

Was a fun day though. We got into Canada’s I think 3 times today. Totaled out at 20 and a couple of Cacklers. They were tough to get in, because we had birds almost all day. And then to shoot a Canada in that wind was something else too. But sure glad I was there.

The Snows and Blues were on the move almost all day long. At almost any time you could look up and see the web like formations floating high in the sky. Where we seen Canada’s by the hundreds, we seen the S&B’s by the thousands. Did we decoy any of them, Yes almost got into them too. Also was driven crazy by a flock of Cacklers. Those little bastards all need killing. They drive you crazy by themselves and almost always screw up a shot on Canada’s

Should say, there were some big birds were taken again today. Didn’t run any across the scales, because we didn’t want to linger out of the blind but there was some big ones. I think today brought the number up to about a 100, for the past 10 days. Just one or two short. Been a great shoot for the past few days. We need a few more to get the totals up a little.

Need to get in the Tub and then get some sleep because there is going to be another good day tomorrow. Have not said it yet this year so here goes. I wouldn’t miss tomorrow for nuttin.

Remember the men and women that serve our country in your prayers tonight, and please check back.

See Ya Carl

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Are we starting a new string, lets hope

Well it was not the day we thought we would have, but is was better than some days. We seen about 50 flocks of high ducks and had a couple work our spread. We did get into one flock taking 4 out of it. Now lets put numbers to these numbers. I know we never seen every flock that passed in eye sight of our pits, but sure we seen most of them. But it sounds like we seen a ton of ducks today, but not really. Lets say there was an average of 30 birds in each of those 50 flock, that is a mere 1500 ducks. There has been days in the past years, when we would see 3 to 5 flocks with more birds than that in each flock. Back in those day we were told we were short on birds and there was a point system, and far less than a 5 birds daily bag. Still getting reports of big numbers north, but I want to be proved that there are birds, that the feds are claiming.

Not many Canada’s moving today either. I am guessing there may have been 8 to 10 high bunches, and we got into them only one time today. Took 4 out of a small flock of 6, so that was far short to what we were expecting to see today also.

Was a little cool today in the pits with the wind, but it beat the heck out of working a job. May have been warmer working but cold and hunting, is not all that bad. Nose is a little sore, but refuse to complain. Will be there tomorrow, and loving it.

Best get this posted, and work on tomorrows lunch, so please say a little prayer for our troops tonight, including their families at this holiday season.

See ya and check back


Monday, November 30, 2009

Seven days and counting

Well the streak is in tack yet. For the seventh day in a row we harvested Canada’s. We took 4 again today. I think this is the third time in a week we have taken 4 Canada’s. Any way for the total of the seven days it is up to 73 now. That is better than 10 per day average.

But, the neat thing that happened today is, we never had a bird fly out today. Was a real wrecking crew, in house. First we had 5 ducks come in, then there was a lone Blue, and then the 4 Canada’s, and the shot duration was short and the results was always the same ALL DIP.

Ducks: Well we did see a few Mallards today, but had a report from a hunter, that hunts with us sometimes. He was hunting in the Watertown, So. Dakota area, this past week end and reported to us that Sand lake Reserve is reporting 85,000 ducks, but that is just a drop in the bucket, of what is rafted up in that area. His quote was “I have never seen so many Canada’s and Mallards in my life”. We trust this guys assessment. So that is a positive thing we have to look forward to. Those birds come through our area. Now if we can get them to come this way in the next 2 week, should help our very low bag count. Just don’t see or have the early morning ducks, flying around. Always used to have a shot or two , before sun rise. You don’t see a duck at that time anymore. We would set and watch the clock, just waiting for it to get legal so you could shoot, but today you eat your lunch and drink your coffee, with no worry of missing a shot.

As always please say a little prayer for the troops tonight at bedtime, and please check back

See Ya Carl

Sunday, November 29, 2009

First the picture. This young lady, took issue to the remarks in another Blog about R K and the Boys taking Canada’s again. She got waders so she could help retrieve. She also took issue with my statement in yesterday’s report when I said, “good shooting guys,” when I wrote they took 6 out of 8 birds. That is when the picture was taken. We have a different young lady hunting there tomorrow. She is as serious hunter as you will ever meet. So will watch what I write tomorrow too.

The Canada shooting slowed down a little today, but it has been a great run. Have got Canada’s for the past 6 days. Was a little slower today than any of the other past 5, but it brought our total up to either 68 or 69 for the six days.

This morning we had high hopes of a big Canada day with the weather forecast the way it was with a great Northwest wind , a clearing sky, as well as a cold front moving through. Seen plenty very early this morning but they were as usual, hard to get to decoy that early in the morning. By the time it got to what we call “Goose Time” there were not so many on the move. Had several flocks coming from the south this morning. So we must have a few that are camping in the area. Southwest winds tomorrow so we will see what that brings.

Ducks: don’t know what to say on them. Not seeing any, we fielded a few phone calls today, asking if we were seeing any, because they were not. Everyone heard, or seen, the push of ducks we seen a couple a days ago, but have not seen any since. Did they move on through?? Sure would be fun to have a morning again, where you would have ducks buzzing around and diving into the decoys. Maybe some setting in the weeds around the lake quacking to you while you were waiting for it to become legal.

Please say a little prayer for all the troops and their families tonight at bed time.

See ya and Check back


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Took Canada's again today

Not much wind until after lunch so the decoying just would not work. We were seeing birds, but to get them to decoy, just would not work. When the wind did come up we were seeing our first sight of migrating Mallards. Up until then we had not seen enough, of what we thought may be migrator’s, to admit we were seeing ducks on the move. Late in the day today, we were seeing huge flocks of Mallards. Boy did it look good to see them. too We have not seen enough yet to admit that the Fed are right, but at least we are seeing some.

We started off early this morning seeing Canada’s but with a very light wind, decoying them was impossible. Once we got some wind we decoyed two small flocks. One with 5 and places all of them DIP and then a flock of 8 and only two of those got away. Good shooting guys. Took two real big ones today. One weighted in at 13 lbs and the other at 13.2 lbs. All of them we good sized but this was the two big ones.

Since this is Saturday night and that is Mommies night to dance on the tables, so this has to be short. And then I need my beauty sleep.

So remember the guys and gals protecting our right to go hunting and many other things, in your bed time prayers.

Check back with the hopes we have bigger and better report tomorrow.

See Ya Carl

Friday, November 27, 2009

A two day report

This is a two day report. Thanksgiving day and today. Will do it the way it happened.

Thanksgiving has been a day when a few of my close friends and my grandsons enjoyed the hunt. We make something for breakfast and have a long visit. This years RK did hunt too. There was some other hunters that need to be away, while the wife got a big meal for them. This year our breakfast, was delicious as usual, and the hunting was good, calling at a few ducks. The grandkids had to get in earlier, than was earlier planed. So at about 10:30 we zipped up our blind bags and headed for town. As we left the pit area, there was the usual greeting passed, “Hope you make it to the shed, before we shoot” and we give it back with “Me too”. As we made it to the area, where the pickup is parked we heard a Canada honk. We looked up and seen 8 big old boys making the hook and heading right down the gut, toward the decoys, Corn Shucking all the way, up to the decoys. They took 5. What a sight. I think there was also a duck harvested Thursday too.

Now on to today. We pulled up stakes so we could watch the Husker game, missing only a little over a quarter. Was pleased with the outcome but sure wish we had just a little better offense. Next is the Big Twelve Championship game, against Texas. Not to confident we can have such a happy outcome.

Earlier in the day we had two go-a-rounds on Canada’s, placing 6 DIP. Could have been a little better on the one flock, but on the first flock, we had more luck and took more than we should have. So it balanced out. There was a heart breaker today also. We had flock of over 100 come from the North, and look so good, all the way. At that time there was just no wind at all and I think that is what got them all mixed up into little flocks going all different ways. Well one flock almost run into another flock, so they got a little leery and left the area. Boy there was some big ones in that flock.

There was not many ducks in the skies. Not sure that the Fed’s are telling us the truth on the number of ducks. I feel it is safe to say, we have seen more ducks in most any week of any season, other than past 5 years, than we have so far this season. The reports of them so thick in the Dakota’s, and we just are not seeing any. Why aren’t some of them moving out with this colder weather up there. So many times in the past you would see flock of several thousand working a field, and we have not seen that for 5 years, and maybe more. Maybe they are just flying over this area, but you would think we would see something to make you believe that.

Enough complaining, Please check back and keep the troops in your prayers

See Ya


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another fun day

A second day of shooting. Did not end up with quite as many Canada’s in the bag today but, we enjoyed some great decoying. We had birds give us the whole enchilada of decoying today. They “CORN SHUCKED” high and they “CORN SHUCKED” low.

There was still a good movement of geese, yet today, but not every flock would decoy. Yesterday almost every flock of geese that come along,we could get to work, but today it was different. Some flocks would work and then the next flock may just fly over and act as though we never give them a call. Then there were some that acted like they were coming off a long trip, and found home. I think we had a better quality shot today, and also we had more guns. Most everyone in my pit used up most of a box of shells. I think we were into Canada’s 4 times and about 3 time on ducks, so if you went into action on every go-a-round there was 21 shots.

The ducks were responding, better today than they did yesterday, and I think there were more flock today too. Was shocked that there were so few birds around real early, you know in the dark. Fully expected to have the lake full of Canada’s, and maybe even some ducks. Well that was not the case the pond was bare. There was no duck buzzing your decoys in the dark, or after it was legal. Think it was after sunrise and after, before we started seeing any ducks. That has been the norm, this fall that there are no early ducks, in the morning.

Needless to say that the past two days are far more desirable, than it was for about two week, ending, just yesterday. At least there were birds in the sky as well as birds that decoyed. During the dry spell there was nothing, except a few Spoonies that took up residents in the lake. They would leave about sunrise and returned, some time after we had give it up.

About time I close this and get it posted. Remember the guys and gals that are doing the dangerous stuff, far from home, and missing out on the Holidays. Please include their families in your prayers too.

Check back and we’ll see ya


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Birds and a Birthday cake, make for a great day

Was a busy day. A powder burning day. We put the smoke poles into action starting early and kept them working most of the day. The garbage sacks contained several empty shell boxes and plenty of empty hulls.

We almost doubled our goose total for the season, and they were all big Canada’s. Most were to the tops side, of the weight bracket too. You know in the 11 to 12 pound side. I know the two I carried out may have weighted only about 11.5 lbs when I left the pits but were over 20 lbs before I got to the truck. A couple of hunters left with out taking any birds but almost everyone had their limit. Not for sure but I think we had 7 go-a-rounds on Canada’s. We also had a few ducks. With the wind we had today, about 20MPH, it was a sporting shot, and never a chocolate shot for the day, accounting for the huge number of hulls in the trash. Remembering the long dry spell, we just went through, I would not want to change a thing about today, including the misses and long shots. One great day.

Don’t remember just how many flocks of geese we seen today (+30), and just how you would have counted them. One time we had about 6 different flocks all decoying to us at one time. There was another time when we had a flock come in from the North and a flock from the West, both decoying in and then there was a nice flock of about 100 Mallards all circling us at the same time. Of course we passed on the ducks. Another time we had a flock of seven come in low as we worked a bigger flock, and the seven landed in the lake behind the blind, they were not even shot at.

Also had a few flocks of Snow and Blues, but could not talk any of those into our spread. Some were small flock, but as the day went on, the flocks got bigger. Seen one flock of about 400 to 500 birds in it. I am going to say we had to see at least 30 flocks of Mallards too.

There was also a little celebration in my pits. See I had another birthday on Sunday, so today Robert and Mindy Thomas brought me a B’day cake. This cake and the birds, make for a damn good and memorable day. Thanks Mindy, you are a super jewel. Was going to post a picture of the cake but cut off Mindy's head in the picture, so were passing on that.

Remember the troops in your bed time prayer and please check back

See Ya


Monday, November 23, 2009

Some action today

Okay folks, I have not died, have not been in the hospital, have not been ill, have not been gone, but have been sick of this hunting season. Did see a little activity today. Had two flocks of ducks in on us early this morning, got shots at both flocks. Harvesting 7. Very low on hunters, so that was not to bad for the number of guns that were in action. We are getting a little change in the weather pattern, as well the Jet stream is moving into our area in the next few days so expecting a push of birds. It is so hard to believe that it is Thanksgiving, and have not had much of a migration as of yet. The boss keeps telling us he see more Canada’s in July out on the lake with no water, than we have been seeing here of late. Supposed to have an unbelievable number of ducks and Canada’s in South Dakota, that should be moving into our area, as soon as there is some weather to make them to get airborne. The next couple of days the forecast is for North or Northwest winds. Could prove to be exciting, lets hope so.

Well keep checking back and see if there is something to report. Also remember to say a little prayer for the troops, tonight and every night

See Ya Carl

Monday, November 09, 2009

We are still waiting

Today was about the same as the past few. All of the big activity was early in the morning. Did have a pretty good wind most of the day, but the birds were not on the move, yet

For the past few years the Snow’s and Blue’s have move through in such large flocks that decoying them was almost impossible. So the Boss has not spent much time thinking about them. Well this year has been different and they have been in the size flock we seen in back in the 80’s. Flocks of 50 or less, and you can work, that size flock. We may need to set a few more decoys, if this trend keeps up. Not seeing many Canada’s, and the skies is almost void of ducks. Did see a pair and a spare of pintails, that come in and land in the pond , escaping with out being shot at.

The Bag included Two big boys, one Blue, and one duck, and that is not much of a bag for the 9th of November.

I am hearing the ground is so wet in the Dakota’s that all the crops are still in, and they are covered up with waterfowl, and they are not moving out. We have not seen a real good Pintail push yet. There is a few being reported in the reserves, south of us, but there has to be the biggest share of them still north yet. The Fed’s have told us for the past few years that there is plenty of Mallards and we have not seen them. Well the reports today, it is unbelievable of the Mallards that are covering the Dakota’s right now. So just maybe we will see them this year. Sure hope so. Hope is about all that keeps us going to the pits daily, it just has to get started some time and tomorrow may be the day. Surly not all of them are going to wait for the big storm are they???

Not much more to report so will close this

Say a prayer for the troops tonight and please check back

See Ya Carl

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Changing winds but still a little action

We had no wind, changing wind, and a great wind today. Early in the morning if we would have had just a little wind we would had a great day. There were both ducks and geese giving us a look. I should also say the geese were Snow and Blues, and there was about 4 to 6 bunches and all were either to early or during the time when we had no wind.

At about 10 minutes early we had a nice flock of about 30 to 40 that come in very quite. Two almost landed in the decoys, then pulled out and come right over the pits so low, we thought we could have snatched them, out of the sky. Then when it got legal we lost all our wind and getting them birds in for a shot with a slick lake is not possible. By about 8:00 the wind come up and we had a great wind the rest of the time we were out.

Later on in the day we had a flock that got playing around with us and a 3 pack, got just a little low. A couple found themselves D I P. Around 11:00 or so had a small bunch of small ducks, doing a speedy buzz job, daring us to open up. We did and a couple of those paid the price.

Sure would like to talk a little, about last night game, but do not want to offend anyone from Oklahoma. But just have to say, when it comes to defense, I think we had the best squad. The boys done good, and the state is proud of them. A great game, their on the way back.

Had another great sunrise but I will spare you, and not post another picture. Been a great week for sunrises. Probably was none in Oklahoma.

Say a little prayer for the troops, and there families, especially for those serving in the hot spots, as well as those, involved with the mess at Foot Hood.

See Ya Carl

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Was a little action today

Guessing that I must update you. However there is a little to write about. Did have just a little of action today.

Sorry about the picture I promised, but the great thing about the picture is, there was a great sunrise three days in a row. So now if I post one which one??? May go check them out and post one anyway. Yes I will post Mondays

As for the action: The past few days every morning we spot a few flocks and are sure that thing is going to kick in and we have a day. Well about as fast it begins to look good it shuts down just as fast. Had allot of action this morning for about 2 to 3 hours and then it turned off again. Everything was high, but at least there was something to look at. Also was seeing plenty of Eagles today too. I always thought they followed the duck and geese and feasted on the injured ones that got away. What we are seeing they are in front of the Waterfowl. Rumors are, that the Dakota’s ,have so much water and no crops out, so what is to move them out and send them on our way. I have a feeling it will take a big snow storm. Can they get snow and us not??? Sure hope so.

Since I last posted something I think we have got 4 ducks and one goose. Two of the ducks and the goose is what we took today. We were so excited that we almost called the World Herald, sports dept and reported this hot action. Beginning to think that I made a bad investment when I bought shells before the season opened. Not quite ready to offer them for sale but it is getting close.

Well remember the troops, and please include the families involved with the tragedy at Fort Hood, in your prayers tonight. They are in need of our support.

Please check back

We’ll see ya Carl

Sunday, November 01, 2009

New Month New Hope

New month, November, and 22 days into the season and we have our first picture. Our maker sent out his sky artist, and they painted a good picture in the shy worth getting the camera out of the blind bag and to go into action. I will do my best to include. Now remember I am old and am working with an different type of operating system, so cross your fingers.

Was probably the most promising looking day of the season. We had just a few duck buzzing around, and it was clear we were going to have a sunrise, of quality, as Old Sol was making his way to the horizon. We were interning a new month, with a great wind blowing and making the lake look so good. There was even a fresh set on the decoys. The picturesque sunrise was there, for over a half hour, before the sun broke up over the clouds and really brought on the day. We were seeing geese moving down the valley, and a few were passing over our lake. Before 8:30 we had one of the largest flock of Canada’s come floating down over the river, we have ever seen for this early in the season. Late in the season it is not uncommon to see huge flock of around 150 plus birds but not this early. Just prior to this big flock we had two come into the lake and belly up in front of the blinds and they were rendered DIP in short order. Where I am going with all of this we soon were jolted back to reality, that this is still the 2009 season. We had 2 or 3 close encounters with identified fly objects (geese) with no contact . It ended up being a pretty long dry spell before we pulled up stakes and come to the house.

As always please say a little prayer for all the hero that are protecting our nation

See ya Carl

Saturday, October 31, 2009

We had sunshine for the whole day.

Today was not as fruitful, as we had anticipated, but at least the guns come out of the rack. After all the birds we seen on the move yesterday we though the bottom would be full of birds today. Must be to muddy for them or maybe it is the fields, they are still full of standing crops. Now don’t think, we didn’t see birds today because we did. Most were on the mover and high. Did get into Canada’s, got into one flock of 6, ending up with 4 in the bag.

Were not so lucky on the ducks. We passed on a couple flocks, and had a couple more surprise flock that snuck in with out detection. I think the most disappointing thing today was the fact that there were no ducks in the dark. After all we seen yesterday I was sure that the morning sky would be full of ducks. I think that is the most fun of water fowling any more, is seeing the ducks dive in, before it is light enough to shoot. There is nothing and then the area if filled with ducks and before you could think of shooting they are out of site again. Some times you think you could catch your limit if you had a big dip net. How do they keep from running in to another duck or, some solid object??

Tomorrow is the 1st of November and we have not had a good picture quality sunrise, yet. That is another fall thrill, is to see Old Sol, light up the clouds in the Eastern sky. I do love the pictures, that our maker provides on those morning. It just don't get to cold to stand and watch as clouds gather and then lose those colors.

Must report, that we seen our first flocks of Cacklers today. Had reports that hunters on the Platte River, were getting into some of them.

Well I can’t think of anything else to tell you so will post this

So send out a prayer to the troops, tonight

Plaese check back and we’ll see ya


Friday, October 30, 2009

We seen some Waterfowl today

Things are starting to look up. Even though, the bag did not reflect it, there was some waterfowl activity on the Tekamah bottoms today. We seen dozens of flocks of ducks, several flock of Snow and Blues, along with a couple three flocks of Specks and a flock of the Big Ones. Did end up with a few ducks, but nothing to brag about.

Why I wouldn’t miss tomorrow for nuttin. I am very serious, about that statement too. With snow in the Dakota’s, Sunshine forecast, a favorable wind, just why would you set at home???

The flocks of duck we seen , most were a mixed bags, but there were allot of Mallards, Pintails, Gadwall, Wigeons, a few divers, Bluebills, but was no Green wing. But the ducks were on the move.

It was a treat to hunt today, since we got to see something, after so many days of not seeing any thing at all. Made the walk through the mud worth the trip. Gives you some hope for tomorrow. I am sure Ralph would go along with me saying we seen more Ducks and Geese today, than we have all the rest of the season. That may be stretching it just a little, but it was a fruitful day, for the eyes.

Most of the day we had a slight mist, but we did not get wet or had to put the covers on. There has been many a day when , hunting was more uncomfortable. The forecast, has promised a few days of sunshine, so lets pray they keep their word. Has been a gloomy, month of October.

Say a little prayer for out troops tonight and please check back, and let see if I don’t have more to write about in the coming days

See Ya Carl

Friday, October 23, 2009

We had sun shine

Well we didn’t drown, but it was close. We did a little hunting right through the monsoon, and it was a wet one. The rain raised the lake level several inches, so right now we have more water than the boss likes. Not sure if w are pulling the plug or going to live with it.Had some birds today, that done some funny things so that makes me think we may be dropping the lake level some.

Once the rain quit, and clouds parted just a little, we started seeing birds. We were hearing the spreads north and west of us blazing away about an hour before we were, seeing bird in our area. We did get into the ducks a couple of times and had other, near misses with both ducks and geese. Seen our first flock of migrating Snow and Blues today. But what we seen the most of, was Hawks. Are they ever on the move. That is not just exactly, right, because we seen many flocks of cormorants, but it was not unusual, to spot 8 to 12 Hawks, at a time, soaring there way south. Now don’t think they were always the same birds, because you could follow one group south and then in a few minutes there would be another group move in from the north.

Sure was nice to see the Sun again in the sky, was a little fearful of sunstroke for a while, but decided that maybe I should stand up and enjoy the treat. I think today was the third day we have seen the sun since we started hunting, and today was the 13th day of hunting. R K keeps saying he has never seen an October when he has seen fewer birds.

Best get this posted and see if, I can get some other thing done, this evening before bed time. So remember the troops with a little prayer tonight.

Please check back, and we will see ya


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Migration continues today, but was hampered by the fact of no sunshine again. The lake was full of pelican this morning when we went out. Boy if you think a hog confinement unit stinks; being down wind of those dudes is no picnic. After they flew out the odor was there for at least another, half hour. They were not too happy that we made then move, but you could not stand that.

Did not see any traveling ducks today, but they could have been above the low hanging clouds. Seen our first big Flocks of Cormorants, as well as many more flocks of Blackbirds, so the move is still on and building.

The guns come out of the rack, enough times that we got off about 6 to 7 rounds each today. There has been many days I have wished we got that many shot in a day.

I hope I have my posting problem fixed. I have moved my margins in WORD and that is what screwed thing up. So I moved them back so will see if that solves the problem. Sorry for the mess up. That don’t explain to my just why the font changes sizes, but that is what it was doing, so we will soon find out

Remember the troops, tonight in your prayers and check back to see if the font is fixed

See Ya Carl

Monday, October 19, 2009

The migration is in full swing

We have the feeling the Migration has begun. There was plenty of activity in the skies today. Seen several species of ducks including Mallards Pintails Gadwalls, Widgeon, and the list goes on. Also had several flocks of Canada’s decoy into us today, and several flocks of Specks all on the move. Most of the Specks were real high. The Canada’s were low but, not sure if they were local or migratory. They were spooky, but one flock we had a shot on two but thought we would get a shot on all so passes. Well surprise, surprise. They put on such a show on their way in, so we were just happy to watch that. We had lost our wind and the lake was glass at that minute, so think that was the problem. We hope so anyway. We harvest a couple of limits of ducks, primary Mallards, a couple of pintails and a gadwall.

Beside the Waterfowl activity, there was much more migration activity. Today there were plenty of Blackbirds, Cormorants, Snipe, Avocet, Spiders, the damn little Ladybug, and I know there was more that I missed than I named. There was always something to be watching in the sky today. We have not seen any blue sky until today so we just enjoyed seeing what was moving. I should also name the planes, but you can guess all of them and they don’t cook up to good.

The boss says this is the week to get there if you are wanting to shoot. Weather does not sound the best, but if the shooting is good who cares.

Sorry about yesterdays posting. I didn’t check it last night and this morning I had two E-Mails telling me the first paragraph is messed up. Well I can’t get it to change and there was not much info there. I will try to work on it a little later to see if I can fix it.

Have some research to do, on the computer, so must close this and get it posted.

Please remember the troops tonight in your prayers

Also please check back and I hope tomorrow, I have a great report

See Ya Carl

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The hunting is slow

Best that I try to up date you. I heard today that someone was passing the word that I had broke both index fingers so was un able to up date this blog. Well I have no broken fingers, but the brain has been on vacation as to what to write. Didn’t want to post that we got more rain and the sun did not shine again for the umpteenth time in the month of October. Also there has not been one time when we struggled to carry the birds out, when we left the pits. Reports are there is hundred of birds just a few miles north and west of our location and they are seeing birds but that is not the case at our place. However it sounds like they are not having the best luck either. Since I reported to you last we have not harvested more than two birds on any day and has been only one day when we harvested two and that was today.

Did have some sunshine today, but it is late enough in the season that we should have winds from the North or North West. Well today we had a great wind but if was from the South Southwest. However the wind did dry the ground some and I did see some of the farmers are back in the fields, trying to harvest. We really need for the farmers to get some of this crop out, or better yet ,all of it out.

Had some reports that the Dakota’s, are in worst shape than we are as far as harvest goes, and they are getting snow when we are getting the rain. So I guess it could be worst

Well let hope I have more to report this coming week than we did this past week.

In the mean time , when you are talking to our maker ask him to protect our troops, each and every day.

Please check back and well see ya


Monday, October 12, 2009

A fun day

What a day, one of the better days of hunting. We all must have a case of the EARLY SEASON JITTERS yet. I promised R K that I would say we had the twofers today. We were short on fire power and then none of us could shoot. See we had four small flocks of geese in today and any one of us should have harvested what the group did. There was 3 to 4 guns, and all we could manage was 8 birds total. Two small flocks of Specks and two small flocks of Canada’s, and just two birds out of each and ever one of those flocks. To be fair the third flock is the only time, we had 4 guns, and the other three go-a-rounds we had only 3 guns. Numbers not to brag about.

I am unsure just what is in store, but in last night report I said I really want to be in on the harvesting of Specks again before I go to the Happy Hunting Grounds. Well we done it today, so I am hoping the Big Guy does not have plans for me.

Now I just have to comment on the Birds we did get down. The Specks were marked, with big black bars. They were defiantly trophy birds. The Canada’s were trophy birds too. They were huge birds, had to be over the 12 pound numbers. Should have put them on a scales, I had an electronic scales, left there last night to do just that. Also had a camera, and didn’t take a picture, but I am blaming that on the depression that set in because of the shooting. Would have been a good picture with BIG BARS and BIG BIRDS together

Guys, It is looking like we are having a early Winter. So if you plan on waiting until the last week in November or December, to show up, you may just be to late. Had a hunter report in, he had just come back from No. Dakota, Said he has never had such a great hunt up there. Said the country is full of Mallards. He lives in So Dakota and there were plenty of birds there also. With the Whitefronts, moving and this is a few days early for them and with a week of snow in the forecast, it is shaping up, and making us believe we will have a early migration. You might as well come and enjoy missing birds with us.

Our friend, the Sand Bar hunter, was commenting on how good Breakfast is in the Blinds. Would some one please name one food, that tastes bad in the blind. I don’t care if it is over or under seasoned Ray Charles Chili, or, Dolly Pardon Chicken on a bed of rice, Cold Sausage and warm, over cooked eggs. They are good when your eating in the pits. I always say that my meals are so good that a Chihuahua could bust an anchor chain, off an oil tanker, just to get to a plate of it. There is no bad grub at any lake, no bad coffee. Can’t stand tap water at home, because it is not cold enough, well it is good right off the shelf in the pits, and may be above 70 degrees, but it is still good, in the blinds. Better close this and plan a meal for tomorrow, just may make up some Dead Cow Stew, These blind meals are the best. Thanks Sure Shot, you helped me out with this a paragraph tonight.

Say a little prayer for all our hero’s that are serving this country, tonight and ever night

See Ya ,and get you buns coming this way because there is room and we are needing the help shooting


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day two and no pictures

Well things were much slower today, at our pits. We walked away with heaver bag, but fewer birds in the bag. We got into the Canada’s. Was a very small bunch and it was less than great shooting, but we put 2/3 of the flock down. There was on reason for the other one not coming down. He was hit and will never see Kansas again, but limped out of our sight. Also was into ducks two times but that was just plain bad shooting, and I refuse to make excuses for me or any one else. So as tonnage goes we done better today than we did yesterday.

Spotted just a couple flocks of Specks on the move. Was so many yesterday so hoping that there were not more above the clouds, and there are some yet to come. Would be nice to say we got into a few of them. The boss says they have his number, and always get away. Not that I am complaining, but would love to see one on the ground again before I go the happy hunting grounds.

Understand North of us a few miles where all the habitat restoration work has been done, the ducks are staying in those areas and the hunters, are having a time of there life. Great to hear. One of these days they will be moving our way and we will be having the fun, if those guys don’t shoot them all.

Had several E-Mail saying they would never check back if I did not, let out the Cutting Edge Device I spoke of. Well I really suggest if you are one who wanders around in the dark, and especially so if you have a bad leg as your truly, you get one. But go to ( and check this unit out. It is a camo cap with 3 Led built in right in and under the bill. They are great. The one on the end of the bill is all you need for walking. The two under are right for going down steps, or reading something, and I have no idea just when you would ever use all three. I understand they are at sporting good stores in Omaha. But they are there when you need than and are not in the way when shooting. Now don’t worry I am not getting any money off this product, because I think I am to damn smart to invent something so simple but so great.

Well I must get this posted so must close

Please remember the troops tonight in your prayers ,and please check back

See Ya Carl

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A unusual opening day

Opening day is here and done with. Was the most unusual, opening day I have ever hunted. Have been in the pits on opening day most of the years that I have hunted with Pappa Goose. Starting in 1971. My first day of hunting out there was in 1970. I know that since 1975, I have, open the season in the pits. In those 34 years there has never been an opening day when we had snow, and a major Whitefront push, that day. Today we had both. Have had a major Snow and Blue push, on opening day, but never a Whitefront push. Of course I have never had to wait until October 10 for openday either. Back to the Specks, reports were this morning, they had flown most of the night (Oct 9), and were moving, pretty steady yet this morning. Some were low, but most were real high. When we got to the blinds this morning there was Specks, in the lake, we done our best to get in and out of sights, before they seen us but there are a pretty weary bird and when it got light enough for us to see, there was one lonely Canada, in the decoys. He vacated shortly after we open up on some ducks. The Specks dropped off to almost nothing around 1:00. Was a few flock that looked us over, but none got stupid enough that we shot, However we had near misses on both the Specks and Canada’s. There is tomorrow.

Did get report that some of the spreads got shots at Specks. Have not got any official reports, but rumor were flying that the “Sandbar Hunters you know those Hard working Ram Tough salesmen, got into the Specks good today. Best not get on them to hard cause they are making money, paying into SS, so I can have a couple of check every Month. But if they did I am happy for them. Those Specks, are one tough bird to fool. We ended up with just a few ducks.

We had a couple of suicidal long bill that got in the way of my shot today. I think they die if there is a shot pattern within 6 feet of them. The boss likes to get on me about them, but I feel “IF THEY FLY THEY DIE” so if they are in the way, clear a path, cause there could be a good one just pass him. Beside I had to check out these new eyes, on the birds. Speaking of the new eyes, I did not know I was so blind before. They didn’t have to point out flocks today, I could find them, on my own.

Well best close this. This is Saturday, the night I have to feed and water the old lady, so best hit the tub and do my Hubby thing.

Remember the troops tonight in your prayers, and see ya.

Killer Karl

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Less than a week to go

The lake is pumped, the blinds are ready, and the date is growing near. Ralph has been on bird watch most morning and is seeing birds every day. They are mostly Canada’s, but a few ducks too.

The youth hunts that was held in the area was successful at all places I have heard of. Ernie Glup had a big crowd at his lake, as well on his farm pond and they worked the Canada’s over pretty good. I am not sure of the exact number but is was over 20 for the two days. Also several other groups of youth, had a very successful shoot

All reports, lead you to believe the blue wing have all gone south, so the duck activity is a little slower. Sure Shot of Muck Bottoms reports that took some gadwall on their setup, on the youth week end shoot. So maybe there will be some action, there, when we finely get to go to the pits. I am not sure just why the game commission wanted to open so late. But in the past we would have been open by now.

Come the 10 of October, sunrise will occurs at the blinds at 7:30. So with the magic formula of 1 1/2 hours before sunrise, is when we depart from the cafĂ©, that means we are leaving Tailgator’s Bar and Grill at 6:00. That means if you are wanting them to feed you breakfast, you need to allow time for that. I try to be there one hour before time to leave.

Yesterday, I got called to the bosses house to pick up a piece of new gear, that had been sent from Calif, for me. Well I want you all to know this pieces of equipment is on the cutting edge, and soon all hunter will have it. This is so new that even the dudes at Muck Bottoms, do not have it or even aware, there is such a thing. I would give you more info, but I want every one to envy me, for having one and they not able to even order one. I will expand more on this tool after the season opens, cause you can order, off the internet. I really should show it to the UPS man, because they may have to get some more trucks, to handle the shipments to the area.

Well we are under a week before the action starts. I think, we are ready and I hope the birds are too. Should have went out and took a picture of the lake to post with is but, have a brunch to go to here in a few minutes, making time an issue

As always, remember, to say a little prayer for the troops.

See Ya Carl

Monday, September 07, 2009

The Count Down Has Begun

It has always my belief that Labor Day is the beginning day of the count down to OPENING DAY, of the hunting season. Well it has been postponed for a few days this season when we have to wait until OCTOBER 10, to place our butt on a plank and enjoy nature.

Every year my minds wanders back to days when “The Boss” first got into this sport, and just how rough it was in their blind. Especially, the late season hunting. Their blinds were just something that broke the outline of their body, and the climate was the same inside as it was outside the blind. Today we sit in comfortable, heated, sunken blinds. Their blinds were Willow branches stuck in the mud or they even took chunks of ice and built wall to hide behind. To hear those stories today you hear “they, the ice blinds, were the warm ones” . Sorry but I like the steel, that is wrapped around me as well over my head, along with gas fired burners in front of us, warming the pit, as well cooking my meal. Years back I seen some units they had build, that they put charcoal in they had built in an attempt to help warm themselves. They uses a piece to 10 or 12 inch thin wall pipe or maybe it was sheet metal they rolled it into the pipe, Ralph had the machine shop, and building some thing for hunting was always going on. Anyway the charcoal burner they welded in a cap on both ends, had draft controls so the could regulate the heat, (in my mind was to slow down the consumption of the charcoal supply). Also there was a about a 2”x3” chimney out the top , on one end. They had a piece of expanded metal that they would set on top of this opening and they warmed their food there. I often wonder, if they ever took advantage and cooked a steak, or some other meat. Well this is suppose to be about our upcoming season.

As you might have figured out the boss has everything about ready for the day, but as usual I am still behind, and have some things to get done. I have no excuse except I was wanting it to get dry enough so I could drive, to at least the turn around, but I just decided it is going to we a walking job and I need the exercise anyway so must get busy. If this moisture keeps up, I may have walked off this spare tire I carry now.

Since every paragraph ends up about food today, it is not out of place, especially for you that use the Cabins north of Tekamah, or South of Decatur. A couple of season back one of the best places to eat in this area burnt down. Well they have rebuilt it, and is now open for this hunting season The Green Lantern, in Decatur has been known for some great food, for your evening meal, for over 40 years before it burnt down. It is back and all reports are the food is as still top quality. So remember, you out of the country hunter, The Green Lantern Steak House, should be a place to test while you are here. You will not be sorry. I think you can find more by Googling “Green Lantern Steaks Decatur Ne.”

Also remember the other blog, that gives you a little insight into the hunting in this area. The writer has a way with words , and always writes a very interesting story every time, he sets at his computer. Read him you will enjoy.

As always say a little prayer for the troops, to night and every night please. That is all they want from us and it is so simple.

See Ya Carl

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"LATE" Summer Update

Well it is time that I update you, on the happenings in the Tekamah area, and at the South Lake. The boss has worked out there when ever he has had the opportunity As you may or may not know we have had abundant amount of rain this summer, so there as been days that he could no go to the farm. However this has not kept him from having the place look perfect, as always.

They, (Ralph and Dorothy) have made a trip west, to visit the kids and to celebrate the birth of another Grandchild. They had to go to have their picture taken with this newborn. See this is almost unbelievable, but there is again 5 generations, in the Kohler family. Just think Ralph and Dorothy’s son is a Great Grandpa, and Ralph and Dorothy are GREAT GREAT GRANDPARENTS. This had happened before in the Kohler family. A few years back, before Ralph’s Mother had passed away, there were some of Ralph and Dorothy’s Great grand kids, running around on this earth, then too.

Should have had this up and posted but my summer has been a disaster as far as the computer is concerned. Fist off in early July, my beloved 19” wide screen monitor, died, so I got on the web and ordered a new “Acer” replacement. And could hardly operate with the old 15” monitor I save back when I received that one, from my wife and kids for a birthday. The new one come in and I was singing the happy tunes again, and then about, 8 days later the Computer got a bad virus, and died. Well after about 6 or 7 such experiences, of losing everything, and finding out there was about a $100.00 needed to repair, my old one, I changed to the other brand. Reports are “they don’t get sick”. I found a 4-year-old G5 I-Mac that I could buy right, so now I am learning a new operating system. Now, I have a BRAND NEW 19” wide screen monitor, that I don’t use, so if interested, it is for sale, used lees than a Month. I have had, all the programs loaded, into the new machine, that I should need. It is not all wine and roses, because there have been several times it has been talked to in a NON-complementary fashion. Most of the time when I get stuck and then figure it out, it is, because I was trying to make it harder. To work with picture so far, I find it so much easier, than it was with XP, operating system. So best be clicking the shutter more often this season.

Next info, you are getting, is all about me. Had both eyes worked on and, new glasses, and I did not know I was so near blind. I see good enough that I do not need glasses to drive, and have had that restriction removed from my driver’s license. Have spotted some of our local geese, flying 2 1/2 miles away. This was a small flock of about a dozen, and I spotted them, and I pointed them out, to others. Could not see a flock that size over the west lake last spring.

Now to what you all, are interested in, the season and the Lake. The changes in the lake have all been, the moving of dirt. Again he opened up the “GUT” again by taking more dirt off, the East shoreline. Maybe another 20 yards wider. He has been hauling dirt all summer, and I have to be honest, I have not been out for a long time, and have some work to get done, on the intercom. For the second year in a row, opening day, is late for us. Oct 10th everything opens. All reports are that there has been a great hatch of all birds, and there has been plenty of rain in most all of the hatching areas, so expectations are running high. The next exciting news is that they are opening up Blue Lake, just north of us on the Iowa side of the river, to hunters this fall. So the normal build up of the geese, should not happen there. Therefore, on good flight days, we should see a few more birds. The boss is saying that should put at least another hundred in our “game bag”.

Best to close this, and get it posted, so as always Please say a little pray for all the young men and women, who are out there protecting our country.

See Ya Carl

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Inportant information

Well it is about time, I update you on the season. I have been waiting on more info on the Kohler Dinner, so I could get that info to all of you, too.

The Dinner info comes first

Address for those of you that don’t know is.
Anthony’s Steak house
72 and F street
This is just one block off I 80 on the south side.

Time is 6:00 P M for Conversation and Refreshments
Dinner is at 6:45

The Menu: you have a choice of:
Anthony’s Top Sirloin
Anthony’s Prime Rib
Salmon Wedge
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Dinners cost are between $20.00--$27.00
They take no credit cards, but do Cash or Checks

OK now remember there is no dress code, and if you read this and want to come, Please do. I don’t know what is on the program, but there will be something of interest.

Now back to the Spring season. We shut down hunting on the 28 of March. We killed one bird that day. The exciting thing about this season was, WE NEVER GOT SKUNKED. The real icy day we did not hunt, if we had we may have not had such a record. As for the total for the spring you are going to have to come to the dinner, for Ralph’s report. I do know it was better than last year’s shoot.

Remember the troops in your prayers till we talk again.

I will update if I have some news, so till then take care, and check back

See Ya Carl

Friday, March 27, 2009

A late surprise

We were back in the pits today. Things were a little slow, in the bird department. Took some time to spot the first couple little flocks. The word is there are birds in the area on some of the wetland lands restorations areas, as well there are birds staying a Desota Bend refuge. . We have taken birds everyday we have hunted this spring. We didn’t hunt the Icy day or Mon, Tue, Wed or Thurs, of this week. But if we hunted we took some birds. Some how we though if we would just wait it out, our wait would be rewarded. Well it was worth the wait. Had about 20 (mixed bag of Snow Blues, and Ross’s), drop in on us from the south. When I say drop in I mean DROP IN. They cupped up and come right down into the spread. Had to take then on the first round. Shooting was not the best, but they were close enough to get the smoke pole empty. We took 3. Pack gear and headed home. We thought for a while our record for the year was going to be broke, but the trend continued.

Remember the troops with a bed time prayer, and check back tomorrow, hoping for a bigger report

See Ya Carl

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Small crew but a real wrecking crew

Not many hunters today but for the birds we did see we done a real job on. I think we figured out, if we counted one bird that made it to the west lake and they picked it up, that we killed 75% of the birds that got into our shooting zone. On three go-a-rounds we took 15 of 20 birds.

The picture shows what DIP means. If you count there is 6 in the picture. The spray of water is a dog going after one and there was one on out from where the dog is at and one right in front of her. I am making the picture small, so you should be able to click on it and then enlarge. I think and I hope.

An important date coming up and that is April 24, 2009. That is the Annual Kohler Dinner. So here is all the important info you need to know. If you read this report and want to attend, please show up. As I always say there is a strict dress code. NO CAMMO, NO WADERS, NO SMOKE POLES and no DUCK OR GOOSE CALLS. So here goes

Annual Kohler Dinner
When Friday April 24, 2009
Where Anthony’s Steak House
Time 6:00 Cocktails & Conversation
Dinner is served 7:00

I do not have menu as yet but there is some type of a program and Ralph gives us an update on the two seasons. So grab your sweetie, because that is what this is for, and that is to say "Thank You" to the loves in our lives, for letting us go hunting, while they stayed home cooking, cleaning and chasing the kids ETC. At a latter date I will post the menu, Address of Anthony’s and any other info I can’t think of right now.

Say a prayer for the troops tonight and check back.
See Ya Carl