Thursday, December 28, 2006

Had some fellows, that wanted to hunt, so we ventured to the pits for another day of studying the skies. See, we were out yesterday and the only thing we seen flying, was one Big Pretty Bald Eagle and one private airplane. Don’t think either would cook up to well so was not to optimistic, about today’s hunt. Well, very early before we had even got the call around out neck we had a pair of Mallards swinging our water hole. So at least we had something to talk about, and then we started seeing more ducks. I am sure you realize, the season is closed on ducks, but it sure was nice to be seeing some. They give us some real good plays as we talked to them with our calls. Boy, did they ever respond to the call. This one flock, I guess there was about 40 in it, was about the only flock that didn’t give us some action, and this was without any duck decoys. Sure made the trip worth while.

At about 11:00 the boss said something about there is some geese, “get down” so as usual every body stood up. There was 3 big boys, all locked and just sailing right for our open water and decoys. We were expecting at least one swing around, of the decoys. But with out a call or anything, they sat right down, in the open water. Now that is not the closes shot. At least 65 and maybe 70 yards, but we went into action anyway. They put one down in the water, the other two were very lucky. We should of had all three of them, but that is life and par, for my shooting this fall. So anyway, there is one more goose logged in the book. Don’t have anyone for tomorrow, but I am sure we will be hunting over the weekend.

Say a little prayer for all the troops tonight and keep checking back, until I post a note saying, we have give it up completely

See Ya Carl

Friday, December 22, 2006

I keep getting E-Mails, asking what is going on at the pits. Well we haven’t hunted for a while, and I don’t think we are going to before Christmas. Ralph has Daughter, Kay, and Grandson, Scott, here for Christmas, and is wanting, some time, with them. Daughter Kay had surgery, just before the Nashville trip, and her Dad’s induction into the Hall of Fame, and could not make the trip, so she has some catching up to do.

But, there is many Reports, of a big numbers of Canada’s north of us yet. If there, would be, is a big storm that pushes down from the north through that area. We could have a couple of great days of hunting yet, this season. What I am saying if you see such situation forming, better be making some calls, and he and we will be there. I know the Boss would love to harvest a few more Big Boys yet this season. I know, also, he doesn’t want to go out there and just set and watch the skies, empty of birds. After Christmas, and you are wanting to go hunting, and it looks like there is a possibility, that something would decoy, Please give a call, and we will head that way.

I have been catching a little flack about my shooting ability this fall, and right fully so. I haven’t been the deadliest this fall.

I need to set this up just a little.

Back in the late 70’s I wrote a poem about one of our hunters and friend. Jerry is a real guy, and could make a shot every now and them, but was no crack shot, but wanted everyone to believe he was. This was also when we were killed big numbers, 600 to 900 Mallards, every fall. Jerry would claim 3, on each and every flock.

One morning I woke up with the beginning of this poem in my head, and put it down on paper. Ralph read it on the intercom almost everyday for the rest of the season. Well the other day one of my readers asked if I still had a copy of it and I had to E-Mail a copy of it to him, so I thought maybe a few other would enjoy reading it again. This is also where my pen name as Killer Karl come from, just because there was no other way to sign this poem.

The Claimer

Burt county hunters, will always remember
From opening day to late in December
How Jerry would try to kill a duck
No matter how he tried he had no luck
So in discuss, the new game plan became
Not to kill, just shoot three times, and claim

So on each go-a-round, he would give them a lick
Then survey the pond, to find where they lay thick
Then he would point, laugh and exclaim
Right over there, lies my pile of game

But all the old timers knew very well
Jerry kill a duck, no way in hell
After his chucking and acting all done
He would place three more rounds, in his harmless old gun

All the old hunters, knew he was as windy as a gale
And spread more bull, than you could haul in a pale
We would plead and suggest that he once go solo
Jerry would turn pale, and say oh! No no

Then he would holler, snort and jeer
Let that man shoot, I’ve shot my share this year

So the old pro would feel sorry and let him off the hook
Because he knew very well he would log a zero in the book
So jerry just set there, boast and claim
I’ll do my best to kill you some game

Killer Karl

I guess the next Business, is to wish you and your family all a very Merry Christmas. Also a very healthy and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Thanks for your support, E-Mails, and interest over this hunting season. If there is anything to report, I will do it. If not, and God Willing, I will be back for the spring season.

If you are planning on hunting this spring, and have a group of friends you want to bring, better get your reservations in to Ralph quick. His book has some days already maxed out.

I will start Posting Reports when it looks we will be opening in the spring. That should be around the first of March. I know the Season open in February, but if we have old snow on the ground they will not be here. If the snow line has moved North of us and then it snows, we could have birds in the area, so keep touching base, and come enjoy one of natures, greatest sights and fun shoot that, you will ever have an opportunity to enjoy.

As always, Please, include the troops, and their families, in your bed time prayer, tonight and always.

See Ya Killer Karl

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Today, the skies did hold a few birds. Never had any wind until around 9:00 this morning. It only took only a few short minutes once the wind got to blowing, before we had birds on the horizon. First flock spotted was about 40 big boys coming right down the avenue. We offered them a greeting, and they accepted. Put two down and had one sailor that made it to the river trees, North East of the lake. Never had a chance to retrieve him, but he got logged into the book as harvested.

Along with this bunch of Geese was a small flock of Mallards. They were flying right with the geese. Did see 3 to 5 other flocks of Mallards through out the day, but only had one flock to work. They ended up going over to the west lake, and then on up river. Was not the most productive day but it was better than a few we have had of late. You know the type of day when you don’t even see some tweedy bird flying.

The most positive thing today was: I did regain some confidence in my shooting today, and it did feel good. But the Boss called the shot where I am the most confidante, in my ability. Right out in front. They were coming down wind, and there was a nice 15 MPH wind pushing them, so they were moving.

Nothing else to report, but please check back.

Remember all the troops, in you evening prayers, and include their families

See Ya Carl

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

To be retired is one great experience. Take today for example. Went to bed rather late last evening, because I had nothing planed for me today, and it looked like an afternoon nap would be easy to pull off. So rising at 6:00 this morning, which is about 1 ½ hours later than I get up while hunting. Sat down at my Computer and got my E-Mail and read all of it, then give a call to Ralph to see if there were any hunter, in the near future. Well he was on his way to the pits because there were hunters for today, and he was expecting me to get them to the lake. So out the door I went and got the hunters in the pits, then come back to town and downed my breakfast, pills, caffeine, packed my lunch and returned to the pits. The big secret is,--------I got a short nap. With one in a pit that is possible. Of course they are very suspicious, when ever I am quiet, but who cares. I love the nap, they love the peace. It all balances out.

This was all for nothing, because the birds were not as plentiful as one would expect, for the middle of December, with no snow.

However, we have hunter from now through the week end, so here is hoping there will be better news to report before, between now and Sunday evening. So If you take a notion to come hunting, please do, because we are there, and the more the merrier

Remember the troops tonight and every night, with a little prayer.

See Ya Carl

Friday, December 08, 2006

Our master painted another great picture for us to watch unfold at the pits this morning. I know this is a hunting sight, but my love for pretty sunrises, sometime puts the hunting on the back burner. So just maybe soon, there will be a picture worthy of posting, that will not be a sunrise.

Next on the agenda, is for you members. If you want to go hunting, this coming week, please let either Ralph or me know that you are coming. We will be there if some one is coming. We will be there through this week end, so showing up unannounced is just fine. But this coming week please touch base with one of us and we will be there. There is still a large number of Canada’s at blue lake just north of us and there is still plenty of birds in So. Dakota, but who knows when they will start to move. There is a great forecast of weather coming our way, this next week, so as far as weather shutting us down, that is not going to happen.

With nothing else to report, except the Cubs landed a pitcher, and are still shopping. In my opinion they should be looking for a pitching coach, and get rid of Ol’ Sore Arm Rothschild.

Until we touch base with some hunting news again, Always include our Military personnel in your prayers. Ask our maker to bless their families, this holiday season, too.

See Ya Carl

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

About the only reason you are getting an update today is because of the sunrise. It was gorgeous this morning. It was there for just a very few minutes, but it was worth getting up and venturing out in the cold this morning.
The second picture is our ice hole, with the new decoys, ready to fool some thing. I was going to try to fool you and say this flock come in and landed, but figured that some one would squeel on me.
The temp was up this morning, enough wind to keep the ice hole was open, so things were looking great for a good shooting day. We thought since we had a southern wind that maybe all the big boy that are setting up at Blue Lake just north of us, would feed south out in the wind today. Well they surprised us again and went some other direction or they feed through the night with this big full moon.

We had one hen Mallard swimming around in the ice hole that I talked to for just a few minutes, then I let her swim in peace. There was just one old Canada flying up north of us for just a few minutes, and then he got himself lost also. That was all the bird action, for the day.

I need to say that yesterday was not much better. I had to come to town, because there was a little problem with the pickup and while I was in town they took a Blue Goose. He tried to get into the Ice hole undetected, but the boss seen him in time and there was one fast gunner in the pits and he got him before it turned into an Aqua Shot. So add another Sky Carp to the season’s total.

Have a few hunters, for tomorrow so I hope we have a little action, just for there benefit. Much easier to shake their hands at quitting time if there is a couple of birds in the bag.

Be sure to include all the troops in your evening pray this evening.

Check back and we will see ya


Sunday, December 03, 2006

After a night watching the Huskers get beat, missing sleep, couple that with a slow day, cold, winds all day, and a bad head ache, all are ingredents, for a long day.

We spotted three Snow’s and Blue’s in the decoys, when it turned legal this morning. We had a couple of young boys so they were selected to accompany some one out and see if they could harvest them. They did pretty good and brought back two of the three. I am sure that will be pleasant memories for then for many years, to come.

Later on in the early morning we had a couple of Canada’s come in from the West and we took them, with a short volley. That took care of the action, except for the cooking of our meals, and BS time.

Mother has my supper ready to eat, and as you most all know I never miss a meal, so better get this posted.

Say a prayer for all the young guys and gals that a protecting our country, tonight

See Ya Carl

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Was another cold day in the pits and it sounds like it is going to be colder tomorrow. The only good thing to say, about this weather, it is making the Canada’s move. We seen plenty of them both flying low and high.

We had a sports writer, and filming crew hunting with us today, so we were wanting some action. Well we had some while they were there, but the best action was after they left.

At around 3:30 to 3:45, we had a nice flock come in from the North a put on a nice show before they got down in range of our smoke poles, and we went into action. I logged another zero in the books. This brought the total bag up to 10 for the day. They were all very big birds, so my feelings, this was one great day.

There is two reasons I have to make this short tonight. No. one: is this is mother’s night out. No. two: is the Huskers are playing tonight and I have to have Mother off the tables and home before the game gets started. So please excuse me for tonight.

Better get cleaned up, so say a little prayer for all of our hero’s tonight, at bed time.

See Ya Carl

Friday, December 01, 2006

Well everything has slowed down, again at the pits. The wind has went down, the Temp has went up, and the birds have slowed down.

Took only 2 Canada’s today. We did have some heart pumping excitement one time. Our "Eagle Eyes" spotted a big long line of Canada’s coming way up, North West. Well they passed the west lake we fired up the orchestra, and they done everything except give us a shot. We are not for sure, but there may have been a flock come off the river and meet up with this flock. Anyway some how we had geese going in every direction for a while. Most were not low enough to harvest, but there was a few, but how do you call a shot on three to five when you may have a flock of 100 to 200, may be ready to come in and land. Did have 5, that landed and that was about 90 yd’s out, they may have been as close as 65 yd’s on there final approach, but that is to far too.

Well tomorrow is another day, so let’s see if we can start another string of good days.

Say a prayer for the troops and check back

See Ya Carl

Thursday, November 30, 2006

This has to be short, have a school program with Grandkids performing, tonight. Best not miss it.

First off this evening I have a correction to make on last evenings report. Some how I got down we had 37 Canada’s and there was only 27. My notes say 27 so I must of hit the wrong key and didn’t catch it on the proof read. Any way I’m sorry.

As for today’s hunt. We seen plenty of flocks of Canada’s but decoying them was another deal. Had a few flocks look at us, but very little decoying. Got into a bunch of 5 and took two, and earlier we had a loaner come in and we took it. We also harvested a loan Blue. The rest of the time we spent trying to stay warm, cooked and told jokes.

Say a little prayer for all the troops tonight

Be sure to check back

See Ya Carl

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Was a rather exciting day. We had Canada’s all day long. Should have had 50 Canada’s in the bag, at day end, and would have, except for some errors, on some bunches. But it ended with enough birds, in the bag, that no one was complaining, to much.

We had some great shots, great sights and many many sore noses. I must have wipe mine a couple hundred times today, and it is sore. It was a cold day in the pits today. The wind was pretty high and got under the back cover and sucked the heat right out.

There was no duck activity, however there was a few moving, but with this wind they were very high. The excitement was the Canada’s. I think everything got under way around 9:00, when had a nice flock right overhead and we shot very bad, on that flock. I didn’t shoot, because we had some cover on trying to stay warm and I let the guys go, and by me staying down gave them a little more room, to operate in. So with a few lessons we got the crew organized, so they could get the tops out of the way and not make noise, and have room to shoot ETC. Good thing I did, because not to long after that we had a flock we took ten out of. Then the highlight of the day. A flock came in shortly after 12:00 noon had 11 birds in it and all 11 stayed. Most were DIP, but there were a few swimmers. (For those who don’t know DIP means Dead In Pond) I am claiming one. Was one great shot, at my pit. Had other flocks, in but that was the most memorable, flock for me. We ended the day with 37 in the game bag, all were big geese except one Cackler. We had one real big bird today, Ralph really wanted to weigh it because, he thinks it is the biggest bird he has ever seen. It had on huge, wide breast. There is no other way to classify today other than TRIFFIC. Thanks boss for today’s shoot.

Remember to ask, the Big Boss to bless all the troops in your bed time prayers tonight.

Please check back and we’ll see ya


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

After a day, of hundreds of Canada’s, and ducks, and thousands of Snow and Blues, having some of all of them, make an attempt to decoy with very little luck, the day was winding down to be a very frustrating day. Then at about 4:15 some one said “there is a flock of Canada’s coming over the cabin trees”. Again the boss was forces to say, “Now that bunch should decoy”, just he had several times earlier. Well then the command was given to get down, and a couple of minutes the orchestra fired up. And again I think that was more formality than any thought, that this bunch was going to be anything different than the other several dozen’s of flocks, that the same steps had been taken with no success, through out the day. But this flock was different. There was three flocks totaling to about 50 birds. When they started hearing, our sweet music, they acted different, they first locked up, like several flocks had earlier in the day, but then they started “corn shucking”. First there was one then may two or three, then maybe a dozen at a time was, dumping air, as they tumbled and floated, to where they could turn back into the wind, so they could pump back up. to the decoys.

They were all hollering, all the way. When they rounded the point to the south of my pit, I had my crew ready to spring into action. Ol’ War Eagle was lock firmly in my hand with only one shell places in his action, where there is usually at least three. See he hasn’t been performing to good lately, so I am down too one shell. My shaking hands have his forearm, making this rattling sound, like an air impact wrench on a rusty bolt, as these old dude are pumping toward the decks. They were only about 10 yards off the water and out about 25 to 35 yards. Then the command was given to “TAKEM” I sprang from my seat, at the speed of syrup dripping from a pitcher, picking out the third bird back on the out side. Being fully aware that the first shot is also the last shot for me. As I squeezed the trigger, and the load was launched. I went into shock, because the damn bird fell. Now the questions is, am I the only one that was shooting at that bird, I am not even going to ask, HE’S MINE. Now there is a lake full of downed birds, as we quickly start counting, watching, as the flock fly away. There is 4 belly up 5 swimmers and a sailor going in, across the pond. We one GREAT shot to end the day, that was once filled, hope, heart break and frustrations, it is now filled with high fives, and cheers.

We had one other Canada and a hand full of ducks on the bag before this shot.

I must say, that I have a gentleman in my pit that has traveled a great distance, on his first waterfowl hunt in Nebraska and it may also be his first waterfowl hunt, period. It is needless to say he was thrilled, even if he didn’t get to see the antic, they preformed in the air.

Remember all the troops in your bed time prayers tonight.

See Ya and please check back


Monday, November 27, 2006

The lake was full of ducks and geese this morning, when we arrived for the day. There was no way we could even guess just how many. But the south end was occupied by all Canada’s, and the north end had the Snow and Blues. We don’t know just where the Ducks were setting. Of course this got every one fired up for the day. However they never did give us a shot. The S&B’s we think did come back one time after legal time and there was around 5 to 6000 in that mass.

We did have a couple of go-a-rounds, one on Cacklers and one on Canada’s, totaling around a dozen in the bag. The ducks were not to plentiful, as they were yesterday, but did get into a couple of flock. I think we bagged around 10 of them. Sorry I don’t have a better count on the birds, but I am so down on my shooting, and myself, about my shooting that I can’t remember the numbers as I should. I am putting only one shell in my gun, hoping that will slow me down and I take more time, so maybe I can get my rhythm back.

Not the greatest day but was better than some we have had in the past. We are still looking to Wed and Thurs, when we are supposed to get some colder weather, and it is to be worst up in the Dakota’s.

Back to yesterday just for a while. I did not mention that there was so many Canada’s, that R.K. could not get all then in his note book. Another thing I didn’t say we never took, a border line shot yesterday, they were all prime shots, and I still missed.

Say a little prayer, for all the kids protecting our country in you bed time prayers tonight.

See Ya and please check back


Sunday, November 26, 2006

If you suffer from any sort of depression please, before you read this report, do the following: Hide all sharp instruments, rope, or anything that you may inflict harm to your body, with. For all you couch potatoes, who set home and watched the tube today, YOU MESSED UP, SHAME ON YOU.

There has been day when I have seen a big migration of Ducks, there has been days when I have seen a big migration of Canada’s and of other dark geese. Well today we had it all. Canada’s, Ducks Cacklers Snow and Blues, were in view in the sky at almost any minute, of any hour, for the entire day. When the history of great hunting days is written November 26 2006 will have to go down on one of the very best hunting days ever. If we would have had the hunters we could have set a record for one day kill on Canada’s.

The first wave of hunters that left the pits just before noon, took their limit of Canada’s, and every one walked out tonight, with a limit including the boss. It would have just as easy to fill 30 hunters limits, as it would have been to fill 15 limits. It was a shame we did not have a few more guns. We had them, both in close and often. We were done shooting Canada’s at 2:30. Now these were all Big Canada’s, no Cacklers. Speaking of Cacklers, we had a flock of about 20-25 in on us just before we come in. They were with in great harvesting range, 9 times. And while they were there we had around 1,000 Sky Carp, circling. We didn’t kill the most ducks, but I am guessing we had around a dozen, as well as a hand full of Snows and Blues.

Sorry I didn’t get any pictures of everything today, but my camera battery were dead and with the cloud cover, my flash would go off on every picture, so some great action shots were passed by. A couple of guys took some and I asked them to send me some copies, because there was some shots that I know would be just great posted on this sight.

Have to get this posted, so say a little prayer for all the troops tonight, at bed time.

Also remember I wouldn’t miss tomorrow for nuttin.

Do check back

See Ya Carl

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Well Thanksgiving is over and I have no excuse, for not bring you up to date. Also must tell all of you, that sent Birthday messages and mailed cards, thank you very very much. Must also say that we received around, 80 Birthday greetings, all together. So Thanks again for everything, you made crawling over the hump a little easier.

Thanksgiving day, three grandkids, a Son-in-law, a couple of, real close friends, assembled at the pits for a short morning hunt. We cooked breakfast and had a couple go-a-rounds on ducks, bagging three, before we hit the road, for dinner and celebrations at other locations.

Friday we had one of the biggest crowds, of the season, and seen plenty of ducks and some geese, but never fired a shot. They all had, going some place on their minds and went there, not stopping anyplace. No body in the area decoyed them, so guess we cannot complain.

Today, we had some ducks that gave us some hope, that we were going to get a shot, but had only one pair that got in close enough for a shot. They took only one of them. I think everyone went on the same bird, and the close one flew out.

Please remember, to say a little prayer tonight, for all the boy’s and girl’s that are on watch, over this great country, we love so much.

See Ya and please check back

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Well I guess the first thing is to say thank for all the Birthday wishes, cards E-Mails ETC.
With that one picture, I may get some mail just wondering what the hell, happened between 18 and 70. You don’t realize how rough the road has been till you get two pictures together.

On to my report: There is not much activity to report from the pits today. Had just 3 mallards come in, for a shot and took only 2 of them. Did see a nice flock of Canada’s go down between us and the river, it was pretty early in the morning and you all know, they don’t decoy the best early..

I hope that all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, tomorrow and thanks again to all of you for the great 70th Birthday.

Remember all the troops in your bed time and Thanksgiving prayers.

See Ya Carl

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sorry this is late this evening, but I had a Grandkid Basketball game before I could get to this. They won and the Kid scored. It gets no better than that, Right.

This is going to be short tonight.

All the action was pretty early in the morning. There was a good push of Canada’s, but we were having some trouble getting them to decoy. Did have one flock that gave us a little opportunity and we got two down. It was not a good shot and we were not going to get a shot any better that we got, so the boss sent us into action.

We also had a shot on a loan duck and put him into the pond.

That about covers it, for this evening, so say a little prayer for all the troops, and their families.

See Ya and Check back.


This is from his family this morning...for all of you who have sent cards, we thank you so very much. TODAY IS CARL'S 70TH BIRTHDAY. For many of you who check out the Kohler Report, you know what "Killer Karl" looks like now (or maybe not), but do you know what he looked like at 18???
The second picture is current plus his famous wife "Waddles" aka Irene.
Happy Birthday Dad --- from your daughters

Monday, November 20, 2006

Sorry this is late this evening, but I had a Grandkid Basketball game before I could get to this. They won and the Kid scored. It gets no better than that, Right.

This is going to be short tonight.

All the action was pretty early in the morning. There was a good push of Canada’s, but we were having some trouble getting them to decoy. Did have one flock that gave us a little opportunity and we got two down. It was not a good shot and we were not going to get a shot any better that we got, so the boss sent us into action.

We also had a shot on a loan duck and put him into the pond.

That about covers it, for this evening, so say a little prayer for all the troops, and their families.

See Ya and Check back.


Sunday, November 19, 2006

I will address the picture first. I am sure you can figure out that Sunrises and Sunsets are about my favorite subject to take a picture of. Well the Sunrise this morning was another opportunity to snap a picture. Now the sunrise is not that great, but I have always wanted to do this with a silhouette of someone. Really I wanted to have a picture of a man, with a gun and a dog. Not wanting to ask some one to get out and stand for a picture, that know one can identify, taking an chance on blowing a shot on some early ducks, seem to be imposing on someone, so I have never done it. There was an opportunity this morning, so I took advantage of it. I can not shut the flash off on my camera, so this also made it an even more, a big chance, it was to be a failure. I thought it come out pretty good so I included it in this report.

Another cold night and had ice on the pond, again this morning. Were a few birds moving, but no wind to work with, so decoying was tough. If it would not get so warn during the day so the ice would stay on the pond, and we could develop a ice hole, it would help the hunting.

However was did have some action again this morning. Had a pair of Mallards, that ventured so close to the pond that they could not resist mellow tones of our ducks calls, henceforth found themselves victims, of our smoke poles.

Shortly after then we had one of the most baffling things happen. Ralph says he has never seen anything like it ever before. We had spotted eight Canada’s coming from the North, when they got in calling range the choir fired up and they responded. When they got close to the pits I took another look, and the boss made one more call and I seen one peal out, and it was obvious they were our birds. I put my call away, got Ol’ War Eagle in hand, as well as getting my crew ready to shoot. Just seconds latter you could hear they were very low right over the top of my blind, and one got out in front, just far enough that I seen it too. The next thing I was hearing, was Ralph calling trying to get them back. Ralph said, that he had not ever seen anything like it before. When that one pealed out four others joined and they come in “corn shucking” all the way in to about 10-15 yards above my pit, and then flew up and joined the other three, that had not made any effort to decoy. I guess they were coming in so fast, that calling a shot was impossible, any way you would expect, thay would make one more circle, and have a better shot, but they just flew out. Not scared or anything.

Later we had a loan Canada come along and we put him in the pond, feet up.

That was the total action, and some of the guys had to get to the airport for a flight back home, so we closed up and come to town a little early again today.

Please say a prayer for the troops again this evening

See Ya, And please check back


Saturday, November 18, 2006

The morning was cold and foggy. Sure put a coat of frost on all the decoys too. Had a lake full of ice and it just has to warm up everyday and melt all the ice so, we are not building any thick ice. When that gets formed we will have a good water hole every morning.

Other wise the day got started with just a few duck floating around the area, and a little later we started seeing some Canada’s get on the move South. We did decoy a couple of flocks, before they quit flying, but unfortunately were not blessed with any wind before then and had no water hole for then to get into, so they moved on. We did talk-in one Canada, and harvested him.

We did have two small flocks of ducks that tried to fly through out curtain of steel, with little success. There was a flock of three and only one escaped, and on another flock they were even less fortunate. That Flock there was just two Mallard Drakes and they were rendered DIP in short order. (for those that don’t know, that means Dead In Pond) I even have a feeling I was responsible for one of them. Now, I am not real sure but I think, I am back on track, with my shooting.

Well this is Saturday night, and that is the night I have to go Feed and Water, Mother. So to stay on her good side I must shut this down and get cleaned up for that job.

Say a prayer for all the troops tonight.

See Ya Carl

Friday, November 17, 2006

Was a day that we have been hoping for in the weather category. Clears skies and strong North West winds. This we thought, was the receipt for a great Canada shoot. Had everything, but the birds.

Early this morning we had 4 Mallards come through and we got into them and we thought we were off and running for a great day. Well, from then, until about 3:00 we seen nothing. Never did see any Canada’s, but the mallards were on the move again. It clouded up about that time and they were right there in that front. We even seen some low flying duck like they were in the area trying to find a field to feed in. Now I am not sure if they come up from the south, making them some birds, that moved in the other day and did stay in the area, or were they some birds that moved in today, and was wanting some field to feed first before they got some water. Either way it was nice to see a flock of about 100 looking at a field. I don’t remember of seeing that one time last year, and it was great to see again.

The weather sounds good for a good day, tomorrow, so we have something to hang our hope on, and I wouldn’t miss it for nuttin

No other news so will close this and get it posted.

Remember the troops, in your prayers this evening and please include their families too.

See Ya Carl

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Not as many birds today. In fact the skies were almost void of ducks. Early in the day we had a big push of Sky Carp, of course no decoying, from them.. There was no duck activity to speak of all day long.

We did have a few bunches of low flying Canada’s real early in the morning and if they would have kept that up we would have been on the horn, for reinforcements. Should have been into 4 flocks by 10:00 but, got into only two of them. That is not a bad average to get into 50% of what decoys to you. We had two great shots. One was right out in front and the other was straight up behind the pits, and both were under 40 yards. We could have done a little better job harvesting on the flocks, we did get into. But I can not point any fingers, because I still am not hitting anything yet. That is a serious personal problem, that I have to solve.

The question come up today, just where did all the ducks come from yesterday. The Boss says the come from the Sand Lake reserve. I am going to guess they come from just a very small area in northern Nebraska and Southern So. Dakota. Just in the area that the snow fell in. They are moving only when the weather pushes them out and there was no weather in the northern ¾, of So Dakota to push them. But there was snow in the area I am talking about, and it covered their food so they moved on. Now if I should be right, boy, do we have something to look forward to. If I am right there is a very big area, that is holding birds, that has to come, one of these first days. WHOW. Better get my shooting problem worked out quick.

Be sure to include all the troops in your evening prayers tonight

Check back and we will see ya


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

We had a nice strong wind from the NW, but we still had a very heavy cloud cover. Never did get any clearing of the skies, like they said we were to get.

We may have seen a record number of ducks today. With the clouds so heavy and low and the ducks seem, suddenly appear from know where, so we have no idea just how many that flew over that we didn’t see. There were literally clouds of ducks. Pappa Goose, says he has not seen so many ducks, in years and years. I will not guess on the number of Mallards we seen. We have not seen any Mallards for so long, either spring or fall that we didn’t believe there were any anymore. Well today did put our minds to eases a little on that issue, if the next reports say there is still some ducks up north, we will be in fine shape. We had reports that there, was still Mallards in Canada this past week, as well as big number in both of the Dakota’s. So if these all come from South Dakota, we may have as many ducks as they have been saying we do. Let’s hope that is true.

Now you are going to say just why didn’t you harvest a limit today.
Well as always when ever there is low cloud cover , they are just spooky. We were no worst off than any other blinds around, because they were not shooting any more than we were. I think we had about 20 ducks, 2 Canada’s, and 15 broken hearts when we closed up. Also lets hope that some of them, stay in the areas for a while, so we can have a good shoot one of these days.

We also had some real bad luck on Canada’s, but the real heart breaker was. We were closing up the pits (about 10 Minutes early), gun in cases, garbage bags laying around, blinds flaps up, people out running around, and Canada’s decoying and no one aware of them till we heard then. That is the sixth time this season that we have been caught, leaving and not off the premises and Canada’s trying to get into the lake. Maybe, just maybe, when we get a little older, we will know better.

Must get this posted. Say a prayer for all the Kids that are protecting us, here in our great nation.

See Ya and Check back


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Another slow day in the pits. However, the weather forecast is for a good shoot tomorrow, so says everyone except me. We are to have a pretty good wind out of the Northwest, and they are even talking about some snow North of us. My forecast is for a great a cooking and eating day. So we will see, who is the nearest right.

Today we had hunters from Ohio and Indiana, and could not get then a shot. I know that all has to change one of these days. The bird count in very high, in all areas from Canada down to us. The reports say, there is large of ducks still in Canada. They all have to come sometime.

I keep forgetting to say that we are leaving the Café at 5:45. And while on the Café, I have to tell you that she is not opening the day after Thanksgiving. I will be in front of there in case there is someone that don’t know the way to the pits.

Hoping for a more exciting report, Tomorrow, so check back

Say a little prayer for the boys and girls that are protecting us, all around this old world, and please asked for some comfort for their families too.

See Ya Carl

Sunday, November 12, 2006

This report has to do for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Friday, we had no action so I didn’t put out a report, thinking I would put everything on the Saturday. Well when it come to Saturday, and that day is football day, so that occupies a simple man’s mind, and I forgot that we did have a game bag, but there was on report

So here goes on Saturday. Very early in the morning, when you are expecting to have a good duck shoot, we had a single mallard, come flying to our decoys. It just so happens, we had a hunter in the pits that had just received a early Christmas present, from himself. I know his wife and I can’t believe that she even know about this self purchased present, even if he says she does. Anyway he has this new smoke pole. A Winchester Super X3. Well he is just dying to try it out. So since this duck is flying around, trying to find a nice water hole to settle into for a much need nap, Rich stands up and blast it from the sky. He didn’t give us old hunter a fair chance All the time trying to impress us, just how great this new gun fits, feels, and shoots. Why I could have a new one of them Super X 3 too, if I went and bought it for myself, I know I would not hog all the shots with it like he did.

That was the total action on Saturday. We did see some migrating geese in the morning, and did get one flock to break up and give us a look.

As for the action today. It was about the same as yesterday, but another hunter beat Rick to the shot and we had another duck in the game bag. At about noon we did have about 3-5 flocks of high Mallards come pumping through, but had no luck in getting them to decoy.

It used to be, we always had a good amount of action on the week end. I was always lead to believe that the Deer and Pheasant hunters would kick up any ducks and geese that was setting in the fields, thus providing a fair amount of action, for us waterfowl hunters. That just hasn’t been the case this year. I think we have had our worst hunting on week ends, this year.

That is all the news, so remember to say a prayer for all the hero’s that serve our country, tonight in your bed time prayers

See Ya and Check Back


Thursday, November 09, 2006

There is no picture tonight of the shoot today. Did have a few hunters and the total bag is not what it should be, but it was one great day. There were Canada’s, Canada’s, and more Canada’s, but before them we had several flocks of Ducks. Mallards Ducks. We had ducks right in there this morning and there wasn’t anything much falling. Followed by some Canada’s, with the same results. Anyway we had a pretty good bag for a days hunt. There is a lot of days when you left the pits, and had a bag of 10 big boys and 5 Mallards you would be happy. We seen so much game today that, that seem like we had a bad day. I think we had nearly 20 flocks of Canada’s and I guess there even more flocks of Mallards. Now remember that is what we seen, not what we got to decoy. With the north East wind we had everything right in our face when we shot too.

It was a fun day, especially with the missing, know one could point an laugh, even though we did. If you didn’t miss every once in a while it would not be fun to go hunting.

Had some guys that were hunting for the first time for the season and I know it takes a round or so to get into the swing of things, but that is know excuse for me.
I think I have figured out my shooting problem (need a bigger crowd and more shooters in pits). No, after one go-a-round with only noise, I kept the gun to my shoulder and I wasn’t getting the stock up on my shoulder where it should be. On next go-a-round I felt a little better about my shooting, so let’s see what goes tomorrow.

We had the feeling, that this little cold front pushed some bird down for us, and it should be good again tomorrow. Sure hope so, we have a pretty good crowd tomorrow.

Say a little prayer for all the troops tonight and please check back

See Ya Carl

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This was a day of redemption for me, but everything went wrong.

Shortly after legal time, I had got up in the steps to take a picture of the morning sunrise. There was another great one this morning, I think, the sunrises, is one of the reason’s I can venture to blinds every morning, and not, opt for a sleep in. At, about that time, I had the urge to drain off some breakfast coffee, so since I was almost out of the blind, I should just get everything done, and be ready for the morning shoot. I scanned the sky for any ducks, that may be in the area. I seen none, so I proceeded on with the task in mind. I should also say we had no hunters, and only Ralph and I are on the lake. I stepped on out of the blind and I heard a Canada “cluck”, so immediately my eyes went to the decoys in the lake, and was counting them when I heard Pappa Goose say “Carl Get Down” and I heard the “Cluck” again and it was to the north, so as I hit the ground I see a flock of geese coming real low from the North East, looking like they were wanting decoy, to the decoys behind the blind. With this “huge rock” right beside some of the decoys, that did not look too natural, so they flew out. There was about 13-15, in that flock. So I get all my actives done and return to my pit, and was taking a picture of the duck call, pictured above, I will expand on the picture later. Again Ralph tells me to get down and this time there is another pair of Big Boys coming in from the trees right north of the lake. With a little calling they settled in the lake, out of range and out of the decoys. Immanently, they went on a tour of the lake and were never in flushing range, and after about 20 minutes they got up and flew on South. As these two birds were leaving there was another Canada come lumbering in from the North West and landed in the duck decoys. We have them set out about 70 Yards from the blinds so this bird is on the fringe, so he escapes unmolested and it is only about 8:20. Three chances at redeeming myself were avoided, as well as all chances of embarrassment were avoided. We give up the watch early, hoping for a lake full for tomorrow, because we have some hunter to back me up.

The picture at the top is a picture I took of the duck call that Lyle Bohannon gave Ralph yesterday. It is a gorges call made by DOA, and they inscribed on the barrel “LEGEND OF THE OUTDOORS RALPH KOHLER. Also itched into the metal band around the barrel is two ducks, one on each side of the Manufacture’s logo. As I said it is very nice, and a fantastic memento, to set with his trophy’s. Hats off to Lyle, for a great thought.

I am learning all about, “this sight” just as some of you are, so I must pass on the info I have figures out about the picture. You can Click on the picture and it is enlarged and then you can click on the little box and enlarge it again, I think this will make it possible to see the inscription on the call, if I get it attached.

As always say a little prayer, for all the troops that protect this great nation this evening in your bedtime prayer

See Ya


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I guess I need to put out a report at least every other night or I get E-Mail phone call, etc. So I will try to bring you up to speed on the past three days.
Sunday there was no action, but I tried to up load a picture for all to see. Didn’t get it done
Monday there was a big story and we just as soon not tell you about it and I tried to up load a picture for you to look at and was unsuccessful with the picture
Today I tried to up load a picture, for you all to enjoy and I don’t have the slightest reason to believe it is there, but not for sure. If it is there it is the Sunrise from this morning. Other than the phone calls asking about the hunt yesterday the picture was a terrific sight. Nothing to report for today, except for, four Spoonies.

So here goes on a report on Mondays shoot. We had a fair number of flocks of duck in the area, however we could get nothing into range of our lake, much less in range of our guns. At around 10:30 we spotted a rather large flock of Canada’s flying West toward the West lake. They acted like they were just coming back home and was glad to see it, all were corn shucking etc, like they do when they get to a familiar spot. They leveled off and made an 180 degree turn and headed back to the North lake. About one half way back to the North lake they spotted our spread, and they never pumped a wing from that point on.

Splitting into two groups, there was a flock of about 15-18 birds that was dropping and it was apparent they were planning on a turn over the lake, get behind the decoys and land. Now this puts them sailing right for the blind, coming in with a roaring 6MPH wind, turning right up over the top of our blind. Now remember, the fact they are coming in with this roaring wind, if this is not enough pressure on all the hunters present, but the boss has to inject, “everyone should take three”, see this is the daily limit. Now remember they are riding this strong wind, and are at the extreme range of at least 30 very long yards. Now I must inject we were handicapped because we need more shooters, and these big birds are very tough to harvest. There was the fear that the sun could get into your eyes, so see we all were very nervous. And again I must emphasis, they were coming with the wind, and the pressure, the boss put on us by saying we should harvest three. The command is given to TAKE’EM. Well expecting to see, the area around the blinds, littered with birds, everyone was shocked, when we seen only empty shell casings, and weeds on the ground behind the blinds. We all missed, no birds on the ground. The boss isn’t shooting, so he is laughing, pointing, talking, and dialing. Now I know if they were spoonbills there would have been at least 12 laying on the ground, see they die easy, but these big tough SOB (you all know what SOB means) and can carry a load. You just can’t guess, how far you have to lead a Canada goose coming with the wind like we had, especially when they have it in glide mode. It was a tough shot. It is a bitter pill to swallow to admit we missed.

You would have thought it was on the news, by the phone calls to the blind this morning, and they all demanded a full confession of failure. I DKADT (that means Didn’t Kill A Damn Thing). I had to tell several people that this morning. They all acted like they were a Priest, and forced a full confession from me and demanded a report tonight. I think the Boss is still dialing and talking, too. I sure hope you can understand they were moving.

Remember all the troops in your Prayers this evening
See Ya Carl

Saturday, November 04, 2006

No action at the pits today. But when it is the 4th of November and it is still getting into the 60’s for a high for the day, the birds just don’t want to move. They like it just a little colder to make them happy. Spotted just a few ducks and just a few geese. I suppose the geese were our local birds and they know just where every spread is.

However I still have a story for you. This one I was supposed to write yesterday but this old man’s memory was just a little bad and I forgot.


This hunt took place on Nov 3 1974. I was to be home by 2:00 for my Daughters 10 birthday party. It was a Sunday and we had a pretty good duck shoot in the early morning, but there was some huge flocks of Snows and Blues, on the move. There is a dispute between Ralph and I, on some of the facts, but I know I am right.

Ralph kept saying if we would just move to the other side we could get into some of those geese. Finally he and his crew moved to the pits on the West side. At about 12:00 noon they got into a small flock of 8 geese, on that side, and took 5 and the other 3 come across the lake and we harvested the other 3 on the East side. Ralph’s crew was from Minnesota, and had to head back home. (My story) This made it so there was enough room for everyone on the West side. ( Ralph’s story) The rest of us would not move earlier. So everyone move to the West side, and we got settled in. Wasn’t long before we were into another flock of S&B’s. That was the last time, we had everyone back in the blinds for a go-round on birds. There was always someone still chasing and picking up birds, when the next shot, was called.

When the day ended we had a BIG BAG of geese. 64 was the count. And all taken after noon. Shells were at a premium, as the day come to a close, some people would shoot only one shot at a flock some chose to shoot two shots. There are several stories inside of this story but not enough time for any of them.

You will have to buy my book for them. It ain’t been rite yet, but I’m working on it.

We find out latter, that Kohler’s was the only spread, that was getting into them birds that day on the Tekamah bottom. There will never be a day like it again. There has been days when more birds were taken, but there will never be a day when you will take that many or more birds in that little time, when shooting was that often, when you have such huge flocks decoying to you at the same time and so little time between flocks. It was an unbelievable time, day, shoot. My daughter don’t remember her birthday near as well as I do.

Say a little prayer for the troops tonight

See Ya and Check back


Friday, November 03, 2006

Was a short day today. Therefore it is a short report.

Seen a few bunches of Mallards, and several flocks of Sky Carp, but nothing would decoy.

We spotted a small flock of Canada’s in the decoys this morning before legal, so there was some great strategic plans made, as just how these critters would be made nervous enough to rise from the ice and come over our blinds. So with windage, elevations, light calculations, and fear factor all figured in, WE HAD A PLAN We waited for legal time to come into affect, counting down each and every second. Well at 5 minutes 58 and one half seconds, BLST. (that means Before Legal Shooting Time) they got up and flew right over the pits, and we could not shoot. We had one other big boy fly in and was harvested, that was the total bag for the day.

God bless out troops and say a prayer for them tonight, please

See Ya and check back


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Well we got into the Canada’s today, and had some hard luck on a couple of other flocks. One flock we had a big combine just across the lake on the shore line, at the very worst time. They wanted in there so bad ,that the combine had not bothered them, when the combine was further to the south, see the blinds are all most to the north end of the lake, and was picking out the end rows, and coming north all the time they were trying to get in. I sure hope he didn’t see them, because if he did, that was sure a dirty trick not to just stop and give us a chance to get a shot.

We did have a pretty good crew today, and we come real close, to a limit for all the day hunters. I think we ended up with 10-11 Canada’s and a hand full of ducks.

The ducks were not as plentiful today as they have been the past couple, three days.

We had Ice again this morning and no wind again for about 2.5 hours, so that always hurts. Later did get a pretty good wind out of the NW at maybe 7-10 MPH

When we got into the one flock of Canada’s we should have harvested several more, but in yours truly case someone must have stole the shot out of my shells. I gave them the (full gun full) and never knocked a bird down. The geese were low and only 30 yds out in front of the pits. I had my eye on the bird I was going on, for a couple of seconds before we went. I thought I would let 4 go by and I would go on #5 bird. He was on the outside, I am sure he was in range, and I gave him everything I had in the gun. He would just not go down. There was a dozen or so birds and we took only 5 out of the group, should have had 8 to all of them down. On the next go around that was a tough shot and I shot only 2 shells and put one of them down. Maybe I can’t hit a close shot????????????

Enough complaining. Please say a little prayer for the troops tonight in your bed time prayer

See Ya Carl

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Seen plenty of birds today, decoying them was not easy. The duck movement has slowed down , but there was big number of geese on the move. Specks, Cacklers, Canada’s, and Snows and Blues

We did get into one bunch of ducks and wiped them out ending up with at small total of 5 for the day.

Again this morning we had some Snows and Blues, in the carp decoy’s.

But, most of the geese we seen today was real high and it was tough to get them to look at us. One flock of S&B’s that passed over, this morning had 8 Dark geese in them. We called the dark geese out of that flock, and they put on quite a decoying display as they come in. There was one big old Canada and 7 Cacklers. The Cacklers want in first to start with, and got away from the old Canada, before they got in, all pulled out and went to the North lake and then come back to our lake. Well on the return, the roles changed and the big goose was the one that wanted in the worst. The little geese were coming in, but the big boy, was there for the taking, and the 7 little ones was coming in, right in the sun, so the boss made the call to take the one. I think as most, it was the right decision, but you always have time to second guess, when it was all over. What would have happened if he was to land and get scared and scurry out and take the other one with him???? Or he land out, and the little ones, did not come on in???? It was the right call.

Then we had a flock of about a Dozen big boys come in and we had a couple of marginal shots on them, where we may have put a couple three down, but they were doing everything right, and looked like, one more round and we would have a chance at several. Well when they turned out they heard an airplane, over the river and all escaped unmolested. That was the highlights of the day. Ducks, One snow and one Can.

Say a little prayer for all the troops tonight and check back

See Ya Carl

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Today was not as we expected. Had a lake full (1000+) of Snows and Blues when we arrived this morning. As usual they out smarted us, and got out without any of them getting hurt. Was expecting to see a big push of dark geese today, but that was not the case. However we did see several huge bunches of the Snow and Blues, on the move South. Flocks were in the hundreds of birds, and some were so high, you just have to wonder if we missed more than we seen.

I don’t know if I said, that most of the ducks we seen yesterday were Pintails, well there was not near the ducks today either, and I think we got over the hump on pintails. There was quite a few mallards today and we had a few more hunters today so we had a fair shoot on ducks. The total was just over 20 in the bag

We did have a pair of little Cacklers drop in on us today, and we took both of them. There is a secondary story on those two. They were both banded, so it will be interesting as to when and where that happened. What, is the chances that both would be banded. So when we find out ‘the rest of the story’ I will pass it on. We kept the bands, and let the customers take the birds.

Another story, I need to relate to you. All the customers, decided they had hunted long enough, and decided we would close up at 4:00. I went and got the truck and while we cleaned and closed the pits, one of the members took a load of costumers up to the parking lot. We had all the work done, and was waiting for the truck to come back and pick us up, when we heard some dark geese. Looked up and there was 28 Hutch and Cacklers decoying in, and was wanting in very bad. I think that has happened 5 times so far this fall, that before we was off the property, when we had geese come in.

Have to get busy, so will let you go.

Ask our maker, to take care of our troops, tonight in your prayers, and please check back

See Ya Carl

Monday, October 30, 2006

We started the day with just Ralph and I, and it was obvious that we were needing some help. The ducks were decoying in like only most duck hunter dream about. With a little arm twisting we had some support on the way. Finely we got the hunter count up to 6 that includes RK, and he don’t have a gun.
We also started out with one great Sunrise too. It was great enough to make the trip to the pits worth it, all by it’s self.

I’m sorry but I just have to say this right quick like. “Why I wouldn’t miss tomorrow for nuttin.” I will give you some figures to support that thought. Pappa Goose quit writing down the flocks of ducks at 51 flocks. And there were enough flocks after that to have a great and succesfull days hunt. There was I think 9 flocks of Whitefronts, One flock of Cacklers, One flock of Big Canada’s. It take several pages in his log book to get all those flocks wrote down.

I need to inject that we started out with a fair South East wind, and it gradually moved to the North West and got up to about 35 MPH

A couple of our guns could only stay for an hour or so, and most of our ducks had passed by that time, so with just three guns to do the shooting we still end up with a pretty damn good bag of birds, when we called it a day..

I will give you the story a few birds at a time. We had Whitefronts almost get into us a couple of times, real early. But they, are always tough to get into harvesting range, so we missed on several bunches, that way. Also, they combined the Soybean field just East of the pond, and as luck would have it, they costs us a couple go-a-rounds, on Specks too. We did have a pair come in and do everything right for us and we harvested them. They were two very big Specks, We think they may be the Greater Whitefront goose, we have no way to check it out. Shortly there after, we had a flock of 12 Cacklers come in and give us just a marginal shot on them, but we did harvested 5 of them. Just before we called it a day we had a nice flock (20+ birds), of big Canada’s come in from a mile high and over the river. Of course, they got South East of the pits and got real low and come dragging up through the lake, some of the time we were wondering if they was going to give it up and land before they got to us. They finely got up to us and we put 3 of them down. In this wind if you didn’t hit on the first shot, you just forget it. So 3 guns 3 birds ,and we are proud, of that round.

So again I will say it “I wouldn’t miss tomorrow for Nuttin. If all possible you shouldn’t either.

So remember the troops with a little prayer this evening.

See Ya and Check Back


Sunday, October 29, 2006

Today is the first day after the time change, back to standard time. For some reason this seem to be a tough day for people to get up and come hunting. Now, I think some of them miss set their clocks and don’t want any of us to know any different, and some have just give up, and write the day off, because this is always a ‘short hunter’, day. When we went to the pits this morning there was only Ralph and I, and Ralph is not carrying his gun. Later in the morning one more hunter walked in, for obvious reasons he will remain name less. Now this is just the setting you up, for the activates, that took place later on, in the morning.

Now for the real hunting story. There were several chances for ducks but before NLA arrived that means Name Less Arrived. But I passed on them, and then there was a lone Speck at about 80 yards that Ralph would not let me go on him, because he didn’t want me to inform all, from today on, that I placed him DIP That means Dead In Pond, so he escaped unharmed. Then just a little later we spotted a nice flock of Whitefront’s, flying real low, looked like that they had just got kicked out of a field just north of us. They didn’t give us a good look, as the continued on there Merry Ol’ Way South.

The boss had some places to go and Name Less and I said we could go and let him have a little time off. At about this time, we spotted three Big Boys trying to slip in on us, and drink the lake dry. So we fired up the horns and pulled them over to our side of the pond. The boss gave the command “Take Em” From now on, this would be easer if I wasn’t so damn modest. Most of you know I refer to my self as a OSFF that means Old Slow Fat Fart. Before, OSFF could get my smoke pole (War Eagle) into action, he says “hurry up”, making yours truly just a little more nervous. Well,----- when the smoke cleared there was one DIP, one mortally wounded, sailing to the south trying to get out of my sight, before the inevitable, took place. The third was shocked beyond , good reasoning and come back by and Ol” War Eagle gave him another load, as he sailed off to the West lake, I know he will never see Kansas . (I got that line from another hunter) Now believe me when I say that these were big birds. I don’t think a one will go as light as 12 lbs. 24 ounces.

The boss has the rest of the day off, and I have some great memories, that I will never-ever-ever bring up again, before tomorrow.

Say a little prayer for the troops tonight and check back.

I promise, I won’t put this much BS in one report again, unless there is an opportunity to do so.

See Ya

Killer Karl

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hardly any wind this morning, so made the decoying and shooting very difficult. Got into ducks only one time. There was a few ducks around early, And some were Mallards, so the good shooting is getting close.

The spotting of geese was not as successful as should be this late in the year. I think we seen only 3 or 4 flocks and they were all small flock and had none, in the area of the lake.
The geese we did see were some Specks and some Cacklers. Had one big Canada, give us a circle, before moving on South, he looked like he had had a blind fight , before getting to us.

Most of the hunters wanted to get back home in time for the game so not much hunting after the noon hour.

One of these days we will have another good day this fall. Sure did start out good, but that all shut down and we have the feeling that we may have to go to bird identification class, so we can be sure we haven’t been letting the wrong birds pass by.

Not much news to report so will close this up.

So remember the troops tonight in your bed time prayers

See Ya Carl

Friday, October 27, 2006

Had a great wind today, and the clouds disappeared, by mid morning, but the bird refused to give us an opportunity for any harvesting. Boy that was great to have a sunshiny day again. Seems like we have not had any sunshine for over a week. It sure was refreshing, to see today.

We seen several (4-6) big flocks of Specks on the move. Had only one flock that decoyed for a short time early in the day. Once, we seen them we thought we would have several flock before the day ended, but that was not the case. We do, have the feeling that tomorrow will be a good push of Specks. So I guess I should say "why I wouldn’t miss tomorrow for nuttin. The forecast for the wind is for another day of fairly strong winds form the North West. We also need to be seeing some Canada’s. The sky has been void of them for several days too.

Did spot some Mallards, that was on the move, but we were not successful in harvesting any of them either. It is getting to be the time, in the season if we are going to see some Mallards, we should be seeing them real soon. All of the reports from the North, that there is plenty of them up there. Will be fun to say, we seen some again. We have been having plenty of rain and they are not getting the ground turned over on the bottom, like they have in past years, so I am guessing if we ever get some Mallards they should stick around for a while.

Remember the troops in your evening prayers, and please check back

See Ya Carl

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thurs hunt was short again. We got some rain over the night and it was very muddy out at the pond.

Ralph, Lyle, and I all walked in, just to see if there was anything on the pond and see if anything was flying, that we should be excited about. The boss always tells us that they don’t like to fly when there is allot of moisture in the air, and he was totally right this morning. The biggest movement we seen, is when we got out of the pits after daylight and all the duck that was on the pond got up and moved to the south end.

Never seen, heard, or smelled a goose. Was hoping for a small flock of Specks, to come visit, but no such luck.

Got word this morning that Garry Mason, this is the founder of the Legends of the Outdoors, was sick and had to be flown back to his home in Tennessee. He has just found out he has diabetes and his sugar level had got very high. Garry had just hunted with us a few days ago, and was in South Dakota hunting when he was stricken. So this evening when you touch base with our maker, please include him and the troops in your evening Prayers.

Check back and I’ll see ya


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tuesday the 24 we didn't any hunters so didn't hunt, so I didn't update, with a report. However, on a trip back to the pits late in the afternoon, kicked a rather large flock (75+) of Cacklers off the lake. There was reports of the Whitefronts were on the move, so there is a possibility that there were a few of then in that bunch too.

Today he had a couple of interesting hunters, hunting with us today. We had some reminiscing, coming over the speakers in the pits. Montie West, who used to hunt with Ralph and was Ralph's partner in the Decoy bushiness. Along with him was Reed Kennedy, who was the publisher of Ralph book. So the conversation over the Intercom was rather interesting all day long, as stories of river hunting, stories of old timers, and I am sure you get the picture.

As for the excitement for the day, this all unfolded around 10:30. Stated out with spotting of three big Canada's over the West lake, moving to the North lake. While watching them we spotted a large flock of about 50 geese moving right towards us. Soon I D-ed then as a flock of Whitefront's. After giving all three lakes in the area a good look they settled down and sailed into our lake, looking like they were going to land in middle of the pond, but gained a little altitude, and hooked right up over the pits, about 55 yards high. That is a marginal shot so the boss, was going to give them one more circle. But the got all grouped up again and flew our, and we never seen them again. This is one time where hind sight is 20-20 and foresight was a bad decision.

Please remember all the troops that are in harms way, tonight in your bedtime prayers.

See Ya and please check back


Monday, October 23, 2006


Early this morning just after arriving we heard Specks, and they were very close, but it was so dark we never seen them. We never heard them again so we had to believe they were setting in the lake and we woke them, and they left the area before it got dangerous.

Had a couple of go-a-rounds on duck, but not to many of them around today. Nothing like it was yesterday for ducks. That was a good push of Mallards. One of the ducks we bagged today was a big drake and if they all as fat as this one, you can rest assured, they are finding enough food.

The thrill of the day: Pappa Goose was looking across the lake and spotted 4 birds coming right at us, we almost mistook them for another bird, for just a minute or two. After gathering our wit's, and a few toots on the old goose horn, and we had them in the bag. This is the first time in several years we have seen, a family group of Snows on the move. Any more they seem to always be in huge flocks numbering into the hundreds, instead of being just a few to maybe 30 in a flock. Spotting, S&B in the fall, send me back down old memory lane, as I reflect on time when we would come out in October, and we would almost be assured, that before the days end, you would have 2 to maybe 10 go-a-rounds on them before days end. Back in those days a flock of 30 birds was viewed a large flock. They would turn into the wind and stand there as they studied out every minute detail, of the spread before they would get down into range of our smoke poles. Your old pulse rate was sky high before the, go command, was given.

Enough of that stuff of days gone by, I had better get this up so you all can check it out.

Remember all the boys and girls that are protection our nation tonight, in your prayers

See Ya ,and check back


Sunday, October 22, 2006

There were duck a plenty, this morning and spotted a few geese on the move early this morning. Also there were big flocks of loons on the move also.

The ducks seem to decoy pretty good, but we didn't seam to fill the bag up to fast. We have to call it a major mallard migration, but again we just didn't got the shots we thought we should have.

Just after noon we had a lone Canada drop in and surprise everyone landing in the decoys. We placed him in the bag a few minutes latter. Then we had 3 Specks give us several swings and one of them got polished off also.

For the second day in a row, as we were cleaning up and closing up the pits for the night we had Canada's pop in on us, and try to get into the pond. Tonight the flock contained just 5, but if we would have been ready for them we could have them in the bag also.

All in all it was a fun day and one with several times we got up and shot.

As you can see we are under an all new format for this report, and I hope you all enjoy. Have a way figured out to contact all my AOL readers and give them the new address, so hope everything is back on track.

As always please say a little prayer for all the troops tonight in your evening prayers

See Ya