Friday, March 27, 2009

A late surprise

We were back in the pits today. Things were a little slow, in the bird department. Took some time to spot the first couple little flocks. The word is there are birds in the area on some of the wetland lands restorations areas, as well there are birds staying a Desota Bend refuge. . We have taken birds everyday we have hunted this spring. We didn’t hunt the Icy day or Mon, Tue, Wed or Thurs, of this week. But if we hunted we took some birds. Some how we though if we would just wait it out, our wait would be rewarded. Well it was worth the wait. Had about 20 (mixed bag of Snow Blues, and Ross’s), drop in on us from the south. When I say drop in I mean DROP IN. They cupped up and come right down into the spread. Had to take then on the first round. Shooting was not the best, but they were close enough to get the smoke pole empty. We took 3. Pack gear and headed home. We thought for a while our record for the year was going to be broke, but the trend continued.

Remember the troops with a bed time prayer, and check back tomorrow, hoping for a bigger report

See Ya Carl

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Small crew but a real wrecking crew

Not many hunters today but for the birds we did see we done a real job on. I think we figured out, if we counted one bird that made it to the west lake and they picked it up, that we killed 75% of the birds that got into our shooting zone. On three go-a-rounds we took 15 of 20 birds.

The picture shows what DIP means. If you count there is 6 in the picture. The spray of water is a dog going after one and there was one on out from where the dog is at and one right in front of her. I am making the picture small, so you should be able to click on it and then enlarge. I think and I hope.

An important date coming up and that is April 24, 2009. That is the Annual Kohler Dinner. So here is all the important info you need to know. If you read this report and want to attend, please show up. As I always say there is a strict dress code. NO CAMMO, NO WADERS, NO SMOKE POLES and no DUCK OR GOOSE CALLS. So here goes

Annual Kohler Dinner
When Friday April 24, 2009
Where Anthony’s Steak House
Time 6:00 Cocktails & Conversation
Dinner is served 7:00

I do not have menu as yet but there is some type of a program and Ralph gives us an update on the two seasons. So grab your sweetie, because that is what this is for, and that is to say "Thank You" to the loves in our lives, for letting us go hunting, while they stayed home cooking, cleaning and chasing the kids ETC. At a latter date I will post the menu, Address of Anthony’s and any other info I can’t think of right now.

Say a prayer for the troops tonight and check back.
See Ya Carl

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another two day report

Will start on Friday: First thing and I mean First Thing in the morning, we had a nice flock of about 25 Snows and Blues, come right over the pits. There was numerous problem involved in shooting. Like we were surprised and no one was ready to shoot, some was not even loaded. Then there was the problems like; its cloudy, are they S&B’s, is there any Whitefronts mixed in?? They were not talking, not yet daylight, and it is cloudy making it even more dark, even though it is legal shooting time, so ID-ing them, was a problem. Well all problem were solved and after about 4 rounds we went into action. Put 8 DIP. Later in the morning we had a flock of 5 give us a swing. Two give us a shot so took them and got both. And that was the action for Friday.

Now to today Saturday. Was much slower. Was almost noon before we got a flock in and it was a flock of about 8 and took 5 of then. These were Ross’s and there was a couple other flocks of Ross’s and that was about all we seen.

Have several reports of plenty of geese still south and also report that 1000’s are all laid up in the resting areas (wetlands restorations areas) in the county today. I guess the were sun bathing, as well as socializing and not concerned weather we were being bored to death or not.
This is Saturday so I have to get Mother ready to take a swing on the town tonight.

Remember the troops tonight in your prayers and be sure to check back
See Ya Carl

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Both the action and reports, say it is not over yet

They are still moving through, and some decoy and some don’t. But I would say we got into our share today. Was down on hunters but on three go-a-rounds, and one of those rounds it was just a desperation shot. We harvested 10 plus today. My shooting is beyond bad, therefore no help at all.

Reports are there is plenty of birds to come our way yet. I know they have really slowed down, but they are decoying better. Have really had a pretty good week as far as total birds we put in the pond, not all DIP, but still we are picking them up. Most of the birds are young birds and Ross’s but we are getting some pretty decoying, now.

I know this is short but need to get it posted. Remember to say a prayer for all the troops that serve our country

See Ya Carl

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We hammered a few again today

Had a great morning. Think every flock, that come along we got into, for a while. Got started about sunrise and I am not for sure the number of go-a-rounds we had, but we totaled out at 26 or 27 birds. Had some great shots, that was preceded by some pretty decoying. Made this old man think of years past, and of the early fall hunts. Just a few birds in a flock, that drop in with their beauty and grace. We may call them Sky Carp, but when they give you a pretty show like they can do, while decoying and then reward you with a great shot, there is no better hunting.

Anyway from about sunrise to about 11:00 we were seeing smaller flocks and they worked real good, but then the larger flocks come along and they are harder to get to work. Most of today’s actions, was all Juvie. Now if we can just get a big snow storm up north and drive then all back again, could make for a good spring hunt

Better post this, so say a prayer for the troops and please check back
See Ya Carl

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A powder burning day

Sorry about not being any report last evening. We had made a decoy shift, and got home late and then a some phone calls followed by some very important E-mails, then supper, and then to lazy to go back to the computer. We had about 10 birds, and had seen plenty of birds. What we could call a fair day but nothing to compare to today’s hunt

For today;
Personally, I do not relish a day when the wind changes directions, while we hunt. My phrase is "You don’t see geese until the wind get into the direction it is going to be in at sunset". Well the birds didn’t care just what direction the wind was today. When we were heading out this morning the wind was in the Southeast. We shot geese. Later, it shifted to the Southwest, again we shot geese. The same when it was in the West and then again the Northwest.

Had a hunter there today that was celebrating a birthday, His wife give him a days hunt with us for his birthday, he told me tonight it was his best birthday ever. She pick a great day.

I think we had about 6 go-a-rounds and a total of over 40 birds and could have been double that with just a little luck. Many shell pass through the ol’ smoke pole today. Many empty shell boxes hit the trashcan tonight.

Must go, so please say a little prayer for the Young Men and Women, that serve this country, tonight and every night. Also must say THANKS to the readers at SDSU, but shouldn’t you be studying??

Please check back
See Ya Carl

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mid March Report

An open (ice free) pond, nice south wind, temps in the upper 50’s, along with some migrating geese should spell a good to great day, of snow goose hunting. Well it was not a waste of time but it was not the powder burning day you would think we would have. They moved decoys and change tactics of calling and nothing really worked. Either we have lost our memory, of just how to hunt them or they have just got very suspicious of any thing that could be a decoy. We had several big bunches over us today but can get only a very few to get into gun range. I pulled out a little early, because of a family commitment tonight but when I left we had about 15 in the game bag. If There is a bigger game bag, I will up date you tomorrow, night.

Best get this posted. So say a prayer for the troops and check back
See Ya Carl

Saturday, March 14, 2009

They are still decoying

Was still froze up this morning and the birds were still spooky. The ice finely got soft enough and the wind was blowing, so the young guys walked the ice into small pieces and the wind made short work of the rest. Within an hour the lake was almost ice free.

Again today we decoyed thousands of birds but believe me if they are as tough cooked as they are alive there is no way you could drive a fork into the gravy, let on the bird. Did see one tumble today, but it must have been a small bird there, he was dodging. They are not going to let you know they are interested in your spread. In years past if we had seen this many birds decoy we would have been stacking 4 to 5 dozen in the game bag. We didn’t hit 2 dozen today. The troops shot good too, so that is not the excuse.

Meant to report last night that we had seen our first JUVIE. We took one yesterday, but we had a pretty good number of them today, among the ones we took.

This is Saturday so I have my duty to take mommy out, so must hit the tub and shine my shoes.

Remember the troops in you bed time prayers and please check back
See Ya Carl

Friday, March 13, 2009

Two for one today

First off there is an important announcement WE NOW ARE LEAVING THE CAFÉ AT 6:15.

Next to explain yesterday and the activity. I had a problem with a tire on my hunting van. No customers in my pit, so I come it to get a different tire, check with a DR. and get a new Bulb in the headlight of my van. Well I got the tire fixed shot home to check with the Dr., to see if I could get in to see him. Well, there was not time for a visit with him, so I sat down in my chair. See, I have this bad infection in my body, that kicks in every once in a while. What happens, when I but some pressure on my BUTT it forces my eyes shut. When my wife had supper ready, she woke me and it was to late to check with the boss and write a report. So I got one of the three jobs done.

As for the activity for Thursday they had 3 go-a-rounds.

Now for today’s activity. We are getting a few guns and some of them can shoot. Was into geese 4 times today. Have to tell you that on one go-a-round we took 19 birds out of the flock. There was plenty of birds, but is was some darn good shooting too.

They decoyed pretty good today, but believe me when I say they are very cautious. I have not seen a light goose do there thing and appear happy they have found a place to set down and give us a good show, yet this year. That is the fun in hunting Sky Carp, They used to give us a real show, with there "corn shucking" or tumbling as the come in. I used to think, they had the idea that there was a race to see just which one could get into the spread first. It was a thrilling show, but they are so cautious any more.

Now remember that we are leaving earlier, 6:15, and also remember to say a prayer for the troops tonight. Please check back

See Ya Carl

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


You guys, You can not hunt these geese from your arm chair. Do you realize there was a big snow storm north us and those geese can not find food under the snow. We seen thousands of birds today and almost all of our hunters, had over a box of shell slip out the barrel of their smokepole on a crash course with a birds today. NINE TIMES-9-NINE TIMES, do you understand 9 times we went into action. And you set there in front of the TV, watching Dr. Phil or something other boring show. It should not been a tough job figuring that all the birds that went north would be back with all the snow that fell in the Dakota’s yesterday. I don’t know what it is going to take to wake you guys up, if you don’t show up, it is not because you have not been told

Have to go, so remember the troops in you bed time prayers and please check back

See Ya Carl

Monday, March 09, 2009

A little action, after a long wait

Things were slow for a long time today. Was not seeing to many, and the ones we did see would not finish for us. We killed one out of two. We had some big competition, all the birds were going into the west lake, and no one was hunting over there. It is pretty tough to hunt when you have a couple thousand birds in the same section of land. For some reason they like live birds over our fakes. Also they seam to like each other’s company, and don’t mind being a little crowded. I took a phone call from a hunter that wanted to come out and hunt when he got off work and I told him, not to waste his time. Well things turned around, and we started getting some birds in and we killed 13 more after I told him it stay home. Bet he is going to tell me thank you, the next time we meet. We changed the decoys, and that may have helped, but the Boss says he don’t like what they look like yet.

I forgot to tell you that on Sunday we had 5 real big swans, come in and set for a few minutes. They looked like their necks were 4 feet long. They were nervous, and kept their heads high, checking for danger. Didn’t think there should be people standing in holes and watching them, so didn’t stick around long. Still was an interesting sight never the less.

Best post this so Check back and say a prayer for the troops.
See Ya Carl

Sunday, March 08, 2009

We are needing help

Wake up, you hunters. The snows and blues are moving through and we are in need of hunters. I know when I tell you that we killed only one bird today, you are going to say why get excited for one bird. Well I was the only one shooting at that bird, and there were more to be shot at. We had thousands of birds down on us today, and there we set. They were doing pretty good, as far as the decoying went today and, all were in pretty good size flocks. The one I shot was a loner but you don’t want to tell a thousand birds we were there, by one guy shooting into a big flock. Also you just have to know, you can’t kill a bird, by sleeping late, and not hunting.

Please remember to say a prayer for the troops, tonight and I hope we have a better report tomorrow.
See Ya Carl

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Better success today

Had some action today. There was not to many on the move but we made the best out of what was moving. Was also a little short on fire power, and it showed up on the kill side of the ledger. We had 7 or 8 guns today and there was two go-a-rounds, and counting one we could not pick up we had 15 for the day. But today was marked with our first great decoying birds. The first flock was pretty early in the day and once they locked up I don’t recall them pumping their winds until we shot. Those are the sights, that us Sky Carp Shooter, really enjoy. The only problem was the wind made their decoying back behind the blind today. Don’t want to complain about the wind to much, because we have not had any for two days, and we had a great wind today. However, it put the birds behind the blind so we could not get our joy’s watching them do there thing, as they sail into the spread. They are the greatest for putting on a decoying show as they come in and that is what we love to see.

We are to get some snow and we think these birds were moving back into this part of the country to get ahead of the storm. as it moves South

This is Saturday night so have to take the little woman out for a meal so best, post this a go.
Remember to say a little prayer for all our hero’s tonight. Please check back and we’ll see ya Carl

Friday, March 06, 2009

The Blue Ross

I got it done. You should be able to click on the picture and enlarge.

There tough this year

Tonight’s, reports is going to be short. Have received the picture of the Blue Phase Ross goose, and I have spent an hour trying to move it into a file so I could post it on this report. Well my computer skills are not tuned for such an operation, so assistance is required.

As for today hunt. The birds are still tough and they even slowed down on there decoying. I think we seen as many birds today as yesterday, but much fewer would decoy. Also had the ice to go out of the lake, so we have a wide open hunting place as of now. Sounds like there is going to be a cooler spell coming in so will put back ice at night, but most likely loose it during the day.
As for the kill today: As I said we decoyed fewer today, than yesterday and the shooting slowed down today as well. Had a pair that got into gun range and they took one, along with one flock. And only one of then was taken too. We worked as hard but the results come up short.

Maybe I will get the picture moved into a file later and get it post another time.

Please check back later and say a prayer for the troops tonight
See Ya Carl

Thursday, March 05, 2009

There on the Move

Well when "Ol’ Sol" raised his head and come over the horizon, for the first day back in the pits, we had already seen some ducks and some Canada’s. We had no idea just what was in store for us today. They are on the move, and what a great day. The kill was not out standing, but flock after flock decoyed, and I do not mean, little flock either. There was flock of 5 and there was flocks of nearly 500. The boss is saying we had to have upwards of 30 flocks, that decoyed, but with absolutely no wind, to harvest, what we did was, a near miracle. Also, the lake was totally covered with ice, With the warm weather we had today it is getting pretty rotten. We did get a little wind late in the day, we had just one flock out of 3 that we did not get into. Took 4 out of one flock and two out of another. Never the less, it was an enjoyable day. Early season jitters and a few other problem plagued, our shooting, Another reason for such a low total. The mud is so bad right now, so blinds floor, gun stocks, and everything else is muddy, and it handicaped some of us big time.

Another thing of beauty, was the ducks, Canada’s and a few Specks, were all putting on a show for us to enjoy, most of the day. Some of the flocks of Canada’s were huge. Some time numbering into the hundreds. Ducks like we never seen last fall. One time we had around 500 ducks flying all around when we were trying to decoy some Snow and blues. One sight I missed seeing today, we did not see one goose do what we call "corn shuck". That is when they pull the tumbling act, as they decoy, maybe they don’t do that on still days.

Before I forget to put it into this report. We got a phone call from another group of hunting in the Schlyler area today saying that they had Shot a very rare bird. They took a blue phase Ross goose. Later in the day through some technology that I do not under stand, we had a picture on a cell phone. Sure looked like it is what they were saying. Had a short pink bill, and a very weird blue pattern on it. Sure wish I could be that lucky, I think they are worth a few bucks, and have heard report there is no such thing. Well I seen one and that is my story and I am going to stick with it. Will work on getting a picture and post it soon.

We are back at it tomorrow, so hoping for some better numbers for the report then. So please check back and please say a prayer for all the Men and Women who serve our country, tonight
See Ya Carl

Monday, March 02, 2009

After the big storm

Since I am receiving phone calls and E-Mails, asking for the results of the week end hunt. Well Mother Nature, canceled all plans of such hunt. I said that there was at least a 4-5 inch snow fall and there is a guy that has a custom snow removal business here, said if I would have scooped as much as he did, I would know it was between 6 and 7 inches. Either amount plus the cold wave, canceled and put me right back into the recliner for another snooze.

Reports are that as soon as there is a little water and some bare ground, we will be back in the saddle again. Rockie is driving in, on Wednesday, so for sure we will be hunting on Thursday. We have some great warm weather forecast, starting today and it gets better everyday, this week.

Reports before the snow storm, there were 1,222,630 geese at Squaw Creek, or Mound City Mo. That is the last stopping point before our area. We had just a few in the area before the storm and from reports I got from the BOSS he seen a flock of over 100, do just as he wanted then to do. Reports, he was very excited about their flight path. SOUNDS GOOD TO ME.
So Pull the plug, oil the old gal up, pack a lunch, and plunk your butt, on the seat and lets have some full.

Will be reporting again as soon as we hit the pits, and have some action. Till then keep the troops in your prayers, and check back
See ya Carl