Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ernie Glup "Fliling the Void"

Ernie Glup has had a Burt County hunting operation for over 37 years.  I first met Ernie and his brother Jerry while hunting at Kohler's.  Ernie purchases a sizable farm, of the beloved Tekamah bottom, Prime Tiger S*** Gumbo.  He was in the land leveling business and got busy building a hunting lake, on this farm.    
Ernie's hunting club, is made up with members and several, local hunting friends.  Ernie, has had many of his member, for years on end.  As time does to you, as the older one retired or passed on, there were other that was eager to join his club.  Ernie took a couple of Ralph long time members even tho, he was exceeding his maximum numbers of member he wants.   For this we have to thank him for his efforts, of "Filling The Void".  
Ernie has always been successful, killing his share of ducks, and Canada geese.  The operation consist, of three long heated blinds, built on the order of the Kohler blind, but much longer.  Think they total up to something like, 68 feet, of seats. The area around Ernie operation Is flat, and once the corn is out, you can see the birds coming for miles, not many sneak in on him.  Of course there are the bluff that are along, both side of the Missouri River, these lie, to the west, just a few miles of his lake.  I understand that the Canada migration path actually, comes over these hill or bluffs, just north west of his lake and not following the river as we would expect. They seam to be very vulnerable to spreads of decoys and calls, after leaving the rough land of these bluffs.  You look toward the river a couple three miles to the east.  This area is all, open big flat fields in all direction.  An ideal arrangement for waterfowl hunting.
Then I asked Ernie, how is he handling the personal side of, filling the void, of Ralph retiring.  After a long pause he got to the root of, what all of us, will and are missing.  It was Ralph that taught us all, not only how to hunt, that is a given, but much more important,  Ralph taught us how to love all creatures, that not only fly, but walk on this earth.  Ernie then asked, "Do you think we would appreciate the spider migration if he had not shown it to us. The monarch butterfly, the Hawks, the Eagles, and all the migrating, creatures we see setting in a blind".  Ernie got my mind working, right there I knew I had my story for this page, of Filling The Void.
This past fall I wrote in this blog, about the huge groups of Hawks we were witnessing, migrating that even Ralph had never witness before.  I would have to do research to name the type of Hawks, there were two different species that it could be.  One we are located on the very eastern edge, the other we are just a few miles west of their normal migrating path.  The wind can shift their path by many miles, very easy.  But nothing passed Ralph eye.  For most of one day we watched as flocks after flock, from 40 to 150 birds, and maybe even bigger, were circling inside of what we had to assume, was an up draft, gaining altitude, then dive to the next updraft, to repeat the same process.  Very little pumping of their wings.  No effort to make their way to their wintering grounds.  You could see  one to five flock at any time, most of the day by, looking up and down the bottom.  As Ernie, suggested, we would not have seen and loved this if not for Ralph's nature class.  We learned some of these events, were a few days long and some were just hours longs.
As I reread what I have just wrote, I am forced to point out, YES, there is a Spider migration.  Check it out.  It happens every year.  They ride the warm north winds, early in the fall, using ball of web to carry them, up and south.  Most of you have seen it but let it slip by with out investigating it. You just didn't have Ralph to inform you of what you were looking at. Yes he left a void there, but also some skilled eyes, eager hearts to look and enjoy, for the rest of our days. 
This has went long enough, so remember tonight as you prepare for you night of rest to include the troops in your prayers.  
Thank you, and see ya.     Carl                    

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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Will be absent for a few days

Just a note to let you know there maybe a few days before another posting.  I lost my brother last evening.  He lived in Lincoln so will be busy with family for a few days. 
Keep us and the troops in your bedtime prayers. Thank you
See ya.    Carl

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Mike Cuningham and Filling The Void

This the first in a sires of "filling the void".  This was sent to me by Mike Cunningham from an article that was done on him and his operation.  I have always hunted the bottoms of Tekamah, and was very apprehensive, the first time I was hunting with him, as night faded into daylight, and I see I am setting in the hills.  
The first flock of Canada that appeared, look like there were about two feet off the deck as the come toward our spread.  They passed us and sat down in a field just to the west of Mike's pits.  He had predicted that, is what would likely happen but assured us, that we still had them in play.  Not sure if we got a shot at those, but we did get shots at Canada's that day.  He is just a few miles from Branch Oaks Lake, north west of the capital city.  
Mike has set up a very impressive web page to display the revamped Kohler blind.  Check it out, and see why he says you will have an enjoyable hunt at County Line Hunting

Hunting waterfowl with Mike Cunningham of County Line Hunting is easy, as easy as a phone call. After making reservations with him he does the rest. He has developed a system where he can control almost everything there is to control in the sport...except the two most important things...the weather and the birds.  
Heated pit blinds made by Cunningham himself are the main ingredient in controlling the sport. "Hunting is best when the weather is the worse" so the blinds need to be warm and dry. His blinds are five star water fowling accommodations!
Cunningham learned the trade of blind building and hunting from one of Nebraska's best, Ralph Kohler of Tekamah. Kohler retired earlier this year and moved to California. This has left a void for local hunters looking for a "day hunting" opportunity. Cunningham is trying to fill that void and sell blinds too. Cunningham and Kohler have agreed on a modified design of Kohler's original blind built in 1956. Cunningham is marketing the blinds to other waterfowl hunters as "Legendary" Kohler Blinds.
Three blinds are installed near Dwight where County Line Hunting provides the opportunity to experience waterfowl hunting in comfort. Easy access to the blinds, cooking facilities, a large full body decoy spread and some Kohler history make a day with County Line Hunting a total experience.    
County Line Hunting offers fall duck and goose hunting as well as Spring snow goose hunting. For more information contact Cunningham at 402-450-5658 or visit the website at
Thanks Mike for doing your part of "Filling The Void"
As always please send our troops a prayer tonight and every night
See ya.    Carl

Monday, November 03, 2014

filling the void

           Filling the void left by Ralph's departure to the west coast.
Has been a shock experience for me.  Personally, I thought it was going to be easy.  First off, I knew I was ready to hang up the old smoke pole and pull the blankets up around my neck and sleep a few more hours.  Well it don't seem that is how it is all going to shake out.  What have I done to fill this void?  Some of my time, I found it was so easy.  But not all of the time, has been that easy to adjust to.  I am awake yet every morning, with time to spare, I could pack my thermos and lunch and make it out to the blind, before shooting time, with ease.  
Instead of hunting I spend a little more time at the cafe, with coffee cup in hand, spend a little more time doing household chores, and the wife and I have also spent a little more time, on the road visiting family and relatives.  
As many of you know I took up beekeeping and that is a very fulfilling hobby.  I have captured a swarm, all by myself, that was hanging in a bush here in town, what a thrill. Building my own style of hives for this swarm and a colony I purchased through the bee club I joined, all has both been interesting and fulfilling.  Now to get them through the winter, in my hive.  
The toughest void to fill, and I mean, the very toughest job of all, is trying to find the words to  write this blog, it has been a real struggle, for me.  What do I say and how I say it, has been hard.  I get E Mails nearly everyday asking why I am not writing.  I have wrote several of those daily stories, but I just haven't  posted them.  When I get them done and I read what I wrote it always sounds like I am mad at Ralph, which I am not. Then to make it worst, it sounds like, I am winning about it.  I had over forty years of hunting out the that make some of the greatest memories I have.  Or I am saying stuff, that would never be of interest to the people, who have help make this blog the success, it has been over the years.  Right here is where I need to say thank you, very much for your support and encouragement, not only now, but forever.  You made it fun.  Again I say thank you.
Back to filling the void.  Ralph's departure not only left a void in this writers life, it has left a void in many other people's life also, as you will see in the following days as I try to post some of these stories, of hunters, who both hunted with us, or had operations,  but now are helping to fill the void by taking the hunters that have graced the blinds at Kohler hunting, over the years.  There has been groups of former hunters, that have stepped up, and formed their own hunting club.  I am going to report the efforts they have put forth to also fill the need.  Hope you will enjoy reading about their efforts.
Well this has got long enough, and as always say a prayer for our military heroes, that are serving out country.  Check back for the first of several reports on filling the void.  
See ya.  Carl 

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Update to my earlier post

Update to the farewell dinner for the Kohler's.   As I reported earlier today since our crowd has gotten so large, things have changed. I told you earlier today that we had three choices but it is four.  Listed below.  
As in the past you make your choice, for your meal and pay when you get to the door.  Scott asked me to let you know that it will make it much easier, if at all possible, to pay with a check.  Scott's wife is handling the orders and collecting the money.  They are not setup to pay with credit or debit cards, so that leaves cash or check.  Paying by cash, there is making change, how much spare change do you have to have on hand, to handle everyone, so if possible please be prepared to pay with a check.    
We do have a large room for this party, but as I say we have a rather large crowd, coming too. So helping move the line in is very important.  

Choices for entrée:
Chicken Picatta​​​​​$22.30
(Chicken breast sautéed and served with lemon caper butter and mushrooms)
Top Sirloin 8 oz.​​​​​$26.30
(Tender cut of beef. Always a favorite at Anthony’s)
Baked Salmon​​​​​​$27.60
(Fillet with our special blend of spices and lemon caper butter)
Prime Rib 10 oz. ​​​​​$32.90
(Beef Ribeye rubbed with our special blend of seasonings, slow roasted. Served with Au Jus on the side)

Reminders, info and changes

Have reminders and changes to post.  First is the farewell dinner on Monday nights party.  This is getting large.  Just was informed that with the reservation that has been made that we will have only three choices as a meal.  As of now that list is two different beef (steaks) and a salmon order.  I have no idea of price but as you know Anthony's are not out of line.  We are still receiving reservations, but again Anthony's are wanting to know, what to plan for and for help reasons and room size.  So please let us know if you are coming.  
Sure you all also seen the nice article that was in Sundays World Herald if you didn't catch it I am sure this address will get you to the article.  This still worked last evening.  

The next issue is the pending auction that is being held in the Tekamah  city auditorium at 1:00 on Sunday April 6th.   
Again if you are wanting to make the farewell dinner there is still time, but there is a change we have just three options.  
Let ya go. And check back.  I am hoping to post a few pictures, from the party.  Give me a few days to do this.  We are taking a trip to my daughters in Missouri, so give me a week to ten days to get that done.  
Also I am asking for your prayers, for the Kohler's, and their trip, and comfort,  in their new home.  
See ya.    Carl  

Friday, March 28, 2014

This season is over for us, and a new plan

Only one bird on Wednesday, just have to believe that that the strong winds told them it was not fit to fly in.  Reports of gusts exceeding 50 MPH.  But have to have them days so you enjoy the normal and good day.  

Fair size crew.  One that is armed with a cameras.  He is doing a story on the boss.  So checking the World-Hearld will be mandatory reading, on Sunday.  
Also before the shooting begins and other stories become important.  We are having this farewell party for the Kohler's, on April 7, at Anthony's Steak House.  If you are planning to attend, and not let's us know,  please let Scott Houston, or me know in the very near future.  We have had a very good response but sure there are people that are planning on attending that have not let us know. Anthony's is needing to know so, they have the right size room and enough staff to serve us.  Thank you to all that have responded.  

Friday:  We started off the day with Kevin walking the decoys.  Kicked up three.  Downing two. Percentage wise.  Not bad, but Kev, was not to happy.  Agreed he had a very good shot, but when you are in waders, sticky mud, knee deep water, it is tough job. 
We got into a flock, harvesting four more.  
The last of the reservations have all hunted, and the boss is getting concerned, as time is getting short, getting everything organized for the sale and the pending move to the west coast, so we shut down today.  We have blinds to empty and clean, decoys to get picked up, we have work before us, yet.  
I have been asked what are the plans for this blog.  So there has been a plan put in place that I think  can keep this blog going.  Have not got a commitment from Ralph as of yet.  He is worried how he is going to use up his time out there in Palm Desert.  My hope is to get him busy writing again.  Then his daughters can forward them to me and I will post them on this blog.  The longer we think of this and the more friends, I bring this up to, I always get a very positive feed back and everyone knows there are short stories he has to tell.   To keep the pressure off of Ralph, I know there are many people that also have a story, to tell, about hunting with Ralph.  So let me have them.  My plans is, to have Ralph contribute a story and let's say, I post his story, on the first of each month.  On the fifteenth of each month, we will post a story by a guest writer, or I have a few stories too.  So if you would like to submit a story please feel free to put it together and even if we have not got the blog rolling with this plan yet, I can save it on a flash drive  and post them, if and when we get the boss writing again.   Sure the boss will need a couple three months to get settled in, before he is up to writing, but sure he will feel up to it, some time. As I say get busy and sent me your story.  There should be about 25 stories on the day when we killed the 80 in an afternoon.  Or maybe you have a trip, several days, when you hunted, and those memories, could made a nice story.  As I say, this is just my plans as of right now, and I  have no "yes" yet from Ralph but, I am hoping to do this.  I am excited about this plan and hope it comes together and works out.
Give us a few months to get this to going.  
Well until we get to rolling again, remember the troops in your daily prayers. 
Also please get to putting your stories together.  
Until then, see ya and may god bless all of you, and thank you for loyalty to checking the blog.  Send me some stories.  

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Another Two in One

Very slim crew today. Was surprised by some early morning birds this morning.  Was legal but visibility was still not the best.  Had a big flock of birds, maybe 100, setting in the decoys.  Then a guy had to get out, and these birds flushed and then rolled back over the blinds.  We had a shot but only the guy that was out,  knew what was going on, and they escaped, unmolested. They had to be setting on the bar just go the east of the decoys.  Had a very light south wind.  
Tuesday. Total bag was 9
 Sorry about not finishing and posting the above report.  But I fell asleep very early last evening.  Strange thing happened, I still slept, most of the night.   Didn't even get the pad plugged in to charge.  But have a charger out at the blind, so if that happened I can recover, during the day.  
Now to today:::::   Have a group of pheasant hunters setting in the pit today. As always, they are claiming to be, excellent shots.  So let hope they can prove their skills, and help us with getting this already good spring hunt into the, "excellent category", for this last season, for the boss.
10:10::::  we got into the first flock.  The stubble duck hunters still have not proved them self's yet.  Was a tough shot but nothing great happened.   11:05 the pheasant hunter went into action, second go-a-round, redeemed themselves a little.  They took 4 of 5 just before they left the blind.  Since they left they we have had, two more go-a-round.  Think the bag is at 15.          
Please remember the troops in your prayers, tonight.  Also if you can find the time please check back.
See ya,    Carl 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

They were not to plentiful today

Was a slow day, most if the time.  We took three out of the decoys shortly after legal, then throughout the morning we picked a up a cripple here and there.  Then the boss left us amateur, there alone. The best shot of the day occurred.  Spotted birds high-high, coming over the lake,  we talked them right down in here, at break neck speed.  Got a little scared that we may not get a better shot and took a tall shot, with pretty good results.  We knocked 4 down but have not found, one of them yet.   Sure he hit just on the edge of the decoys.  Will do a better sweep latter.
Had grandson and his dog, could not locate the elusive bird.  Can not believe he caught wing and escaped.  I was looking right at him, before I shouldered my gun, and he looked dead, when I seen him falling.  Only bird, that went down, in that area, of the lake.  Just can't believe he could have flew out.
Posting a picture. of Saturdays sunrise.  so sorry but i love the sun on the horizon pictures 
Say a prayer for our hero tonight, when you say your bedtime prayers.  Also check back if ya find the time
See ya.    Carl    

Saturday, March 22, 2014


Had another load, people wise, on Saturday.  Got a good sunrise shot, this morning.  Starting  about mid morning we stared decoying flocks.  Shooting was pretty good.  Keeping time of the flocks, and cooking conflicted, so we cooked and shot, forget times of flocks.  But the gang was whittling the birds out of each flock, so I just kept on cooking.  Had a strong north wind, about 20 MPN with the temp down the freezing mark or below, and it was keep the blind cold to me, most of the afternoon.  
Third biggest kill of the season and plenty of powder burn't, getting it done, today.  Bigger percent of the birds we harvested today were juvies, today.  Had some great decoying sights, but that always the case when you have strong winds.
As always, please say a prayer for the troops and let's see if I can't get a better posting together for tomorrow.  Be sure to check back, to see how we are progressing.
See ya.  Carl  

Friday, March 21, 2014

Slow but still a good day

Friday, have a load in the pits today,  think we are one hunter short of the Maximum.  Shortly after legal a 4 pack come in they made short work of them.
Not what I would call fast action, where you have a sky full of flocks, today.  We just had a slow flow of flocks. And almost all would give us a look.  Just didn't seam like to many, but the numbers in the bag was climbing and climbing.  Most of the time they were small flocks, so no big kill.  Around 2:00 we had a flock 35-40 of just Ross's that the crew got after pretty good.  At the same minutes, we had a huge flock high over head, of about 200, that was decoying hard, but as you know a bird in the hand is much better that two in the sky.  If only they were, separated by a few minutes, and we could have worked over, both flocks. 
After yesterday and no wind was so nice to have a 30MPH winds this afternoon. Much easier working the birds.  Sounds like there is cooler weather moving in for the weekend.  I was surprised with the number of birds we harvested today.  Only had on flock of any size, but when we counted the birds we had nearly 45 birds.  I was shocked.  
As you know the Kohler's are moving to California, the first part on next month.  The night before they fly out we are having a farewell party for them at ANTHONY'S in Omaha. As you can see below Anthony's are wanting to know how many to plan on for the size of our party room and help to serve us, so we are asking you if going to please respond back, and we will get the total to them.  
We have made reservations at the following for “Kohler’s Farewell Dinner”
What: Kohler’s Farewell Dinner
When : Monday, April 7, 2014
Where: Anthony’s Restaurant, 72nd & F Street, Omaha, NE (402-331-7575)
Time: 6:00PM Arrival, 6:30PM Dinner
RSVP: Please RSVP to Carl Marhenke at 402-870-1728 or Scott Houston 402-297-8600.
Dinner: We will be choosing our dinners off the Anthony’s Menu.
Well, say a little pray for the kids that are defending our country again tonight. Also please check back in.  See ya.    Carl   

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday morning.  Was understanding there was to be moisture over the night and they missed it.  I am not upset over that, when hunting, mud means hard work, Not the most energetic man, any more, so I love that.  Arriving at the lake, and out of the affect of no street lights, we could see clear shies.  Smile number two. Old Sol got to shining bright, and that gave the reason for smile number three.
About 8:00 we started seeing birds. Most were dark, but that is not a bad sign, most of the time when see geese you see all kinds of geese.   As the day went on the bigger the flocks got. The dark ones were low, but the S&B's were high, high.  We could turn them, but was not successful of getting them in.  We did pick up a straggler here and there.  But getting the flocks was just a dream. Later in the afternoon we could every once in a while get one or two in. Not making a big assault on the goose population but we are killing a few each day.  Was tough hunting today, never got a large flock down much less down and in. Less than 20 birds in the bag. But we will give them our best, in the morning.  Tomorrow right now is sounding like a day when you should have a seat in the pits.  Nice but windy with, the wind out of the northwest 20-30 MPH. that prompts me to say. "Why I wouldn't miss tomorrow for nuttin 
So remember the troops tonight in your prayers, as always, and please take the time to check back if you can.
See ya.     Carl

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Snow, Slow and a few shots

We were greeted with an overnight snow fall, this morning.  Looked like it may have been at least 1.5 inches.  Where ever it hit the ground it melted, but if there was some grass or other things, it landed on, that was affected by the air temp we had snow on it.  So our decoys were all white, even it they were blues.  But, old Sol, changed all that in a short order as soon he got on the job.   
Just minutes after legal we had a loaner come in, and took a little ammo to down him, but one  round hit the mark, dumping him out in the decoys, in the lake.  Well with all of this commotion, there was one snow in the decoys, and as soon as a dog was turned out, for the retrieve, this bird, made a fatal move of trying, "the into the wind escape", didn't work.   This action was soon followed by, a flock of 40-50 that made an angering making flight right over, the pit.  Then rolled back, dropping a few yards, then come right up the alley in front.  The crew made them pay, for this, not to wise move. 
As I think most of you know that this is the bosses last HURRAH.  When this spring season closes Ralph will be hanging up his career as a waterfowl guide.  Yes, he will be missed by hunters from all across this lower 48 states, and big time here in the Midwest.  So this coming April he and Dorothy are winging their way to Southern California, out to where both of their daughters, now live.  We have to wish them nothing but happiness in their new environment, of palm trees, sunshine and family.  But before they go, they are having an auction, on April 6th.  To check out what is on the auction, here is the info you need to read the their sale bill. Enter this address:  Once you get on that page I am sure you can get to the bill, but here are directions just in case.  In the upper left corner you will see Ralph & Dorothy retirement auction.  Under that there is a place to click your mouse on "Complete Sale Bill" and another for pictures of most of the furniture they are selling.  If you are a collector of decoys note there are a few antique decoys, including a few of the K&W decoys.  
Well remember the troop in your prayers tonight and if possible, please check back.  If interested in one last hunt with the legend, best get heading this way.
See ya.     Carl 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Picture and a tough hunt

Tuesday.  Again we had birds in the lake when the early crew hit the blinds.  But what was different about this morning was the fact that not all left.  We had a crew that done a decoy sweep. Bringing back birds, 4 white birds.  There were three Ross geese in the group.  
The birds were tough today.  They would decoy then pull out like there was nothing for them there.  We took a couple long shot and then a couple loners and ended up with twenty birds total.
I am posting a picture, with this report.  The mounted goose was shot at Kohlers back a few years back.  We had no idea what was, then found out it was a hybrid, cross between a Canada and domestic goose.  I come into our spread, with three other Canada's.  Well it landed in Dan Cambridge's freezer for him to mount this birds.  Dan, brought it with him, when he come up to hunt.  Not sure if my readers are interested, but felt it was interesting enough that I should post this picture of this beautiful bird.  Dan done a fantastic job with the bird.  Hope you enjoy.
Remember the young men and women, that serve our country, tonight in your prayers and please take time to check back
                                 See ya    Carl       

Monday, March 17, 2014

Still having good hunting

Monday.   The first thing is we are now departing the cafe at 6:00.  Have been leaving at 6:30, so a half hour jump this time.  
Had birds in the lake, again this morning.  Early arrivals said they were in the thousands, but the flock that returned was not that large, but they may not all have returned in one flock. Did get into that flock.  Was not a close a shot, but the guys did take about 10.  
Hard luck come our way at about 10:00.  We had ONE HUGE flock decoy to us.  About 4000 or so were down extremely low.  Below 20 yards and we needed them another 20 yards south of where they were and we would have had them where we could really worked them over big time.  They were thick and low, just how I like them, maybe needed 10 more seconds, we had an eagle fly right over the flock.  Then we got them back working again, not near ready for a shot this time,  but we had them settled down again, and here comes life flight helicopter, flying up the highway behind us.  If we could of had a few more seconds on the first round we would have still been picking up when life flight come by.  We have the stiff south wind today and you just have to get them up wind to get a shot.  
Several more near misses, all were huge flocks.  Not sure if they are feeding geese in the area, of if we have birds moving, back from the north due pending weather, north of us. At about 11:00 there was a flock I am guessing 3000 birds, about a quarter of them, got down and thick, giving  a fair shot.  At this point they picked up 30.  Boy did they ever get tough, to pull in this afternoon.  We got reports that there is snow forecast for almost of all of South Dakota over the next couple days.  That may explain just why we are witnessing this flow of bird from the north.  We have had a great last few days, if this, weather report is true, maybe we will have a few more days, of great hunting.  Think today was a 45 in the bag.  
As always say a prayer for the troops tonight and every night. 
And please, take the time to check back.   
See ya.    Carl   

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Sunday,  we were greeted by a lake full of birds, when the first wave of hunter hit the lake. Estimates were nearing 2500-3000.  Of course they took to the air, they come back.  Was a very nerve wracking set, till legal time.  Had several pre legal possible shots, but we sat though every pass, with chattering teeth.  When the boss said OK we are legal they must have heard him, because the passes over the blinds went from 45 to 75 yards high.  After many agonizing minutes and passes, they made a fatal mistake.  Think we took 10-11, was a tall shot, but no one complained.   Been into birds a couple other times, by nine O'clock we had over twenty in the bag. Harvested a loaner of two to get the total up.
We had the wind again get in the East and the birds, become very difficult, to decoy, when this happens.  I understand we had 26 in the bag when we pulled the plug.
Do not forget your prayer for the troops tonight.  
Do check back, please.  See ya.    Carl   

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Second of Two in a Row

Saturday,  latest  from yesterday; the total bag had 61 birds in it.  Had some stragglers that stayed a little longer at the pits and they got into another flock and picked up a cripple bringing the total up a little more, to 61 
Got another crew that are talking of drawing blood. I am anxious to see it they are all talk or are really a deadly crew.  
About noon; have maybe 15 in the bag. The Crew, I am not sure of yet.  Have had a few fly outs, but all of the birds have been in small bunches. 1-5 birds.  However they have provided some pretty decoying as they drop, into the spread.  As we get closer to the mid point of the day, the flocks seam to be getting bigger.  
One O'Clock report,  we wiped out a whole flock of eleven.  That is the larges flock we have had today so far.  This blood thirsty bunch are getting deadly.  Earlier there was a pair that one left, I say untouched, now we slaughter a whole flock of eleven.  
One twenty O'Clock the exterminators took 15 out of a flock of under 20 birds. right after this go a round the wind changed, so it was right out of the east and you could not get a bird close to the decoys.  We bailed at about 5:00.  There were a few stragglers, we left behind.  Momma and I met up with another hunter and his wife, and we fed and watered our sweeties, and he said he ended up with 22 birds to dress, so I went and helped him breast them out. That is why this report is so late.  Feeling pretty good, about this lake, because we have had back to back days, with the bird count over sixty birds each day.  Sure is hard on the ammo supply box.  My blind had one of those 10 quart bucket, filled with empties, with the overflow deposited in the waste paper basket.  It is very possible that my blind alone could have easily, shot 2 cases of shells today.  These last two days, have been a couple great days of hunting.  
Best to get this posted so as always remember the troops in your prayers tonight, and also please check back.
See ya.    Carl 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Slow hunting but some great shooting, and a full bag

Back in the pit today.  The weather is pretty much what you want, if planning a day of hunting.  Right now just legal shooting, we have clear skies, nice wind of about 10-12 MPH out of the north. Later in the day the wind was building reaching over 30 MPH, maybe even higher, when we had gusts.  
Was a pushing the 11:00 hour before we had any action.  Was a flock of about 35-50 that just ventured to close for a group of hunters, with itchy trigger fingers.  Was not a chocolate shot by any means, but wen our crew was sent into action. Done only fair.
At about 12:30 got a big flock in pretty good. Geese down every direction of the blind.  Before the retrievers were back had another new flocks worked. Didn't get that flock to finish. 
Shortly after 2:00 had a flock of 3-400 decoying with about 85 down and into range, went into action, very good harvest on that flock.  It is windy and they do not stick around long after the first shot.   We had around 30 down in the lake on that shot.  Not many were dead, so could not use the DIP.  But the lake was littered with birds.  The crew did well.  Think the final number was 34 out of that flock.
I left with most of the hunters, think I will include a picture.  Total when I left was 54 or 55.  Picture does not include, all birds.  They left some in the parking lot instead of carrying them back to the blind.
Not the most birds in the sky today but we decoyed a good percent.  
Be sure to check back and also remember the troops in your prayers this evening. 
See ya.    Carl  

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Another absentee report

Another report by phone.  I had some things to get done at home, there also was some need for a seat so I come home, after we had everyone in their seat.  I had said that was the way I was planning on doing this spring.  We had some one to run the ground sound system, so I skipped out on them.  Had some work to do on both my bee hive as well as my hunting van.  Both got done bees protected and the van a little more organized.  A couple items I was looking for in the van located. 
This morning when the first people reached the parking lot they could hear the geese in the lake.  Conservative estimate 1000 plus birds of course getting everyone in with out them leaving, was impossible.  
My first report from the lake, that they had 5 in the bag, and not all were from the same flock. All the time I was out in the yard, couple of hours, I did not see or hear a bird.  However at about 8:30 I had a mission down town and there was a flock passing over town at an angle that had to pass the lake, so guessing that is when some of the bag birds were bagged. 
Report from the blind, at shortly after 2:00 got into another flock, were picking up yet so number was not reportable.  Sure all know that it is legal for plugs to be removed on the spring hunts.  With 20 plus guns could have been 100 shells went off, so let's see.
Latest report was, 12 birds in bag.  No good answer on number of go a rounds, but it is action.
Please check back, on the progress at the pits.  Also please say a little prayer for the troops, too.
See ya.    Carl  

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Tuesday.  Was a very frustrating day.  We have proved that we are in the middle of the Snow and Blue, spring flyway today.  The evidence for this statement is why it was a frustrating day, here is what I was speaking of.  Here are estimates of course, but we decoyed between 50-70,000 birds and seen around 300,000 birds, fly over the pits.  After all of this activity we kill just 3 birds. Was so frustrating.  First part of the day we had no wind so we could blame their action on the fact there was no wind, but after about 2:30 we had ample wind, but still could not get them lower than 150 yards, and shotgun don't shoot that far.  
At about 4:30 we had about 300-350 bird flock, that give us a great show, and all, were decoying in great.  Had 5 that were settling in faster than, the rest of the flock.  Anyway with the experience, from the many hours of a frustrating day, we went on four of the five that had got into gun range.  Of course as it happens in cases likes this, every one shot at the closest two and the two other were crippled but made it so far out we could not find them.  But at least it did put a little luster on a bad day.
Well we are into the busy part of this spring hunt starting tomorrow, and the birds are on the move, so expecting, to be posting more favorable report in the future.  
Say a prayer for the young ones that are in harms way tonight and please check back
See ya.  Carl    

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Two Days in One

Monday's report will be back to the days when we first started this.  Most of the info, I will gather for this will be, by phone.  My misses has Dr appointment in Fremont so I bailed at about 11:00.  
We opened the day with a flurry before old Sol broke the horizon in the morning, with a lone snow come dropping in to our music.  Shorter crew this morning that yesterday, but still proved to be deadly crew.  Doing something this spring, that we failed to do last fall.  We had ducks buzzing around.  Good to see that too.
They had plenty of carp decoy but, there was no wind and that make it tough to get a shot.  They only harvested the one bird

  Tuesday report.  Today the weather was just the opposite, of yesterday.  A very strong  cold wind out of the north east.  Early in the day we had 4 singles, decoy in and we harvested them as each appeared.  As the day went on, the winds got stronger, temp dropped.  Topping off in the high 40's MPH. Then we had a nice flock, decoy in, we had a very long shot on those.  Not bragging but we did get a couple more.  Then we tried taking them in the chest out the back and up.  The problem there is, to get everyone turned around.  And then only the fastest shooters are the only one that has a shot.  Boy, do they ever get out of there fast.   A bunch of powder burnt today but only 10 in the bag, and one of them we didn't find to put in the bag.  At about, 4:00 we noticed the rain started, before we got to the parking lot, the wipers were needed.  Before I got home it was snowing. The skies were, most of the day we had a great Arial show of ducks. and it was a mixed bag of species.  We even had a Canvasback drake, setting back behind the blinds,  He was so pretty.  Think that was as close I have ever been to one.  We even checked the book to make sure we had the right bird. It was not a Redhead.   
Will admit I had some blind food shopping to do before I went home.  Talked to a friend down at the grocery store, he said he was working on the bottom, just south east of the pits, maybe 6-7 miles as the crow flies.  He was saying the fields are loaded with snows down they had kept building up from late morning until he left the area, just minutes prior to our conversation.
Please check back, and remember the troops in your evening prayers.
See ya.  Carl.  

Sunday, March 09, 2014


The day started with a pretty sunrise, then, we graduating to a big show of Canada's, Whitefronts, and a few ducks.  Then as the morning progressed we were seeing a few of those snows and blues moving up from the south.  Had a couple heart breakers that looked so good then roll out and moved on.  About noon, new time, we had several flocks join together totaling to about 500 birds that give us the most beautiful, decoy job.  We had a south west wind and they were right out in front so we all, could watch as we were all, getting excited as they settled down towards our decoys.  Had a great shot.  Not sure why I stopped shooting, with two shell still in my gun.
The watch watchers said it was 12:08 on the dot when the command was given.  Was a great shot, followed by another two near misses.  Second go-a-round was not as satisfactory as the first round. But there is a good wind, so they get out fast.  But we took 10 the first bunch then only, one on second.  All afternoon we experience, higher and higher wind, longer shot and they were turning out so fast so best be happy with what we got.  
Have to inject, we decoyed almost every flock we seen today, and got into about half of the flock we decoyed. Great size flocks, most were 100-500 size. Had some great sights.  That is the fun of hunting the Snows&Blues.  When you can watch their decoying they excite you beyond, what I can describe.  With a good wind like today, and their ability to just stand up there and look things over not committing then committing and dropping a few feet, float left then float right, and stiff wings, not beating, brings your excitement lever, nearing the wet underwear point.  It was one of those days.
Plan to post a picture, of some of what we took, not all. I think we were near 25 for a total.  
Remember the troops in your you nightly prayers 
See ya and just incase you need to know, I would not miss tomorrow for nuttin.  

Saturday, March 08, 2014


We started the hunting this morning. Chased S&B's out when the first people went in.  From the parking lot it sounded like a big group.  I guessed around 75-100 birds.  But that was to far to see so going by just sound.  
Kevin hunted yesterday out here and done a little touching up as he hunted.   Any way he seen several bunches.  Said he killed 4 snows yesterday.  I know one bunch he killed just one out of it so not sure how many flock he had got into gun range.  The latest report on Kevin's hunt.  He totaled four birds from three go-a-rounds.
The weather is a little chilly this morning.  Making me the think that maybe the birds Kevin was seeing was moving on the account of this front of cold we have today.  So if that is the case that should be the case tomorrow could be a very good day.  With the temps predicted to be in the low 60° and reports of 750,000 geese piling into Squaw Creek Reserve yesterday, we just have to see birds tomorrow.  Should also say and a weather forecast of favorable temp for the next ten days.  Make me want to say "I WOULDN'T MISS TOMORROW FOR NUTTIN".
Well this is Saturday night, the night when I have to go feed and water the ol' lady, so best get this posted.
Be sure to include the troops tonight, in your bed time prayers
See ya.    Carl

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Friday, March 07, 2014


Thanks to an alert reader, and then letting me know, I have the times down backwards.  Saturday we are leaving the cafe on Saturday at 5:30 and Buddies on Sunday at 6:30.  Just remember I am duch so you take me for what I mean not what I say.  Sorry.


We think we are ready to start the spring season.  Boy oh boy what a winter, not to much snow but it was a cold one.  But the last couple three days. we have had some sunshine and temps above the freezing mark.  Just before this we had a couple snows that maybe totaled 5-6 inches.  But is was so light and fluffy, no moisture in it at all.  
But the way it stands right now we will going to the pits on Saturday the 8th of March.  Departure time, the cafe is 5:30.  Now then Sunday will be the day that DST kicks in.  So departure time will be 6:30.
Sunday we will meet at Buddies.  They have a full breakfast, but the following two Sundays we have a bigger group, so thinking Flo will open for us.  Hope that is so because Buddies are a little slow on their service and with a crowd don't feel she will get is served.  So let's leave it, if Tailgators is not open, we are at buddies. 
While working at the lake Friday morning we had two very promising flock over us.  One flock even decoyed, then decided to venture on.  
Well we are open, and the season is a short one so if planing on a hunt best be making a phone cal or drop a line to me.  Should have my MIFI working and the pad at the blind.  Ralph will have his cell so you can call him too. 
Well hoping I have a post tomorrow,
See ya and as always remember the troops, in your evening prayers