Friday, December 11, 2009

HAS SHE SANG?? We are going out to see Saturday

Need to up date you. Saturday 12-12-09 we will give it a try. Have been to the pits and it is possible to get there. Parking lot is not in the best of shape but, it will work. The drive to the blind is a little exciting, but the blinds are not full of snow. We have checked!! There is some water and if there is something that comes along, it will work. No word on the numbers of birds, North or in the area. Has the Fat Lady sang???? We will find out.

There is a possibility that we will hunt through the week end but if you are hunting Please call Ralph, to make sure he knows you are coming.

Was quite a blow, but almost every field has enough bare ground where the birds could feed if they would look. Did not see any tracks at the lake. But the snow is so hard that maybe a goose would not make a track, and there is less snow north so there could be some migrating activity too.

See Ya Carl

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

When is the Fat Lady going to sing???

Need to bring you up to date on our activity here in Burt County Ne. Have been a little lazy in posting. For instance, there was a big swan, come floating in the other day and took up residence in the Big Foot decoys. I took a couple of pictures, but I have just a cheap camera and it was so far away, and no telephoto so not worth posting. He had to stand at least 3’10” high. Maybe over 4 feet. He was big and I can’t spell the words that I should be using, to describe this bird. We had to get out for a bathroom break, and he got nervous and moved on. Sure makes me want to get a better camera.

On Sunday we had some geese slip in on us late in the day and we took 4 out of that flock. Was chilled to the bone when I come in, so after the trip to the tub I got in my chair, covered up with a couple of blankets and fell asleep, with out posting the news. Am having a little problem, keeping my legs warm this fall. Never had a problem staying warm, if I kept my neck and shoulders warm before. Today I put on some insulated bibbies I had while still employed with the gas company I wore a couple of times before. Was shocked as to how much they had shrunk, just hanging the closet.

Monday was a day with out any action. There was some movement, early in the morning but did not get a shot.

Today, we were out, till about 9:30. The snow was beginning to fall pretty heavy, before we called it quits. Had one big Canada drop in and we put an end to his south bound trip.

As for the next couple of days, I not sure how to advise. I know Wednesday we are not even going out, until the snow and wind go down. So I am saying if heading this way, Thursday, best give the boss a call. Sounds like by the reports, we may have a big mess to get cleared before hunting. With the snow blowing into, our open water , this will slush up the water and that has to be cleared before hunting can continue.

The question is “Is the Fat Lady tuning up”?? I am sure I can hear her, but there is a huge amount of birds still North. Reports are there is a million plus ducks and that is just in the Chamberlain area. Easy to see why they are there, because these storms are not hitting there. My question will they come our way or will they drop down through the Rain Water Basin area.

Well check back when I have a better idea as to what is going to happen. All I know is we will be assessing what to do early Thursday and getting back into the blinds.

I will see if anyone sends me a picture of the Swan, I will post if I get it.

Remember the troops in your bed time prayers, as always

See Ya Carl

Friday, December 04, 2009

And the string continues

It was cold but warm in the pits today. The outside temp was damn cold and kept the pits on the cool side today. However we got into the big boys today making our total for 11 days at an even 10, per day. Had one day when we did not take any, but with yesterday and a flock coming right up over the pits, offering us a belly shot, brought our total up to 110. That made the blinds, a lot warmer.

Was one odd sunrise this morning. Was after a bottle of propane, at the time so did not have my camera. a couple of guys took pictures at the blind and they have promised me a copy so may post it at a latter date. I can not describe, so you will have to wait on it.

Again, where are the ducks? You can see more ducks in the summer than we are seeing. Took two Mallards today. Almost passed on them, thinking they were fish ducks. A quick check of the book and realized they were worth the work to get them in and took them. Here on Dec 4 and the only flock of ducks you get close to is a big flock of two. There were not many ducks migrating today either. Was a report of over 1.2 Million in So. Dakota, but that has to be proved to me, before I believe it.

Have to answer some E-Mails so must close.

Keep the families of the service personnel in your prayers, tonight and all through the Holidays

See Ya and please check back


Thursday, December 03, 2009

Cold but a fun day

Was a cold blustery day in the pits today. Again I must say there are no ducks. We took two or three today. Boy, That is embarrassing, when that is all the ducks you could harvest on Dec. 3rd.

Was a fun day though. We got into Canada’s I think 3 times today. Totaled out at 20 and a couple of Cacklers. They were tough to get in, because we had birds almost all day. And then to shoot a Canada in that wind was something else too. But sure glad I was there.

The Snows and Blues were on the move almost all day long. At almost any time you could look up and see the web like formations floating high in the sky. Where we seen Canada’s by the hundreds, we seen the S&B’s by the thousands. Did we decoy any of them, Yes almost got into them too. Also was driven crazy by a flock of Cacklers. Those little bastards all need killing. They drive you crazy by themselves and almost always screw up a shot on Canada’s

Should say, there were some big birds were taken again today. Didn’t run any across the scales, because we didn’t want to linger out of the blind but there was some big ones. I think today brought the number up to about a 100, for the past 10 days. Just one or two short. Been a great shoot for the past few days. We need a few more to get the totals up a little.

Need to get in the Tub and then get some sleep because there is going to be another good day tomorrow. Have not said it yet this year so here goes. I wouldn’t miss tomorrow for nuttin.

Remember the men and women that serve our country in your prayers tonight, and please check back.

See Ya Carl

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Are we starting a new string, lets hope

Well it was not the day we thought we would have, but is was better than some days. We seen about 50 flocks of high ducks and had a couple work our spread. We did get into one flock taking 4 out of it. Now lets put numbers to these numbers. I know we never seen every flock that passed in eye sight of our pits, but sure we seen most of them. But it sounds like we seen a ton of ducks today, but not really. Lets say there was an average of 30 birds in each of those 50 flock, that is a mere 1500 ducks. There has been days in the past years, when we would see 3 to 5 flocks with more birds than that in each flock. Back in those day we were told we were short on birds and there was a point system, and far less than a 5 birds daily bag. Still getting reports of big numbers north, but I want to be proved that there are birds, that the feds are claiming.

Not many Canada’s moving today either. I am guessing there may have been 8 to 10 high bunches, and we got into them only one time today. Took 4 out of a small flock of 6, so that was far short to what we were expecting to see today also.

Was a little cool today in the pits with the wind, but it beat the heck out of working a job. May have been warmer working but cold and hunting, is not all that bad. Nose is a little sore, but refuse to complain. Will be there tomorrow, and loving it.

Best get this posted, and work on tomorrows lunch, so please say a little prayer for our troops tonight, including their families at this holiday season.

See ya and check back