Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Two issues to cover today

The number one is the spring season. We got a late start and we quit on time. Along that line I guess you could say for the time we hunted we had a fair hunt. But if you look at the spring hunt as we look at it, it was not a fair hunt, It was a bad hunt. But when you are playing with nature, as all hunters and fishermen do, a bad trip just happened, every now and then. We had 3 pretty good days, and they fell back to back. If you were there on those days or even part of those days, you had some fun like spring is all about.

The Boss, and Dorothy too, have been under the weather , so we shut down. Lyle and I both though he would give us a call, when he, planned to pick up the decoys, and we would give him a hand. I had robber the battery our of mothers car, to use out there, and I was hearing about it, so yesterday I enlisted some help to carry the batteries out through the decoys. Well when we got to the lake, all the decoys were picked up, batteries were gone. He had done it all alone. The last word I heard from him, about decoys was , “They can set there for awhile”.

Enough complaining, so issue No. two.

The annual Kohler Dinner: Has been set. Mark you calendar for May 6th. That is a Thursday night. It will be held at Anthony’s again this year. Address is 7220 F Street. I have no idea just what the specials will be this year, but you can bet it will be good. As always you do not need a formal invitation, if you know about you are welcome. I will let the Boss fill you in on the data of the season there, as he always dose.

When I find out more info on the dinner I will up date.

So till we hook up again, please keep the troops in your prayer, and check back. Get your Calendars marked for the dinner

See Ya Carl