Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We had a wonderful NNW wind today and all the other elements were in place, for a great day in the blinds. Should have been a shoulder bruising, powder burning, hunting day. And believe me, it started that way. Right after legal shooting we had a flurry of Mallards, and the sky was filled with flocks, of both ducks and geese. The geese were not to high to decoy and looked as they were all travelers, so we set our minds for a great day of shooting. After about a half hour of this activity, every thing cooled off and the skies went bare. We ended the day with just one duck and one goose in the game bag.

I know we passed on ducks that were less than a perfect shot, because there were going to be some great shots just a little later, in the day. But as I say, that a slow day in the pits, beats the hell out of a good day behind the desk---10-4.

Let hope that the activity picks up here in the next few day, after all the first day of November is the next hunting day from right now. So have a happy Halloween, and a safe night of trick or treating.

Please say a prayer for the troops and check back.

See Ya Carl

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The first order of business it to tell you that, we have backed off the time we are leaving town to 6:30 now. I am guessing that will not change again before we go back to regular time. That changes on the 4th of November. Using the formula of one and one half hours before sunrise, we will then, be departing town at 5:30.

As for the activity of the past few days. Today was the only day that we took anything. We took one Canada, but decoyed several flocks of ducks. We had that great Northwest wind on Saturday and we didn’t have any birds, that was decoy able and today we had a wind out of the Southeast, and we had some birds that decoyed. Of course we had the decoys set for a Northerly wind so getting them close enough for a shot was difficult, however we did have ducks in on us several times. But the success rate was a little lacking again today. This makes me tell you about the shot on the Canada. Now remember we had shot at some ducks earlier and had no luck, so everyone was guilty of missing, so when the shot was called on the goose, it sounded like there was just one shot. I looked to my left, and I seen about four gun barrels smoking and I had shot too. So none of us were sure whether it was our shot or some one else, who done the deed.

The wind got up where it was really a nice wind. We had seen plenty of ducks early and also a few flocks of Snow and Blue’s. Heard some Specks so they are still on the move.

Another tense time this morning I have to tell you about. R K was work on his goose call, getting the pitch just right, as always he is standing while doing this, so he can continual, scan the shies, for game. As he surveyed the shies, to Southwest, he seen three birds sailing toward the decoys. He started to alerted us to a couple of geese. Well before he got the words out of his mouth, about geese he decided it was not geese but was Sandhill Cranes. There were three of them. We don’t see to many of them and when you do, you enjoy the gift. Well one of these birds did not have any legs extending out behind as usual. Have no idea as to why, but have to assume it was handicapped. His flight was not hampered, because he moved as graceful as his partners did, but am sure his walking is not so smooth. So if you are south of Tekamah Nebr, and spot a trio of Cranes, and one is short his legs please hit the comment icon, let me know. Lets see if we can track them on down to Texas, or where ever they winter. I know in some states there is a season on these birds so if harvested or hear it was harvested please do the same.

Better get this posted so as always say some prayers for the troops and please check back

See Ya Carl

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I had to make a run to Omaha this morning so I didn’t go hunting. Also did not put out a report last evening, because it was a day with out a shot. So you get two day in one.

As I said I was in the Big O, all morning and after a few other stops, got home around 3:00 and they were pulling up stakes, for the day. However they did harvest 5 ducks.

I had built, a BIRD PERCH and they told me it was not occupied this morning. Hope you are wondering what the H--- I am talking about, so will explain.

We have some big, white, long leg, birds that love to set on the Canada’s decoys. First we tried just scaring him, by making some noise, but that didn’t work Next step was to contacted the Game Warden and he gave us some bird bombs, and we got a couple of them real close to them, but scaring him does not deter him. Ralph has brought the Decoys to town and scrubbed all the Poop off them, again. It is almost impossible to get them clean out there.

So I got to thinking just why does he love our Canada’s so much??? I thought that he was just looking for something to set on, out in the water, for some protection. Also there is a thought he was thinking these other birds will be a warning system, for him, if danger approaches. So I constructed a perch just a little taller than a decoy, and we set it near the decoys, hoping he would set on it, and poop all he wished. Well he didn’t set on it last night, so I am planning on adding some wood to the top plate so it would be just a little more natural thing, for him to set on. See I used all iron and he may come in so late he may not see it, but if I put a piece of wood on the top plate, he should see that, and use it.

Heard from a friend, he said you handle this situation the S-S-S way.
You Shoot, the SOB.
You Scoop, out a hole for the SOB, and cover him
You Shut up, about the SOB

I guess that is all the news, so check back and hope we gets thing turned around

Say a little prayer for the boys and girls, that are protecting us
See Ya Carl

Monday, October 22, 2007

There is ducks like we haven’t seen here in years and they are decoying in for good shots. Also seen loads of Whitefronts, and got in to Canada’s twice today. Mother nature put everything in place for great day. Temperature was about as good as you would want and the skies were clearing so we had every type of sky you could like, the ideal wind, and we still set there with no hunters. What does it take to excite you guys. You are missing the boat. Sure was a fun day. Could have easily shot a box of shells, again today.

Here is the bag for the day, a couple of Specks, 5 Canada’s and all the ducks we wanted to haul home. What more do you want??? If we had more hunters we would have had a larger bag.

These Canada’s were some real nice big fat birds. We didn’t weight them but sure every one, went over the 11 lbs. mark. Also we had some real nice, big mallards. Had our laugh again today, when I doubled up on a couple more, of the Long Bill ducks. Boy, do they ever find my pattern easy. If I get close to one he dies.

Well I don’t know what else I can tell, to excite you any more than I have. There is some great shooting, going on at Kohler’s Hunting, if you are wanting a great hunt, get your butt heading this way.

Was asked to update you all on my predictions for the season as well as a progress report, so here goes. I predicted we would harvest 350 Canada’s 4 to 600 Ducks, and 900 Snows and blues in the spring Remember we had Rain for about 10 days and took nothing. Right now we have harvested 30 Dark Geese 110 Ducks, and most of the days when we shot we had to quit, because we had a limit or all the ducks we could get rid of. Like yesterday should have sent over 100 birds home with guys, but had to stop at 48 or 49, because of limits.

Please say prayer for all the guys and gals that are protecting us tonight, and every night

Check back and see ya


Sunday, October 21, 2007

The last time I felt this good Steve Pederson had just got fired. I have that same great feeling today, WOW WHAT A DAY. I know very well that this old kid had no idea how to put the words together to truly describe, the quality, of this day.

If we would have had a bigger crew, we could have had a record day, for ducks. The birds were there if we would have had the hunters, we could of more than doubled, our bag with ease. Ralph and I were talking on the way out as to the number of flocks that decoyed to us today, and we are sure it would be over 100 flocks. As you know you don’t shoot into every flock you decoy and you don’t decoy every flock you see, but we got into our share. We limited again on Pintails, and almost had a duck limit, for everyone. Finished the day with around 50 ducks.

I know some of you will be thinking, why not more ducks than that if there was that many around. See you got, maybe one or two good shots in this wind and they are gone, but damn it was fun. Again, I must say, there were plenty of birds to fill many more limits, than we filled.
Most of the guys shot well over a box of shells, I know, I did and I didn’t shoot on every flock. Just a rough guess there were over 500 shell emptied today. It was tough shooting, but sporting, and I think that everyone had a great time.

Some of you guys better be getting your butt, headed this way and partake in this fun. I just can’t afford shooting all theses shells, and have all this fun while you guys are home, bored with, just watching the NFL, NASCAR, or working your job. I am forced to tell you, that retirement is hell, with nothing to do but hunt.

Did get into one flock of Canada’s. There is a great story about them too. This was before noon. They come in high and put on quite a show, decoying in, pulling across, right behind the blinds maybe 20-25 yards out 15 yds high, when the shot was called. Right in the area where I was shooting about mid point of the flock, they all fell and I dismounted my gun after, just two shots, because I thought they were all on the way down. When the smoked cleared, we had 5 down. That was a shame that we didn’t take more than that, on such a great shot. Later in the afternoon we stated seeing more and more geese. Most were whitefronts and some were Canada's. and this makes us think, that there is some great hunting, in store for us, for the next few days

Now if you have paid any attention to the weather reports, you should know, we have a nice northerly wind for the next 3 or 4 days. So that should mean some great hammering days ahead, so get on the way to here. You have been told.

Will let you go. As always, please say a prayer for the troops tonight

See Ya Carl

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Was much dryer, walking into the pits this morning, in fact I am back into my Tennie-waders. What a change. This was I think the second night with out rain in about 10 days. Plenty of stars over head making it an enjoyable walk. The Ducks we flying around as soon as we could see. Harvested just a few, didn’t have many guns so was a little leery on busting into the Pintails. Had a mixed bag flock, come through that the boss was comfortable, letting us going into action on. We placed 3 DIP, on that go around. And I think we got into another flock later. Thought this was pretty good shooting for a down wind shot. My shot was at least 50 maybe 65 yds. See us OSFF, don’t get up as fast as the kids, and with the wind on their tail, them birds get down range fast. I am sure this duck thought he had made it through, this steel curtain, but my pattern had him dead center. Was just a cloud of feathers, rendering this critter GYD. This is when I found out, he was a, LNM.

The most exciting thing of the day was, the Specks was still flying and were quite a bit lower today. We had a few flocks decoy to us but was not able to get any to finish. They have the ability of getting your hopes up and then breaking your heart. It was getting quite warm in the pits, and most wanted to see if the Huskers would play better today, so we come in early. Back to the Huskers, if they play the second half as good as they did the first half, we have a chance, to hold a team under 500 yards for the first time this year.

The weather for tomorrow, should bring more birds and I hope some hunters. There is a chance of a North wind up around 30MPH tomorrow. With the ducks we have in the area, and the possibility of more riding that wind down, also the thought of the Specks and Canada’s moving, with this wind should make for a great day of hunting. I know there is no way I would miss this day in the pits. Unless, Steve needs help moving.

DIP Dead In Pond
OSFF Old Slow Fat Fart
GYD Grave Yard Dead
LNM Long Nose Mallard

Game is back on, so will let you go. Say a pray for all our hero tonight.

See Ya Carl

Friday, October 19, 2007

Well we had sunshine, blue skies, Brisk Northwest wind, and BIRDS today. Should have harvested more, put had limited out on pintails. And every flock seem to have some pintails in it. But we had all the ducks we could get rid of when we did close up. There was even ducks come in while we had the pits wide open and was cleaning up. With guys standing out side and everything. Was seeing and harvested, a few Mallards along with Teal, Ringneck, Pintail, some divers. But have seen very few Gadwall and Widgeon, so they are yet to come.

On the goose front. We seen several flocks of Specks today and heard even more flocks. All of them were high, but they are on the move. There is a southerly wind forecast for tomorrow, that could make some of them want to decoy. If they ever get down to see the lake, I am sure we will decoy them. We have several spots, they should love to settle into. Also seen one very large flock of Canada’s go down just to the west of us. That was about all of them I remember of, but there was around 150 in that flock. Also had a blue flying around the pits when we walked in and later was setting in the lake. He was chased out of our lake and never made it past the west lake.

Boy is it ever fun to see them, ducks as well geese, decoy into the pond. The boss has out done himself, with this set up. Most shots are right straight up, or the shot I prefer out the front. With the winds we had today, a big part of the decoying, is out front and to the right, so you see it as you set on the seat. But the best part is, the birds are loving the lake too. We seen them pass other spreads and decoy right in to us. I told a guy when he shows up he should ware DEPENDS. Because when he see’s this setup, he is going to pee his pants.

With the sun and wind there was a lot of drying on the path, today, and did that ever help. When you take a step now you stay on top, and don’t sink into the mud a couple of inches. Was so much easier walking out today, than it was going in this morning.

Be sure to say a prayer for all our troops that are serving our country, tonight when you say your bedtime prayers.

See ya and Check back


Thursday, October 18, 2007

There was a near miracle this morning, in Burt County, Nebraska. When we went to the blinds this morning there was a big hole in the clouds and there were stars visible over head in this hole. There was a forecast for strong Northwest winds, and our hopes were high. At that time there was very little wind and what there was, was coming out of the South East.

I took a picture of what was almost a sunrise, but shortly after that things turn and went down hill for the rest of the day. Down to the point that we walked out in the rain and there was a hunter’s car stuck, by the time we got that out, two others and I were about as muddy as you can get.

Later in the morning the wind, did get to blowing out of the Northwest, but only about 10 MPH, and it in some, rain showers.

The past couple of days, we had Garry Mason, out of Tennessee, founder of the Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame, hunting with us and we really, wanted to get him a shot. This was his second trip to our country in the past two seasons, and we had the same type of weather this year as we had last year. He claimed he would return and give us another chance. While here he did interview with Ralph for his TV show. I will do some investigating and see if it is possible for us to view it here in the Heartland. If it is possible I will alert everyone of time, station, ETC. He was on his way to So. Dakota, where he has interest in, a commercial pheasant hunting operation. He has about a month there and then may stop back on his way home.

I have to tell you Ron Cleveland carves some GREAT DECOYS, and last year donated a decoy to this Hall of Fame to be auctions off. It sold real good last year, and he committed to do another one every year for the Banquet. Hank Parker who went into the Hall of Fame with Ralph last year and was Master of Ceremonies for this year Banquet. He also acted as the auctioneer and auction off this decoy. He got $1,000.00 for it this year. I think they got $700.00 for the one he gave them last year. Well, the guy that got the decoy this year, told everyone he was opening the bid for next year's decoy, for $1000.00, right now. He has no idea what it is. Ron has got it done and gave it to Garry while he was here. So if you see Ron, please say something to him about this. Thank you’s and our positive comments is all the payment he gets for his generous gifts.

Better close this, as you can guess we didn’t shoot today, but have clear weather, and high winds coming tomorrow, so everything changes then. The slate has been wiped clean. If you miss tomorrow, you are going to be very very sorry. Why I wouldn’t miss tomorrow for nutt’in.

Remember the troops in your bedtime prayers, and check back tomorrow and see just what you missed.

See Ya Carl

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Still getting rain here, has to run out one of these days, don’t it?? Tomorrow, the forecast is a strong Northwest wind. May be up to around 30 to 40 MPH, depending on what forecaster you listen to. My computer says that it may hit 30MPH but it still is saying there is a very high percent chance for moisture with it. But Friday it is to be clearing and still a wind from the Northwest at around 25MPH. Boy-oh-boy, the only way I would miss that, is, if they need some help, moving Steve Pederson out of Nebraska.

Went out this morning and seen a few ducks and a pair of Canada’s. The Can’s have been around the lake, and know just where we are, so take a safe route around us. I have no idea just what the problem the ducks had, but were not interested in our spread.

The Boss thinks that even if there is some rain with the wind tomorrow that it should shake something lose, but when the sun comes it will be Cady bar the door. Sure would like to know some one up north that I could call to see if the Specks are still lingering around up there or did they come through here in the dark. We haven’t seen to many Pintails yet, so that makes you think the Specks are still North too. With this lake set up, we should to talk some of those dudes, into gun range. Haven’t seen any Cormorants for three or four days, so guessing that most of them have moved through.

Must shut down so say a prayer for the troops in your evening prayers and check back

See Ya Carl

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Well just so you all know, that I am still alive I will post a new report. We have had a long dry spell in hunting. The weather has been the other way. We have been in a Nebraska monsoon for the past few days. Steve is gone. So we have been hunting short days. We were not even seeing anything so there was nothing to report, except, Steve P got fired. I did write a nice report on Sunday, and when reread it, it was all bragging, on out local High School Softball team, that won the Nebraska State Tournament and complaining about the Nebraska Football team, and this was before Steve got fired, it was nothing about hunting so I didn’t post it. This is a hunting report, and not about other sports, like Steve getting the AX.

As for the hunt today. The rain has let up and the clouds have raised just a little, no sunshine, yet. Seen just a few ducks. Took one big green head, and shot at some Pintails. Come up on them just a little wrong so after all necessary adjustments, missed on shot. Can not get to wild on them because the bag limit is only one, and very easy to get to many down, so we put none down, remaining very safe. Thursdays weather sounds like a shoulder bruising day. Forcast saying, that there will be wind out of the North West, at 30-35MPH.

So hoping that there is something to report on most days from now on. We noticed on the way to town this afternoon that there was big flocks of Doves. This is past the middle of October and there is still Doves in the area, but since they are on the move I am guessing that our birds will not be far behind.

So remember the troops in your prayers tonight and every night, and check back

See Ya Carl

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Was a little slower today but it was still a pretty good day. Got into the Canada’s two, no, three times. I can remember, when some spread, got into Canada’s the Kill was shown from one end of town to the other. Now days everyone thinks you should take a dozen everyday. Hunting should never get to that, and everyone should really enjoy each and every bird you harvest. So again, I will start, We had big Canada’s in on us three times today. One flock, was a single and there was a bunch of shots sent his way. Well at least he know just what gun powder smell like, but I bet the smile on his face will be there for a couple more days. The next go-a-round was a flock of three, followed by a pair. All five were placed in our game bag.

I do not remember just how many times we went into action on ducks but we totaled out with an even dozen of them. The ducks was a mixed bag today but there was two green heads among them.

Did see a couple flocks of Pintails. There was not a push of them as some had expected today, but it can’t be to far away. The same applies to the Whitefronts. We did not see any of them today, either. The Cormorant sightings, was slow today also. We are always happy when they, the Cormorants, have pushed through. When they are done, you know when you see something on the horizon, it is fair game.

I just have to tell all of you that have not seen the lake. This has to be one of the best setup we have ever had. If they keep flying the same pattern, that they have the past couple of days, the boss needs to patent this lay out. What a great job he has done on it, this summer. This is a real hunting hole, if it continues this way. Most always the birds will be, visible to the customers, and when they see the birds before the shot is called it is so much easier for them. I just do not have the talent, to describe to you, just how good, the shots have been. When you have to come up and find the birds, and then take your shot, you are just ineffective. I think the past couple days the customers have been shooting great, and I think that is because they know where the birds are before the shot is called. Now I know there is no way that every shot is going to be out front, but I am sure, most will be this year. The loaner this morning that was missed, was behind, when the shot was called, and he did escape out the front, but the customers, didn’t see that bird, until after the shot was called. So you hurry your shot and you miss so you hurry another shot and miss again. If you are shooting back up, like us guides should be, when we see it is getting away, we hurry a shot off and it is not the best either. Well it is all fun and provides us with some laugh, and that is what it is all about.

Looks by the size of this report that I had to much time on my hands so will shut it down. Please say a prayer for all the troops that are serving our country, tonight. Check back and we’ll see ya


Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Was a limit taking day. We were very short on guns, but we filled everyone’s limits anyway.

The day open with very few birds in the skies, and all of them were ducks, that have been setting and rousting in the lake. With so few ducks flying around, but we had no idea what the day was to bring.

Finely, the skies were was holding a few pintails, that was on the move. Soon we had a flock of them, in on us, so we all took our limit, while we were picking them up, we had a nice flock of Canada’s drop in. As you can imagine, with men and dogs in the lake, does not lend well to finishing of decoy birds. So they were picked up and every one got settled back on the blind seat, when we were alerted to the fact, that we had a big Canada settling into the decoys. Quick action and a couple loads of steel, he was placed into the game bag, along with our limit of ducks. Then we had one hunter that just had to go do some shopping, so he was sent on his way with birds in hand, but another hunter was on the way out. Good thing because the action was just beginning to heat up. Even with some very bad shooting we still filled the game bag of 4 hunters with big trophy size Canada’s. If we would have had a dozen guns we could have filled there bag as well. After we had limited out, we just set on the blind seat, and watched in awe, as a few more, flocks come in and sat down, with in easy gun range. One time there was a pair that passed over number one pit, so low I am sure you will not believe me, when I say that they were maybe, 50 feet.

These were not big flocks, but they decoyed in so close and so good, that I am sure I will be seeing geese tonight in my dreams. We had our limit, and enjoying the sights, before 11:15. We took just a few blue wing teal, after the that, and pulled up stakes around 3:00. I may be hell to get old, but there is some time great thrill, attached to it too. Yours truly witnessed one them thrills, today.

Have to get this posted, so as always say a prayer for the troops and please check back


Monday, October 08, 2007


Had a rain over night so it was just a little muddy getting into the pits, this morning. Soon after daylight the Specks were being heard and seen. Seen several nice bunches of Specks, but decoying was not on their mind. I wasn’t feeling good so came back to town for a while. And most of this activity was while I was in town. Right after I got back to the pits, there was a flock of 5 Big Canada’s dropped in on us. When I say dropped I mean dropped in. They come in with the wind, and made a very short hook and into the water, giving us a very short marginal shot, which R K passed on. With a little scheming we got them air born again before putting two DIP. That was some very good shooting for the shot we had.

There was a few teal flying around and there was a nice size flock of about 50 that come racing through and we opened up on them. Not near enough meat to pay for the shells we shot, but it was fun.

The skies were dotted with big flocks of Cameron’s. There seamed to always be a flock some place, on the horizon. Had one flock that come over the lake, some of them even landed. Some come close enough, to the pits, that if we were not very law biding people, they would have ended, feet up in our pond.

Also have to report that after I left the pits on Sunday, they harvested two ducks. I have not got the best info or complete story, so can not give anymore info on this. The only thing I am sure of is; It was not a Aqua Shot. There also, was more than two birds. I think they were Blue wing, So I am guessing that there is something just a little strange, because no one will not even talk about it. Most generally there are 5 guys claiming each and every bird, well there is no one talking, so that alone makes it strange.

Again I must say we are seeing a large amount of Specks, so if you are wanting to be here on a Speck shoot, you better be making some steps to get here. We haven’t seen any big flocks, but when that happens it is to late, to alert you, and you show up. You should be there.

I have neglected to remind you, that DIP means, Dead In Pond

Well remember to say a little prayer for all the troops, that are serving this nation, tonight when you say your bedtime prayers.

See Ya Carl

Saturday, October 06, 2007

October 6th, 2007 Opening Day

First day of the 2007 season, and it was a warm one. It is one thing to swat mosquitoes, but wiping sweat at the same time make it a short day. We have not had a frost in the area yet this fall, and as always you really need a good killing frost before the biting critters are asleep for the season.

As what we seen it was just a little exciting. Several bunches of ducks, and there were a few big ducks along with the usual, Teal, Widgeon, Gadwall, Woodies. Etc. Had a couple of chances, at some of them, but did not go. The Goose picture was even more exciting. Had a pair of big boys that passed right over the pit, giving us at best a marginal shot, but thinking they were going to circle for a better shot, passed on that shot. I was gone on the second opportunity. There were 3 in this bunch, and since I was not there, I am not sure just what happened, but understand there was another marginal shot on them too. This three settled into the decoys and escaped un harmed. Seen a single Canada, and I think that wraps up the total excitement on Canada’s.

Now the real exciting news. Had a flock of nine. Another flock of 14 and the third flock of four, Whitefronts. What is going on, are they getting ready to move?? They are a couple of weeks early, but when you start seeing them, they are usually well underway, for their annual push through this area. So keep an eye on this report and also listen to other reports, because they wait for no one when they decide to move, it goes in 2-5 days.

So we didn’t get any shots but all in all, was a fun morning. The sunrise was just a sunrise, so after it was apparent that, the 12:08 flight was not showing up we jumped the ship and come home.

This is the way I am doing it this season. If there is something to report I will write a report, but if nothing I am skipping that evening report.

So as always, Remember the troops in your evening prayers, and check back
See Ya Carl