Sunday, September 25, 2011

To answer some of your questions

Have had so many, comment on the picture of Ralph, I had my daughter post on this site. After setting in the blind next to him, for the last few years, I feel this is a sight I see several times, every day, he constantly is scanning the skies for birds. Several have asked just when it was taken. I have the feeling they think it is an older picture. He just don’t show the 90 plus years as most people do. Don’t take this as criticizing of him, but I don’t see this as much on colder day. Used to be it just did not make any different, how cold it was he still setup like this, only falling moisture, made him take cover. He dose get cold anymore, but if the wind is not to cold you see this site.

As much I would love to think I was the photographer, but I was not. This picture was taken by Garry Mason, and sent to me just last year. For you that don’t recognize the name, Garry is the head of the hall of fame that Ralph was inducted into, back in 2006. Garry tries to come and hunt a couple of days every year with us. Well after his hunt last fall he sent me a couple of pictures he had taken, and I thought it should be posted. I worked hard trying to get the job done, only to give up and ask, one of my daughters to do it for me. So the data to all the questions; Garry Mason took the picture, in October of 2010, Ralph was 92 that day, he turned 93, in January of 2011, and it was just to good a picture, to pass up posting.

Now to the other questions I ham getting E-Mail on.

Our season open, for both duck & geese, on October 8, at 6:51 AM. We are meeting again this year at Tailgater’s CafĂ© on Main Street of Tekamah. That makes us leave there about 5:30 that morning. If eating, please allow enough time for them to, take order, cook, serve, and you to eat.

The lake is pumped and it looks so good.

As always, please say a prayer every night for our troops

See Ya Carl

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Preseason report, very late

I know this is late, but there has been so much uncertainty, then work, I just have not found the time to do it. As all of you know we have had a big flood here in eastern Nebraska. The water is just now exposing the damage it has done in this area. When it was brought to our attention there was going to be a flood, and the Corp of Engineers, and posted it’s prediction’s as to how high it was going to get, it was forecast that we would have water flowing through the lake. We pulled the blinds and moved them to high ground , just west of the blue shed. I don’t remember the date, but I had to be some where around August 20th, it got dry enough in the lake, that we could set them again. Knowing very well the water table was high, we dug the trench only 20 inches deep to set them in. Usually it is 24 inches deep. Well before we got the trench dug there was water seeping into the trench. Before we got the last blind set they were walking in water 2-3 inches deep. Before we got dirt up to the top of the blinds we had water in the propane tank well 16” deep. Well with the river dropping and the grace of god they stayed in the ground.

Since then we (Lyle, Kevin, and I) have work almost daily out there helping the boss get the place ready. I think except for a few small detains, we are ready to hunt. He started the pump last evening, September 16. It as been and exhausting Month as far as this old man is concerned.

As for the location of the pits, I feel we have a good set up. We are still out on the bar in the middle of the lake. Now we are looking almost straight West, just a little to the North. The boss extended the bar, North/East from the old bar, just enough to set the blinds on, with it wrapping around to the East. This should give us a wind break for slick water, behind the blinds. I want to call it a HONEY HOLE. Plenty of open water around us for the Canada’s to decoy into and plenty of places to set the decoys.

All reports are saying, is there is not much crop (corn) to the North in the Dakota’s. They had so much rain, and all the pot hole are full so the birds spread out and not much predator problem, of raiding nest so an above average hatch, for all species of ducks. Had friends that had been fishing North saying they had talked with farmers saying the geese have moved into what few acres of beans, they got planted and were eating up their crop. Making me believe if they are wanting to eat corm they best plan on coming to Nebraska. What do we have to offer here? Well once they mover out of the flooded area near the river we have a bumper crop of corn, and plenty of new sand bars for them to lounge around on, Along with some new lake for then to check out. Most of them new lakes don’t have decoys on either. Now to the Snows and Blues. I am going out on the limb and say we are going to have one of our best year on them, we’ve had in several years. Now with this info from me, and a dollar, you can still buy a cup of coffee here in Tekamah.

On what we are seeing, for birds here???? We have been seeing plenty of ducks, all summer. I made more trips down near the river to see the flood. On most of these trips you would see ducks flying around. I know I was out more this year, but I am sure there were more birds than usual. Canada’s also , there are plenty of them too. The local Canada’s have never done us much good, in the past, but with these new lake here from the flooding that may change their habits. Right North of us about 2-2.5 miles, I understand there is a pretty good size pond and acres of white sand around it, that has to attract something. So maybe our local geese will setup house keeping there.

Again I am sorry this so late but, When I should have been posting, I was busy or just didn’t know what to say. I can’t say the flood is over and things are normal here in Burt County, because it is going to take years to get this area back to normal. Mother nature changed a lot of things where and when she was rampaging. There is farm ground here that may never be farmed again.

Will let you go, so say a little prayer for all the troops and please check back, in a week or so for another posting

See Ya Carl