Thursday, December 20, 2012


Was a "working day" to even get to the blinds.  We waited until almost daylight before we left for the pits this morning.  We went by the bosses house and picked him up on our way to the blinds.  The road was pretty rough, getting to the blinds.  We had customers or we may have stayed in town.  With the snow and the wind still blowing it around making our way down to the lake, not the usual trip. With the blowing snow, seeing where you were driving was the biggest problem.  We found the blinds were not covered with the white stuff as we had thought as we traveled from town.  Got the customers into the pits and broke just a little ice then started hunting.  Yes, it was cold, but with a few section of fiberglass placed, just right it was tolerable.  Then just before 10 o'clock we started seeing some geese on the move.  Then we started getting them to turn around and give us a look.  We did talk one flock of 8 to decoying for a great shot.  What a sight it was to see them, decoy in that wind.  I was telling my crew "they will be to our right over the blinds, then I would say they, will be right over us straight up, then they will be right over the pit to the left.  Cancel that they are coming across the bar way left and be out in front".  Well they got out in front and got real low and pulled up to the water hole, for a great shot.  They dumped half of them in the lake.  Made the efforts of getting to the blind all worth it.   They were all big heavy 12 pound birds. 
We must have "called" about 15 - 18 flocks today.  Think we turned 5, should have got into 3 flocks.  It was an exciting, hard working, cold day, but is a day that we will remember, and isn't that what you look for in a day of hunting??
Last evening, with all the preparations for the blizzard, I did not get out a report for Wednesday.  We harvested 3 out of one bunch and had another flock in there with a low shot out the back, that we didn't do, very good shooting on.
Will let you go, but please remember to say a prayer for all the service men and women, that are guarding our country.  Especially all the ones that will be separated from their families this holiday season.  Also remember to check back
See ya.  Carl    

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Didn't limit out BUT

Hope no one is shocked, but we called in some ducks and had a harvest job, on them.  Then shortly after 9:30 we started seeing the Canada's.   There was a serious push of Canada's, and we should of had a big kill.  The number of guns were a factor, but our shooting was another issue.  BUT, we had birds that took an issue with our spread too, and never got into good range, for a good kill.  Some flocks never got close enough for us to ever call a shot on.  Some flocks gave, us quite the show.  Two flock one with three and one with four was  locked up with feet down, decoyed in but, changed their minds and climbed out.  Was one beautiful sight.  Then we has another flock that even "corn shucked" as they come in and then they changed their minds, and turned out.  We have had a couple dozen flocks, that tried to decoy, they pull out and pulled back to us but then rolled out and moved on.   Have to tell you that those flocks all had little Cacklers in the flocks, and they had their influence on those flocks.  Need to kill those little SOB.   But it was a fun and exciting day.
As for ducks, we may have seen 3-5 flocks.  Even had one flock that done as I predicted, to a point.  They got into the field across the lake, from us.  I was asked how long would they feed.  I said about 20 minutes, then they would jump up and head our way, and want to stop here and wash their feet and get a drink.  Well they feed for the 20 minutes, then jumped up and headed for our spread, and then went to the river for the drink and feet washing job.  Boy, them birds love the make a lier out of me. 
Remember the troops tonight and every night, in your bed time prayers.
Also check back when ever you can. 
See ya.  Carl   

Friday, December 14, 2012

short crew shot well

The Honey Bun affect is still on, first off we had birds in just after legal and took 2 of three.  Then at about 10:00 we had a nice group of about a dozen and a half birds, that floated in from the west with very little encouragement. When the smoke cleared there were 6 more DIP.   Great morning for just a very short (4) crew, shooting.   
Was an action filled morning, for this short crew.  But never the less to the size of the crew, it was beautiful decoying of this flock. 
This was about all we seen today.  Again, today the skies were vacant of ducks.  Would be fun to see some duck again.  We seen those high fliers on Sunday morning but nothing that resembled a duck, since. 
Just have to get one of the sunrises in.  This was this morning, and the report is short.  Please remember the prayer for the troops tonight and also check back.
See ya     Carl

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Plenty of birds but the action was little slow

Thursday, no Honey Buns and nothing early.  However we did see a few little bunches of Mallards.  Don't know but there has to be a frustrating day looming when you see some ducks early.  The early morning, duck have been the missing link for us, all season long.  Just when, we were feeling it maybe a duck day. Everything changes and all the ducks disappeared.  Then at about 10:00 we started seeing the Canada's, soon after we had a pair that got to close to us and we made short work of them.  Then we had several flocks that, were just teasers.   They just would give us a little look then fly on.  Did get into one flock of around twenty.  We don't have a big enough hole for them, but I remember on the day when we set the record on Canada's, that hole was not as big as we have today.  The biggest flock that day come and everything was landing on the ice, none was landing in the water hole.  But I don't know birds like he does so he may be on target.
We worked hard on several flocks, in the afternoon, but they had the power to resist our calling, and moved on.
Just the two, go-a-rounds today.
Please say a little prayer for the troops tonight.  Also please check back,
See ya.   Carl

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Two for One

This is a report that should have been posted on Tuesday but had computer problems

As many of you know or have heard there are time to shoot geese.  Many years ago Ralph started logging info into a little tablet, on the geese, as they passed his view.  He log how many birds in the flock, species of geese and number that was in the flock, if they decoyed, if we shot, the time of the shot, and  how many they killed. He has books back to the 50's.  Several years ago, when computers were becoming a little more friendly to use, this information was put into the computer.  There was all kinds of information, they got from this, data.  Some was easy to understand and some was for only a statistician.  Well one of the more interesting pieces of data, was the 5 most frequent times birds were killed.   They are 9:23, 10:17, 12:08, 3:10, and 4:25.  The most popular time is 12:08.  Since this info was made aware to the hunters, it has been  a tendency, to check the time of every shot. 12:00 noon to 12:15, is a time of day we scan the skies harder, refuse to leave the blind except an emergency.  It is so unbelievable, how many times that you see 12:08 on your watch, when you bust into a flock.  That was then case today on our shot, my watch read 12:08.  
With the lake covered with ice, and a less than ideal water hole, with much hard work, they made it a little more appealing to the birds.  Then we manned the pits with great anticipation, setting for few hours, and several flocks, we finely hit pay dirt. We had a flock coming in from the northwest and a flock coming in from the northeast.  I predicted they were on a collision path and were meeting right over us.  I missed it by a few yards and the met up just to the northeast of the pits.  After a tough calling job we talked a few of them over and the crew, went into action.   Not the greatest results, but we put down a few.  I can not bend my knees and stand so I can look from just under the grass, I did not have my crew aware of the bird location.  Sorry guys but, I had no idea, to their location, or maybe we would have got a couple more down
This Wednesdays report

As most of you know the boss has a sweet tooth.  Some of the customers help him out with this hang up, and use any action as an opportunity to reward him, with candy and other sweet goodies.  On Wednesday morning we fed the boss a Honey Bun first thing, before it was even legal in the morning.  Well we were into two flocks in the first half hour of legal hunting.  We are giving the credit to the honey buns. We were upset we run out of them so early.    So sales of Honey Buns, may set a sales record here in December.  Advice from the pits, buy Honey Bun stock.  Also there was a big box of other pastry, but the Honey Buns was first on the menu. 
The first bunch was in, at maybe 2 minutes past legal.  Second bunch was about 4 minutes  before O'l sol, even showed his face.  A very exciting and memorable start to a morning, especially for a year, that has been so slow, over all.
We knew the day could not continual this, but we did picked up a couple of singles, as the day went on.
Sorry about the mess up last evening.  Please say a little prayer for the troops that serve our nation.
Also please check back and we will see ya   Carl

Wednesday, December 05, 2012


The day got off to a very different day, this morning.  Geese just do not show up early in the day.  Now there is the geese that you kick out of the decoys, that come back early in the day but feeding geese and migrating geese just do not decoy good, early in the morning. Well, it was different, this morning.  Early, before sunrise we had a flock of about 50, come meandering down the flyway.  We fired the choir up, and they decoyed, in giving us a good shot.  Today, was as it has been all fall, we did not shoot good.  Then latter there was flock that was trying, to pull a silent sleek job, coming up from the south, but was spotted and we got them in just for a fair shot.  Again our poor shooting was costly for the total bag.  Then we had a lone snow, give us a good play.  He give us a good shot on him. 
With the nice wind out of the south east, and all the goose activity, the boss was sure there was a need for a decoy adjustment, and the "boot gang" went out and made short work of that.   
The thrill of the day.  I was setting down and looked west southwest and spotted a flock of geese, flying north almost three quarters of a mile west, of the lake.  We all got on our horns and started calling hard.  Well with the wind they only slowed their travel north just a little, but was slowly turning around.  They had to be a couple miles down wind, before getting turned around, and with a spotter with fields glasses, kept our hearts into our calling.  He kept saying "their locked up, so we kept calling.  We brought them back at least 2 miles.  After about three or four near misses, they got close enough for us to shoot.  It was at extreme range but we went into action.  Brought down one, and there were a couple cripples that made their escape to far for a retrieve.  It was beautiful, it was a big thrill.   Has to be one of the more fun days of the fall season.
As always remember the troops tonight in your evening prayers.
Also check back and we will see ya.

Monday, December 03, 2012


Fog and more fog.  Was rough even getting to the blinds this morning.  Especially from town, on the black top, when we turned onto the gravel it was not to bad from there to the pits.  But shortly after we crawled into the pits it really socked us in.  Was that way till after 9:00, then it started lifting.  Shortly after it started lifting my bionic ears kicked in, I heard some geese.  I told everyone I was hearing geese.  Then the hunters spotted a nice variety pack, coming from the north.  We fired up the choir and they really responded good.  Was surprising to us, for that early in the day.  Had a six pack of the big ones pull out, and give us a couple swings.  Of course the little Cacklers won out and pulled them out, and safely on south.  A few minutes later, I hear another flock coming, but they turned west before the got to us. 
Did have had a little success with the ducks, and we got into them a few time.  Nothing to brag about on the kill, but the last two flocks were after the wind come up.  First go-a-round a down wind shot, which is always fun.   The second flock was wanting to land out in the lake, but with some serious conversation, strayed close enough for us to harvest a few. 
Everyday we say it just has to break lose and we have to have a powder burning day, but the never show up.
Remember the troops in your bed time prayers, and please check back
See ya.  Carl

Monday, November 26, 2012

A very good day

I have been under the weather for about 3 days, but there was not much action I have not reported except for, I think it was Friday.  We had got into Canada's.  I was coming down with this flu and crashed in my chair.  The next day I was planning on making a two day report, and again I was suffering and nothing in the bag so it didn't get reported that day either.  So that brings us to today.  A much better day to report on.
After seeing flock after flock fly over and not even notice our spread or the songs we were singing.  All the while the boss was saying "if they keep that up we will shoot a mess of them dudes yet".  Well finely they started to at least give us a little look, and again the boss said "we are going to get into them pretty soon" then it happened.  There was this flock of 16, and they was loving our music and on the first turned around, they give us that courtesy swing.  Then changing their minds, and deciding it was an awesome place and setting their minds on a peaceful visit.  We talked them down to about 12-15 yards high and right over the pits, when the boss gave the command, "take em".  When the smoke cleared we had 13 DIP.  This has to be one of the top three shots I have ever been in on.  Birds were falling all around my pit.  I had a young lady in my pit, and I was telling her to "look out" I was thinking she was going to get hit by a falling goose.  Lucky missing her by a few feet.  The next flock we talked in, we took 5 or 6 out of.  It was not as good of shot but one I will always be happy with.  Third flock in, we shocked them pretty good again, but most importantly.  All three go-a-rounds was a story book quality shot.  Never had three shots of that quality, back to back to back, in all the years I have set in the binds.  Of course shot number one will be a hard one for this old man to forget.  I felt as if was almost looking down on the when they out in front, they were so low 
I must report that we seen several flocks of Mallards, today also..  One flock was a big flock, migrating, the other flocks come up from the south.  Have been getting reports that we have tons of ducks to come, but we have not bought into that rumor, as of yet.  Did have a couple birds well within gun range, but we was greedy and wanted the whole flock.  No shot was called.
As always please take a few seconds to say a little prayer for the troops tonight. And please check back, and lets see if I cant report another exciting day here again the next couple days
See Ya   Carl

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving hunt

Again it has been awhile.  But this is one very unusual year.  Thanksgiving and we just come off a week of warm days and south winds. 
This morning the wind was so calm and we were seeing birds.  Well decoying birds with no wind, is not possible.  We were having a mini push of Cacklers.  After a bunch of frustrations, we got some wind.  When we got some wind and as expected, we got some birds, the migration, had just about run its course.  But there was a surprise, in store.  Had some Canadas, that lifted off the river, and with some pleading we talked them over us.  The boss called a down wind shot, because he was sure that may be our only chance, we would have.  We were armed with just 4 guns, but we did ourselves proud.  A bird for every gun.  It was some fast action, but the crew was up for the task.  Two adults and two grandkids. 
The picture above, is destine, for the youngsters scrapbook, I am sure. 
Best get ready for our Thanksgiving feast.  But remember the troops tonight in your prayers.  Also please check back.  We are in for a weather change and some weather that is more favorable to hunting.  Expecting the hunting to pick up.  The goose gods, owe us a favor, so hoping to cash in on it. 
See ya.   Carl 

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Redemption day.  Our bad shooting was just a minor virus.  We shook it off and, thing are looking much more rosie .   
We started off with three Cans coming into our steel curtain and finding themselves feet up in the pond.   Us regulars, had help so we were not sure if the customers that was doing the damage.  This after noon the crowd was leaving and us helpers, talked the boss into leaving, too.  After three to four flock giving us a look, then flying off, we devised a new plan.  At about 3:00 a flock was just about of range of our calls moving south.  So plan B was put into action, and in short order we had a pair pull out, then another pair, then the whole flock decided to come with them.   Now remember the crew in the pits, is the same crew that could not sink a wash tub in a swimming pool, on Tuesday.  With this quad, bearing down on us, with the first two out in front of the other two and the big flock, by many yard, it was apparent that we had to act on just the two..  These two, was coming in many yards out with their feet down, which by the way just tears me up.  Well they made it just a few feet out over blinds and the water, before they were DIP.  Yep they were Dead In Pond.  Kicking at the stars, grave yard dead!!  Never got the old smoke pole empty on them.  Boss! we did good.   Can you forgive us for Tuesday???  Please.   
That was the frosting on today's cake.
Let ya go, but please say a little prayer for the troops tonight, and also check back.
See ya.   Carl

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Great action BUT

Sorry about the fact, there was no report for Tuesday.  When I got home I had a couple details I had to handle around the house and then sat down for a short minute. The next thing I know the wife wakes me to eat.   I was so tired, I just could not get busy and finish up the report, using the notes I had made, during the day.

Then there was another issue, that was bothering me, I was wondering if I should report it or forget it.  First off, I have to report the crew was not shooting the best, and as we walked out carrying two sacks of garbage that was about a quarter of the way full of empties, and 4 Canada's and a hand full of ducks.  Our local warden met up with us as we left, yesterday.  He stopped us and questioned us, as to if we had shot all them shells today or not, and we assured him we had.  Then he wrote all of us up for "impersonating a hunter and harassing wild life" and confiscated our garbage, as evidence.  The boss told him he was wrong, Ralph, was claiming that we were all great shots.  Ralph, said "they have to be good shots to throw that much steel in the air filled that many birds, and not hurt any, it takes tons skill, to do that".  But the Warden just kept writing.  I guess they will send us a letter when our court date is.
It was really embarrassing how bad we shot.  Hope them lapse of skills are short term.

Now to today, things are so slow.  Had a pair of Cacklers give is a look then had an idea we were to deadly so flew off.  Boy, were they mistaken.

Well this is enough nonsense for one report.  Going to include a picture taken by Garry Mason, out at the lake, earlier this fall.  He titled it "this is how everyday should start".  I will vote for that.  A beautiful sunrise, always gets my day off to a good start.

Please say a prayer, for all the men and women that are watching over our country tonight and every night.

Check back again for better news from the hunting front.
See Ya    Carl    

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Hard Day

I have tried to wright this in the blind several times today.  Every try my trend of thought was interrupted, either by conversation or birds.  But never the less this was a trying day.  Not because of conversation but on the account of the birds.  We blew our guts out, throughout the day.   I really think they are suffering from one of the problem I have.  THEY CAN'T HEAR.  But we had Canada's in the sky most of the day today.  And to rub some salt into the wound, we give up and headed to the house.  Before we were off the grounds there was about thirty big Canada's come circle, split into two flocks first half landed on the east shore and the other half made one more circle and land in the lake in front of the pits.  Could not get one in front of the pit all day, then we leave they pass over the pits, lower that we would have asked, to have a great shot, landing in the runway in the lake.  Sometime I feel the goose god, hates us. 
One highlight of the day.  We spot three birds coming our way and as always we get hid under the broomcorn.  But these three, didn't  required any calling.  Well we could not have called if we wanted to, because we have no call for swans.  One adult and two juvies.  What big and majestic birds.   They landed just a few yards in front of the blinds and of course everyone wanted a look and the commotion on the shore line was more than could tolerate, and with just a couple minutes rest, they lifted off and continued their Southerly  journey. 
Another highlight, was one beautiful flock and shot on ducks.  They was about 30-40 mallards that decoyed in, with a over 50% were green head today.  With a sharp turn, and coming down wind, the boss could not pass on such a shot.  Well the DIP count was low but it was so pretty.  It was not a long shot and patterns were still pretty small so that explains the low kill numbers, but it was a fun site.  However on another flock, if you go with a percent survival ratio, we made up for it.  We let only one escape, out of a flock of 6. 
Well I am sorry but this still sounds like I am complaining, but it is the best I can make out of a day like today
Please remember the troops, in your prayers, tonight and check back to see if I can get a better sounding report tomorrow
See ya.  Carl     

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Vetrans day shoot

Veteran day.  First off thank you, to all of our present and past vets.  You all are the best and may god bless each and everyone of you.
We had a boat load of customers this morning.  Need some serious action to make it a good day.  As legal come and went it was to dark for the boss, to want to call the shot.  We had very heavy clouds and he wants to know. what we are shooting.  So we passed on about 10 good go-a-rounds. 

 As it turned it was nothing to be upset about.  When the boss, turned us loose and we opened up, the action was nonstop.  Guys were getting nervous about their shell  consumption.   Guessing we have had to many days where 3 shells was all you need.  We forgot about all of those days in just minutes. Flock were falling in so fast. you hardly had time to reload.  Smiles all over the place, and happy hunters. 
Before the clouds moved out, the sky was full of Sky Carp, mixing in a few flocks of heart breakers.  Yes, we still have flocks of Specks, north of us, and they were flying  the valley again today .  This morning they all acted like they wanted to decoy, but their M-O is to break your heart, and not allowing you a shot, and they were, doing a great job of this, today. 

Clearing skies did bring some lower flying geese.  Of course the clear skies, also exposed  S&B's that were cursing the lower level of outer space, out of harms way,  as they rode, today's  wind south, 
This has to be one of the better morning shoot, this old man has ever experienced.  After the years I have sat in blinds at Kohlers.  For me, to make that statement should explain to even a novice hunter, that this morning has to be logged in, as a great shoot.

The afternoon was more geese, and a few ducks.  We bagged a couple Ross geese, and a Canada.  The Canada's are on the, tomorrow list.  We are eager to welcome a few of them to lake.  The season has been so slow getting underway, but a day like today has dimmed those memories.

Be sure to say a prayer for all the troops, on this day, their day, Veterans Day
Please check back
And we will see ya.   Carl

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

windy but fun shots

The day got off to a very early start.  When they come down and opened the blinds, there were about a hundred sky carp on the east side of the blinds.  As the morning progress, and before legal we were hearing big flocks of ducks lifting off the lake.  Then soon after it was legal, we had a small flocks of duck swing just a little to close to the blinds and we went into action.  We scored but nothing to great.  Then about sun up we had 4 big Canada's float in from the north.  The boss is still talking about the shooting on that flock and it is not bragging, talk.  We didn't do to well.  All should have been down, but you have to remember, we have not had any shots at Canada's and our mind were in need of a "Canada adjustment", in order to shoot good.  I can only report, my feelings, but I was nervous.  We have not had many chances, on them yet, this season.
At least this morning we were seeing birds, more in line what you are to expect for this time of year. 
We had three go a rounds on Canada's by 11:30.  We got some of the jitters out of our minds, and wiped out one whole flock, of one.
Also today we seen, heard, flocks a moving south.  All kinds of geese was on the move.  We also seen the big sea gull, pelicans, as well as the cormorant, making their south.
As you know we listen to the weather stations real good.  So the boss tells me I should inform everyone, that the time and the weather, has got itself lined up for a few great shooting days.  Now this is not my predictions, because when I predict everything goes in the tank, but Ralph says Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, are all powder burning days.
Summery of the day is, we are seeing a few birds that have moved into the area.  With the wind today it was sporting shooting.  When there is a wind they do find, a fast escape route. 
Will let ya go, but please check back.  Also say a prayer for our troops.  It is getting close to Veterans Day, so if possible say a prayer for them too.
See ya.   Carl

Sunday, November 04, 2012


Yesterday I neglected two things.  First off I was wanting to say that we will be leaving the cafe a 5:45 with the time change.  We have been getting to the pits a little early, but have held off until daylight saving time ended, to make the adjustment.  Again we will leave the café at 5:45
 The second thing I did not post a picture of Remmy, but have had so many comments, phone calls, and E Mails, on last evening report, that I feel I should have posted the picture I took for Kyles scrapbook.   So the picture, is Remmy and the bird he brought back to the blind, plus the other two that Robert and Kyle had harvested.
No action today as far as shooting. But we were seeing late in the day a good movement of snow and blues and specks.  I am guessing at least 10 flocks total.  
I guess this all I can report today, but remember say a little prayer for our heros.  who are serving us and please check back.
See Ya    Carl

Saturday, November 03, 2012

A Boy and His Dog

Been awhile since I updated you.  But there has only been a duck or two to talk about.  Today's story is more personal than informative. 
I had grandson Kyle with me today.  And what made it special, Kyle has a pup, that has had a rough life.  See first off this pup only a few day old was found in the middle of a busy road.  A young lady found him, and nursed him back to life and raised him to the age where he was off the bottle.  My son in law was looking for a pup for my grandson, and soon the two, pup and Dad met up.  Well Kyle was the one place in charged of the new addition to the family.  They named him Remington, but shortened it to Remmy.  The two of them,  become a team.  They done everything together, and went everywhere together.
Late last winter, while playing out in the country, there was a very serious accident.  The pup was not used to playing out side and to fear thing much larger than he.  Anyway this pup got run over by a pickup with a snow plow on the front of it.  He was rushed to the vet, clinging to life only by the help of his master.  See Kyle was assisting him, in his breathing, but he was still was breathing when they got to the vet.  They were giving the news they didn't want to hear, but they already knew.  It would be a miracle, if he was to survived.  The miracle, was granted and Remmy pulled through.
Well today was Remmy's first day in the duck blind.  Just over a year old, so we were not expecting to much.  Of course we had to put him into the blind, but once in the pit he made him self at home.  I really expected him to be all over the  pit, but he settled down like an experienced hunting dog.  Soon after legal shooting the guys in my pit said we have some geese in the decoys.  Of course plans were being made on the, sneak of these birds.  Both Kyle and Robert had waders, and was eager for attempt to harvest these bird, as the rest of us watched.  This was also, Kyle's first day of ever having waders, on a duck hunt.  And this task of getting geese out of the decoys was as new to him as being in a blind was to his dog.  But with orders being shouted to him as he and Robert made their way out to the decoys in the lake.  When they got close and the geese got a little nervous, we started encouraging them to shoot.  But these two sportsman waited until they were off the earths surface, then opened up.  Four shots rang out and three geese lay feet up in the pond.  I helped Remmy out of the blind and Kyle called him, and Remmy charged out to Kyle like he was a pro retriever.  With a little encouragement Remmy picked one of them up and proudly brought it back to the blinds.  It was nice the birds were little Cacklers, and not a ten pound Canada, but never the less Remmy, proudly handled this job. 
Before the day ended Remmy had mastered entering and exiting the blinds, by him self.  He ages several weeks today.  But grandpa thinks the boy did too.
That is all we harvested and almost all we saw, but will be a memorable day to some of us.
As always, remember the troops in your bed time prayers, tonight.
Also remember to check back
See ya.  Carl

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Would like to say, that the day started off with a bang, but that is not it.  At about 2 minutes before legal we had 3 nice Whitefronts right in here.  Well I am sure you all know by now, that the duck shooting goes on hold when something like that happens.  And to make it even worst the ducks were diving in and out of here from several directions.  If they lined up right on the runway, they were pulling right over the north pits head, very low, and that shot, is never a smart move.  With no shortage of duck, you can't even complain. 
We have had several flocks of Specks in the area, and some giving us a pretty good look.  Most of them are high, riding the wind.  Have got into one little bunch of three, knocking them all down, but still trying to find one of them.
We have. A much bigger crew today so we are working the duck a little harder. We had one huge flock of (250-400), we had one great shot on.  They were riding the wind and the turned right in front of the blinds, giving us a fun shot.  The kill was not what one would expect, but it was a fun shot anyway.
At about 11:30 we got into our first, big Mallards for the year.   Nice red legs on these dudes.  Decoyed in so pretty, but with this wind they vacate the area, so fast.  With overcast skies that keeps them hid so well, that they seem to appear out of nowhere.  Folded up, just dropping. Not giving the hunters the most time to ready for a fast shot.
The weather is just what the average person really believes is the perfect day to harvest waterfowl.  Heavy skies spitting rain.  That is not, usually how it pans out on a good hunting day, but it is working today.  We love the wind, but most of the time the moisture puts the halt to the birds moving. 
At 12:00 noon, had a mass of specks, that we thought were Snow & Blues.  Big V after  Big V.  As I write this we have to have 1-2,000 specks flying over us.  Guess the snow has everything on the move.  We have seen; cormorant, pelican, gulls, all kinds of ducks and geese, except the Canada's.  We just don't understand why we are not seeing any of those birds.  Last few years, the Canada is the the bird we harvest.  We still are in awe, of the number of specks we are seeing today.  Many many thousands
I asked the Boss, if he had kept track of the number of go-a-rounds we have had on ducks, today.  He laughed and implied it has to be 15-18 go-a-round.  I am hearing rumors of the need for restocking the shell supply.  But what fun. 
A closing thought.  Boss said he has never seen that many Whitefronts in one day before.  And that statement, covers a lot of years.  We see a lot of Specks, in the spring, but nothing like we seen today.  Heard from platte river hunters and they had the same report.  Thousands and thousands of Specks.  Someplace is really getting shorted on them birds this year, because "population explosion" just can't be the answer, to what we seen, in this movement, today.  
remember the troops tonight Please
Check back 
and we will see ya    Carl              

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


We have had a great aerial duck show this morning.  Both big and little ducks.  Have see even some mallards. Will have all the limits we can have here in a couple minutes.would not be stretching it if I said we had 25 shootable flock between legal and 7:30.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday should be days to remember.  Best be making arrangements for, a hunt. 
We just had a flock in tight enough that one gun just took 4 out of a flock by him self.  
Lacking one duck and we are limited out on ducks for the crew.   We are done on ducks, at 8:02. I agree we are short on hunters, but i can never remember of that ever happening before.  The boss said we could have polished off a box and a half of shell before 8:15.  He is not to far off on that statement.  Just need some people.  I have not shot, because I have all the ducks in my freezer that I want.
Had help walk in, so have another limit to fill  he is going to fill his own limit. 
We needed one more duck and stuck around for a long time trying for it.  Just think, call up just to check, get talked into hurrying to the pits.  Told you have to kill your own limit, and leave a couple hours latter with 5 birds.  Years ago that happened to me with whitefronts, but the limit was one bird.  I was there about 20 minutes. 
Did see one nice flock of about 30 whitefronts, that give is a good look, went south about 2-3 miles, then come back, only to break our heart again.  They just love to do that.  I really believe that is why God invented them.  You know, to humble hunters.  In the fall they won't get within 300 yards of a shotgun, in the spring they cuttle right up to your blind. 
If tomorrow is better, it will be a fun day.  I know I wouldn't miss tomorrow for NUTTIN.
We headed home at about 2:00.  But one great day.  To bad we didn't have a few more hunters.  The boss thinks, we could of shot up about 2 1/2- 3 boxes apiece if we had wanted to today.  Was some great sights, great shots, and some lasting memories of a day that might have been.  Of course I can hear wings again, with these new ears, and we had some flocks of teal, that I think I could of heard without hearing aids.  50 birds at 3 feet over your head, make a loud noise, as they dive the lake. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Empty Pit Alert

We come home early from the pits today. But the boss just called me asking me to alert everyone that he has had a couple call stating. 
That since around 1:00 there are birds in the air.  Big push of Pintails and some Whitefronts, on the move
We were spotting some duck, moving down the river high, just before we abandon the pits. Guess, we had starred into the clear skies with no success for several hours, and though there were better things to do, so come home. 
Maybe you should think of coming to the pits, Monday if nothing better to do. Since this is so short and have not reported it, here is a picture of the Speck we shot a few days back.  This picture was taken by Bub Walters. 
Remember to say a little prayer for the troops tonight.
Keep checking back please.  Some how we are going to get this season underway one of these

Friday, October 19, 2012

Our Migration Has Started

Well we found out just why we are out in the pits!  We actually took the guns out of the racks and shouldered them, a few times today.  Still have the opening day jitters, and not connecting to well.  But at least there are a few empties in the trash cans.
We still had strong winds and heavy clouds, today,  just like the two preceding day, but there were birds in them clouds, today.  Early this morning we heard some Specks, and then we seen a flock or two.  The Canada's were absent, but we were getting some shots at ducks.  Green-wing teal then some Gadwall, Wigeon, and last but not the least, a couple flocks of Pintails.  We knocked down some very pretty Pintail drakes. 
The birds are doing just what the boss said they would do.  The shots have been right out in front, great shots.  The decoying has been better than the shooting, but we are having fun, none the less.
Shortly after 1:00 we started seeing the whitefronts, moving.  They were riding the wind and were high.  Did turn a few out of one bunch, but that was it.  Also seen a flock of Canada's.   So we had ducks in the morning and geese in the afternoon.
Remember the troops in your bed time prayers, and please check back. 
Just a reminder:  I wouldn't miss tomorrow fro nuttin.
See ya.   Carl