Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"LATE" Summer Update

Well it is time that I update you, on the happenings in the Tekamah area, and at the South Lake. The boss has worked out there when ever he has had the opportunity As you may or may not know we have had abundant amount of rain this summer, so there as been days that he could no go to the farm. However this has not kept him from having the place look perfect, as always.

They, (Ralph and Dorothy) have made a trip west, to visit the kids and to celebrate the birth of another Grandchild. They had to go to have their picture taken with this newborn. See this is almost unbelievable, but there is again 5 generations, in the Kohler family. Just think Ralph and Dorothy’s son is a Great Grandpa, and Ralph and Dorothy are GREAT GREAT GRANDPARENTS. This had happened before in the Kohler family. A few years back, before Ralph’s Mother had passed away, there were some of Ralph and Dorothy’s Great grand kids, running around on this earth, then too.

Should have had this up and posted but my summer has been a disaster as far as the computer is concerned. Fist off in early July, my beloved 19” wide screen monitor, died, so I got on the web and ordered a new “Acer” replacement. And could hardly operate with the old 15” monitor I save back when I received that one, from my wife and kids for a birthday. The new one come in and I was singing the happy tunes again, and then about, 8 days later the Computer got a bad virus, and died. Well after about 6 or 7 such experiences, of losing everything, and finding out there was about a $100.00 needed to repair, my old one, I changed to the other brand. Reports are “they don’t get sick”. I found a 4-year-old G5 I-Mac that I could buy right, so now I am learning a new operating system. Now, I have a BRAND NEW 19” wide screen monitor, that I don’t use, so if interested, it is for sale, used lees than a Month. I have had, all the programs loaded, into the new machine, that I should need. It is not all wine and roses, because there have been several times it has been talked to in a NON-complementary fashion. Most of the time when I get stuck and then figure it out, it is, because I was trying to make it harder. To work with picture so far, I find it so much easier, than it was with XP, operating system. So best be clicking the shutter more often this season.

Next info, you are getting, is all about me. Had both eyes worked on and, new glasses, and I did not know I was so near blind. I see good enough that I do not need glasses to drive, and have had that restriction removed from my driver’s license. Have spotted some of our local geese, flying 2 1/2 miles away. This was a small flock of about a dozen, and I spotted them, and I pointed them out, to others. Could not see a flock that size over the west lake last spring.

Now to what you all, are interested in, the season and the Lake. The changes in the lake have all been, the moving of dirt. Again he opened up the “GUT” again by taking more dirt off, the East shoreline. Maybe another 20 yards wider. He has been hauling dirt all summer, and I have to be honest, I have not been out for a long time, and have some work to get done, on the intercom. For the second year in a row, opening day, is late for us. Oct 10th everything opens. All reports are that there has been a great hatch of all birds, and there has been plenty of rain in most all of the hatching areas, so expectations are running high. The next exciting news is that they are opening up Blue Lake, just north of us on the Iowa side of the river, to hunters this fall. So the normal build up of the geese, should not happen there. Therefore, on good flight days, we should see a few more birds. The boss is saying that should put at least another hundred in our “game bag”.

Best to close this, and get it posted, so as always Please say a little pray for all the young men and women, who are out there protecting our country.

See Ya Carl