Monday, August 04, 2008

The summer is growing short

I have not posted anything for a long time. It has been a busy summer for me. I will go into that later.

For the first time in several years, Ralph did not move the pits. However he moved the lake some. Across from, just in front of the pits, he move the east shore line, back about 40 to 50 yards. It, no longer looks like you could kill a bird sitting on the shore line. In fact it looks like that the ducks can swing, off the decoys and not fly over any land, as they turn to the East, and come back to the decoys. I like the look, but I am not making any predictions. It sure has opened up the lake for the big boys, and give them plenty of room to come up through the lake. The bar, that was off to your right and a little behind, when you were setting in the blinds, is no longer there. He has moved all that dirt and I can not tell you just where it is now, but it is gone. I think he has had, some big equipment in there, and done some packing too.

Pappa Goose, and Dorthy, have weathered the summer pretty good, too. I think they have went out to the lake almost everyday, just as they have, in years past. They also have all the decoys cleaned and painted.

From what we are hearing, our season will be getting under way, a little later. I think they have a meeting in August, but sound like they have made up their minds and everything opens October 11th. If that holds up, we will miss out on, most of the early ducks, and Canada's. I guess we can hope the Big Boys, decide to settle in and stick around for a while. On the postive side, all the mosquito's, should be dead by then.

As for me. I had my right knee replaced on June 2nd. The Dr. assured me that I would be able to go to the pits, come October. I was a little unsure he knew, what he was talking about. After all, I am over weight and on the upper end of, lifes ruler. Well believe me when I say he was right, I mean it. I have made a fantastic recovery. I quit using my cruches, started going up and down steps, like most people do, and started to drive the car all in the third week after surgery. The first two and half weeks was pure hell but since them it has all been worth it. I keep telling people, if I had felt this good when I retired, I would have not retired. So I am saying that I will not only be there on opening day, but am sure, I will be bringing the smoke pole too. I have no pain, when walking, any more. I don't know what will happen, when there is, gumbo hanging on my shoes. I guess we will find out.

As always, say a bed time prayer, for all the young people that are protecting our country

Check back in a few weeks, we will be back in action. I will make another posting when the dates are definent.

See Ya Carl