Sunday, March 18, 2012

All about Chocolate today

Today's story, is more about people than hunting. Over the years there are hunters that just come back year after year. With the boss's years of hunting, some of those groups now are returning with their grandchildren. However that is not the root of this story. These groups and some individual have gained the knowledge, over the years, of his sweet tooth. From the candy isle in a store they pick up little rewards to share with him, on good day and bad days. His favorite is chocolate. Mostly I want to tell about, the "doggy biscuits" offering he receive after a well enjoyed shot. To help you understand better, in the fall lets say we decoy in 30 big Canada, for a good shot the Hershey's & Snickers are everyplace. Today, we had this crew from eastern Iowa, with a high school age, young lady, that we all wanted, to get a shot for her, in the worst away and today was the very last chance. After enduring two "no shot" days in a row, two blues give her, and her and old smoke pole, the chance, to go into action. We were all very happy, as you should be. Well here comes out of one of their hunting bag this huge Hershey candy bar, and she was sent, to the bosses blind with it in hand. I was not ready with the camera for the delivery, but I got his response, captured in a picture. He quickly grabs, a little one out of his stash, and this big one, with a jewel of a remark, as how he is treated. Something about how he was treated yesterday and this today. It was a gem. Just had to post the picture.

As I say we harvested two blues before the 80+ degree weather sent us home.

Say a prayer for out troops that are protecting us, and please check back. Sounds like we are going to try to stick it out for at least this next week

See Ya Carl

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Was a little more normal today

I will try to catch you up on the past few days. the last posting I had stated, that we had harvested 6 birds. Well most everybody, had gone home. but there were a couple stuck around. they were rewarded with a shot. They took two more, bring the days total up to 8. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, each day we took a bird each day. Today i had to leave the blinds, early again. But when I left, at about 1:00 they had 5 in the bag. Had two go-a-rounds. shooting was not the best, but i can not say anything, because I never do good on that shot.
Do have to say we have had some great sunrises, these past few days. With the fog almost daily, or maybe I should call it River Haze, because the air temp has been so warm, but it has been a producer of some great sunrises. Just have to include one this evening.
I best get this posted, so please send a little prayer to all the young hero, that are serving our nation. Also please check back.
See Ya Carl

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Has been just a little slow in the pits for the past few days. A couple of days that have not been reported. Thursday; There were plenty of birds but we just could not get them to finish for a good shot. The Boss called a couple long shots that proved not to be to successful. In my mind he was feeling that us shooters felt that we could kill those birds. Well either they were to far as he says, or we are not to good of shots. Maybe it was both, but we only killed two. Friday; Tons of birds, and they flew for hours. I am not stretching it much when I say the airlines don't fly that high. We could only see the snows, as tiny white dots. There were string after string. Quite the Ariel show.

Today; We had a big flock of geese in the lake, for the first time this spring. Now I mean more that a dozen, when I say first time. But I think we had three go a rounds today. Was just a few birds on each go a round. We bagged a total of 6.

Reports today that at Riverton Reserve, in south west Iowa still had, a very big number of birds. We are looking for some young dumb ones, maybe they will decoy and we can get some number in the bag.

Sunday morning we start daylight saving time. Departure from town will be 6:30. WOW I feel rested already.

This is late so best get it posted. As always, remember the troops in your prayers tonight. Also please check back.

Let ya go and we'll see ya. Carl

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A rooten tooten day

The day got off with a bang. At just before 7:00 this morning, I had just finished a e mail, and had just put the Pad away, when I heard the boss cuss. Then I heard the command to get ready. Then in less than 5 seconds the next command was to "TAKE EM". Not much time for an OSFF to be ready. But I went up with the old smoke pole, and to the right front, a ball of S&B'S was hanging. It was one of them, pointed and shoot, shots. Again with only four guns on the lake, we done ourselves proud. When the smoke cleared we had 9 DIP and one that got up and flew off.

Have has several flocks that give us a good look but did not decoy in. Since the big kill, we have had a few loners and a pair make the fatal decent. We just are not letting many get out, when they get in here. The wind was blowing hard, to our delight, it is a great wind. Things look better, and the birds respond better when we have the wind

We have had a first for the season. Had a nice flock of birds decoy. 4 out of the bunch decoyed in much faster than the rest and the boss went on them. They were all little Ross geese. This was the first, this season, where there were several in the flock. They are short 4 now

Was another day when we had a memorable aerial show, with the Canada's. At one time we had over 125 big Canada's in the lake one time. There were some big ones.

The picture was from this morning.

Had all the birds that every one wanted, today so we come in. Total for the day is 15. We are in need of guns and bird takers.

About all I can tell ya today. But remember the troops in your daily prayers. Also please check back.

See ya. Carl

Monday, March 05, 2012

Got these SOB about 2:00 today

Old business first. Had to many home jobs, to get a report out last evening. Also I know the picture did not post. Damn technology, is baffling to old men, and I am proof. If things go good you may get one tonight.

Sunday. First no wind and then we had to much wind. There is a difference between my count of birds yesterday and R K. I had 6 the boss says 5. But we could not get them in so they were up wind to us, where they, just can't roll out. So, the kill per flock was BAD, but I was sure we got at least one, on each go a round. But anytime you have a 25 MPH wind, or greater, and you are up wind, if the first guy don't kill, you ain't killin much. We were closer to a 40MPH than a 25MPH wind, yesterday

Now to today. Still plenty of birds but to get them in close is hard. Had 3 or 4 bunches in pretty good but not close enough so they left unmolested. But at about 2:00 a bunch that was a long shot, but the boss had, had enough, so he called the shot. By then we were down only 4 gunners. We took 6 out of the flock. We had 4 DIP and 2 swimmers. We was happy.

Have more home work to do, so have to post this

Remember the troops and please check back.

See ya. Carl.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

A test and a hunting report

By the time old sol got go this point we had two birds in the sack. Not the greatest sunrise but it was something I can post. It is from this morning, see I am trying new things with this I Pad, and putting a picture on as I write, is a new trick I am trying. Hope it makes through all steps to posting. Just have to do some of that fancy stuff other sporting bloggers have been doing for years.

Also I have a bird that we harvested yesterday that went unreported. Had a lone Ross that made a fatal mistake yesterday and got just a little to close.

We had plenty of birds, through out the day, but as advertised they are a tough bird to decoy, this spring. We can get them to start, but to finish in gun range, is tough. With a great wind today out of the north, that made the air much colder than the temperature really way. Speaking of that cool breeze, I threw on an extra shirt this morning, because of the wind and it was a smart move on my part. Guys they are tough this year. I love the spring hunt, but hunters are not going to get them birds, under control. They may just have to bomb them, before they get sick and infect all waterfowl.

It really hurts your heart to see all the ducks and the other geese, fall into the lake and you can't grab the old smoke pole and go to work. But just be able to set back and watch, is one great thrill. I asked the boss today if he was sure, if maybe our calling didn't have a bad affect on those birds in the fall. WOW just to have one day, with a Speck flight, like we had today, in the fall. Seen way more pintails today than we have in a couple of falls. I guess what I am saying is, the day was worth it, even if we didn't whack and stack a bunch of sky carp.

Best get this posted, so remember the troops tonight and please check back .

See ya. Carl