Sunday, March 23, 2008

For the third day in a row, we set the third highest kill for the season. Had several bunches try to get in and with the loaners that we sent Kev, “the undertaker” out on, and he brought back. We totaled 20, so there was some action, and a few shell shot. They are so spookie this year, and we are just not getting then down over the water. The ones that come in and lit, the singles, did set down in the water and not on the shore line.

Ralph has the spread looking so good, as usual, but there is something they are not liking.

Well since this is Saturday I best get this posted, and do my Saturday nigh out thing with my wife. We are not hunting tomorrow, because it is Easter Sunday, so there will be no report .

Remember to keep the troops in your bedtime prayers

See Ya Carl

I don't know what I done wrong, but this did not post last evening. Got a phone call and told me he knew we had got birds, and there was not report up, so I checked and there wasn't. I don't know what I did wrong. I always do it in word and then move it over so I had last evening thoughts.

I am going to blame it all on my wife, because she was hurring me to go get fed and watered, I must have missed a step some place along the way. So here is is late, sorry. CM

Friday, March 21, 2008

Again today, a third high total, for the spring shoot, has been set. Also we passed over the first threshold or plateau. Was a better day than most have been for the year, but not what you would call a great day on average for a spring day shoot.

About ten minutes before legal time, was the best opportunity, but we had to pass on it. We had a big flock down in there, better than any other, large flock all season, but you just have to pass on them, when it is that many minutes early. Was a bitter pill to swallow.

The most positive thing about today was: for what we seen or had decoy, we probably average a better bag limit, than most days. We, or the guys, did make there shots count. Not many birds flew out of the spread, today. We were low on shooters and had 11 in the bag when it was all over. The count is now, up over a 100, so we are whizzing right up there.

Just was not many birds, moving today. If the Feds, are tell us the truth on the birds at Squaw Creek, they set tight today. Most of the time when there is a wind like we had today, they love to fly into it and we would have seen them. I know there was a heavy cloud cover, and that hurts, but you would have bet, we would have seen more than we did.

Best get this posted so say a prayer for our hero and please check back

See Ya Carl

Thursday, March 20, 2008

One plateau to fall

Well we had a little action today. I know it seems trivial, but we had the third best day, today on snows. This is not forever, but for this year. This is no small accompaniment. See if you have birds you don’t have any wind, if you have the wind there is no birds.

We are getting dangerously close to the 100 birds mark. Down to less than a half dozen flocks to get that hurtle, behind us. Has been a real struggle to reach that goal, but with today’s nine, we are into the 90’s now. Again today, we got report from Squaw Creek, and they have stuck with their story of having over a million birds. Their quote is a “million plus”. This is coming from a federal agency, so I have to trust their word. We have not been seeing as many birds, as we have in the past, but with those numbers we just can give up hope.

Have a friend that wants to bet a steak supper that we will reach the 250 number. Well I am considering his bet. That is $20.00 for a steak and that would be a small price to pay for just a little shooting. Also I have a bad history of winning bets, so how could I loose.

I neglected to tell you, of another kill we had yesterday. Late yesterday morning we discovered that my blind was infested with a saber tooth field rodent. This was one of the long fanged species. So I mover out all of my hunters out (really they bailed out with out me suggesting them to do so) And I stayed behind, for the battle. He showed his teeth several times, but he was no match for this old hunter. Pappa goose refuses to count it as a kill, but I am still lobbying and just may persuade him yet.

Nothing else to report so will close this.

Remember all our services men and women that are serving our great country

See Ya Carl

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We started out the day with some excitement and had visions of a great day. Had 4 that got circling our decoys, about 15 min before shooting time and then joined up with another pair, and continued for another 10 minutes before making a fatal mistake and got to close. When the smoke cleared there was still, two a flying. The troops are still suffering from, early season jitters, and don’t shoot the best. But this is still how the year is going. We started the day with no wind, a lot of ice, ground fog, and then get into birds; you just get the feeling that this could be the day. The weather forecast, was for clear skies, south winds, at 15 MPH, and over a million birds just 90 miles south of us. This appears to be a recipe for good to great day. Seen some flocks but, nothing like you would think on this type of day.

Got into some stranglers, through out the morning, bring our grand total up to a whopping 7. Then the afternoon the clouds moved back in and then the skies were barren, of birds again.

May have to lower my projections to a mere 100 birds. The only bright spot, for the season is the fact so many birds are still south of us.

Well this is all the complaining I should do, for one day so will get this posted

Please remember to say a prayer for the troops that are serving us.

See Ya Carl

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We got some clear skies, also a good north wind and still a small number. in the bag. They just have our number this year. It seems like we have, tried just about everything and they still out smart us. Didn’t see the most birds by a long shot, but had plenty that decoy to make it a good day out of it, if they would just finish. They are always just a few yards high or wide. A couple of times we landed some and the rest of the flock just flew off and left their friends setting on the ground. Most generally, when you get one to set down, the rest join it, or them. But that is not how it is this year. Sure hope they asked me to help bomb them. I owe some of them a favor, and I am up to making things right.

Just for the record we killed 4 today. 400, is beginning to look like an impossible number, too.

Say a prayer for the troops tonight and check back for some good news

See Ya Carl

Monday, March 17, 2008

Things were just a little slow today as we expected it to be, with the moisture in the air. We got rain and some snow flurries, but none of it stayed. Just enough to make it real muddy around the pits.

Seen just a very few birds in the morning and then it clouded up and give us the moisture. After that moved out then we got a very few minutes of clearing skies and that is when we got into three little flocks of birds. Then the clouds moved back in and the moisture was back in the air.

For those few minutes of good hunting, we took 6 geese, but we have a couple more down that we should count, but didn’t.

With nothing else to report will get this posted. Please remember the troops in your night time prayers

See Ya Carl

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Unforgetable sights today

What a fun day. Was all froze up early and no wind to help things out. Finely the wind come up and the cleaning crew done a quick job of clearing us a nice water hole. All the time we had flock after flock of geese moving mostly from the north. It was a huge movement to the south. We understand there is new snow falling north and some fell, yesterday to the south, so they must be trapped in our area. After some decoy adjustment we started decoying some birds. When you got one flock started there were almost always, other flocks that joined in. Was very exciting, with flocks, numbering into the hundreds and some times into the thousands all circling our spread. Not always, did we get them, into harvesting range, but what a sight. Maybe I am getting to old, but to me, the decoying was enough to make me happy and the shooting was just gravy. Would like to get the bag numbers up, but the bag number is not everything. It would not be possible for me to begin to put a number on the birds we seen today. You had the feeling we seen every Snow Goose that has moves through this bottom this spring. Also makes you think that this season is never going to get the numbers down to where the Feds wants them.

Our bag total today was just 24, but I don’t think that anyone that stuck out the day was disappointed in the day. Had some hunter that had to head back home before things got going, and they missed out on a good day, and we feel for them. They drove a long way and should have got to enjoy the afternoon sights.

If you are wondering what happened to last evening report, well I didn’t get one posted. There were just to many problems. First off, I had some computer problems and could not get it to work, and I worked on it for a couple hours and called it all kinds of names that can’t be printed. Then all of a sudden it started working again. Then it was Saturday night and my sweetie demands we eat out so that takes some time. And this old man requires some bed time, because 4:00 comes pretty early. So when I got the Computer working again, I went to bed.

So the total for yesterday was only 3 birds, but they give us a great aerial show all day long. I should make comment that we had a few juvies and some Ross’s in the bag tonight. I am very sure that this is the first of both.

Have some other things to finish before bed time so must post this. Also I must let some of you no that I know I had, misspelled POLES on the last report, but once it is posted I am not smart enough to change it. When I check what I posted I seen it, but it was to late.

Say a prayer for all our Service men and women tonight and please check back

See Ya Carl

Friday, March 14, 2008

The smoke poles burped some fire today

Well, we burnt some powder. There were casings and empty boxes in the garbage. They did decoy all the way in today. I can see the boss was right when he said “if you get all the ice out of the lake, you can decoy them birds”. Sure looks funny to me, when they don’t use the water anyway but if the water is frozen, they don’t like the land either, and that is where they want to land. The wind got all the ice out of the lake and they decoy right in but every bird that set down, landed in the decoys on the bank. They just don’t like flying over ice, is the way I see it.

We have reports that they have filled up Desoto Bend reserve south of here and there is still plenty of them in fields in the area that have sheet water standing, in them. Also the report there is still over a million at Squaw Creek. This should give us some good days in the near future.

We ended the day, with a total bag of 34, it was not anywhere near, a record but a good successful days hunt. There has been some days here in the past week we would have loved to ended us with a percent of that. I think the Goose Gods were just testing us.

We had one flock down in there that contained several hundred birds, and we had a marginal shot, but the boss opted for a great shot and we lost them. As one of our hunters said to me after we quit, “The sight was something that not many people get to see and to see it should instill memories for a life time”. I have to agree, with him. I have seen it several times and I remember ever one and can not tell you when we did shoot as to the number we took.

I have a dear friend, that don’t like it when I don’t give him all the details, of these great sights. So just for you Glen. We had a North wind at the time of about 10-12MPH, and we are looking to the north east, the main mass got to about 60 yards, a few lower, but they were scattered. They were all talking and look content, but just flew out. If we would have shot maybe a half dozen cripples, another round maybe 25 plus DIP. He made the right decision

Have to close this, so say a bed time prayer for the Troops and check back

See Ya Carl

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just 395 to go

Just 395 to go.

In the past two days we have seen the most amazing, aerial show we have ever seen. Birds like you have never seen before. Flock followed by flock all morning and most of the first half of the afternoon. We have got the total kill whittled down to just 395 more to go. Now don’t get excited and feel we have, harvested 603 birds in the past two days. I have just changed the projected kill for the spring season down to 400 birds. That number may have to be changed again to a lesser number. They are as tough a bird to decoy as anyone has ever seen. We have had reports from all over this flyway, saying the same thing. No body is decoying them, nobody is killing them. We did kill 3 today, bringing our total kill for a week of hunting, up to 5.

Believe me, when I say there is no shortage of them. I have no idea just how many we have seen in the past two days, but reports are, there is still birds in Squaw creek, and the other day they had 1.4 million. From Squaw Creek they fan out, flying North, Northwest, and even West, so we don’t get all of them, however we have seen, an awful lot, of those birds. You would think one of these days, we would see some, young or old birds, non breeder type, that would decoy. If everything that has flown over, are breeders, they just as well give up on the conservation season, and bomb them, because there is to damn many, for hunters to try to thin out.

Enough complaining tonight, so will close this and get it posted.

Please say a little prayer, for all the young people, that is serving our country.

See Ya Carl

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

998 to go

Was a rough day in the pits today,. as it has been for the past few days. However we did finely get into the birds today.

Almost all morning as well as the first half of the afternoon, the sky contained birds, and most of them were Snow and Blues. We could turn them, but they were just not interested in getting down into range. However depressing that may have of been, it was still better than not seeing any, or they never, give us a look, as it had been in the past. To be fair with us, the lake still has most it’s surface covered with ice. We have a water hole of only about one and a half to two acres. Most of the ice so rotten now that you can’t walk on it, so maybe tomorrow will wipe most of it out. It is all honey comb, but still about 3 to 4 inches thick.

This is getting real late for a start of action, but I am still sticking with Ralph’s prediction of a 1000 birds. As I stated above, we have just 998 birds to go. With 1.4 Million at squaw creek, and I am sure there are some still in Texas, I don’t think that is asking to much for us to have a mere 1000.

Hoping to hammer out another report tomorrow night so till then, keep the troops in your prayers and please check back

See Ya Carl

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Friday and Saturday, have been what we call slow days. Did see a few Snow and Blues yesterday, but never seen a one today. But on the brighter side, we had a south wind today and we got the start to a nice open water hole. My feeling is that the birds have the instinct that tells them that the fields are froze here yet, and the water holes are not open, so this morning they went and exercised out into the wind, which took them away from us. Well we have warmer weather coming our way tomorrow, Sunday, with a north west wind so I am expecting to see some activity in our area. There could be some of the fields that contain a considerable amount of snow melt, water, open up, as well the dirt will be thawing, so they will be able to start feeding in our area and our activity will be picking up. Once they start feeding here then they will start moving into this area. They are just to the south of us about 150 miles by the hundred of thousands. Have heard numbers like between, several hundred thousand to one million, and they all should come our way. Even if you cut that number in half and then divide it by two, it is still a big number of birds coming our way.

Since I like complaining I just have to say that the past two mornings have been down right cold. And it didn’t quit with being “just cold” in the morning yesterday; it stayed that way all day long. However it did get pretty nice this afternoon. The farmer just to the south of us, did decide to pump his hog confinement pit today, and even with a pretty good wind it still spiced up the air around the pits, most of the day. Sure was glad it wasn’t one of them days where you have a gentle breeze, from the south, or it may have drove us out of there, early this morning.

Can’t think of anything other news, to pass on so will let you go.

Say a prayer for the troops tonight, and please check back

See Ya Carl

Thursday, March 06, 2008

The First day

We had a spectacular aerial show almost all day long. The Canada’s flew hard and heavy through the day. Small groups, large groups, very huge groups, you name it and we had that size flock. Some of the time you would bet that a flock that size just has to be Snows and Blues, but they always turned out to be dark geese. The feds just has to be thinking that there is a need for a spring season on them before they are in trouble too. I got an E-Mail where that the southern part of New York State has open a spring season on Canada’s and the central flyway has to get on the ball and do the same. I am almost sure that Nebraska does not have the room for the geese we seen today, to nest . It is oblivious, it does not take a very big water hole for a pair to nest on and every bird don’t nest, but we seen birds in number, today that is going to take a big area for them all to nest. The fact is, we have been seeing dark geese migrating for several days before today, and I am sure we will see plenty in the days to come.

The snows and blues were not visible from out vantage point today, but had numerous phone calls of a big push, both into and on north of the Mound City area of Missouri. That is just over a 100 miles south of us, so they have to be showing their selves here in the near future. They may have been some today if there had been some room in the sky, for them to fly in.

Did have a nice Sunrise this morning, so I am posting that picture. with this report.

For those of you that are interested, there is a very nice article on Ralph, in this months (March 2008) issue of Nebraska land Magazine. I was hoping that they were going to post it on their web sight and you could read it there. But I don’t think is going to happen. But if you Goggle “Nebraskaland Magazine”, they have instructions so you can order it. This article is 10 pages long. With some very interesting pictures. There is also going to be another article, in April’s issue, and that is on the K&W decoy, so that should be a keeper issue also.

Well must close this so please as always say a prayer for all the young men and women, that serve our great nation.

Please check back and
See Ya Carl

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

3-6-08 is the day

Well we begin to occupy the pits tomorrow. There is just a few Snow around this morning. It was very cold with the flurries, and that is all we got was flurries, but there was a very bitter cold wind, with it. Making you wish you were in the pits with the burner on. With a little sunshine that will all change, because they are just a few miles south of us. The calendar is saying they should be north of us, so when we get a sunshiny day they will be flying and that is all we need, to have a good day.

The most positive thing this morning was, they were pushing the decoy legs in, with out drilling, out on the bank of the lake. The frost is almost out and then it will start to dry out some. Speaking of the mud, be sure to bring foot ware that can handle mud, because that is what you are going to live in, out there this spring. Hope we can keep the blinds, half way respectful. It is going to be a job to do, but we will try.

As I said in the last report, we will be leaving the café at about 5:30, so if you are eating breakfast, please give the girls a break and get there with enough time for them to cook it and serve you, and you have time to eat before 5:30. Please help on this.

I will be putting out reports every day that we harvest birds. Now if there is a big storm that pushes through and shuts us down, I may not put out a report. Well if I can complain that just may unties me to post a story. I am not expecting that there will be to many boring days this spring. I am expecting some late report because I have to help dress a big bunch of birds. Now that is confidence speaking.

Well lets hope this the for runner to many action filled reports

Check back and keep the troops in your prayers

See Ya Carl

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Are you readdy for some fun

Well I guess we are going to go into action this next week. We have customers lined up for Thursday, but if you are wanting to go into action before give Ralph a call and get his input and he may decide to go into action before. He is the one that makes that call. As for the times. As always the Rule of thumb is We leave the Café about 1 ½ hours before sunrise. It takes about one hour to get from town to the pits, get the vehicles parked ETC. On Monday the sunrises at about 7:00 we can shoot about 6:30 there for we leave TAILGATATORS BAR AND GRILL AT 5:30.

As for bird activity, we have seen just a few Snows and Blues, but the Canada’s are flying very thick. Not all the snow is off the fields in our area yet, but we have temperatures forecast into the 50 today and tomorrow, so it should be history by Monday. Had reports that hunters in the Lincoln area are manning their battle stations, for this week end, and they have been seeing a few birds.

If hunting, in near future, be prepared for mud. It is going to be super muddy for a while, so you have been warned. The Boss is giving some though to an alternate form of transportation into the blinds, and we are working on that.

As for the Setup; It was setup with the Snow and Blues spring hunt in mind. The boss keeps saying if they come through here and we have the hunters on the days that the pushes occur, we should harvest 1000 birds this spring. How about breaking some daily records for snow and blues, like we did on Canada’s last fall. I’m up for a couple days with counts of a 100 plus. The thing I think will help is, the fact that all shots should be out in front, and very few shots straight up or behind. Also, all flock should be visible to the hunters before the shot is called. When the shot is behind, and you have to find the birds after you stand up, hurts your shooting. Going to be some fun days. Also remember you can remove your plug, install extension, and shoot till your gun is empty, in the spring. It is time to have a ball.

As always say a prayer for all the great people that are serving out country.

See Ya Carl