Monday, December 22, 2008

The last Fall update

Above picture is from a few days ago, one of my favorite subject, the other I best not say, but we all see then daily, in both small and large towns.

Well the word is that the fat lady has been singing for several days now. What I am saying it is "over" and I should have gotten this posted before the end of the week, but I don’t always get thing done when I should. We had our family Christmas, this week end so my thoughts went there.

The boss has picked up all the decoys and has got his blind cleaned out. I am planning on making that move sometime when it warms up a little later this week. I have some cans of soup that may be frozen and broke open so need to get there before it warms enough to melt.

Back to the season, it was not the productive season I was thinking we were going to have when all the rain was falling in October. For years I have said that when it gets muddy, and there are deep tracks with water standing in them you shoot ducks. We had that for a while, and we never did see, a great number of ducks. I hear that just a few miles north and west of our pits on some of the, wetlands restorations projects, that there were good numbers of ducks staying, and hunters in those areas had good hunting, but they didn’t move, or feed in our area. We had several good days on Canada’s, and some of those days, there was some top 10 shots. Not top ten for the year but for ever. Last year on Dec. 2nd, there was a shot, that I thought would never be equaled, but the Shot on Dec 14th, may have equaled it. Dec 2 there were 300 birds, and Dec 14th there were only 30 birds, but both, the anticipation of the shot, and feeling, your old heart pounding in your chest, waiting for the command, was about the same. The birds, gave us such a show, on both flocks, that will keep memories in my mind for as long as "our maker" will allow.

And as always there were the people, that graced my pit, that also help make it a great year. And I want, to say thanks to all of them too, so Thank You guys, you made it fun. And a big thank you to all of you readers, for your E-Mail comments, you make it so much easier, to type, even if you are tired. Had a short visit with the "Sand Bar hunters" of Muck Bottoms, and we shared some stories about the season and the fun in keeping you posted and his feeling are the same, that you guys make it so much fun to do this. I know that is not, a sand bar they hunt, but muck does not describe it, either. That stuff is boot glue, and makes long leg hunters out of short leg hunters, by the way it hanging on.

Now keep checking because there should be some up dates as we get ready for the Spring shoot.
So to all of you: MERRY CHRISTMAS and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Also please remember say a prayer for all the Military personnel that give us this freedom, to enjoy our hunting, and Merry Christmas to all your guys too. You’re the best.

As I said please keep checking back.
See ya Carl

Sunday, December 14, 2008

As we drove to the pits we had the warmest part of the day, and I am not for sure, but the wind was already blowing. It may have got higher ,but not much . The thermometer kept dropping throughout the day and it was brutal. Had hunter’s that reported it was around 45 degrees when they started their travels to Tekamah and it was 19 when got here. Had these reports from hunters, both from Omaha as well as Lincoln. Was able to keep the blinds reasonably comfortably.

We didn’t even put out the duck decoys, because it was apparent they would be covered with ice, and look worst than nothing at all. Was into the day maybe 15 minutes when in come about 15 mallards, and not many were ready for a shot, so only harvested, one bird. With in about another 45 minutes or so here come a flock of about 30 big boys. We sent them a welcoming song and they responded like it was 4:00 in the afternoon. Didn’t take them long to get down to landing level, but it seem like it took 10 minutes for them to pull up to the water hole, and for the shot. Now this sight has to rank "high" as one of the most beautiful sights of the year. They were about 10-20 yards out in the lake and only about 6-12 feet high, when the boss turned us loose. We did ourselves proud. He was wanting another 10 birds to get the count up to over 200 geese for the year. When we got them picked up we had eleven. Later on in the day we added another Canada and also took a snow goose. This brought our total up to 13 geese for the day, and about par for the dark geese. I am sure you are aware that a few years back, several hundred Snow and Blues, were par, but that has changed and this season, we have to be happy with around a dozen of those dudes.

I can not give you any info on the rest of the season, but tomorrow the 15th we are not going to hunt. It is just to cold for the boss. Most likely it is not wise for him to breath that super cold air, and he just has to watch the whole time he is out there. So if wishing to hunt, it is best to talk to him, for such info. His number if 402-374-2747. There should be some stuff moving, yet, but it sure makes for a long day, when you go into action only a time or two a day.

I will make a posting whenever I have some info, that you may find interesting.
So in the mean time, remember the troops in all your prayers and check back

See Ya Carl

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Bazing away in a Blizzard

Doing this by phone. When we met at the shed, this morning. Reports were placing the snow fall between 2 to 3.5 inches and the wind was making it look and feel like a good old Nebraska blizzard. The boss taking pity on me, because of this cold or flu that I have been fighting for a week now, sent me home. I did not argue, and wished 5 hardy soles off, they went for the pits. I back the red van out and headed back to town, through almost whiteout, at times, and found my warm, cozy, recliner, and soon was off into dream land and working on getting better.

When I awoke around noon, I had to check up on them, if for no other reason, to see if they were in need of a rescue unit. To my surprise, They were hammering in a blizzard. The boss told me that they took two of the closes shots of the season. They had been into two different flocks and if it wasn’t for picking up their birds they may have been into another flock. If I understand it right the birds got down wind from the blinds and got down about 20 feet off the lake’s surface and pumped right up over the pits, heading right for the water hole, out in front of the pits. They had taken 9 birds out of the two flocks. Ralph also reported that they were seeing numerous, flocks, some low and some very high. He also added that these were the biggest geese he has ever seen. There is a scales in my pit but didn’t get it out, but he was sure there were two that was over 14 pounds. He also stated that their breast was a different color than usual, if I understood they were much lighter that most.

Believe me when I say they earned them birds, because it just has to be miserable out there. Temps in the low teens and wind chill below zero.

To bring you up to date on the activity, since my last posting. Was not to much action. I was running on one cylinder so I was taking it easy when I got home, but we took one goose on Saturday, and I think that about covers the kill.

Again , please remember the troops in your bedtime prayers and check back

See Ya Carl

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Three in one today

This is going to be a three day report, to get you up to speed.

Sunday. I had a social engagement, with a meal attached so you know I am going to that. It was past my bedtime when I got home, so plans were made for a two report on Monday. Sunday was not the most productive day, and we totaled out with just a pair of Canada’s.

Then on Monday Dec 1 2008, we had some shooters, and I do not mean in numbers, they were dead eyes. Now remember the weather. Was a wind chill of about 10-12, and the lake was forming little pads of ice and the wind was blowing them down, till something stopped then like older ice. We had a great water hole out around the decoys, but the lake was slowly filling with ice. On the first go-a-round there were 6 birds and they took 4 of them. And the ice was not to much of a problem on that group of birds. The first flight was about 11:05 and at 1:05 the exciting bunch come into play. They were going down just to the west of us, but we got on the horns and convinced about 35 of the flock of about 125-150 to come along. This group were out in front and lead the way all the way. The first pass they gave us a borderline shot, but our crafty boss, passed on them even though they were looking like they were going to land. A few well timed blast on the horn and they pulled out and circled back, and come right over the pits at about 25-yard shot. When the smoke cleared we had, 8 in the pond, and three sailors. Now this is where the "report" of this report comes into play. Since this ice was not very thick, and Dutch ( Lyle’s dog) could not walk on it, and it is so much work to break on each and every step. Some of the birds were near the east side, and after a couple of trips through this he started thinking just how to make this easier for him. He went across and picked up a dead one, and on the way back started herding one that had a broken wind and was hurting in that leg, but could still walk. If the goose turned to the left Dutch would turn that way and kept herding this bird from about center of the lake to just a few yards from the shore when he got to closeer and the ice broke under the goose and he caught up to it. First he tried to bring them both in, but soon figured he could do that and brought in the live bird and then returned for the dead one. Lyle’s dog has come so far this year, he is turning into a real asset.

Monday Dec 2 2008 The first anniversary of the big day last year when we took 79, and this old boy was sick. Was coming down with what ever it was before we shut down last night and was sick all night so stayed home today. So this part will be done by phone. R K tells me that they have only taken 2 so far today. If that changes will include it in the next report.

Say a prayer for the troops and please check back

See Ya Carl