Sunday, September 25, 2011

To answer some of your questions

Have had so many, comment on the picture of Ralph, I had my daughter post on this site. After setting in the blind next to him, for the last few years, I feel this is a sight I see several times, every day, he constantly is scanning the skies for birds. Several have asked just when it was taken. I have the feeling they think it is an older picture. He just don’t show the 90 plus years as most people do. Don’t take this as criticizing of him, but I don’t see this as much on colder day. Used to be it just did not make any different, how cold it was he still setup like this, only falling moisture, made him take cover. He dose get cold anymore, but if the wind is not to cold you see this site.

As much I would love to think I was the photographer, but I was not. This picture was taken by Garry Mason, and sent to me just last year. For you that don’t recognize the name, Garry is the head of the hall of fame that Ralph was inducted into, back in 2006. Garry tries to come and hunt a couple of days every year with us. Well after his hunt last fall he sent me a couple of pictures he had taken, and I thought it should be posted. I worked hard trying to get the job done, only to give up and ask, one of my daughters to do it for me. So the data to all the questions; Garry Mason took the picture, in October of 2010, Ralph was 92 that day, he turned 93, in January of 2011, and it was just to good a picture, to pass up posting.

Now to the other questions I ham getting E-Mail on.

Our season open, for both duck & geese, on October 8, at 6:51 AM. We are meeting again this year at Tailgater’s CafĂ© on Main Street of Tekamah. That makes us leave there about 5:30 that morning. If eating, please allow enough time for them to, take order, cook, serve, and you to eat.

The lake is pumped and it looks so good.

As always, please say a prayer every night for our troops

See Ya Carl

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