Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Kohler Banquet

Got a notice from, Jerry Johnson, on the annual Kohler Spring Banquet.

For those of you, that have never attended, this a fun and, very entertaining evening. We have this evening every year, under the disguise, as a way to say “thank you” to our wives or girl friend, for letting us to go hunting all fall and spring, while they set at home and was bored to death watching the TV. Don’t tell them, it is really, another chance for us to get together and brag on our shooting, claim that this pile of game was really shot by you, and a host of other unfinished topics, we have come up with, since departing from the blinds. Please also remember, there is no one that we want to exclude. If you want to show up PLEASE do.

As I have said in years past, “there is a very stick dress code” Sports Coats, Suits, Neck Ties, Jeans, Larry The Cable Guy shirts are all optional. However, Camo Caps, Hip Wader, and all your bird calls, hunting dogs, are all forbidden. Cubs Caps are OKEY if worn with the bill covering you nose, not the back of your neck. No Cardinal caps, Please.

I am not sure as just what the program is going to be for this eevening, but am sure we will have another try at playing the recording of Ralph “acceptance speech” he gave at the Legend of the Outdoors Hall of Fame Banquet. This was one great speech and is worthy of the time it takes to watch.

Jerry, sent out a very nice invitation, and I wish I was talented enough to copy and paste it to this posting. However, I have got it scanned into my computer, if any or you wish a copy, please E-Mail me, and I will forward it to you. Jerry incorporated a picture of “the Boss” on this invite. Great Job Jerry, it looks very nice.

Jerry also has set up a nice meal for us, so I will give all the important info to you

LOCATION: Anthony’s Steak House,
72nd and F Street
Omaha, Nebraska

Time: 6:00 PM Conversation and Refreshments
6:45 PM Dinner

MENU: Broiled Salmon Filet
Prime Rib (10 oz )
Top Sirloin (12oz )
Price range from $23.00 to $26.50
These prices covers complete dinner, condiments, Coffee or soft drinks,
Taxes and gratuity

This is a Friday evening and in years past, Anthony’s has had a band over on the dance floor, and some in the past have taken advantage of this, and waltz the evening away.

God Bless, all of you as well as all the troops.

See Ya Carl

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