Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The last of the Birds are gone

I know I haven’t posted an update for a few days, but there is a good reason. Monday and Tue were zero days and we shut down for Wednesday Thursday and Friday. On Saturday there was a crew of eight in, from eastern Ohio that hunted with us through Monday. What a weekend. All the juvies showed up and responded to the calling system as good as we have ever seen. It didn’t seam to make any different whether the were flying a mile high or coming out of the fields, they responded, to the call. The decoying was unbelievable and got right down into, our working range. Shell were of a premium especially on Saturday, I had anticipated the season was over and had hauled my stock home, and had to make a run to town to retrieve them, just over a case. Good thing that Wal-Mart was open all night, for shells for Sunday’s shoot. The sights we seen out over our decoys is something that I will remember for the rest of my lift. The down side to this, was the problem of dressing of all these birds, after we shut down for the day. Made it impossible for me to also put out a report. We made our adjusted projected goal, of 400 and almost made it to the 500 number. Eastern Ohio will be back in Nebraska next year.

Now just what would you expect my report would read like, on 4-1 if not like above, yep April Fools.

The facts. We haven’t hunted since Tue the 25th. I had some home job to take care of and hadn’t even spoken to Pappa Goose until this morning. He said I was like a blister, I showed up after the work was done. I didn’t find out if he had any help or not, but he has all the decoys pulled, all the speakers picked up. He told me on Tue that that mud had to set a few days, before walking in it, to pick up decoys. I took him at his word, and worked on my honey do’s

As for all my projected numbers, I missed every one so far, this season, that I will never make another prediction, for at least 3 weeks.

So if the Good Lord is willing, I will be putting out reports again next season and of any thing that may need telling, until then. There is a Kohler dinner in the works, so if you are one, that does not get a invitation, please keep checking back, because if you want to come you are more than welcome, and I will make a posting, as to when and where that is, when I get the info.

So always remember the Men and Women that are protecting our country in your evening prays, until we hook up again.

So will see ya

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