Sunday, October 09, 2011

The fun begins

After a sleepless night, because of the late football game with a GREAT finish, I found my self not wanting, to get up and face a slow day in the duck blind. Believe me I would not want to change a thing about the day. No the garbage bag was not full of hulls, but again it was just a fun day. The morning skies had only a few birds in it, but it was just one of those days, you just don’t want to miss. We had several flocks of ducks that worked our decoys, and I think we had 3 go-a-rounds on them. Also we seen 3 or 4 flocks of whitefronts. One, of which give us a good look. My shotgun get so nervous when they are around. They even make it difficult, for me to blow my call. Then the worst part is, they leave just laughing, at us. Would not be surprise to find the lake occupied with several flocks of them in the morning. Another odd thing happened today. We could not see if they were getting up off the river or were, just coming out of the East very low. But we had 2-4 thousand pelicans, right out of the east float over us, north of us, south of us, we had pelicans coming and going for at least 30, maybe 45 minutes. Not all in one flock but dozens of flocks.

The boss is still pleased with the set on the blinds. At times he don’t want to do any calling and he just watches how the birds work the decoys. That was today. I know we should have had a couple more go-a-rounds but, was enjoying the flight path of the birds. Can’t wait till those “big boy” are the ones making the trip, down that runway, and some not making the trip because of our airborne Iron Curtain. WOW it will be fun. No sunrise to talk about, but they are coming, I am confident, that before the season ends, I am going to be reporting some big harvest days. So keep checking back

Also remember to take a minute to say a little prayer for all the super kids that are protecting our country.

Please check back and we’ll see ya


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