Monday, February 20, 2012

We are about ready to man the pits

I know I should have posted something here long ago. I would like you to think I have tried real hard to post something, but I have no excuse except I have wrote several, but they just did not sound good. I can not even say I have been under the weather. For you, that don't know, we have had a very mild winter here in Nebraska. Was just a few weeks ago that we got a foot of snow, and we have still got some of it yet.

Of course the boss has kept himself busy. He had the decoys set before the snow, and I understand the ground was not even froze, and he just pushed them in the ground. As you can tell with that statement I did not help set them. That is different than in years past, when we had to drill holes, in order to set them.

As for when we will be setting up shop and being ready to hunt, I am guessing we will be out there by this weekend. Now that is not official but the timing is about right and there is plenty of geese at Squaw Creek, and has been for a long time. There is something telling them not to venture on, as of yet. The last report I got, I think they said there was over 750,000 there. That is a bunch of birds. I need to take time and check the web and see if there was any action, in the Lincoln area this past weekend.

But keep checking and I will try to post when we start.

As always, say a little prayer for the troops, and please check back.

See ya. Carl

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