Monday, December 16, 2013


Ralph has shutdown for at least until after, this week.  Here is the plan, if the birds move back into this area and start feeding in our area, be will open back up.  He has pulled the plug on the lake allowing the water to drain.  Of course the ice will remain and pumping, to have a water, hunting hole is just a matter of hours.  If we see this is going to happen I will be alerting you, as far in advance as I can. All we were doing was burning up electricity, and propane, with no rewards.
It is so hard to believe, after all the years of those geese feeling in the area of this new lake that they will not feed there in the year 2013.  The season runs into the latter part of January so it could be a working plan.  Let's hope it works. 
Until then keep the gun free of dirt and rust and lets hope, for some great shooting days in January, if not before.
Have a great holiday, I mean have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS, till them.
See ya.    Carl   

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