Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Reminders, info and changes

Have reminders and changes to post.  First is the farewell dinner on Monday nights party.  This is getting large.  Just was informed that with the reservation that has been made that we will have only three choices as a meal.  As of now that list is two different beef (steaks) and a salmon order.  I have no idea of price but as you know Anthony's are not out of line.  We are still receiving reservations, but again Anthony's are wanting to know, what to plan for and for help reasons and room size.  So please let us know if you are coming.  
Sure you all also seen the nice article that was in Sundays World Herald if you didn't catch it I am sure this address will get you to the article.   http://www.omaha.com/article/20140329/SPORTS/140339918/1603.  This still worked last evening.  

The next issue is the pending auction that is being held in the Tekamah  city auditorium at 1:00 on Sunday April 6th.   
Again if you are wanting to make the farewell dinner there is still time, but there is a change we have just three options.  
Let ya go. And check back.  I am hoping to post a few pictures, from the party.  Give me a few days to do this.  We are taking a trip to my daughters in Missouri, so give me a week to ten days to get that done.  
Also I am asking for your prayers, for the Kohler's, and their trip, and comfort,  in their new home.  
See ya.    Carl  

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