Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Update to my earlier post

Update to the farewell dinner for the Kohler's.   As I reported earlier today since our crowd has gotten so large, things have changed. I told you earlier today that we had three choices but it is four.  Listed below.  
As in the past you make your choice, for your meal and pay when you get to the door.  Scott asked me to let you know that it will make it much easier, if at all possible, to pay with a check.  Scott's wife is handling the orders and collecting the money.  They are not setup to pay with credit or debit cards, so that leaves cash or check.  Paying by cash, there is making change, how much spare change do you have to have on hand, to handle everyone, so if possible please be prepared to pay with a check.    
We do have a large room for this party, but as I say we have a rather large crowd, coming too. So helping move the line in is very important.  

Choices for entrée:
Chicken Picatta​​​​​$22.30
(Chicken breast sautéed and served with lemon caper butter and mushrooms)
Top Sirloin 8 oz.​​​​​$26.30
(Tender cut of beef. Always a favorite at Anthony’s)
Baked Salmon​​​​​​$27.60
(Fillet with our special blend of spices and lemon caper butter)
Prime Rib 10 oz. ​​​​​$32.90
(Beef Ribeye rubbed with our special blend of seasonings, slow roasted. Served with Au Jus on the side)

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