Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Mike Cuningham and Filling The Void

This the first in a sires of "filling the void".  This was sent to me by Mike Cunningham from an article that was done on him and his operation.  I have always hunted the bottoms of Tekamah, and was very apprehensive, the first time I was hunting with him, as night faded into daylight, and I see I am setting in the hills.  
The first flock of Canada that appeared, look like there were about two feet off the deck as the come toward our spread.  They passed us and sat down in a field just to the west of Mike's pits.  He had predicted that, is what would likely happen but assured us, that we still had them in play.  Not sure if we got a shot at those, but we did get shots at Canada's that day.  He is just a few miles from Branch Oaks Lake, north west of the capital city.  
Mike has set up a very impressive web page to display the revamped Kohler blind.  Check it out, and see why he says you will have an enjoyable hunt at County Line Hunting

Hunting waterfowl with Mike Cunningham of County Line Hunting is easy, as easy as a phone call. After making reservations with him he does the rest. He has developed a system where he can control almost everything there is to control in the sport...except the two most important things...the weather and the birds.  
Heated pit blinds made by Cunningham himself are the main ingredient in controlling the sport. "Hunting is best when the weather is the worse" so the blinds need to be warm and dry. His blinds are five star water fowling accommodations!
Cunningham learned the trade of blind building and hunting from one of Nebraska's best, Ralph Kohler of Tekamah. Kohler retired earlier this year and moved to California. This has left a void for local hunters looking for a "day hunting" opportunity. Cunningham is trying to fill that void and sell blinds too. Cunningham and Kohler have agreed on a modified design of Kohler's original blind built in 1956. Cunningham is marketing the blinds to other waterfowl hunters as "Legendary" Kohler Blinds.
Three blinds are installed near Dwight where County Line Hunting provides the opportunity to experience waterfowl hunting in comfort. Easy access to the blinds, cooking facilities, a large full body decoy spread and some Kohler history make a day with County Line Hunting a total experience.    
County Line Hunting offers fall duck and goose hunting as well as Spring snow goose hunting. For more information contact Cunningham at 402-450-5658 or visit the website at www.kohlerblinds.com
Thanks Mike for doing your part of "Filling The Void"
As always please send our troops a prayer tonight and every night
See ya.    Carl

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