Monday, November 03, 2014

filling the void

           Filling the void left by Ralph's departure to the west coast.
Has been a shock experience for me.  Personally, I thought it was going to be easy.  First off, I knew I was ready to hang up the old smoke pole and pull the blankets up around my neck and sleep a few more hours.  Well it don't seem that is how it is all going to shake out.  What have I done to fill this void?  Some of my time, I found it was so easy.  But not all of the time, has been that easy to adjust to.  I am awake yet every morning, with time to spare, I could pack my thermos and lunch and make it out to the blind, before shooting time, with ease.  
Instead of hunting I spend a little more time at the cafe, with coffee cup in hand, spend a little more time doing household chores, and the wife and I have also spent a little more time, on the road visiting family and relatives.  
As many of you know I took up beekeeping and that is a very fulfilling hobby.  I have captured a swarm, all by myself, that was hanging in a bush here in town, what a thrill. Building my own style of hives for this swarm and a colony I purchased through the bee club I joined, all has both been interesting and fulfilling.  Now to get them through the winter, in my hive.  
The toughest void to fill, and I mean, the very toughest job of all, is trying to find the words to  write this blog, it has been a real struggle, for me.  What do I say and how I say it, has been hard.  I get E Mails nearly everyday asking why I am not writing.  I have wrote several of those daily stories, but I just haven't  posted them.  When I get them done and I read what I wrote it always sounds like I am mad at Ralph, which I am not. Then to make it worst, it sounds like, I am winning about it.  I had over forty years of hunting out the that make some of the greatest memories I have.  Or I am saying stuff, that would never be of interest to the people, who have help make this blog the success, it has been over the years.  Right here is where I need to say thank you, very much for your support and encouragement, not only now, but forever.  You made it fun.  Again I say thank you.
Back to filling the void.  Ralph's departure not only left a void in this writers life, it has left a void in many other people's life also, as you will see in the following days as I try to post some of these stories, of hunters, who both hunted with us, or had operations,  but now are helping to fill the void by taking the hunters that have graced the blinds at Kohler hunting, over the years.  There has been groups of former hunters, that have stepped up, and formed their own hunting club.  I am going to report the efforts they have put forth to also fill the need.  Hope you will enjoy reading about their efforts.
Well this has got long enough, and as always say a prayer for our military heroes, that are serving out country.  Check back for the first of several reports on filling the void.  
See ya.  Carl 

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