Sunday, March 23, 2008

For the third day in a row, we set the third highest kill for the season. Had several bunches try to get in and with the loaners that we sent Kev, “the undertaker” out on, and he brought back. We totaled 20, so there was some action, and a few shell shot. They are so spookie this year, and we are just not getting then down over the water. The ones that come in and lit, the singles, did set down in the water and not on the shore line.

Ralph has the spread looking so good, as usual, but there is something they are not liking.

Well since this is Saturday I best get this posted, and do my Saturday nigh out thing with my wife. We are not hunting tomorrow, because it is Easter Sunday, so there will be no report .

Remember to keep the troops in your bedtime prayers

See Ya Carl

I don't know what I done wrong, but this did not post last evening. Got a phone call and told me he knew we had got birds, and there was not report up, so I checked and there wasn't. I don't know what I did wrong. I always do it in word and then move it over so I had last evening thoughts.

I am going to blame it all on my wife, because she was hurring me to go get fed and watered, I must have missed a step some place along the way. So here is is late, sorry. CM

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